Schlichter: Give Your Kids Toy Guns Because Firearms Mean Real World Freedom and Equity

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All through human history, the weak – like her and the sissy biological males who simp for this type of woman – have been at the mercy of the strong. And strong means physically strong, not just loud, shrill, and grating. Chairman Mao, whom these people no doubt admire in every other context, observed that power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist mass murderer at least had that right. Power used to be the sole domain of the biggest and the strongest men.

The guy who could swing that broadsword ruled over both the weaker men, and the women, who could not – no appeal, no negotiation. Put away these dumb modern cliches of 110-pound waifs taking on human ogres weighing in at three times their mass. Size matters. Or, rather, it matters when guns are not in the equation.

The modern gun – an effective, reliable, and affordable tool that one can operate capably with some basic training – changed that reality. Suddenly, that 300-pound berserker was no longer necessarily the undisputed boss because a 120-pound lady with a Glock could put him down. And a bunch of citizens with weapons could deter or defeat the forces of the local warlord. Just ask Great Britain. The invention and dissemination of modern firearms was a revolution in human liberty. The fact is that a gun is freedom. It is freedom from the tyranny of size and mass. You want equity? Buy a .45.

And dumb people like Demanding Mom want to undo that.

Remarkably, they believe that somehow stripping the physically weaker of the means to protect themselves from the physically stronger will result in…well, a world that looks just like their status quo. What she and her affluent ilk claim they are seeking is the kind of society we normals generally have already, one that is pretty much (though not completely) safe outside of the savage Democrat inner city hellscapes where the vast majority of violence happens.

If you live in her neighborhood, the chances of someone being murdered, by guns or anything else, are statistically insignificant. Yet what she alleges she wants, via disarming you, is that in her neighborhood the chances of someone being murdered, by guns or anything else, be nearly statistically insignificant. Except it already is. …

When you let your kid play with toy guns, you teach your kid about what an adult’s responsibilities are. Fighting bad people is one of them. And your kids are going to be covering for a lot of social freeloaders when they do. Her kids Kaden nor Ashliegh will ever carry their weight by carrying an AR15 – they are on the pre-school fast track to some Ivy League conformity factory. But your kid will, because your kid is going to be awesome. You will teach your kids starting young that they must be citizen-warriors. Then you will teach them to shoot real guns, and they will want to learn, because shooting guns is what free adults do. 

Those with guns and the skill and will to use them will always rule. The “use your inside voice” fantasies of a nanny state controlled not by legitimate violence but by the nagging and hectoring of wine women can only last so long. So teach your kids early, because either they will be armed and rule themselves, or disarmed with someone else ruling them.

— Kurt Schlichter in Buy Your Kids Toy Guns This Christmas

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  1. The Equalizer…Proven to stop murderers, rapists, bullies, kidnappers, perverts, child molesters, tyrants and deranged Gun Control zealots.

  2. I’m sure Goat Guns enjoys the new attention. Great way to spread the word. Now I’m aware too, and I want a few. Tell me again how “this won’t turn out well?”

    • I have a few. They’re small enough to fit on a dollar bill. If the school officials think they’re real, modern kids must be much smaller than I remember.

    • I got one of the M1 Garand models as a gift. Pretty cool little thing, wood and metal with real leather sling, but I don’t think it will help much at a bank robbery or insurrection party…they’re pretty solid, maybe use it to jab some creep in the eye? The woman is deranged.

      The complete article is a good read.

    • Carefully framed the photo to make them look bigger than they really are.

      Pr0gtards don’t lie, but they do exaggerate, distort, or ignore inconvenient facts.

      • Denix makes some great non-firing full-size replicas….toys for adults?…make great wall hangars too…getting too risky to openly display the real ones these days….their ’28 Thompson is a dead-on match for the real thing…even got the weight right…

  3. these are small toy model guns (AKA ‘goat guns’) that mom was all upset about, they do not fire any projectiles. not shown by mom…right next to that end cap display on another end cap display are air soft guns that are full sized realistic replicas of actual guns, these fire an air soft pellet.

    Anti-Gun Mom Flips Her Sh!t Over Goat Gun Display in Retail Store.

    • @.40 cal

      Have 1911 and M1 Garand Goat Guns on my computer desk. They keep threatening to go off but haven’t…yet.

      I am disappointed in the video in that, near the end, the speaker forgets that it is Nebraska Mom who posted the Karen rant and he states
      that it is Montana Mom. For the record, the Montana mom’s I know are all firearm friendly and support the Second Amendment.

  4. Guns in the hands of responsible citizens be they men or women:
    Make murderers turn and run
    Make rapists keep their pants on/or close their fly
    Make bullies shut up and sit down
    Make Kidnappers wish they never left home
    Make perverts change their ways
    Make child molesters cry like babies
    Make for the removal of tyrants and deranged Gun Control Zealots

    • Hush – true enough but the deranged er um demanding moms don’t think there is any such thing as “responsible Citizens” and especially gun owning ones. In their little world all security is left up to ‘officials’.

      • Perhaps. Those Arab goat herders are credited with discovering condoms back around 523 BC, by using the colon of a goat. Brit expeditionary forces improved on it immensely in the 1880s by removing the colon from the goat first.

  5. If only there was some kind of program out there that would give toy guns to children as Christmas presents every year. A toy guns for tots kind of thing. I doubt there’s anyone out there in youtube land that would do such thing, though, despite making tons of money via patreon and such.

      • YankeeMarshal on YT does a toy guns for tots fund raiser each year that goes out and buys nerf guns and such to give to kids.

      • USMC Toys for Tots is still a thing, at least in red states.
        I have volunteered with them for years.

  6. Resist the colonizers!
    Resist the patriarchy!
    Resist the chromosomes!
    Resist paying back your debts!
    Resist earning a living!
    Resist exercise and diet!
    Resist being a net gain to society!

    Also reasons to embrace the 2ndA for all you purple-haired, self-mutilating, self-medicating revolutionaries out there.

    • Golly when I was a lad in the 60’s most boy’s got toy gats. Some got real gunz like BB or pellet or a 22. I remember one Christmas when I got a Mattel tommy gun & my brother got a quite realistic toy revolver(same set but I didn’t learn that until much later). As far as I know no one in my neighborhood was a mass murderer. Perhaps it’s parental love & respect for other’s that means more than the “tool” demonize Karen🙄

      • Just learned a Kali Key will exempt yer AR15 from the ILLANNOY verboten list! Washington Gun Law had it in writing a few minutes ago.Lots of clarification. Wish this was month’s ago but Illinois sux so I’m not surprised. Sorry I don’t know how to cut & paste Illinois gat owner’s! Someone tell Boch🙄

        • Happy for you guys, sucks to have to spend yet more money on bullshit but it gives a preservation option until you get stuff through court if marginal compliance is the choice of the owner. Also keeps it as an option for purchase.

      • We had toy guns that looked like real guns in the 80s too. I had a tommy gun, and several realistic looking revolvers (no orange end caps or anything). i remember other kids have real wood lever action toy rifles.

        Growing up in town, we didn’t get real guns. My parents were moderately anti-gun, but they didn’t mind us having toy guns, cap guns, squirt guns, or shooting other kids BB guns on occasion.

        I remember being at a friend’s 12th birthday party (a farm kid) where he got a real 22lr rifle. I thought that was pretty awesome. I was probably even more impressed with the fact that he also got to drive 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers around the farm. Then again, I also knew he had to get up early in the morning to move sprinkler pipe in the fields too.

        • remember one Christmas we all asked for and got those Paris training rifles…[based on the “03” Springfield]…after that we went out in the woods to conduct war games on each other…tracking, ambushes and such…it was great fun and a lot of it carried over to when I started hunting for real a few years later….

        • tommy guns..[Thompson’s] were always my favorite toy gun…got pretty good at making those machine gun sounds!….went from toys to scale models to a semi-auto version and finally the real thing…just in time too.. (’85)…took me forty years to get there but it was worth the trip….

      • We had toy and real guns while growing up. We were taught the difference between toys and tools, and we used them appropriately. It’s the same with all our kids.

        Now, Dad did wait to buy a hydraulic wood splitter until after I left for college and the next brother left for the Air Force, but that’s probably the only piece of small family farm gear that we didn’t have and use as young boys.

      • the commercial for the Mattel “burp gun”…[a full-size, cap-firing version of the grease gun]…was the first time a toy was marketed directly to kids, and oddly enough it first ran on Disneys’s Mickey Mouse club show…don’t really know what happened to mine…but I was able to find a fully functional replacement on ebay…now I just have to find some roll caps!

  7. Can somebody help “Nebraska Mom” with the concept of ‘miniature’? Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t see many people being intimidated by a 12” replica of an AK.

  8. T Tag must scour the world for the sickest of the Right Wing Paranoid gun loving fanatics to write articles so bizarre that even gun owners shake their heads in total disbelief.

    This article was one of the sickest I have read in a long time.

    In reality most people murdered by firearms are killed by someone they know and it’s usually someone who lives within the home. The robbery on the street or the break ins are infinitesimal compared to wives being gunned down by husbands or children accidentally being killed by loaded unattended guns left lying around in the home , 1,300 children are accidentally killed every year because of unattended loaded firearms in the home.

    If more guns made us safer as the propaganda of the insane article implies Capitalvania would be the safest country in the world to live in not the most dangerous.

    There is a reason civilized countries have strict gun control and that is because it saves lives contrary to the paranoid nutcase propaganda coming from the Far Right crazed fanatics. Foreign countries have way less mass murders and homicides with firearms as compared to Capitalvania, proving their tough gun laws work and work much better than Capitalvania’s complete lack of any sane gun laws.

    Permitting open and concealed carry results in hot heads gunning down people that cut them off in traffic or take their favorite parking space, this is exactly why civilized countries outlaw such foolish practices.

    And allowing such Far Right Groups like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and KKK to have assault rifles only leads to insurrection, a loss of democracy and a dictatorship, something the Far Right came close to achieving on Jan 6th when Herr Drumpf’s Stormtrooper’s tried to take over the government by force.

  9. She’s afraid kids are going to learn how to build real guns from these plastic models? I wonder what she would have thought about all the model fighter jets I assembled as a kid.

    • art class 3rd grade ish. paper mache over a balloon, everyone made skulls Jack o lanterns.
      I made an acme 💣

    • oh, hell…we even played with real guns when I was a kid…kid down the streets old man had a Jap rifle…we used to get it out and play with it all the time…never pointed it at each other though..we knew enough not to do that…don’t think he ever found any ammo for that gun anyway…pretty rare…

  10. Too late for my son. He’s had a wall of nerf guns for over a decade. His favorite it the one that is full-auto with a 25 dart magazine. Guess who bought that one for him?

    Now he uses real guns on the range.

  11. Kurt Schlichter is, quite frankly, the man. I’ve read seven of his eight novels so far and greatly enjoy his columns on Townhall.

  12. Neb is generally a good place but overrun/ruled by idiot progs hiving in Lincoln and Omaha. Sad story in too many places in the US where metro scum run the state. Presume the same is true in many furin places (as London rules Oncegreatbritain).

  13. comfortable, content, sophisticated(?) city people often have little regard for rural folk…and vice versa…been the same down through history…but guess who often wins out in the end?…harkens back to those rich, city dwelling Canaanites in the Bible…just before Joshua showed up….

  14. When I was a kid, my brothers and friends play with toy guns all the time. Not one of us turned out tdo be a criminal.

    I wonder where our sresident Hoplophobes are?

  15. A spring-loaded dart gun is an outstanding way to introduce marksmanship to small children. Safer than a BB gun. Which can be introduced later when they are older and more mature.

  16. …Real World Freedom and Equity

    “Equity” is what the New Communists are pushing: everyone is either Oppressed or an Oppressor. (Guess who this turns out to be.) The Oppressed get special privileges. The Oppressors get second-class status.

    Don’t adopt the language (and thinking) of your enemies!

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