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By gender, gun ownership especially boomed among women. Between 2019 and 2021, as gun purchases exploded, about half of firearm customers were women, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Women were the most likely new gun-owner demographic during those years, researchers found.

Fox News Digital previously spoke with a female gun instructor, Robin Evans, who has trained nearly 5,000 women on gun safety. Evans explained in an interview this month that many women are refusing to become victims and are turning to firearms to better ensure that mission. 

“I feel like every single day, there’s another woman who thought she would never pick up a gun… and they understand what type of world we live in right now.” Evans, the founder and owner of self-defense training company called Chicks with Triggers, told Fox News Digital earlier this month. “And, unfortunately, it gets more dangerous every single day. And so I think more women are starting to really come around to the fact that, ‘Hey, I never thought I would be here, but this is where the world is, so I gotta get prepared.’”

Evans said roughly 60% of her clientele have encountered dangerous and violent situations themselves, including domestic abuse, rape or kidnapping. Stories reported by Fox News Digital this year show many of the women who used their firearms to thwart violence did so against someone they knew, including ex-boyfriends. 

Florida woman, for example, turned the tables on her armed ex-boyfriend who showed up to her home on Easter Sunday and shot him dead with her own gun. Investigators at the time said the ex-boyfriend had “a prior domestic relationship” with the unidentified woman living in the home, and he traveled to the duplex armed with a gun to “confront” the woman. 

— Emma Colton in Armed women nationwide refused ‘to be victims’ in 2023 as gun ownership increases

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  1. It is to be hoped that if women are buying more guns and getting into self-defense, that they begin to change the voting pattern of that demographic. Supporting pro-firearm, 2nd Amendment causes and candidates would sure be helpful, and welcome!
    We shall see.

    • No, unfortunately gun ownership does not necessarily correlate to a sudden clarity of thought… Dems own guns too they just can’t see past the crap they are fed daily by their favorite left leaning MSM…

    • Seems unlikely votes will change much with women. TTAG has a regular column writer,Jennifer Sensiba, who votes for anti 2A politicians so if that happens on this site and TTAG doesn’t have a problem with that sort of conflict, how do you expect less informed women to change their votes.

      • writer,Jennifer Sensiba, who votes for anti 2A politicians

        She’s not quite the “typical” woman… Her political agenda is a bit more complex than the average female…

        • So MM – “Her political agenda is a bit more complex than the average female…” – that’s good for her and her agend. Let her write for blogs then that support her agenda but that doesn’t answer the ‘problem’ of writing for a pro 2A blog.
          Seems hypocriticial for getting paid for writing on a constitutional issue blog but then supporting anti 2A, anti constitutional politicians. Sorta’ like our Guv, MLG, saying I really hate gun owners but would welcome contributions from the NRA.

  2. “Between 2019 and 2021, as gun purchases exploded, about half of firearm customers were women”.


  3. Well my wife appropriated one of my gats. She’s a heckuva good shot. Close enough for this post🙄

    • Where it should have been hearing Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide to motivate women to first Protect their 2A Right it took fear of personal injury just to value firearms. For decades the media had people fully fixated on the gun which provided and continues to provide cover for Gun Control and its well documented Horrors.
      I wonder if the instructor of 5000 women was competent enough to discuss The Truth About Gun Control with her class? If not that’s 5000 women unable in debate to Defend The Second Amendment.

  4. This is something that the “gun community” is totally clueless about. Yes the Arm Braces the Bumpstock and Machine Gun ownership, are very important issues.

    But what is more important is actually growing the number of gun owners. The gun community should be expending resources to put shooting teams and 2A education back into the public school system.

    Concentrate on rural and county schools first. The big city people have no right to tell rural folks, what their children can and cannot learn. Especially liberals who have no children.

    • Chris, I have to agree with you. Education will stem the flow of the “Gun Control Industry” propaganda.

    • That is astonishing. You would think that at least getting a picture of the thieves and a license plate number. Perhaps would be a good thing that the store owner would appreciate.

      Our society is so screwed up morally.

      There are some property owners who are not going to put up with having, what they worked so hard to get, to be taken from them.

      And there are others that are trying to force the acceptance of stealing.

      • Policy or no policy Firing employees trying to defend their workplace shows how pathetic Academy is. It also sent an invitation for criminals to come take whatever they want. The other side of the coin is for employees to unionize a policy to refuse to assist in any police or insurance investigations. If Acedemy thinks I would give a statement to police and show up in court to testify against the perp they have another thing coming. Hopefully the now unemployed employees can find as sue happy attorney.

    • To be fair. Men are famous for sticking their dic&’s in crazy.

      But it does seem as if women will pass up a good man for a thug.

      • It’s like Russian roulette.
        Ride the cock carousel as long as you can making sure to hit all the cool, exciting and thug cocks you can before getting off the ride. Unfortunately not all who ride will make it off. Some get knocked up, some strung out, others killed. But the ride sure is fun while it lasts. Those stable guys with their monogamy and wanting a family are just sooooo lame. Until you hit the wall.

        • There’s a reason there were limits on women’s behavior in the past, before the awful 1960s. Most women are hypergamous; i.e. they’re wh**es, and their behavior needs to be regulated. Since women were “liberated” it has been down hill for society ever since. A mountain of debt, the destruction of the family, the rise of weird s**ual proclivities, the obesity crisis, almost every social pathology can be laid at the feet of feminism. Want to save society?? Repeal the 19th and put women back in the home. Those two things to start would go a long way to restoring order and sanity to Western Civilization.

        • “Most women are hypergamous; i.e. they’re wh**es“

          This is why conservative men can’t find a date… They’re misogynistic assholes whose fragile masculinity is easily threatened by a strong, intelligent and assertive woman.

          And now they are whining about it.

          “The question keeping Trump-loving men up at night: Why won’t women date us?
          When a critical mass of people find your values regressive, your political beliefs inhumane, and your political hero repellent, it’s not them. It’s you.“

        • “The question keeping Trump-loving men up at night: Why won’t women date us?

          That might be the question keeping YOU up at night but the biggest question I have when reading these pages is “how in the fuck does a moron like you manage to get through the day without adult supervision”… Biggest problem I’ve ever had with women was trying to keep them all from finding out about each other…

        • MINOR49er, Sorry old boy but this Conservative has never had a problem with finding a date with a woman. But I would venture a guess you prefer those of your own gender? That way at least you have one thing in common.

          You see, MINOR, most women want a man, not a mousey guy like you who is afraid of his own shadow.

  5. Democrats hate empowering people because those people don’t rely on the government as much. Their idea of female empowerment is emulating the seckual inclinations of men. “Empowered” women must be open to sacrificing babies at the alter of the coveted 8% raise because money is everything. Then when it’s time to finally settle down and start a family, they push “empowered” women to focus on their career so they can afford to pay another woman to raise their children.

  6. Diversity, Equity AND Inclusion… Probably not EXACTLY what the Progressives had in mind when they started that little gem but fuck em, deal with it…

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