Dems Demand Universal Background Checks Which Wouldn’t Have Stopped One Mass Shooter Ever

Inevitably, after President Trump announced his support for red flag laws yesterday, the civilian disarmament industrial complex immediately criticized him for not calling for passage of the federal universal background check bill. A bill which would have done nothing to stop any mass shooter in recent memory. As far as we know, neither the El […]

Vox: The Only Way to ‘Do Something’ About Gun Violence is Nationwide Confiscation

In the aftermath of two horrific shootings over the weekend, Vox is quite comfortable calling for what the anti-gun left has wanted in this country since the lat 1960’s — full-on gun confiscation. But let’s be clear about precisely what kind of decision is letting events like this recur, most recently in Dayton and El Paso. Congress’s decision not to […]

El Paso Walmart Shooter Inspired by New Zealand Mosque Attacker

As many reports yesterday indicated, the 21-year-old Allen, Texas man who opened fire at an El Paso Walmart store posted a rambling manifesto online just before his attack. In his anti-immigrant, anti-corporate/technology, pro-environmental views, he was clearly sympathetic with and inspired by the New Zealand mosque shooter, as was the Poway synagogue shooter. Here’s a […]

‘Bold and Holistic’ Solutions to Gun Violence at October Presidential ‘Gun Safety’ Forum in Las Vegas

Two civilian disarmament advocacy groups are teaming up to hold what they’re calling the nation’s first ever presidential forum dedicated to tacking the problem of “gun violence” in America. The Giffords gun control operation is teaming up with March for our Lives, the AstroTurf gun-grabbing group that magically sprung up after the Parkland shooting. They’ll […]

Some Mass Murders Are More Equal Than Others

This op-ed from a week ago is even more relevant now. And the disparity isn’t just between shootings and other forms of mass murder. Look at the difference in media treatment of the Gilroy attack and the Brooklyn shooting that took place just one day before. The limited attention [given to the Japanese arson attack] […]