Surprise! Everytown and the Moms Endorse Joe Biden for President

It shouldn’t be breaking news that gun control orgs are lining up behind Joe O’Biden. Yesterday, Brady president Kris Brown was on MSNBC revealing the news that after much consideration and soul searching, her civilian disarmament advocacy operation has decided to endorse the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. Now, Michael Bloomberg’s wholly-owned gun control subsidiary, Everytown for […]

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s Thank-You to Those Who Made (Most of) His Gun Control Dreams Come True

The Virginia legislature has passed nearly all of Governor Ralph Northam’s slate of gun control bills, including a “red flag” law and universal background checks. The only major restriction that didn’t get legislative approval was an “assault weapon” sales ban. That bill has been pushed to next year’s session. The governor issued this statement of […]

WaPo Editorial Board Really Hopes Virginia’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Won’t Follow Through With Their Promises

This sounds like our betters at the Washington Post are whistling past the graveyard. Not also the scare quotes around the word sanctuaries in the editorial title. Sheriffs and other law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold and enforce duly enacted laws. For a sheriff to refuse to enforce a protective order handed down by […]