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We haven’t talked much about the CRS Firearms channel and the AutoKey Card situation, and it’s high time we did. A fellow named Matthew Hoover started out on YouTube as a Type 7 FFL holder under the handle CRS Firearms. Another fellow named Kristopher Ervin started making “key cards” with outlines for an AR-15 lightning link on them. He then sponsored the CRS Firearms channel advertising the cards as pen holders and bottle openers.

While Hoover reportedly got ATF permission for the cards, the firearm regulator eventually changed its tune, seized the website, arrested the two men in 2021, and prosecuted them for transferring unregistered machineguns and money laundering.

Hoover and Ervin fought the law, and very unsurprisingly…the law won.

For the uninitiated, my business also has an FFL and we are licensed as a manufacturer. I have respect for the folks who regulate me and I know they have a job to do, but this is the story of one FFL that went way off the reservation.

There’s plenty of case history on the 3D-printed “wall hooks” all sorts of other ways to show off how much you want to be ungovernable, but in this case what was discreetly sold via USPS money orders and priority mail were clearly templates to make a lightning link. As they convert standard semi-auto AR-15 rifles into fully automatic machine guns, that’s a violation of the National Firearms Act.

But, you say, as long as you don’t cut the link out of the card, it should be legal…right?

How many of us have an old Ithaca Model 37 and a pipe cutter/hacksaw/sawzall lying around in the garage? Having the ability to break the law isn’t the same as breaking the law.

Or is it?

Hoover and Ervin clearly set out to poke the bear. When you do that, you run a greater risk of being bitten.

The feds obviously wanted to make an example out of what was happening here. I find it interesting that Hoover on his YouTube channel was still discussing the trial and expressed a high level of confidence that he’d be acquitted just days before the verdict came in. That didn’t happen.

From the press release from the US Attorney for the Middle District of Florida . . .

Kristopher Justinboyer Ervin (43, Orange Park) and Matthew Raymond Hoover (39, Wisconsin) [were found] guilty of conspiring to transfer unregistered machinegun conversion devices that they referred to as “Auto Key Cards.” Additionally, Ervin was convicted of seven counts of transferring unregistered machinegun conversion devices, three counts of possessing unregistered machinegun conversion devices, and one count of structuring cash transactions to avoid currency transaction reporting requirements. Hoover was also convicted of four counts of transferring unregistered machinegun conversion devices. Ervin faces a maximum penalty of 110 years in federal prison and Hoover faces a maximum penalty of 45 years in federal prison. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 31, 2023. Ervin was first charged on March 2, 2021, and Hoover on January 26, 2022. Both Ervin and Hoover have been remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Read the full statement here. Sentencing is scheduled for July 31.

The direction of gun laws and gun politics in this country seems to be changing, but not quickly. Perhaps this case will accelerate the shift. Some attorneys who have publicly discussed this case seem to think that there is a chance of overturning this case in a post-Bruen world. Maybe, but don’t bet on it.

I like to pick and choose my battles carefully in this lifetime. This isn’t a hill I would choose to die on, but the beauty of living in a free country is there’s a good chance someone else might decide to run up that hill. Hoover and Ervin did that and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they now find themselves behind bars.

Appeals are expected to be filed by the defense sending this case to be reviewed by the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta. Stay tuned.

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  1. So could TTAG face prosecution for showing a drawing of the cards?
    The cards themselves were essentially just a picture

      • Who else here despises “H*nk the grovelling boot licker of a gun dealer”?

        This case is a clear violation of the first amendment freedom of speech and the press.

        There was no machine gun. There was only a novelty piece of metal with a drawing on it. That’s called “art” and is protected speech.

        Besides all that, the whole NFA is a violation of the Constitution.

        I wouldn’t have “poked the bear” like these guys did, but they had every legal right to do what they did.

        • In a constitutional Republic at the common law, public servants are strictly relegated to those things so privileged to them by the organic law.
          If the organic law does not allow public servants to act upon firearms such cannot be done.
          Other than a background check to ascertain if a person is not prohibited to possess a firearm, then no other requirements are allowed for a lawful citizen to possess any and all type arms.


          If you have to machine on it for 45 minutes, it’s not a “machinegun conversion device.” It’s an image on a metal plate. Basically, they are making images illegal.

          Federal Jury full of RETARDS!

        • Yep, hank fails to realize that citizens were once allowed to own machine guns and shipped to their door. Now only one mfgd in `1986 are. Hank = Fudd IMO

      • “I think the picture was etched on to make cutting them out easy.”

        So, the problem is that the drawing was etched into the metal? There is a permanency with etching, maybe. If it was printed on with ink, would that have been kosher?

        The actual US patent application for the infamous Glock ‘switch’ was issued a US patent number and is easily located online :

        There ya go, the full set of drawings a talented fabricator can use to make such a device, if they cared to.

        Is Google and the US patent office guilty of distributing machine guns by leaving those drawings up?

        (Even if they yanked them, countless copies are online one click away, and the internet never forgets…)

      • An ATF “expert” witness said it took him 45 minutes to finish the auto sear from the key card.
        I can find the dimension correct picture, print it out, glue it on a piece of metal and saw it out quicker than that. A drawing isn’t readily convertible into a gun part. And protected under the first amendment. Plus, to be a machine gun under the NFA, it has to be a firearm in the first place. That’s the actual wording of the law.
        Also, before i forget, the NFA is unconstitutional, all machine guns must be legal, because the actual letter of the law reads: shall not be infringed!

        • Yes you’re correct for the most part. But I believe there is distinction between selling machine guns? And machine gun parts. And they were charged with selling parts. They also however? Did neither. As they sold a drawing on a piece of damned metal…

      • The ATF examined the Auto Key Cards and a firearms enforcement officer was able to remove the pieces of a lightning link from an Auto Key Card using a common Dremel rotary tool in about 40 minutes.


        So his “keycard” was just a picture of a lightning link engraved on a piece of metal that was not removable??


    • Exactly.

      They sold a piece of plate metal with an image on it and claimed it was a machine gun.

      Say they decided to sell a decal, a sticker with that drawing on it. Would an inked piece of paper with an adhesive backing on it be a machine gun?

      We really, really need the Hughes amendment given the proper funeral it deserves… 🙁

      • unlike the old days…[buying a parts kit..and then an auto-sear]…when it actually took a little bit of time to make the conversion…this thing was advertised as “the machine gun you can carry in your wallet”…you just pop it in the gun and you can rock and roll…then remove it and no one is the wiser…easy to reproduce which means there are probably a lot of unregistered ones out there…the downside is they don’t hold up well to repeat usage and often break…

        • It’s a gndn (goes nowhere, does nothing) tchotchke that someone got their knickers in a twist about like the deactivated grenades the Branch Davidians sold at gun shows.

          On the bright side, no one was burned alive this time. Which is always a possibility when the 2,000,000 ton pcp-laced meth eating simian that is the US government catches it’s citizens “breaking” one of it’s laws.

          As long as Glock switches aren’t prosecuted when gang members are popped with them; this tchotchke, it’s prosecution, and the people that support it’s prosecution is a joke.

        • Anybody who has access to a 3d printer can make the “PIECE”!!!!

          So now having the “SOFTWARE” to make the “PIECE” will be a “CRIME”!!!

          Eventually, “SOFTWARE” and “MANUALS” how to make “MACHINE GUNS” will be “OUTLAWED”, if the DEMOCATS/MARXIST have their way…

        • “So now having the “SOFTWARE” to make the “PIECE” will be a “CRIME”!!!”

          I’m beginning to contemplate that question will inevitably be dropped into the SCotUS’s in-box.

          It’s going to be very interesting (as in, Chinese curse interesting) to watch this mess wind its way through the courts (as it should).

          My question is, with having full control of the SCotUS, will they see it our way, or the governments POV?

          Historically, a Right-controlled SCotUS usually leans on the side of LE jack-booted thuggery, while the Leftist Scum ™ leans the other way. Will the roles reverse, this time? 🙁

      • “We really, really need the Hughes amendment given the proper funeral it deserves…”

        No, they can keep the Hughes amendment. Repeal the NFA and sell MGs in hardware stores like the old days.

        • Sure, but I was thinking that it only closed the MG registry rather than outlawing MGs entirely. If that were true then repealing NFA would make it moot, but I was wrong about that.

          I’d still go for repealing NFA entirely first though, and Hughes after.

        • funniest thing, the six year old j=kid who chewed up his poptart said it wasn’t a gun but it WAS a mountain. Seems this kid was a WHOLE LOT smarter than his twisted mentally unstable freakazoid teacher. SHE”S the one claims it was a gun.
          SHE’s the one “teaching’ kids in school and getting PAID for it? SHE’s the one needing the straightjacket and shrink.

    • I am so glad the federales spent so much time and effort persecuting a couple of guys huckstering a product that sometimes works if one squints one’s left eye while holding one’s tongue out the right side of one’s mouth. And inasmuch as it is made of plastic, how many thousands of rounds is its supposed to be good for? Geesh! I’m glad there is no real crime being committed by illegal cartel members in the U.S. so that the federales can concentrate on these obvious felons.Sure makes me sleep better at night knowing they are on there J.O.B.

  2. Prosecution stacked the jury with anti-gun Democrats with I.Q.’s of double figures. Judge could still set aside the verdict and dismiss or reverse findings but that’s unlikely to happen. A complete miscarriage of justice, this is the woke Biden-post Trump brown shirt era. Nobody is safe. Well except Hollywood a$$holes like Alec Baldwin.

  3. They may have been poking the bear, but this was clearly a novelty. The governments own witnesses couldn’t get the damn things to work. This case is ridiculous.

    • The “machinist” who testified for the goobermint said he heard machine gun fire in field and ran to see, found 2 guys who said the had two cards, and couldn’t get it to work, so they gave him both the one in the gun and the card they hadn’t yet cut out. He said he couldn’t make it work either so he brought it to the ATF. How did he “hear machine gun fire” if the 2 guys couldn’t get it to work? Who in their right mind runs to the sound of machine gun fire???? This “machinist”‘s story fooled 12 adults? Why was this “machinist” not charged for making a machine gun?? as it appears he’s the only one that actually tried to use one….. This was a rigged case, just like the 2020 election and the Jan 6 “insurrection” that never happened.

      • …except the 2020 election was legitimate and the jan 6 insurrection sure did happen. But these guys did get screwed by the AFT.

        • @darby shaw Please stop watching CNN… and stop believing crazy Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shiff.

      • “This “machinist”‘s story fooled 12 adults? ”

        “…12 reasonable persons?”


      • So, the guy that ran over heard machine gun fire, but he was given the two cards because they didn’t work. How do you square that circle in court, are the defendants lawyers functionally tarded. How do non working auto sears produce automatic fire?!?! I read this on another site too and MB is the only one that picked it up, I’m still floored.

      • “This was a rigged case, just like the 2020 election and the Jan 6 “insurrection” that never happened“

        Perhaps you should be sending Mike Pillow some cash, he’ll soon be paying out $5 million because of his election lies.

        And 10 individuals have been found guilty by a jury of their peers on charges of seditious conspiracy related to the January 6 attack on the United States of America.

        How interesting that you are giving aid and comfort to these traitors who took up arms against America.

        • MajorLiar,

          ” . . . took up arms against America.”

          Please list the persons who participated in the January 6 “Insurrection” who were armed, you lying liar who lies, and then lies about his lies.

          Now identify the TEN (according to you) who were convicted of sedition (there were four, and their conviction is already on appeal, and will almost certainly be overturned).

          If you didn’t have lies, you’d have nothing to say.

        • LampOfDiogenes: I don’t watch cnn except in passing and I am really not a fan of nancy pelosi’s attitude towards firearms.

          weapons: flagpoles, riot shields, bear spray, disparity of force (many on one) counts towards being able to use lethal force in self defense.

          convictions: Stewart Rhodes, Kelly Meggs, Roberto Minuta, David Moerschel, Joseph Hackett, Ed Vallejo, three other Oath Keepers and a member of the far-right Proud Boys who pleaded guilty to the charge. That is as of jan 23 2023 with more trials pending at that time.
          Perhaps calm down the name calling and use google a bit.

        • NPR? Really? Did you read the article?

          An additional suspect also allegedly planted pipe bombs by the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties the night before the riot and remains at large.

          Why did NPR include this in their discussion of J6? (rhetorical)

          Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died one day after two rioters allegedly sprayed him and other officers with what prosecutors describe as an “unknown chemical substance.”

          Ofc. Sicknick’s death had absolutely nothing to do with J6. But ths fiction dovetails nicely with the lie still being repeated by the Gropenfuehrer that Sicknick was killed on J6.

          We do know that at least two protestors died at the hands of the Keystone Kapitol Kops that day — Ashli Babbitt, a small, unarmed woman who was gunned down by one, and Rosanne Borland who was beaten by a group of them.

          NPR? Demonstrably inaccurate and obviously slanted. Politico? Not a valid source, same reasons. Google? Ditto.

          I am not surprised that all of your sources are from one side of the opinion spectrum.

        • What Arms? Buffalo Boy’s Shamanic Staff?
          The only Firearms I saw in the footage were in the holsters of the Capitol PD, or the 80+ Fed Boi Operaitives instigating the whole charade on Pelosi’s orders.
          Or are you referring to the Two Pipe Bombs marked “Crafted With Care By Naked Women In Langley, VA?”

          1/6 looked more like a Rowdy Tail Gate Party Gone Amuck than an Insurrection.

    • they usually came with two vertical pieces of different thickness…so one or the other will usually work in an AR-15….

  4. Gee, hank, could you possibly sound like any more of a pansy? Commend the men for their bravery, shun the feds for trampling our freedoms, and keep it moving, limp-richard.

    • I have watched CRS Firearms on YouTube. He’s pretty knowledgeable about gunz. Was anyway…not the brightest bulb but he didn’t deserve this BS! I knew he was married & had a child so they need our prayers & help.

    • Agree Nathan! I do NOT respect our overlords or the Idiocracy they represent. Shall not be infringed is a thing. Hoover used to live in ILLannoy & moved to Wisconsin to escape their BS laws. Go figure…

    • exactly what I thought when I read his drivel.
      “I support the Second Amendment, but no one should ever draw a picture of something scary!”

    • Between food stamps and plenty of restaurant dumpsters, you are the best-fed marsupial in America… 🙂

      • MajorLIar,

        I am sure you are quite an expert at sucking at the government teat. For six years, while I was putting MYSELF through college and law school, I qualified for welfare. Never took a fucking penny.

        Go inhale a penis and choke, you lying s***weasel.

        • “Go inhale a penis and choke, you lying s***weasel.”

          Lamp, don’t hold back!

          Tell the scum-sucking fascist P.O.S. how you really feel! 😉

        • Geoff,

          Wish I could, but that reply would DEFINITELY get moderated!!

          dacian is just stupid; he can’t help himself. MajorLiar is a dishonest, lying hack, who KNOWS he’s lying – he just doesn’t care, because it’s done in service of his “narrative”.

          I pity dacian; I despise MajorLiar for the lying liar he is.

  5. These guys face more time than anyone who used a Glock Switch in an actual shooting that I’m aware of up to and including ones where people died. Think about that.

  6. The difference between the Auto Key Card and the ‘coat hook’ is that the coat hook could be pulled apart and dropped right in an AR15. All these guys did was sell a metal card with the outline of a lightning link on it. It was probably a dumb idea, but to me it’s kinda a stretch to argue that’s a machine gun.

    The entire law around ‘structuring’ also needs to die in a fire. It’s crazy that you can make money, pay taxes on it and still have money seized based on how you deposit it in the bank. You can find all kinds of cases where they’ve gone after store owners or people who do cash sales for making their daily deposits just because the amounts happen to be close but not quite $10k.

    The civil forfeiture of people’s money when they happen to be caught ‘driving with money’ is also a farce. In that case your money is considered guilty until proven innocent and all you get is a big FU. It doesn’t have to be shrink wrapped bundles of Cartel money like the law was intended. Do some googling and be prepared to be pissed off.

    • he didn’t actually make one of these things…just showed people how to do it…apparently that’s enough for the ATF…

    • “The civil forfeiture of people’s money when they happen to be caught ‘driving with money’ is also a farce.”

      We have *Breaking News* in that department :

      “SCOTUS Cert Recap: SCOTUS Adds Eight Issues to Its Docket, Including Appellate Procedure, Religious Accommodations in Employment, Civil Forfeiture, Free Speech, and the False Claims Act”

      The civil asset forfeiture case involves a court failing to set a time limit on when those cases must be heard. There are apparently some courts indefinitely stalling hearing those cases.

    • “The difference between the Auto Key Card and the ‘coat hook’ is that the coat hook could be pulled apart and dropped right in an AR15.”

      Isn’t the auto key card a literally drop-in device?

      • Not familiar with the auto key card in and of itself in it’s making. But a lightning link, which is reportedly what it is plans for is definitively a drop in like any other DIAS. No reason to buy the things, plans still exist on the web if one was inclined to make one.

        Fortunately, I have nothing that would work with one. AyKM’s, AyK based, and F@L’s need not apply, so no temptation. Furthermore, ain’t nobody spending the duckets ThreeHundred WM would cost you doing FA.

        Thought of paying that tab makes me a little sick to my stomach. You could spend about half the cost of my Watchman in a day if you were foolish enough to try.

        • William,

          Have a friend, who happens to own a fairly high-end 3D printer, who printed up a bunch of AR-15 “giggle switches” for party favors for a 4th of July party. We all laughed about it. Of the people who I personally know who attended, not a single one has installed it. A piece of plastic (or metal) is not a machine gun.

          Oh, and machine guns should be sold in hardware stores.

        • LampOfDiogenes , I hope anyone who owns an AR-15 tossed his party favor in the trash at a house that does not own an AR-15. Hard to believe but possession of said device by an owner of an AR-15 or the device and weapon being in the same general area means you can be charged with possession of a machine gun.
          Stupid I know but that’s the law.
          At least they have not made having the file needed to print one illegal, yet.

        • @Lamp

          Indeed they should, anything less is an illegal infringement on us all, personally, every single one.

          Bruen didn’t quite go as far as was proper in the eyes of the BoR. The savior we were looking for, and also not at the same time. Important step nonetheless.

        • @KenW

          I’m sure he knows, why I never mentioned, as to not draw attention to it. C0nstruct!ve something or other.

      • Nope.It is a piece of flat metal with some black artwork etched or inked or printed upon one side. Nothing more. Few would have the equipment and expertise to make a tangible three dimensional artifact out of that drawing, or by copying the design by another means and actually using that piece in a mechanism capable of fully automatic firing f any weapon.

        I happen to have about four tonnes of various bits and sheets and pieces of metal lying about in my yard. I suppose there might be some folk roaming about with the capability and desire to take up some quantity of that metal and,, by means of using, modifying, combining, transforming some of that metal into a composite of other bits and parts and then combining some with other bits similarly produced to actually make a fully automatic fire weapon of some sort. But I rather expect that any chap desiring to possess/use a fully automatic firearm of any sort would prefer to contact some member of a generous cartel and by way of simply tendering an envelope containinig an hundred thousand dollars shortly take possession of a signficant array of very capable up to date rapid fire long guns, So I suppose that heap of scrap metal in my yard could be labelled a “constructive firearm” of any class they might choose.

        • “I happen to have about four tonnes… “


          Honestly, the competency and tradecraft expertise of your handlers are seriously in question, even the most basic of American language and idioms escape you folks.

          I really miss the KGB days, now there were some worthy adversaries!
          Not like the ham-handed amateurs of today, I really think Putin is in the early stages of dementia.

        • Gee, MajorLiar, way to advertise your “L”.

          From Merriam Webster:

          : METRIC TON”

          Grow the fuck up, and at least make an effort to be sentient, you pathetic peter puffer.

        • tonne = metric ton, 1,000 kilograms, or 2,200 pounds

          Originating in French; in common use in European countries and their former colonies (Aus, NZ). So anyone using the word is an obvious Russian bot, per Liar49er’s “logic.” Maybe it was the word “chap” that brought that on.

          “I really miss the KGB days …”

          Yeah, I bet you do.

          “I really think …”

          No, you don’t. Really.

        • Incidentally, Tionico used the word “rotter” in another post later in this thread.

          Yeah, obviously a Russkie — right, Liar49er?

      • The Auto Key Card is a metal plate about the size of a credit card. Some were bigger and had a cut out for a bottle opener. They just had the outline of a lightning link etched on the card. In the trial the ATF ‘expert’ said it took him 40 minutes with a dremel to cut one out. He made 4 of them and none would shoot full auto. The best he could do was get one of the 4 to induce hammer follow. So even the ‘expert’ witness for the ATF couldn’t make a machine gun out of what the ATF insisted was a machine gun.

        Mr. Guns N Gear has a good video he made yesterday about the trial. It was a farce.

        • “Mr. Guns N Gear has a good video he made yesterday about the trial. It was a farce.”

          The insurmountable problem is that after trial, the verdict cannot be altered based on review of evidence, but only reviewed for procedural issues.

          An appeals court cannot declare that the defendant is innocent, but only that the verdict is compromised by the misapplication of law, or procedure.

          The best an appeals court can do is remand for new trial, but not for change of verdict.

          (LKB, did I get that right?)

        • The no doubt “highly intelligent & qualified” FEEB (they only hire the best ya know) “Couldn’t get it to work”? Sounds more like a case for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or local Better Business Bureau not the BATFE.

  7. If full auto was affordable and the red tape was not ridiculous perhaps there would not be gizmos and gadgets that are more a maintenance problem than anything else. At the most penalties for their so called Crimes should be a fine and probation.

    As long as the dumbest people on earth view Gun Control as Good and the 2A as evil expect the same old same old. It’s a losing battle as long as something isn’t done for the 2A to trade places with Goody Two Shoes Gun Control. In other words Define Gun Control for spoon fed America according to its roots in racism and genocide, then let the chips fall where they may.

  8. I believe this judgment will be rescinded or vacated on appeal because of the NYSRPA v Bruen decision. Hopefully, Matt and the other guy won’t be Epsteined.

    • They’ve already been “Epsteined” ….. these “small frys” don’t have the piles of shekels that the Democrat’s mensch, Jeffery, had, the process is the punishment, even if they win on appeal they lose, they’ll never recoup their losses, the FEEBs have unlimited resources (our tax dollars) to motion and appeal them to their graves.

  9. I’m trying to imagine all the different crimes one might commit to earn 45 years (to say nothing of 110!) and no matter how I try, what these guys did in no way justifies that kind of sentence. Talk about making an example.

  10. While Hoover reportedly got ATF permission for the cards. HUH?

    If so, the prosecution was illegal

    • “If so, the prosecution was illegal”

      According the Liberty Doll YouTube channel, Hoover called and asked permission, he didn’t get it writing from the ATF.

      Would a signed letter made a difference in his case ? ? ?

      (I fear not, based on the BATF flip-flopping on arm braces… ;( )

  11. Living in America, land of the free, a person really has to be careful of what they say or what they do.

    • possum,

      We haven’t been the “Land of the Free” for decades. If the Leftist/fascists and the Uniparty have their way, none of us will ever be free, again. Guns banned, speech outlawed, “Red Flagged”, our homes/phones/computers/communications surveilled without warrants – that’s the wet dream of the Left.

      They hate liberty, because they’re so stupid they know they can’t compete in a real society. They have to build in handicaps for the rest of us, so they even have a chance. And even then, they’re pathetic.

  12. For point of reference the AFT wasn’t able to get any of the links they cut out to work. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say anyone who was able to get theirs to work probably had the knowledge and skill to make the link without the outline on the card.

  13. Hank the Gun Dealer

    You should respect the Constitution and rule of law more than null and void agents for a null and void agency trying to enforce a null and void law.

    The Constitution restricts the government, not ordinary free citizens. You are too ignorant to be writing articles.

    • Doesn’t seem to me the constitution is doing much to restrict the government.
      Words on paper.
      The only time the pen is mightier then the sword is when its gouged eraser deep in an eyeball socket.

  14. Why ‘unsurprising’ the law won?You have theright of appealI presume by a Higher Court. soappeal. Is there any suggestino that DUE PROCESS was not follwed because if it was thecase will surely be dismissed on appeal. Why at is about Americas Gun owners that make them see that any LEGAL descision that goes against them is either a travesty of Law , Commie, leftie [what ever they means] of a DEMOCRAT plot ? Why not accept that you just MIGHT be in the bloody wrong.
    I know that Americans don’t get about much and have little knowledge of what the world is actually like beyond their own shoresbut the world beyond Anmericas shores find this kind of attitude very very strange.
    If, in the UK for instance we really do not like a particular law we have the freedom change the bloody LEGISLATORS through the BALLOT BOX.
    I mean we had the balls and the ability to get rid of three PRIME MINISTERS in 4 years and two in three months. No impeacments,
    No rebellion,
    No PRIME MINISTER refusing to recognise the result of a DEMOCRATIC election,
    No attempt to change the vote, no attempt to buy power,
    No storming the Houses of Parliament.
    No ARMED SECURITY guards in Schools. I know that to an American that sounds very, very odd indeed but none-the-less it is true. Just as it is in EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND and even Ukraine and Russia
    In fact from the top of my head I cannot think of a single other nation that finds ARMED SECURITY GUARDS in schools nessessary. BUT I suppose that defines AMERICAN FREEDOM
    In fact in my 84 years I’ve not seen a single semi-auto or handgun but in the hands of the Security Services and I was a PROFESSIONAL as far as firearms are concerned RAF Smallarms Instructor, Musketry Coach and Armourer and as a member of the UK Army Infantry Reserves

    • “In fact from the top of my head I cannot think of a single other nation that finds ARMED SECURITY GUARDS in schools nessessary.”


      Since you couldn’t even get that one right, why would we listen to anything else you said?

    • “I know that Americans don’t get about much and have little knowledge of what the world is actually like beyond their own shores but the world beyond Americas shores find this kind of attitude very very strange.”

      Speak for yourself, Nancy-Boy.

      The vast majority of people in my social circles has traveled outside the US, some of them (including myself), multiple times.

      Lick the boots of your ‘king’ and sod off, you arrogant British fuckwit… 🙂

      • Fair certain he licks more than the kings boots, think up about 3/4’s of a meter. Front and rear.

        Prolly still prettier than Camilla, so that’s an upgrade.

    • They are doing something right in the UK, they’ve had no school shootings for the past 27 years.

      “European countries have had their share of school shootings, although not as frequently as in the United States or Canada. These include eight in Germany since 1913, one in Lithuania (1925), one in Sweden (1961), three since 1967 in the United Kingdom (none after the 1996 massacre)“

      • “They are doing something right in the UK …”

        What, specifically, are they doing right?

        • Perhaps posting the stabbing statistics – despite the knife bans – would illuminate things properly. According to the UK newsrags, Putin is hiding in his bunker and suffering from several different forms of terminal cancer as the Ukraine plans a brilliant counter attack any day now.

      • Very interesting. Now do a comparison on acid attacks between the UK and the US.

        An island nation that banned firearms years ago sees very little firearm violence, film at 11:00.
        Unsurprisingly, criminals simply moved to the next most effective available weapons, which is why the UK now treats knives like they previously treated firearms.

      • Yeah “they’re doing something right in the UK” ….. they’re stabbing each other with knives & scissors and hacking & beheading (see Lee Rigby) with machetes and axes, it’s “quieter” ya know … less chance of waking the neighbors or startling those sensitive to loud noises.

    • i’m unclear on whether you understand that we care about what goes on here first and foremost.
      it’s fun watching the rest of the world get it wrong to varying degrees; we’re more important to us.
      notice i don’t comment or give a damn what goes on in jolly ole.

    • which all exolians why you lot the wrong side the puddle had no arms to speak of as Hitler and his goons were intending ti imminently invade and overrun your little fiefdom. Remember well, it was we Yanks took up collecting unwanted and disused “civilian” arms to ship off so yu lot had SOMETHING with which to resist the Jerries when they came calling. Sad state of affairs.
      And some decades prior to that, it was “civilian” arms in the hands of farmers and tradesmen who chased your sort off the North American continent south of the 49th parallel.

      So don’t go prattling on about what tools might/might not be “appropriate” in the hands of everyman this side the Puddle.

      Paid, armed “guards’ are INAPPROPRIATEE in our government schools, and private nes as well. Consider the conduct of the rotter who WAS a paid hired gunman in that high school i Parkland Florida. Remember he slipped outside the building and cowered in a well-hidden corner up against a wall where no ine would notice him. Fat lot of good HE was,eh? A cheap hireling no more, on about collecting his inflated salary and keeping his own skin intact.

      Go find and view the video of the “west freeway baptist church shooting”. NO OINE in that room was a paid gunman. And when death marched in the door and started reaping those unpaid citizens ended that massacre with ONE ROUND. Total cost, about fifty cents. WHY? Because they were there TO PROTECT THEIR OWN.
      Until every school in the country “allows” armed staff who are already there to possess their tools of defense anywhere and at all times (the specific and clear intent of our Cnstitution) this spate of murderous attacks in our schools will continue.

    • Prince Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      Like MajorLiar, you are a lying liar who lies. You were NEVER in the military, you might be able to discern which end of the gun a bullet comes out of, but that would exhaust your knowledge of firearms, and you are about as “British” as Thomas’ English Muffins.

      Sod off, swampy.

    • You can praise the NeoFeudalism Europeans are forced to live under all day and all night, but you forget the fact we turned our back on that 247 years ago.
      When the going got tough, who did the European Nations turn to when the needed some Arse Kicking done?
      Americans and their 2A Rights.

  15. The real crime is the knowledge.
    It’s no mistake that with the highest school spending in the world 85% of black kids and something close to 70% of all kids can’t read at a proficient or competent level.

    There are only so many school hours a year and with all the important topics like victimhood and sexual fetishes taking up the bulk of those hours there’s just nothing left for the lesser arts of reading and arithmetic.

    It’s okay. If something makes your head hurt just ask your phone and it will tell you what the answer is.

    • “The real crime is the knowledge.”

      Wasn’t ‘Thought Crime’ a major plot point in Orwell’s dystopian ‘1984’?

      Wasn’t that book supposed to be a dire warning of totalitarians seizing political power ?

      • Yes. Yes.

        As is the warning account of what occurred on 19th April 1775 at Lexington then Concord.

        Recall, as well, that we find inside our Bibles should we cre to look, this command:

        FATHERS teach YOUR children.
        Does that sound like what is happening in the government indoctrination and training centres?

        WHY do so many families teach their children at home? And WHY did so many fight for years to make that practice lawful in every state in the union? More appropriate, why did so many states fight so hard for decades to keep that practice illegal? What agenda was REALLY driving that policy?

      • “Wasn’t that book supposed to be a dire warning of totalitarians seizing political power ?”

        It was about totalitarians on the “right”, not the “left”. Totalitarians on the “left” are righteous, moral, and overall superior to any others.

        At least that was what I was taught in college.

  16. Used to be to be charged with something the suspect had to actually commit a crime.
    In the last couple decades all it takes is some government flunky or informant to saw they saw something with no verification.
    Sell dope and get 10 years. Sell wall board or oregano as dope and still get 10 years. Sell some etched or stamped bits of tinfoil and be convicted of selling NFA restricted firearms. Or a couple bits of plastic. Or a couple metal cups and a handful of washers.
    Hell, I have a forge and some scraps of steel. As well as a couple milling machines etc. Made a decent second line of income as a part time gunsmith. So the knowledge is there as well. Should I be watching for strange SUV’s and unmarked helicopters?

  17. Here is the real question that needs to be answered by SCOTUS.

    Constitutionally speaking, what is the difference between single-shot, semi-automatic, and full automatic firearms.

    An honest court would find no difference. If one is protected then all are.

    • “Constitutionally speaking, what is the difference between single-shot, semi-automatic, and full automatic firearms.”

      Doesn’t matter, all are considered evil, wicked, mean, bad, and nasty.

      The question to be answered is a matter of defining the Second Amendment. The SC doesn’t like ruling on constitutionality of law, but the process by which it is applied.

      Even Bruen wasn’t decided on actual constitutionality, but on the process by which infringements are permitted.

  18. “seized the website”

    Good to know that the Jackbooted US Stazi are now in the FIRST Amendment business.

  19. Does this mean that I could be prosecuted for manufacturing thermonuclear hand grenades?

    • Depends if you identify as a Republican or Democrat, whether you pick up bags of cash from foreign entities and funnel it to the right Biden people, and whether you have the “fast and furious” intent in manufacturing…

      • “whether you pick up bags of cash from foreign entities“

        You say that like it’s a bad thing.

        If it’s good enough for the Trump family it should be good enough for any American citizen, right?

        “How Saudi Gave Trump’s Son-in-law, Jared Kushner $2billion Investment Fund After Alleged Killing Of Journalist, Khashoggi, By Crown Prince

        April 12, 2022
        Sahara Reporters, New York”

        • Liar49er, you just can’t help yourself, can you?

          “whether you pick up bags of cash from foreign entities“

          You truncated that remark to change its meaning, to give you a platform for your embarrassing swan dive into deceit.

          Here’s the quote in its correct context:
          “Depends if you identify as a Republican or Democrat, whether you pick up bags of cash from foreign entities and funnel it to the right Biden people …”

          “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

          Most citizens should be rightly disgusted by the continuing history of criminal activity by the BiDeng family. But of course, you’re not concerned about the shady dealings with foreign governments and businesses conducted by the Resident and his crack-addicted son.

          What the hell is wrong with you?

        • COOL STORY, BRO!!!!

          Now do Hunter Biden, you lying liar who lies, and then lies about lying.

  20. The problem is these aren’t machine guns in any way, shape, or form. The card stock was chosen by the manufacturer, not the designers, and the main criteria was aesthetics.. It’s the wrong thickness to function as a lightning link if you cut it out. If you try to cut it out, you’ll probably warp it.

  21. How’s that third box working out for everybody?

    People complain about politicized agencies and kangaroo courts, but still expect the court to come through in the end. Maybe if Kyle Rittenhouse have been convicted, people would have woken up and realized that we are screwed.

    The federal government is not our friend, and if your plan is to poke the bear and rely on the courts, you are a fool.

      • Logically, these guys could see the looming end of their course of action, but they refused to accept it as a possibility, and have gone to the gallows.

        Reminds me of a hijacked plane before 9/11. The hijacker had a knife and forced them to fly around until they ran out of gas and crashed. The pilots refused to accept that a plane with no gas would fall from the sky and everyone would die. They did nothing and died.

  22. Hank is entitled to his opinion, but he should consider that the ATF just convicted people of possession for having what is essentially blueprints and raw materials. Hank should be able to see the difference between info + raw materials and a finished product.
    Think of all the “machine gun” possession the ATF could prosecute if they now claim that standard. anyone with an AR lower and images of an M16 lower could go to prison. If you don’t think that’s a 2nd Amendment issue, how about a 1st Amendment one? Are blueprints and raw metal now illegal?

  23. Guess that means my metal credit card is a machine gun…. Seriously though, not that I would ever advocate this, but if one were to be charged with such ridiculously long sentences for such silly things, then why would a person ever let themselves be taken. Such a person could commit horrific acts with a lot of collateral damage, if you know what I mean. Other than your life, what else would you have to lose if you knew you were going to spend the rest of your life in jail. Enough cases like these, we very well could see such a thing happen. Again, NOT advocating this at all, but merely posting my thoughts

    • Yup. Anyone with both eyeballs wide open can see what COULD be coming if this sort of responce continues from our government. they forget that is “of, by, and for” the PEOPLE not the organisation “running” the show.

  24. The fact that Matt’s ATF contact told him it was fine certainly sounds like entrapment to me. Someone in their official capacity in a government agency telling someone that it is legal to do something and then arresting them for it? That looks like a textbook example of entrapment. Kristopher can’t use that same defense, but how can selling a picture of something be illegal?

    • I had a city police officer tell me I didnt need to show up for court because it was only preliminary trial. ?
      Gee and the ticket said I promise to appear in court and if I dont the law will fck me in the ass.

  25. So if I have a block of aluminum and a dremel tool I am in possession of a 1% lower machine gun receiver? Ridiculous.

    • Wally!,

      Don’t give them any ideas; they come up with enough stupid shit on their own.

  26. @anonymous
    “Federal Jury full of RETARDS!”

    “Federal Jury full of REASONABLE PERSONS!”


  27. So …… “Hank” …… I own several AR-15’s. And in my backyard I have a wheel barrow loaded with aluminum bauxite …… Am I guilty ??????? Where does this insanity end, “Hank”. With you groveling at the bottom of the “hill” ?? When will the BATFE start regulating “illegal guns” in video games. It’s not, at this stage, improbable as more of this “tyranny” becomes more “thought crime” than anything else. And that is what this is . A thought crime. No actual “machine guns” were have said to have been manufactured or produced. That makes it a thought crime . Watch out, “Call of Duty” fans…. LOL ….. you are next. 🙂

  28. It was laser engraved on and an atf “witness” was given one of the cards and a dremel and it took the guy 40 minutes to cut it out and turn it into an actual auto link. it would take you the same amount of time to print out a picture of one and glue it to a metal sheet as it did to cut this thing out

  29. I cannot thank you enough for the impact your writing has had on my personal and professional growth. Your articles have been instrumental in shaping my perspective and enhancing my skills.

  30. Yeah… Honestly? Our boy Hank here? Seems like a boot licking… Uh, guy I wouldn’t care much for? Sure. We’ll go with that. It’s nicer and more polite than what I’d originally written. Who seems to forget that just because a government agency has been overreaching for a long time? Does not make them any less wrong. Simply because people have just rolled over. Frankly? I commend the both of them. Matt is a pretty popular YouTuber for those who don’t know? At least in the gun community on YouTube. He has a decent following. And while I don’t agree with him all the time? I respect that he and the other dude had the balls to recognize that they weren’t actually doing anything wrong by selling a drawing. I really, really hope they win on appeal. Matt has a family with small children. And this is some BS. If you want to help with their legal defense? (Every 2A appreciating American who exercises their constitutional right to keep and bear arms? Should try to at least give $5 if that’s all you can afford?) I don’t know the exact link? But look up CRS FIREARMS and CRS FAMILY on YouTube. Or google Matt or Mathew Hoover legal defense fund. But before donating? Write to his wife and confirm that it is the actual defense fund. And not some asshole scamming. (IDK that there has been anyone doing that? I’m just saying confirm. That’s all.) She will reply. You can contact her at the channels I just gave you. These guys and every American with a lawsuit ongoing with the ATF and federal government? Are fighting, suffering, and paying for ALL OF US. Even if that was not the original intent. It is a byproduct of the process. All these cases matter. Anyway. Way to support your fellow Americans Hank. God forbid you ever put any skin in the game and stand up.

  31. “Yeah, it’s a shame, but you shouldn’t mess with the law!”

    You’re a fool. You, and every other cucked boomer, will watch as this government slowly transforms into a 1984esque monolith. You won’t ever fire a shot. When they take your guns, you might try to cry about it on the internet, but they’ll shut you down. And you’ll sit and sulk.

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