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Dana Loesch is the Ozark version of Jackie Mason. Speaking at the Bullets & Bourbon confab, the comely conservative commentator’s timing was immaculate, her off-hand one-liners withering and her shtick superlative. Re: death threats and stalkers: “They’re the ones with the problem,” she asserted. “My husband and I are like Michael Gross and Reba McIntyre in Tremors.” Re: shopping at a gun store: “Who buys one gun? All my objects have to have a buddy.” After her talk, I sat down with Ms. Loesch to find out what she carries and why . . .

Loesch packs a GLOCK 19 or a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber Airweight. “I bought the 19 because it’s got a giant grip; it’s comfortable in my hand.” While Dana may be the only person I’ve ever met who bought a GLOCK for its superlative ergonomics [sic], she joins the throng in praising her carry gun’s reliability. “I don’t ever worry about my GLOCK letting me down,” she says.


Loesch carries the GLOCK or a Smith & Wesson .38 Airweight on-body in an inside-the-waistband holster, usually under a jacket. Alternatively, she carries her GLOCK in a handbag. When I gently pointed out the potential difficulty of accessing a gun in a crowded bag, Loesch came straight back. “I carry a computer, a power cord, lip gloss and my gun. I’m not going to end-up pointing Mulberry lip gloss at a bad guy.”

Clearly, Loesch is not comfortable without a gun. So what does she do when her career takes her to New York City or Washington, D.C., as it often does? While Loesch has taken two years of Krav Maga (I wouldn’t want to mess with her), “I always request security.” No doubt she feels a sense of relief when she straps-up on her return to a free state. As do we all.

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  1. Sweet holster. I was advised never to modify a carry weapon and never decorate a holster. Looks bad to a DA, judge and worst case, a jury

    • I was told to never drive a red muscle car with a racing stripe. Looks bad to a cop, so I drive a white Prius instead.- said no one ever.

    • “I was advised”

      Just curious. Was that by someone who had ever actually argued a Self Defense case in court?

      Or, was it a Concern Troll?

      • Agree. These comments have been on the Internet forever yet I’ve ever read a legitmate news report where a jury was swayed by some of the things the Internet says we shouldn’t do like decorate a holster.

        • I have my hip carry Super Blackhawk big bore western holster engraved with the words ‘ KILL THE JUDGE ‘ ,
          you think this is a bad idea ?
          I better add an asterisk .

      • Story as was relayed to me went like so: undercover leo involved in a shooting. Gun was handed over to evidence, he had the chris kyle type punisher logo somewhere on the weapon. The DA and his CO gave him a scolding saying never put anything on your weapon or holster again, its too easy for a prosecution to spin you as an over anxious wanna be hero.
        But her, I’ve never read court transcripts first hand where a jury was swayed so I say hey, do what you want and see what happens right?

        • Ok, so some LEO got a scolding equally based on nothing in the real world in a second+ hand story.

          Got it.

        • Just to be clear, JR from your posts I’m taking away that you’re OK with superhero logos, skeletons, quirky sayings/engravings, modified triggers, and handloads on your EDC gear? And you know from first hand court room experience that it won’t get you in hot water?
          I’m not of an opinion, I was just stating some advice a leo gave me, but I’d like to hear yours

        • I don’t care what you do to your own gear.

          I’ve never seen anything like that matter in a real homicide investigation (which I’ve been part of) or in a real homicide trial.

          Since it was posted below in this thread, and now I’ve bookmarked it, I think this link might help:

          Sure. Talk to a LEO spreading second hand, or worse, information about something he doesn’t know about…makes perfect sense.

          Here’s what matters in a SD trail: Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy. Imminent Threat of Death or Severe Bodily Injury.

          If your lawyer lets the logo on your holster be a factor in the case, maybe you deserve to loose for hiring such an incompetent lawyer AND not paying enough attention to your case yourself.

          Provide one case from the real world where it has mattered (that is, it can be shown that it was a KEY point in a conviction) and I’ll give it some consideration. There never has been one, and imagining it could be a factor ranks up there with the anti’s imagining a gun can just leap up off the table and start shooting.

          Don’t find demons where they don’t exist.

        • Cool, thanks.
          So I mod my gun’s trigger, put cool skulls on my holster and load up some really hot handloads.
          About how much will it cost me for a lawyer to defend said gun mods in the court room?

        • “About how much will it cost me for a lawyer to defend said gun mods in the court room?”

          The same as it will cost you for a lawyer without those mods.

          The point you are missing is that none of that stuff matters. Well, except in your mind. So hey, if not modding your holster or whatever floats your boat, more power to you. It’s your holster to trick out or not as you see fit.

          Just please don’t scare-monger others into believing nonsense. Or, unless, you know, you have an actual case citation that shows it mattered. Then we can re-examine the idea.

      • If you’re from NC, then you’re probably aware of the John McNeil case. While living in Georgia, he shot a man (his prior contractor) armed with a knife in what should have been deemed a self-defense case. He was convicted of murder. It was a complete miscarriage of justice. But what really struck me was that one of the reasons he was condemned was because he used hollow point bullets. It was argued that nobody carries hollow point bullets unless they want to kill people. An interviewed juror cited this as one of the reasons he voted to convict. An unethical prosecutor will use ANYTHING in his trick and pony show to get someone convicted. That type of holster would be exhibit A.

        • Never heard that story. Interesting though, the same person told me don’t use personal handloads in a CCW. Same reason. With a skilled prosecution it can be made to look like you were intent on being involved in a shooting.
          So can anyone tell me does the risk reward pencil out? I honestly am curious after seeing the opposition to the advice I was given.

        • Seems to me I read a story from Mr. Ayoob about a guy that shot somebody and the cops considered it justified. The prosecutor had other ideas and took him to trial. The jury sent him to prison in part because he loaded his own ammunition, modified the trigger on his carry gun and owned lots of guns. Because of all that he was obviously looking for trouble.

        • Yeah, and Ayoob is equally FoS for spouting that crap, too. It is unsupported nonsense that he has stated, and now other repeats. In other words, it is nothing more than “Geezer Science.” No data, just opinion.

          He has been asked, many times, to provide actual evidence that cases where swayed on that basis. He balks.

          He ONCE tried to offer TWO cases (where he claims it is a big widespread problem) and in NEITHER case did the final result hinge on the person involved in the shooting carrying handloads.

          This a logical fallacy..False Cause.

          He related “handloads were present and the guy got convicted…must have been because of the handloads” even there there is precisely ZERO evidence showing that’s why the jury convicted of that was even a factor at trial.

          Just because a prosecutor brings something up does not mean it has eff-all to do with what a jury decides. Prosecutors (and defense attorneys) bring stuff up all the time.

          And yes, that’s based on my direct experience testifying in homicide cases….in real court.

          If a prosecutor’s case depends on the decorations on your holster or the ammo you are carrying he has no real case. If he wins, your lawyer sucked bad.

          Self defense affirmative defense depends on Reasonable Objectiveness regarding Ability, Opportunity and Jeopardy…imminent threat of death or severe bodily injury.

          I’ve looked at the statutes in my State, for example, and they make NO MENTION about holster decorations or ammo choices. The law is simply stated: a person is justified in the use of deadly force if they are in imminent danger of death or several bodily injury.

        • “If you’re from NC, then you’re probably aware of the John McNeil case. While living in Georgia, he shot a man (his prior contractor) armed with a knife in what should have been deemed a self-defense case. He was convicted of murder.”

          Wow. I think you got everything about that case wrong that you possibly could get wrong. The real case does not support your conclusion that it was about ammo choice at all.

          If you are going to quote a case as an example of something, it might help to actually understand the case you are quoting.

          McNeil put himself into the situation. The deceased supposedly pulled a knife on McNeil’s son, the son called McNeil (who was not present at the time), then McNeil WENT THAT LOCATION and stated, to 911 operators, his intent to engage Epps.

          That FACT alone knocks a big, huge, gigantic chuck off the Self Defense claim.

          I have no idea where you got the idea that he was convicted solely because he used hollow points, but please, can we let this falsehood die right now?

          In fact, the case was re-examined after he was in prison six years on a life sentence, and …

          But three jurors who recently talked to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the conviction say McNeil’s recorded conversation with a 911 operator en route to the scene might have done more to influence their decision than questions about self defense.

          “I’m about to pull up now. Just get the cops out here,” John McNeil said on the 911 recording. “I’m ready to whip his ass right now.

          The operator urged him to stay in the car as an officer was only minutes away, but he refused.

          In less than three minutes after pulling into his driveway, McNeil loaded his 9 mm Smith and Wesson with hollow-point bullets and shot and killed Epp, a 31-year-old father of three. A year later, in November 2006, McNeil was convicted of murdering Epp and sentenced to life.


          More Here, which reiterates that the case hinged more on McNeil going into the fight with intent to do Epps harm:

      • I’ve read similar statements/advice in gun magazine columns by Jerry R. Constantino and Masaad Ayoob in pre-internet days, so… *shrug*

        I’m not sure what Constantino’s creds are on it, but I always figured that Ayoob knew his stuff.

        Whatever. I’m pretty sure that no prosecutor ever managed to hold up a DPMS in pink and purple MuddyGirl camo with a Klalashnakitty sticker on the butt and paint the user as someone who “deliberately went out and bought an evil black weapon of war for the purposes of looking like a Dirty Harry clone.”

      • I’m bedazzling all my guns from here on out. Who needs fiber-optic sights when I’ve got a ruby hot glued to the front post.

    • Sorry Del, it probably won’t look as good on you as it does on Dana. Dana Fan also. I hope to some day meet her here in my part of Texas.

      • I watch Glenn and Dana on my DVD every night and they’re both usually great , love what they do for guns culture and the constitutional message they provide . I don’t care what Dana wants to put on her gun or holster , she is way up there in my list of great American women .
        Keep it up lady .
        God bless !

  2. Dana is scary good. Somedays you feel like kicking a bad guys a_ _ . Other days, you think it’d be fun to just sic Dana on them and let her FEAR OF GOD them.

  3. Uh,RF, you can find a better picture of Ms. Loesch. She is falling down dead gorgeous. The picture does’t do her any justice at all.

  4. Maybe I’m watching the wrong stuff. Maybe I should get cable. Maybe I should get out more. In the end, not sure who she is.

    I’m a little kerfuffled by her comment about being disarmed in NY. The training is fine, but the comment about requesting security. On an individual level, I don’t begrudge her taking advantage of that which is made available to her. On the other hand, I suspect that my request for security will likely be laughed and go unfilled. I hope she brings up the problem with things like this on her show.

  5. Totally agree with a handgun having a buddy gun, my Ruger LCR 9 likes to hang out with my EAA 9mm Witness Pavona, Ruger SP101 9mm revolver gets jealous so have to keep separated in the gun case. Life is too short to carry an ugly gun or an ugly holster. Doubt how pretty a holster is would be as issue in a SD trial, any defense attorney worthwhile would make sure jury never sees the holster.


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