Kamala Harris
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[T]he big push here is Harris asking state legislators to take up these proposals, not for the federal government. Even Harris, who adores the idea of the executive branch wielding monarchic power, sees that there is no avenue nor appetite for a grand federal gun control push. She wants to punt it to the states, where that power already belongs and where Democrats have already been talking about “assault weapons” bans and other gun control cliches for years before this.

Harris and Biden are going through the motions here, but it is clear that the surge in gun ownership during the pandemic (partially due to Democrats ignoring gun crimes from actual criminals) has changed the political landscape on this question. Democrats have simply run out of ammunition, and it appears that even they have pushed gun control way down on the list of priorities.

— Zachara Faria in Democrats are just going through the motions on gun control now

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    • “Has Kackle Harris finished her duties at the border yet?”

      Obviously she finished that “duty” a while back, ya didn’t hear about the thousands that just simply walk across our insecure border?

      ‘duty’ and ‘tyranny’ and ‘incompetence’ and letting our country be invaded – are all the same thing to Harris and Biden.

      • All of these assignments are so easy, Screech Harris can do them on her knees, with one arm tied behind her back.

  1. Wait since when is an enumerated right especially post 14th amendment any business of the states to have much say in as it should apply to all states. Nevermind woke up from the fever dream where our laws mean anything re restraining the government.

  2. How many Dem voters are left that have yet to figure out the illegal immigration lie? That number has to be dwindling. The Democrat’s main defense is useless. They used to dismiss following the immigration laws as, “that’s not who we are.” The Puppet’s open border is so out of control, that there is no historical precedent for it. The current rush to flood the country with as many illegals as possible is literally not who we have ever been. It’s difficult to overlook that when “sanctuary” cities and states are saying we can’t keep doing this.

    How many Dem voters have figured out the climate scam? How will the trillions spent (during an impending high inflation and historic debt period) by the Puppet admin. improve their lives? It’s an easy payoff to their supporters. What else do Democrats have to offer? World peace? Prosperity? Democrats aren’t a joke, but their voters are.

    • It doesn’t matter if they’ve figure it out, they’ll still vote for the “D.” My grandpa was a Democrap, My daddy was a Democrap, so I’m a Democrap. It’s what the Democrap party has going for it. You can’t fix stupid.

    • They spend all day bitching about the lack of resources, the cost of goods, the stagnant wages, long waiting periods for services then say we need to let millions more in to have access to all these things in short supply.

      They’re ideologues and idiots.

  3. “She wants to punt it to the states, where that power already belongs”

    That is complete and utter nonsense. Gun control is not a power assigned to the states, certainly not to cities or counties. Gun control is clearly spelled out in the 2A. “Shall not be infringed.” Full fokking stop. No exceptions for “health crisis”, for “national emergency”, for “common sense”, for “mass shooters”, nothing. Shall not be infringed. Period.

    I don’t know anything at all about Zachary Faria, but apparently, he is an illiterate boob.

    • Click the link at the bottom of the article.
      Zachary Faria is not defending the biden administration including kamala harris.

    • Gun “control” is a power that was NOT assigned to ANYONE, the 2nd Amendment very clearly states that there is no authority granted to any government agency to control the ownership of firearms by “We The People”…

  4. While my 08:49 post awaits moderation. Crucial IL does not comply with nazi plitzker’s Gun Control. Deranged democRats and their kangaroo court pals are waiting to see if Gun Owners jump ship to comply, Gun Control nazis need to see hell freeze over first.

  5. Kabuki theater. The federal office for gun safety is just a sop and money to the gun control orgs and the portion of the constituency that cares. They know they can’t do anything, and are just waiting for the configuration of SCOTUS to change.

  6. Even Harris, who adores the idea of the executive branch wielding monarchic power, sees that there is no avenue nor appetite for a grand federal gun control push.

    There is that AND the fact that she is laziest b!tch to ever hold a government office and that’s before you address her intellectual capacity falling short of that of a small soap dish…

  7. It’s almost impossible that this woman could be even more unpopular. Just leave it to the dems to surprise us.

  8. Don’t underestimate the danger Kamala poses on the 2nd Amendment. Gavin Newsome will be the democrat nominee for president, once Dementia Joe has to step down from the candidacy. Which will be sometime next year. Allowing for Newsome to be the 11th hour savior of the party. Missing out on many of the opportunities to face criticism for his failed policies in California. If he is elected, he will nominate her for Attorney General. As a payback for gracefully stepping aside and supporting him. In doing so he will be looking to nominate her to the Supreme Court, Once a position comes available. Which will likely happen in the next 5 years. So as ineffective as she is now, Her position in the war on the 2nd Amendment, may well be stronger in the future. If she is allowed.

  9. As long as she’s runnin’ the show we got nuthin’ to worry about….witness the stellar job she did with her border assignment…..

  10. I thought Kamelhoe was the Administration’s spokesperson for Hamas? Does she have time for this ‘critical’ issue also?

  11. I dunno, she did a good job with it in CA, there were no new handguns added to the list for what, 10 years?

  12. Putting Kamala in charge of “gun control” is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

  13. She’s doomed. Sometime next year she will be in a convenient airplane or car crash and lewdsome (or whomever will be the designated next prez) will be the next VP. Then pedo joe will step down. All they have to do then is declare some sort of emergency that requires that the election is put on hold and there ya go.

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