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I actually carry two guns, but rarely at the same time. A lot of people tend to frown on the idea, unless the guns are identical like a GLOCK 19 and GLOCK26. My two guns are the Walther PPS and the Smith & Wesson SW99C. They aren’t identical but they share a variety of features. They are both striker fired, and feature a trigger guard magazine release, three dot sights, and are chambered in 9mm. I can also change the grip sizes with different, extended magazines. They differ in a lot of ways as well; the SW99C is a double stack, and the PPS is a single stack. The PPS is a GLOCK style ‘kind of’ DAO pistol, and the SW99C is a DA/SA design . . .

I carry the two different guns for two different situations.

The PPS is my work carry. I carry in a belly band holster due to uniform requirements, and find tuckable holsters to be very uncomfortable. I used to carry the SW99C, but it was much too wide, and stuck out like a sore thumb (a co-worker once asking if I had a medical device or something around my waist). I needed something thinner, and didn’t like the XD series of single stacks, and the GLOCK 43 didn’t exist yet. I also wanted a compact gun that still gave me real sights, a full grip, and wasn’t a pocket pistol.

I looked at the Shield, but the PPS did have the same magazine release I had been already using and it made sense in the long run, even though it was a little more. The PPS is super thin, and clings to the body. I shoot it well, and it feels good in the hand, and I can slightly alter its size with a different magazine. The PPS can use 6, 7, or an 8 round magazine, and the grip gets a little smaller as capacity diminishes. I have all three mags, but I tend to stick with the seven rounder with the 8 rounder as a backup. The PPS also completely disappears under my shirt.

I still carry the SW99C when I’m not at work. Typically when I’m off work I am with my family, my wife and 4 year old. The SW99C offers a lot more capacity than the PPS, and when I am with my family the likelihood of simply being able to retreat is lowered, and definitely slowed. I like having the extra firepower when I’m in an unpredictable environment and in charge with my family. The SW99C offers 16 rounds of 9mm with a full sized magazine with the same grip length of the PPS with an 8 round mag. I typically carry the SW99C with it’s stock 10 round magazine, and carry the 15 rounder as a backup. I carry in double action, in an OWB kydex holster.

I originally wanted a SW99C because I couldn’t find a Walther P99C for a good price. I wanted a P99C because I am a contrarian and didn’t want a GLOCK. This is halfway true, in reality I like DA/SA guns, and the SW99C has an absolutely wonderful trigger. The reset is unbelievably short, tactile, and all that Tier 1 bs. If you’ve never given an Anti stress trigger a ride you’re missing out. In all seriousness it’s an awesome gun, and was quite affordable on the used market.

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  1. The P99c and SW99C are excellent guns. I had a P99c AS for quite some time. To be honest I just never carried it. I always favored my full size P99AS and if I wanted something small I carried an XDs.

  2. “I actually carry two guns, but rarely at the same time. A lot of people tend to frown on the idea, unless the guns are identical like a GLOCK 19 and GLOCK26.”

    Don’t get wrapped up in this nonsense. Some guns “feel” differently than others, yes. But your ability to put rounds on target is not about the gun, it’s about your fundamentals.

  3. Does that PPS ever bite your finger? I tried one at the range and it was horrible. I carry PPQ and P99c AS. Thought the PPS would be the next good choice for me as well.

  4. Finally, someone else who carries the PPS!
    It was the first new carry pistol I purchased a few years ago after several years of carrying a Browning BDM. It was a purchase necessitated by my growing perceived need for an even slimmer carry pistol, and the PPS was, and still is, an excellent choice. It points and shoots very well for me, and is comfortable to shoot. When our Friendly Local Gun Store had a used PPS for sale, I brought it to my best man’s attention as he was in the market for a suitably-sized carry pistol for easy concealment. He shot my PPS, after which he decided he would be well-served by having one as well.
    I would encourage anyone in the market for a single-stack 9mm easy to dress around to check out the Walther PPS.

  5. I carry the PPS in .40 and SW99c in .40 also. Great pistols. PPS shoots like a full size pistol. SW99c German and S&W qualitat!

  6. My 9mm PPS is my second favorite pistol to shoot (behind my 1911). The trigger is great and it feels well in the hand. The PPS was also primarily purchased as my wife’s go to pistol, which she prefers over my .40 P99. Unfortunately she has shown little interest in getting trigger time behind her gun (despite my urging). Oh well, Her loss is my gain.

    Recently I got the chance to shoot my PPS back to back with my Brother-in-Law’s Glock 43. While both pistols ran well, and shot great my personal opinion is that the PPS just felt better in the hand. I would not feel under gunned carrying either weapon, but to me I prefer the ergonomics of the PPS.

    I have also heard rumblings on the Walter Forums that an updated PPS is coming. Based on the price drop of the current PPS and the Photo that Walther floated on Facebook yesterday, I would suspect a PPS Mk2 is coming with a PPQ style grip and push button.

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