Oppressed Armed Minority Woman Leads Hundreds to Freedom

A new movie illustrates what most readers here have always known. That the gun is the single greatest tool for ensuring freedom and individual liberty ever invented (full trailer below). On Tuesday, Focus Features released the first trailer for the upcoming film Harriet, a biopic about the gun-toting abolitionist Republican Harriet Tubman. A bona fide American […]

Leftist ‘Anti-Fascist’ Groups are Arming Up and Carrying Guns to Provide Security and Defend Themselves

Fascists beware…leftist self-described anti-fascist groups are arming themselves and patrolling demonstrations and neighborhoods to ensure their own safety. “After Charlottesville, there was this recognition that there has to be somebody who’s not on the right who is willing to be in places that law enforcement either isn’t willing to be, or where law enforcement is […]

Big Physician Groups Ignore a Much Bigger Health Threat Than Guns – Their Own Members

Physician errors and negligence kill about seven times more Americans every year than do firearms (not to mention that two-thirds of gun deaths are self-inflicted). And yet the big doctor groups are very vocal about the “public health crisis” posed by civilian gun ownership. Where are the high profile campaigns, studies and press releases by […]