John Boch: What I Carry and Why

I have a confession to make. My gun accompanies me every day in every place it’s legal. No surprise, right? Different folks carry for many reasons. There’s a reason I pack my heater — aside from the fact I worked my tail off for nearly twenty years to help bring right-to-carry to Illinois. I carry […]

Gear Review: Hanks Gun Leather IWB Holster for SIG P238

As soon as SIG SAUER worked through the initial hiccups with the P238, I had one on order. And when Underwood Ammo’s 90-grain .380 Auto Xtreme Penetrator +P round utilizing Lehigh’s CNC’d billet copper bullet hit the market, the P238 became my EDC sidearm of choice. At the time, the market’s general interest in the […]

What I Carry and Why: Dana Loesch’s GLOCK 19, S&W .38 Airweight

Dana Loesch is the Ozark version of Jackie Mason. Speaking at the Bullets & Bourbon confab, the comely conservative commentator’s timing was immaculate, her off-hand one-liners withering and her shtick superlative. Re: death threats and stalkers: “They’re the ones with the problem,” she asserted. “My husband and I are like Michael Gross and Reba McIntyre in Tremors.” Re: shopping at a […]