Screencap by Boch via CWB Chicago.
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In Chicago, local political leaders have tried to rebrand gang violence as gun violence. In reality, guns don’t shoot up Windy City neighborhoods, but gang bangers certainly do. And here we are, almost five months after Governor Pritzker signed a gun and magazine ban, and gang members fearlessly unload on their rivals, killing one and wounding at least three others.

To add insult in injury, one of the 16-year-olds who were targeted by this attack raised a pistol and fired shots at police officers who were responding to the full-auto volley of gunfire. He was the only arrest CPD made in the incident.

It all happened just after 8pm on Thursday . . .

CWB Chicago has details . . .

A newly acquired video shows four people, at least two armed with machine guns, unleashing a torrent of gunfire in Chicago on Wednesday evening. The shots left a 14-year-old boy dead and at least three others injured.

Later, a 16-year-old boy fired a gun at Chicago police officers as they investigated the shooting. He was charged yesterday with six counts of attempted murder of peace officers.

The video, provided to CWBChicago by a source, shows four people walking across a vacant lot in the 4200 block of South Wells around 8:20 p.m. on June 1. …

Chicago police officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert and found four victims lying on the ground and a 16-year-old boy armed with a handgun nearby, according to CPD. The boy fired his weapon toward officers, and the cops fired back, then took him into custody, according to a police media statement.

The boy had a gunshot wound to his leg, but investigators were not immediately sure if he was shot in the earlier shooting or by officers. CPD said two guns were also recovered at the shooting scene.

No charges have been announced in connection with the shooting seen in the video.

A 14-year-old boy, identified as Pierre Johnson, was shot in the chest and died. An 18-year-old man was critically wounded by a gunshot wound to the back, and a 19-year-old man was shot in the chest and leg. He was also in critical condition, according to Chicago police. A woman, age 21, was shot in the hand.

The gang bangers in the video are no doubt unaware that fully automatic firearms must be registered with the ATF under the National Firearms Act. Or maybe they just became impatient waiting for their Form 1’s to be approved. That can be particularly frustrating after paying for the $200 tax stamp.

The “Wild West” had nothing on present day Chicago, thanks to gangs virtually owning the streets and politicians who would rather posture for votes than take any meaningful action to protect local residents. They’re far more interested in first, getting the money.

This is what results from crime without consequences.

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  1. Once again class it should never be illegal, for any law abiding American citizen, to possess and walk around with a machine gun.

    • These automatic gats ain’t coming from Gary you dumb Dims🙄 We feel sooooo safe after the Dimscum© bane er ban…

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        ) AND Great Luckiness.:

      The answer is that gun violence and mass shootings help their political agenda, which is to completely disarm the citizenry of this country. The Lemmings of this country are falling in line lock-step with this agenda. I don’t know if there is a political solution to stopping them, because they have the mass media, the entertainment industry, and most government agencies behind them. MAYBE IT’S TOO LATE. TOO MANY OF US HAVE BEEN ASLEEP TOO LONG.

      • To get the sheeple into an emotional state to clamor for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

    • Six months prior I misplaced my work and after that I was blessed sufficient to falter upon a extraordinary site which truly spared me. I begun working for them online and in a brief time after I’ve begun averaging 15k a month… The finest thing was that cause I am not that computer smart all I required was a few essential writing aptitudes and web get to to begin.
      ) AND Great Luckiness.:

  2. must be nice to be able to thumb your nose at the law without any fear of repercussion or reprisal. And here i am like a sucker following gun laws so i don’t lose my house/wife/dog/job/etc.

    • Gun laws only serve to stop the average person from wanting to purchase a weapon for self defense. Who is going to want to carry a weapon knowing that it might involve breaking some law. That’s what some of these anti-gun people want, piles of victims that they can dance on.

    • What did these young men have to lose? What did the notorious mass shooters have to lose? I think we just discovered the cure for gun violence. Yet no one ever mentions that. It’s almost like they don’t want to solve that problem.

  3. Clearly got those machine guns from one of the neighboring states with weak gun laws. Got to pass a some sort of federal law to restrict them….

    • LOL iron pipeline indeed. So we gonna blame China for selling the parts through Wish and similar or are we looking to ban hand tools this time?

      • If it was racist to say it’s “the Chinese flu” or it’s racist to blame the Wuhan Chinese lab for a leak. Is it also racist to blame the Chinese for supplying machine gun parts???

        Or it’s not racist to blame the Chinese for supplying machine gun parts? Inquiring minds want to know.

        Liberal logic???

        • Makes sense when you realize the goal for everything they do is to get more power over you.

        • If the ccp can’t kill us all with fenty they make it up with mg parts. good job fjb, good job.

    • do you hear anything about Michigan, Indiana or Wisconsin having an outbreak of firefights fought with machineguns?
      No? Me neither. It’s always the same race of people from the same democrat town happens. Do you think that’s strange because I sure don’t. They’re going to be the ones who are going to cause the confiscation of your guns. I’m not going to stand for it.

        • racism? is that your answer? it isn’t white supremacy causing these black gang bangers to do this! lousy education, hip hop lifestyle, and lack of fathers drive this for this particular subset of inner city blacks.

        • Black people are responsible for the majority of murder and crime in this Country. If you think this is a racist statement, you’re a moron.

        • “F… off, your racist shit isn’t welcome here.”

          Let’s think about this a minute….

          If Scott is correct (don’t knot that he is/isn’t), does accurate information become racist? Why would that be?

          For 2020, CDC reported that black women had the highest rates of abortion (24.4 per 1000). ( ) Does that data point become racist? Does repeating it become racist?

          If verifiable (assuming) fact is racist, where are we as a nation?

        • and just what group is viewed proudly showing off the full-auto Glocks on you tube?…

  4. You can “rebrand” it any way you want……….it’s thugs with (stolen) guns!! And until you get serious about dealing with it, leave us the phuk alone!

    • Could be straw purchases as well but the switches for full auto are a nice touch for showing no amount of laws will mean a damn thing to criminals.

      • It isn’t going to help us get the registry re-opened, that’s for sure… 🙁

        • Pull an Alinsky and make it clear that restricting full auto from Black gangsters is racist.

  5. I’m glad that we have such bright and intelligent Americans that have created the 3-D printing machine. Which allows every American. They can afford one to be able to produce gun parts, in their own home. Behind closed doors. What happens inside your own home is nobody’s business.

    This is an outstanding way to get around unconstitutional laws. That prevent the law abiding for being able to exercise their god given 2nd amendment civil rights.

    This is called Liberty.

    • It wasn’t America that invented it, Chris :

      “The first documented iterations of 3D printing can be traced back to the early 1980s in Japan. In 1981, Hideo Kodama was trying to find a way to develop a rapid prototyping system. He came up with a layer-by-layer approach for manufacturing, using a photosensitive resin that was polymerized by UV light.

      Although Kodama was unable to file the patent requirement of this technology, he is most often credited as being the first inventor of this manufacturing system, which is an early version of the modern SLA machine.”

      Metal 3-D printers were invented in Texas, however.

      Those Glock ‘switches’ are mostly plastic printed…

  6. There oughta be a law against that.

    If there were laws, there would be no shootings. Gun laws work so well in Europe and every other civilized nation, I’m told. And we need to get those fully-automatic weapons registered. Then we could all sleep soundly at night.

    No charges have been announced in connection with the shooting seen in the video.


    • Dindu Nuffin’ was probably released so soon after his arrest he was back home in time for supper.

    • thought that sort of thing..[illegal full-auto]…automatically landed you in federal court…apparently not…

  7. “Abolish the police.”

    “You can’t trust the police.”

    “Replace the police with social workers.”

    “Don’t trust the police.”

    “The police are the real problem.”

    Only the government can kill to protect government property. The private law abiding property owner, can never use deadly force to protect his or her private property.

  8. Im surprised none of the little goobers shot into the back of their buddy in their shooting formation. I was waiting for the guys on the front row to start dropping.

  9. Back in the day, Elliot Ness and the FBI came to town and cleaned up the mess. Maybe they can do it again.

  10. Hey idiot Democrats, how’s that gun control working out for you in Chicago? let’s make some more gun control laws I’m sure those guys will listen if we make up some more gun control laws.

    • The Democrats don’t want to stop gun violence. Gun violence is the tool that they use to further their real agenda. Disarm the citizenry of these United States. Then when that is accomplished and we fall to tyranny, Europe is next because we won’t be able to stop it.

    • hey,..we all know those Glock switches come from a “hillbilly state” like Indiana…right?

  11. Man these guys are going to lose their permits! I wonder if they have an NFA stamp for those? I wonder what the new mayor will do about them? Nothing, nada, nil

    • Since it’s apparently some kind of gang war going on, the mayor should make sure both sides are well supplied with ammo.

    • Create feud zones where “cultural mutual combat” can take place. Televise and put on pay per view. Might solve Chiraq’s budget problem.

  12. The libertarians liberals the left. The feminists. The h0m0sexu@ls, the atheists, all disagree with the christians.

    When the christians said a father is necessary in the home. They are all comfortable when the father is removed from the home. And replaced by a government welfare check. And the father’s love and discipline, and the father’s machine guns are replaced as well.

    Replaced by the machine guns of a big city police department. Machine guns that president Obama gave away for free. To thousands of police departments all across the country.

    The only long term solution is to do what exactly what Russia and Hungary are doing now. Paying people to get married have kids and stay together.

    Repeal the laws/ability for a woman to get a “jackpot divorce” payout. And tell men and women they need to be more selective about who they choose to mate with.

    That of course is a very long term solution. But for right now the best thing we can do, is to make it legal so the law abiding, can shoot these young criminals dead on site. Or shoot them dead on sight.

    And make it illegal for any criminal or that criminal’s family to be able to sue in court.

  13. Would someone ask our gun control freaks, how do we stop the bad guys without the good guys?

  14. “This is what results from crime without consequences.”

    No, They want Liberty without the responsibility that goes with it. They want to avoid facing the consequences of their freely chosen bad actions.
    And that includes people that want to enable these people. Because these enablers don’t believe people should face the consequences, and be held responsible for their bad actions.

    • And those enablers are people like the George Soros prosecutors and the people who hate cops.

  15. “An 18-year-old man was critically wounded by a gunshot wound to the back, and a 19-year-old man was shot in the chest and leg.”


    “man” as in ‘adult’ .

    ya mean these 18 and 19 year olds weren’t ‘children’ as they are so falsely portrayed in anti-gun propaganda?

    in the mean while not one legally possessed gun in posession of a law abiding person was used in any crime anywhere in the United States, on this day. And roughly 380 million legally possessed firearms in law abiding citizens ownership and posession were not involved in this. But for some reason its ‘reasonable’ to punish the law abiding gun owners with infringement of their rights for a crime comitted by gang banger criminals with so called ‘gun violence’ that happens in less than 1% of all violent crime in the US.

    • It’s called “collective punishment”. Something l3ftists have a thing for.

  16. “The justice system is unfair”

    “the cops are the devil”

    “America is evil.”

    This is what you have created. A “monster”. Now perhaps that “monster” will come for the people who have said these things in the past. Unfortunately it most likely will not. The “monster” will instead come for the people, who believe criminals should be held accountable, for their freely chosen bad actions.

    “Woke DA Attacks Judge To Save TRIPLE Murderer”
    video 15 min long

  17. There are those that honestly believe that the way to rid society of gang violence is to ban guns. Then there are people that just want others to think that.

    This is what voting Democrat will get you.

  18. A Chicago newspaper referred to the guns as likely modified Glocks. Its clear in the video that one shooter has an AR style SBR or pistol with a full size magazine.

    I see Chicago and similar cities as Darwin in action, and as long as the killing stays in the Hood its fine by me. Today even kids will kill cops without remorse. But the Ferals are expanding all thru the country courtesy of the Communist Biden Regimes open border policy and are being placed in middle class and above communities. Dont you think if 10,000 or more got-aways are in country so are arms and munitions, saboteurs, killers and spys.

    The US is rapidly devolving into a criminals paradise, led out of the White House. And not since the Revolutionary War are guns in the hands of the law abiding so important and necessary as they are today. Most middle class communities are within 10 miles of the Hood, a 20 minute drive at most, less with motorcycles. When the call goes out the Ferals will be all over the homes with white picket fences and roses.

    I see the momentum of the nation to Civil War is too great to stop, even with a new regime in Washington. The strong and prepared might survive, but the naive and weak will surely feed the worms.

    • why should anyone feel remorse about killing those tyrranical psychopaths? cops deserve to die

  19. Had the cops killed that 16 year who fired at them, there would be more outrage about that than the actual (illegal) violence perpetrated by these animals.

  20. Killing one and wounding three is a pretty typical Chicago shooting. The only thing full auto did is make it extremely expensive in terms of ammo expended.

  21. No regard for life or anything else up there in the streets of Chicago. Gun laws do nothing but empower criminals. Chicago has a history of violence that goes back to the roaring 20’s. Gangs rule that city and the cops are either scared or held back from doing their jobs by weak and leftest politicians. If you are born in the chi hoods it’s kill or be killed, plain and simple. This is a lifestyle these youngsters have accepted as normal and burying their friends and family and going out for retribution is religion to them. It’s sad all the way around. The devil is at work on overtime up there and it’s paying off. No amount of new gun legislation is gonna fix a damn thing in Chicago. The minds of these thugs are lost and can’t be found. May God bless the righteous Chicago

    • “This is a lifestyle these youngsters have accepted as normal and burying their friends and family and going out for retribution is religion to them.”

      It is also become acceptable for all the adults in the room. And all the adults in the city to allow this to happen. Instead of shooting these young criminals dead on sight. It’s an open question if Chicago can be saved. When the people who live there are not willing, to do what is necessary in the first place. Outsiders cannot help them.

      They’re going to have to find it within themselves. If that is even possible. Because the adult leadership and the adults in general in Chiraq are weak people.
      They want only “the soft things”. Perhaps they are not capable of providing the “hard things” that require a peaceful civilization to exist.

  22. Many of these are children…at least according to the gun control crowd…18,19
    old enough to vote…old enough to serve…old enough to know better

  23. We are witnessing what happens when a whole generation of fatherless boys reach puberty and their male role models are nothing but gang-bangers. What did we think would happen if we destroyed the family unit and replaced the father with government assistance? Maybe, that was the plan all along by these treasonist, leftist Democrats who are leading more and more lemming Democrats into oblivion.

    • The Dems and their fellow travelers have been playing the long game since the 1960s, and possibly as early as the 1930s.

  24. This wouldn’t, couldn’t happen if law abiding people would turn in their guns, and gun stores couldn’t legally sell guns.

    No guns, no gun crime. No law, no crime at all.

  25. When a society refuses to even start a conversation about the fact that 14% of the population is responsible for 87% of all violent crime where a firearm is used that society will never begin to make any changes because they are simply not serious.

    • i dont give a shit about that. they dont live near me and im white, and cops are the only ones that tried to kill me. i want all cops on earth and all their supporters DEAD!

  26. I fully expect the members of the Chicago City Police Department to be sitting comfortably in their police cars, enjoying their coffee and donuts. While the sound of machine gun fire echoes through the city like the sound off of canyon walls.

    I do not expect the police to run towards the sound of machine gun fire.

  27. They’re in illegal possession by virtue of their age. Enforce the existing laws. Stop coming up with new laws that only hassle law abiding citizens.

  28. I looked at an advertisement for a 3-D printer just this evening. $184.00 plus shipping and taxes. Another couple bucks for the download for the parts and you too can have a machine pistol. All told a full auto weapon for under a grand and no government paperwork to fill out.
    Too bad it isn’t legal to do this and the majority of us are going to give such activity a hard pass.
    Of course those with criminal or violent intent will ignore such niceties as following the law etc.
    So we need to make more laws they can ignore without real consequence. So long as the politicians are seen to be “Doing Something”.
    I was last in Chicago in 1994. Have had no reason or desire to go back. Was last in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in 1996. again, no desire or reason to return. Hell, I hate to go down to Mobile if I can avoid it. The little bastards are shooting each other regularly. But the police and white supremacy are the threat?
    There are workable solutions to the problems. But the Democrats running the cities, and the residents voting for them will never do the hard work, nor accept the responsibility to fix the problems. Besides, the escalating violence only gives them political talking points to further the agenda of disarming the law abiding and gaining more government control and power over the serfs and peasants.

  29. And nobody saw nothing, because the legal system abandons witnesses after the trial is over. If you want people to testify, they need witness protection and relocation services AFTER the trial is over.

  30. these folks obviously had prior military training. they approach in a column of twos, then fan out in to a line formation, all the time using the building to their left as cover and concealment.
    After achieving tactical surprise, they do an excellent job of breaking contact and withdrawal without a single casualty.

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