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It started about 18 months ago. I was in the market for a small carry gun. While I was comfortable around guns and had owned a few at that point, I wasn’t much of a pistoleer. I ended up scoring a NIB Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in .40 S&W. It was, and is, a fantastic gun. As summer months approached I decided to get a pocket gun and wound up with an M&P Bodyguard .380. Also an excellent gun, but each choice made me want more. More rounds, more grip, more accessories. Which brought me to . . .

GLOCK. For a while I didn’t get the hype that GLOCK garnered. I had shot many different models and calibers, but I never got excited about a GLOCK. I knew of their top notch reliability. I just hadn’t ever really considered one. I certainly don’t consider myself to be a ‘gun snob’ as I own many different firearms from different manufacturers.

I carry the G19 regularly now. I replaced the (excellent to me) factory sights with Meprolights and put on the large backstrap. There’s nothing I can say about the 19 that hasn’t been said before. Though, as a lefty, I can certainly appreciate the reversible mag release.

I’ve got hundreds of rounds down range and, besides a grip issue of mine, it’s been dead nuts reliable, as expected. I experience perfect reliability with factory mags (which I carry), Magpul PMAGs, even the Korean 33-round sticks and the 50-round drum.

I carry OWB in the OEM GLOCK Combat Holster and paired with Remington HTP 124 grain ammo. I added a Lone Wolf Distributors/Spyderco Endura 4 and I feel confident enough in this system.

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  1. I totally feel you. It’s tough being a lefty in a right hand world. You can only get holsters online and many cool pistols are right hand only. I’ve made a conscious effort to train myself to use right handed pistols. I use my middle finger to release the mag and I never use the slide stop. I just rack the slide and continue on. That way, no matter what someone hands me to shoot I can feel semi confident and n my ability to operate it. Revolvers on the other hand present a whole other problem. They are just plain useless in the hands of a lefty. If you need a reload fast you better just carry two of them because it just ain’t gonna happen.

    • As a lefty, if you have not owned a walther ppq you are doing yourself an extreme disservice.

      Trust me, buy one. If you don’t absolutely love it I will buy it off you at cost. That’s how sure I am it will work for you. A sig P320/P250 is a good substitute as well. You can get good quality inexpensive holsters for both.

    • I say the samething everytime I see an F150 (best selling vehicle in America) at the gas pump…

      Damn vanilla people and their practical choices.

      • The F150 is the best selling vehicle in the world and is only sold in North America.

        Damn vanilla people and their practical choices.

      • I don’t know that he’s sighing because a bunch of dudes tote glocks, I think he’s sighing because this is another Glock 19 and his justification is uninteresting.

        I’ve accepted there’s no accounting for taste and people can choose to carry un-interesting pistols, it’s absolutely their right to do so.

  2. 30sec with a dremel and sandpaper can do wonders for a Glock grip. About 1/8″ removed from where my thumb’s joint hits the forward edge of the beavertail made the grip melt in my hand, almost as good as a PPQ/VP9.

  3. Clearly you are a dangerous individual bent on death and destruction, dreaming of those super massive jumbo clipazines that Kalipornya has wisely classified as dangerous felony-worthy nuclear armor piercing assault bullets of mass carnage.

    I’m Jealous.

  4. Is it just me or does that beautiful Glock 19 appear to be crying inside of that OEM Glock holster? Go get yourself a lefty OWB kydex pancake holster somewhere. It will cover up the end of the slide and your gun will be happier. Most of the big manufacturers have lefty versions…especially for Glock!

  5. I’m curious how you dress around an OWB set up. I’d love to make OWB work, but the printing is just out of control on my body type.

  6. That is my and my wife’s carry also. We use Serpa Blackhawk level 2 retention holster. She’s a lefty so appreciate the reversible mag release, carried with Hornady 115g Critical Defense.

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