TNR: The ‘Beleaguered’ ATF Is the Anti-Gun Weapon America Needs

The ATF raided a major ghost-gun company this month after determining that it hadn’t been complying with federal law. Rumors have circulated on gun-industry sites that the Biden administration intends to tackle both pistol braces and ghost guns. The administration has not confirmed those rumors, though ghost guns do figure prominently in Biden’s gun violence plan. While almost everything associated […]

80 Percent Arms: The ATF Raid on Polymer80 is the Opening Salvo in a War on the 80% Market

ED: Yesterday the ATF raided Polymer80, the Nevada-based seller of 80% lowers, pistol frames, gun parts and kits. Another big name in the space, 80 Percent Arms, has more than a passing interest in what just happened to their competitor. They’ve given TTAG the following statement regarding the ATF’s actions yesterday.  We were reminded today […]