Charlottesville Police Chief Facing Blowback After ‘Assault Weapons’ Committee Testimony

Charlottesville, Virginia police chief RaShall Brackney testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s recent hearings on “assault weapons.” She told the committee that, in her considered opinion, every gun should be banned that can be used to “hunt individuals.” Yes, we know what that means. So did a Republican member of the committee who then pointed […]

Legacy Media Waking Up to Effect of Impeachment on Gun Control Progress

First it was Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who opined that impeachment really isn’t a valid reason for President Trump not moving forward with the push for gun control. Apparently congressional Democrats didn’t think there would be any legislative consequences to their attempt to remove him from office. Now, it’s the Dems’ media stenographers who […]

Schumer: Trump Really Should Work On Gun Control Despite Dems’ Impeachment Push

The quote of the day is presented by Chuck Schumer doesn’t think a little thing like impeachment should stand in the way of President Trump working with Democrats to hand them one of their most coveted legislative achievements. “Amidst the impeachment inquiry the gears of government can still move,” Schumer said. “Anyone who suggests otherwise […]

Why Gun Control Supporters Are Desperate to Dismiss New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn v City of New York

The quote of the day is presented by Note that in his explainer on the importance of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. New York case, Vox’s Ian Millhiser describes New York City’s ban on traveling outside of city limits with licensed firearms as a “minimal burden” on gun owners, covering conduct […]

Larosiere: Gun Rights Aren’t Safe in a Trump Presidency

The quote of the day is presented by Firearms Policy Coalition director of legal policy and TTAG contributor Matthew Larosiere had an op-ed published in the Washington Times yesterday. Mr. Trump and the Republican Party at large haven’t done gun owners any favors. The administration has managed to ban possession of “bump stocks” by administrative fiat, […]