The Trace: Gun Industry’s Savvy Marketing is Feeding the National Gun Buying Surge

These are dark days for Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generators at The Trace. Sure, there’s that whole global pandemic thing, with cities, states, businesses and entire industries shutting down and people getting sick and dying. But what’s really worrying those plucky content creators at @teamtrace isn’t the death or the economic devastation. It’s the fact […]

With a 10-Day Waiting Period, Mandatory Stay-At-Home Order Means California Buyers Can’t Get Their Guns

The national gun sales surge began in earnest late last week with the President’s declaration of a national emergency. That’s when gun stores were deluged with buyers, many of them first-timers. California, however, has a 10-day waiting period to take possession of any firearm purchased. Which means none of those buyers who stood in line […]

State Level Gun Rights Groups Using Anti-Gunners’ Local Strategy Against Gun Control Laws

Adopting the anti-gunners’ own playbook, these groups are focusing on tearing down laws limiting Second Amendment rights at the state level. There’s been a lot of talk about guns from national politicians, but little action. The real fight is playing out at the state level. Pruett’s group (Idaho Second Amendment Alliance), for example, has pushed […]

The Great Coronavirus Emergency Gun Run is On

We’ve all read reports of the long lines in grocery stores following the declaration of a national emergency with most Americans coming to the realization that the coronavirus is very real and isn’t going away any time soon. We’ve also noted the run on ammunition and reports from around the country of increased sales of […]

Thousands of D.C. Carry Permits is ‘Troubling’ to Some D.C. City Council Members

In the months after the court decision (in 2017), the police department began approving hundreds of permits. Before the decision, there were only 123 active licenses, and D.C. police denied 77 percent of applicants for failing to provide the required “good reason.” D.C. police have since signed off on 4,808 permits, according to data the department […]