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For years the Italian Carabinieri wielded the Beretta Model 12 SMG quite successfully. This was a stamped steel SMG that fired from an open bolt and was designed in 1959. For decades they used the Model 12, and when they needed a new SMG, they basically wanted a more modern Model 12…which is exactly what Beretta provided.

The Beretta PMX is the product of those improvements. The gun was also entered into the Army’s SMG contest, but lost out to the Swiss APC9K. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of the PMX outside of a cameo in the last James Bond Movie. That is, until SHOT 2023, which showed Beretta’s new pistol variant of the gun, the Beretta PMXs.

Inside the PMXs

The PMXs was introduced in Europe a few years back and only now has it made its way to American shores. It’s a big stockless (and likely braceless, if the ATF gets its way) blowback-operated subgun. At SHOT, they only had one sample and it was kept in a big glass case, away from my grubby hands. Sorry for the picture quality, but it’s the best I could do.

The PMXs weighs 5.2 pounds and is 16.85 inches without its stock. The gun has a 6.88-inch long barrel and feeds from a 20-round polymer magazine. The gun utilizes a nice long optic rail and a modern forend with a Picatinny rail for all the accessories you could ever want. A set of flip-up sights adorn the top of the gun, and they are rather interesting. When folded, the sights have an open set of pistol sights across the top.

According to the Beretta rep, it will likely be released this year. They are still making some minor design tweaks. I imagine they intended to modify the rear stock attachment portion to make it more accessible to American stocks or braces. No word as top price yet, but it sells across the pond for 1,600 Euros.

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  1. If anyone from Beretta sees this, please go with a 1913 pic rail for the stock attachment* and let customers choose from the multitude of aftermarket options already out there.

    *Sig does this with the MPX, and it is a good decision.

  2. I want a pistul, but I want it too big to conceal, to big to holstein, and to heavy to aim without a pistol brace. Yeah that’s what I want.
    Drive By Special

    • Not at basically $2K USD unless it’s stolen!

      I’d think that one of those would really end up as a one if not a two stamp gun to really shine.

      • If we get the select-fire registry re-opened, I’d pay $500 for a modern STEN gun with 30-round Glock mags…

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