We Are Comfortably Numb to Mass Shootings

“Even now as I type the words ‘gun law,’ I instinctively know someone is saying “What about Chicago?” — a place of strict gun laws and rampant gun violence. This person is not really asking about Chicago’s well-being with respect to gun violence. Such a query would suggest that this person cared about the answer. “They are […]

The End of the Rule of Law in Washington State

“This is not a judicial ruling, it is a diktat. In openly defies the law. The Seattle Supreme Court has not only killed the law, they have handed the citizens of Washington state a moral obligation to ignore this diktat. The so-called justices may have power, but they have killed their standing as arbiters of the […]

Gun Rights Advocates Have to Play the Long Game to Fight Corporate Gun Control

“Simply put, that has to change. Few American communities (including the pro-life community) are better organized and more mobilizable than the gun-rights community, and it’s time to shine at least as bright a spotlight on corporate gun control as the one that illuminates governmental gun restrictions, the more traditional focus of the NRA. But not […]

The Second Amendment Is Everyone’s Now

“So, it’s not a party thing. It’s about an American thing. If we are going to believe in the values that were founded in this country. Now liberals will tell me, ‘Well Lawrence, it wasn’t founded for you! Like the Second Amendment is not for you!’ Well guess what? The Second Amendment is mine now, […]

We Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself. Oh and Guns, Too

“Combine Stand Your Ground mentality with concealed carry laws and what you have is constantly simmering danger for all people of color, for two reasons: 1. Most people, as the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence points out, “carry biases against racial minorities beyond their conscious awareness.” 2. Being armed intensifies one’s fear alert. The coalition notes […]