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Okay so this isn’t really a meme at all. It’s an actual news headline. But in a way it’s also a great commentary on the Gunshine State. On a related note, I couldn’t afford to feed that gun for one single second, LOL.


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  1. “Florida man says he has no immediate plans … ”

    Except to buy ammo. Lots and lots and lots of ammo.

    “…six thousand 20mm rounds per minute.”

    • Maybe, I bet it requires a Department of State transfer sign-off and the appropriate NFA destructive device tax paid on each round.

      As I understand it, passing the NFA background check and paying the tax allows pretty much anyone to own real-deal hand grenades…

      • I’m under the impression that 20mm is borderline for being a DD or not based off quantity of explosive. Obviously non-HE rounds don’t count as DDs. There are people who have training mortar rounds that are non-NFA for that reason. If I had 1500-2K to blow I’d form 1 a surplus demilled tube.

  2. I have a 20mm dummy training round. It’s head stamp dates it to WWII.
    It stands beside my Father’s Honor Flag.
    RIP Dad.

  3. What would Mr Gatling say?

    I have seen 1870s era Gatlings – they are ornate, built like a brick shithouse, and spit out 400 gr bullets without any discernable quiver.

    • Gatling did experiment with electric powered guns. Managed to get the rate of fire to about 1000 rounds per minute.

      The original project that became the Vulcan managed to get a 1800s 45-70 Gatling gun to several thousand rounds per minute.

      • From what I understand the later advancement was really being able to belt feed due to the addition of the delinker.

        • Most powered Gatling guns in fighter aircraft, including the unit for an F-18 in the photo, utilize linkless feed systems. Expended cartridge cases are fed back into the helical magazine to push fresh cartridges into the final stage feed system. When they reload, the flexible feed chutes are disconnected from the cannon and connected to a reloading cart to have a full load of ammo fed in. The ordinance technicians then sort out the expended cartridge cases and substitute loaded ammo to be loaded into the helical magazine again.

        • yep and their sabers as well ‘cuz they were too heavy and would slow the troopers down. I doubt he lived long enough to have any real second thoughts.

        • First Nation warrior were known for their ability to keep people like Custer alive for extended periods. First Nation women had even more fearsome reps.

    • Cool thing is that since they are hand cranked, 1800s style gatlings are not considered an automatic.. no stamps needed. They are even legal here in the peoples republic of cali. Magazine is still limited to 10 rounds though..

  4. Beware – Guns & Gadgets has been hijacked by scammers on InstaGram, the real Guns & Gadgets has been blocked and the scammer account allowed to stay. The scammer account is pretending to be the real Guns & Gadgets and is asking for people to send them money, DO NOT SEND THE SCAMMER ACCOUNT MONEY. (note: and apparently some people have followed that scammer account thinking its the real Guns & Gadgets and have sent the scammers money – and as a side note, although not mentioned in the video below there may be some info which indicates its possible this scammer account might be members of one of the anti-gun groups EveryTown or Moms Demand Action or other anti-gun faction… which sort of sounds like something they might do to attack pro-gun news from being spread as it would not be the first time they have attempted to censor or discredit and get something monetary from it… but this has not been verified)

  5. Too bad the “Gunshine State” is a myth due to Gov Skeletor Scott and Stoneman Douglas. No binary triggers, have to be 21 for everything, no open carry, etc..

    • “…have to be 21 for everything, no open carry, etc..”

      Lie, you can open carry on your way to a fishing or hunting expedition, during, and on the way back.

      This guy does it all the time :

        • Lol. I hunt everyday. But only on private property, and only with permission.

          That said, ex-gov Scott is not my favorite surrender monkey.

  6. As long as solids/non explosive rounds are used, the 20mm is legal. Same rules apply with my75mm. Not sure what the rules are for the Gatling gun. Hand cranked weapons from the 1800’s are classed as curios and relics. Same as my howitzer and muzzle loading cannon.
    All manufactured before 1968. Again I don’t know about the modern electric powered Gatling.
    I’ll admit, I’m a bit envious over the weapon. Just don’t want to feed that beast. Already running mounts and vehicle set ups through my head.
    We have a couple Florida residents on this group. Wonder if one of them hit the lottery and bought a luxury item/expensive toy?

    • Assuming it’s not been demilled, I can’t imagine it’s on the registry. (If it was, I suspect we’d have heard about it before now —registry’s been closed since 1986.)

      As such, only way I can see an individual owning it in working condition is if he’s a FFL who is a SOT. But far more likely that it’s been demilled and is just interesting scrap metal.

  7. Not sure how to make it go bang without a flying machine… ie you probably need to power up the aircraft it’s attached to because to make it go it needs both bypass air from the turbine and electricity and does it have a fire control system attached or does that have to be purchased separately?

    • If the weapon came out of a fighter aircraft, it likely is fixed and the plane is maneuvered to get a firing solution. Electric drive can be sorted out if you can figure out the correct voltage and amperages. A simple blower would handle the airflow issues. As it stands on the cart in the photo, I could see a gyro-stabilized gimble mount or electro hydraulic barbet mount for a light armored or armored TAC truck. Again, as I mentioned before, IDK what the requirements on modern Gatling guns may be. Nor do I know what licenses or tax/transfer fees would be required. Hand cranked antique Gatlings are under curios and relics. About the easiest FFL you can get. Same as what I needed for the 75mm Howitzer. The older front stuffer cannon require nothing but a crane and truck to move them.

  8. One item on my bucket list is to fire a quad .50. I figure I could afford maybe 2 minutes on it and would have to quit for lack of funds. I know a guy who has a really impressive cannon that he made in his home shop. It draws some interesting looks as he pulls it behind his pickup down the interstate. It really is a work of art. He made the whole thing, including the carriage, the wheels (that’s a skill in itself) the powder box, etc. A gentlemen in my neighborhood has made several rifles from scratch for his own use and also the scopes to go on them. He bought the lenses for the scopes, not having lens polishing equipment. I was duly impressed.

  9. In a couple of short sentences it says “electronic”, “electric”, and “pneumatic”. I think the writer doesn’t know how it really works.

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