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Whether you’re easing your way into the daylight following a night of partying or just up at your usual time after a quiet night at home, have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019 from everyone at The Truth About Guns. And if you have any ballistic acquisitions planned for the new year, let us know what they are in the comments.

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  1. Going to get as much as I can between now and November 2020. The writing is on the wall. The GOP has swung wildly left and the Democrats are full on commie. Most of the nation will be Kalifornia soon enough and there will be a time when a 30 round magazine will be $100 before the bans go into effect.

    • I don’t normally share you’re opinion, but yes, the time to stock up is now. I mean it REALLY is the time to stick up now. Prices are low on everything. Regardless of what passes and what doesn’t, there is another panic coming already.

      • New Continental Army,

        … the time to stock up is now. … Prices are low on everything.

        And here are a few examples.

        Federal was selling “Black Packs” of .22 LR (36 grain copper jacketed hollowpoints) that cost about $40 for 1,600 rounds after rebate. That is 2.5 cents per round! Even without the $20 rebate, $60 for 1,600 rounds (3.75 cents per round) is still a decent price.

        And I have been able to purchase 550 round boxes of Federal 36 grain copper jacketed hollowpoints for $20 at WalMart for the past few months. That works out to 3.6 cents per round.

        I have seen several sources of 9mm Luger 115 grain full metal jacket for 18 cents per round. While full metal jacket bullets are poor choices for self-defense, it turns out that they are incredibly effective psychological confrontation stoppers in a societal collapse. (Who wants to gamble whether or not they can shrug-off 9mm Luger full metal jacket if hospitals are not in operation?)

        Of course 223 Remington and 5.56 x 45mm NATO rifle rounds are at very low prices and plentiful.

  2. Happy new year!

    Need a new scope for a potential 1,000 yard rifle, and ammo is always useful 🙂

  3. I’ve developed the full-on Gottahaveanotherglock disease in the last year.

    Maybe the G48?

  4. Got 2 AR’s in the “build” (assemble?) stage.
    A heavy bbl. 223 Wylde and a 6.8mm Rem SPC.
    At every opportunity, I cruise several different pawn shops. I’ve rescued several “old timers” from the scrap heap of history.

    To all, have a happy and successful New Year!

  5. I am seriously considering purchasing a youth-model 20 gauge Pardner Pump shotgun which a local store is selling for $125.

    Sure, it is not the best quality and probably not the most reliable shotgun out there. At $125, though, how can you go wrong? Talk about a perfect “trunk gun”!

    For reference: adding a slip-on LimbSaver gel recoil pad increases the length-of-pull of that youth-sized shotgun back to medium adult size and makes recoil painless even for people who are very sensitive to recoil. And, that recoil pad plus its 20-inch barrel means it is an outstanding close-range self-defense shotgun.

  6. All of my 2019 goals have to do with remembering to clean my guns more than once every 3000 rounds. and staying away from people who want me to trade my Sellier and Bellot for Blazer.

    Oh. And getting back into shape again.

    I earned a TTAG mug! SAY MY NAME.

    • “Oh. And getting back into shape again”

      That is the best goal. Heart disease is more likely to kill you than a bad guy waiting the shadows.

      Also, fit people are generally harder to kill. It’s amazing how many people have next to no cardio and muscular endurance.

      When new folks come into our BJJ school to train usually within 30-60 seconds of light grappling they are gased out.

      • Yep. I usually stay pretty fit, but pneumonia put me down for four solid months in 2018. That pretty well did me in as far as cardio and strength, so those are the slow builds I’m working on. Went back to dance class two weeks ago and started TRX and core work last week.

        I had applied to and been accepted to Paul Howe’s civilian carbine course but ended up not being able to go because there is no way I’m in shape enough to meet those standards right now. I’m gonna reapply and aim to do his course at the end of this year if he re-accepts me.

        • Always mystified at claims of, or encouragement for, “conditioning”. The body is a fine machine, and the faster you use it, the faster you lose it. In the flying game we talk about how each engine has only so many “turns” (revolutions) built into it. The faster you use the turns, the faster you get to running out. Take it easy on your engine(s), and they will last longer. Take it easy on your body….

        • Thanks Sam. I def feel how much slower I have to go at 50 than I did at 38. It goes away so much faster and comes back so much slower at this point.

          I’m just hoping those bionic knees and hips will come out by the time I’m 60 🙂

        • “Always mystified at claims of, or encouragement for, “conditioning”. The body is a fine machine, and the faster you use it, the faster you lose it.”

          Countless folks I know “take it easy on their bodies” and still have joint, back, knee, etc injuries and serious health issues. Yet seemly do little to nothing physically.

          Your body will give out, either way, from over use or lack of use… Might as well enjoy the vessel you were given while you still got it to enjoy.

        • That’s probably because people misuse the word “conditioning”.

          Generally people say it meaning exercise that increases endurance. Running for example. However, conditioning is actually any exercise that increases some athletic ability.

          Therefore, proper conditioning is a healthy mix of exercise including cardio, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility etc. Too much in any particular direction isn’t as beneficial as a good mix. Improper conditioning is how you end up with a person who’s totally jacked but with no cardio endurance and so they’re gassed really quickly or on the other side of the spectrum a long distance runner who has crazy good cardio but isnt particularly strong and looks like they’re a concentration camp victim.

          The other issue is that we are not simply mechanical devices like an engine. Parts of us are more mechanical than others but many of our “issues” are actually a biochemical/mechanical issue that is fixed by proper usage that maintains a proper biochemical balance which extends biomechanical lifespan. Where issues are mostly or purely mechanical they tend to be extreme overuse or improper use injuries.

        • strych9, well put.

          When I say “conditioning”, I generally mean the capacity to do physical work… it’s not about running a marathon, swimming 5 miles, or doing CrossFit 6 days a week. It’s just the ability to move your body across time and space.

          Balanced training is key to injury management. Stretching and correcting muscular imbalances are over looked, yet important, to overall health.

          If someone asked me what are the bare necessities of physical training for longevity? I would say, light deadlifts, stretching, body weight squats, and 30 mins of brisk walking. Those are 4 things one could do well into old age.

        • So true Strych. It’s about that balance. I also want to save some cash for a used R3 and try to do my first ever track day this year if I meet the entrance requirements. That’s gonna require some well rounded fitness too…

      • “Also, fit people are generally harder to kill. It’s amazing how many people have next to no cardio and muscular endurance.”

        Preach it.

        I’m convinced my 100 miles a week bike riding cardio endurance was a major part of being relatively un-injured (besides the crushed tib-fib injury).

        Hy helmeted head broke her damn windshield, and I didn’t even get a sore neck or even a headache. Weird…


    • I pretty much got the guns I’ve been wanting for years in 2018. I also got a bunch of ammo during last year. So I guess my New Year’s wish is that Elaine gets her wishes granted. My goal this year is to shoot up the ammo I bought in 2018 and have a little fun…….. but I’m gonna keep my eyes open for .22LR Dan Wesson barrels.

  7. Happy New Year everyone! Stocking up in ILLinoisistan is always a priority-especially now.

  8. Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks, Dan, for keeping this thing running. (Perhaps, however, your resolutions might have contained a return of the “Edit” button… Just sayin’)

    I’ll be working about 24 gun shows this year so I expect to pick up at least that many new-to-me guns over the year. What they’ll be will depend on what comes in or is lying on a table. Have a number of projects in the works but to tell the truth, I’m about ARed out unless I go ahead with a .458 SOCCOM or figure out a .45 Win Mag upper that’ll work.

    Otherwise, I’ll still be fighting the good one at the Statehouse in Des Moines (motto: “Where the First Word Is DUH!) and working on our new lefty chick US Rep, trying to make her 1-term. Not that the guy she replaced was all that great.

    Oh, yeah, and money- sending lots of money… :-0

  9. I agree with everyone that’s recommending stocking up now. I have been for years, but get surprised at how much ammo gets depleted here and there.

    Universal background checks are coming to many states if not the entire country. I’ve been on Armslist snapping up any deal I find.

    Planning to add more AR lowers and more 30+ round mags. I’m at the point I’m stocking up for the grandkids even though that’s 15 years away. (Hopefully)

  10. Might want to stock up on archery equipment while that’s “legal and over the counter” in most states…Soon before our “elected” ( snicker) BAN “point knives, stick and stones, etc…

  11. Nothing to do with Happy New Year, other than wishing people could become more wise, but what’s with all this “stock up now” BS?

    Must be dealers who already have an oversupply from obama era or something, and that’s a real problem. So- lets try to make yet another panic, run the price of a box of .22 LR up to $20 or a cheap DPMS Oracle to $1500 so you can get rid of the stuff you bought in the last one? Ever think to just put a few- as to what you may actually use- things aside when prices are good rather than try to screw things up for everyone?

    It was a blast the past few years watching all those gomers bringing the bricks of .22s and ARs back to the gun shows a month later trying to do some flipping. Didn’t work out well for most of them. Still, I suppose there’s still room under some of your beds.

    • Craig in IA,

      I believe that people are thinking of two primary reasons to “stock up” on firearms and ammunition:
      (1) It is always a good idea to have a certain minimum supply on hand in case of an unexpected major catastrophe. And with many firearm and ammunition prices at their lowest point in about 8 years, this is a really good time to get to your minimum desired storage levels.
      (2) Socialism (Communism Light) is gaining traction in the U.S. If it actually takes hold, things will get really ugly for two reasons. First, significant chaos and violence almost always accompanies socialism. (Whether or not it is cause-and-effect or correlation does NOT matter, it is fact.) Second, a LOT of people in the U.S. despise socialism and will push back HARD. Note that many/most of those people who despise socialism are well armed — which is why socialist proponents want so desperately to disarm their political opponents.

      I believe there is a LOT of validity in those two reasons. Reject getting to your carefully chosen set-point of firearms and ammunition supply to your peril.

      • Believe what ever you want but real history over the past 35 years or so proves this to be ludicrous, for the most part. I remember this same panic BS back during the Clinton regime after the semiauto “ban” and Brady became law. Then a couple more times during the obama debacle. Y2K was also a very interesting time, too- bet some of you are still trying to choke down those old MREs, although I did get a hell of a deal a few days into 2000 on a couple solar-powered, wind up radios that I still use outside during the summer at my lake place, er, stronghold in the wilderness.

        It’d make some sense if the majority of the stockers/preppers/wtf-evers were actually knowledgeable folk who shot a lot, knew firearms and the like but the majority of those I saw coming in and out of all the big shows with pallets of ammo and guns, and where I’m set up at the main doorway, were/are just a bunch of whack-os that someone else convinced they needed to hurry up and get something they’d never need, use, or even ordinarily want in the first place- you know- before it’s gone forever. Or better yet, so you can double your money later when you can’t find one. RIGHT…

        Take care of yourself and your own. Anyone who’s been at this for more than 3 years knows when/where to pick up surplus and can see a means to not lose their own financial ass if the S doesn’t HTF when everyone else says it’s imminent. Archery equipment??? Who in the hell are you guys trying to kid? (And that “EDIT” button here would be of much more value to most of us…)

  12. I hope everyone makes a New Year’s Resolution to introduce more people to firearms and self defense.

    • “I’m just darn glad to have my right arm working again.”

      Glad to hear it.

      Stroke is just so damn un-predictable in what kind of recovery one is going to get…

  13. I’ve been thinking on this question for like four hours and have come up with nothing specific.

    Therefore I’ll pick up whatever suits my fancy or anything that’s a steal and has been on the list in the back of my mind for years. Were I to actively look for something this year it would probably be… a Garand or a PSG1.

  14. Happy New Year to everyone!! This year will be filled with classes for me. Starting with a reloading class this month.

  15. Happy January 2 (time zone here is ahead of USA )

    Not planning for any new purchases, that I’m admitting to. Have to set a Thompson Centre Dimension in 30-06 with Vortex scope and run in brand new barrel before 10 week trip to South Island of New Zealand starting in June. Also need to go find some serious hills to practice walking on with a pack as local area is flat. Plus do paperwork for international flights with firearms etc.

    • “Also need to go find some serious hills to practice walking on with a pack as local area is flat.”

      Would flights of stairs substitute?

      • Geoff
        It would. I’ve done that when living in city.

        Nowadays I’m 40 minute drive to the nearest public building that is more than two levels or about the same in opposite direction to park with some small hills.

        My small, rural town of 3000 does not have any two level buildings public except the high school. Pretty sure my hunting (camo) backpack would cause a lockdown there.

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