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Imagine a credit union that dictates their idea of morality to their members via fine print in their agreements that most members don’t even read.  Idaho Central Credit Union did just that until one member actually read her agreement and found some very objectionable terms and took it to the local media.

Among those objectionable terms: “You agree further that you will not use eBranch to request, send or receive money relating to any of the following specific purposes…  firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

The morality police at ICCU also prohibit using their institution to purchase controlled substances, so that sort of rules out picking up you or your kid’s prescription for pain relievers, ADD medications, cough syrup or a host of other medications from your local pharmacy.

The ICCU also wants members not to use your own money for “sexually oriented activities or materials, including pornography.”  Uh oh.

Screen capture by Boch. Via KTVB.

Or crypto currencies.

Screen capture by Boch. Via KTVB.

They’re is also nebulous verbiage about using your money related to intolerance, violence or hate. Who gets to define what’s “intolerance, violence or hate”? Does that mean donations to Trump’s Presidential Campaign are verboten? Or NRA dues?

KTVB reported on the ICCU’s heavy-handed terms and conditions in a recent news story.  Caught red-handed, the credit union promptly revised their terms and conditions.

Gone is the verbiage prohibiting firearm and ammunition purchases, crypto and controlled substances.

Screen capture by Boch via

It still prohibits using your account to pay your taxes, or for alimony or child support payments or to pay a speeding ticket.

These folks just don’t get it. It’s not THEIR money, it’s your money. If you want to buy a new 9mm defensive handgun and ammo to feed it, then you should be able to do so unencumbered by a nanny-state credit union’s Karens.  If you want to pay that speeding or parking ticket, or child support, they should process the transaction just like any other.

Hopefully people will react accordingly.

As for gun owners who bank with ICCU, now might be a fine time to open an account at another Idaho institution because of another law. Specifically “Murphy’s Law” in that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. And usually at the most inopportune time. You don’t want your property tax payment to bounce because some algorithm detected a tax payment and voided the electronic transfer.

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  1. It’s like mold working it’s way into every nook and cranny. Kill it now! Kill it before it’s too late Idaho! Same assholes that destroyed my Colorado.

  2. It’s like the HOA’s and covenants are getting involved in banking/finance now. The horror.

    • Imagine having a mortgage with them. They would make the most petty HOA look mild. The Hay’s Code for housing.

      • World dominance, authoritarianism shows in their went green globe sign with the alternating jagged beams…sieg heil.

  3. When a business or bank or govt. agency uses the words common or central, it immediately designates them as commies…act accordingly!

  4. I use a CU. I regularly withdraw cash for firearms purchases. Never any questions about what it’s for. They know it’s my money. They’re just happy I park it there. If I ever get a question about why I want it the account would be closed immediately.

      • Well don’t get too comfy with money in the bank… Let’s say you have a debit card tied to your checking account and you are accustomed to checkouts going smoothly then one day you checkout and your card is not declined it comes back as Blocked. Well you best have a different card on hand to pay your tab or start washing dishes. And when you contact your bank central office you discover your account was hacked and then blocked by the bank “for your safety.” And then you find out it will take a week for another account number to be created before your funds can be unblocked and you’ll have to wait another week for a new card and checks to arrive in the mail. It doesn’t make a hill of beans how much money you have or how long you’ve had your account or if you visit your powerful loan officer buddy until bank HQ completes the investigation you are out of luck…Thank me Gadsten.

  5. Already have banks reporting to authorities for potential ‘red flag’ raids. According to a video post on mrgunsngear channel the Credit Union made an about face. I’d still close accounts. These institutions have been pushing cashless to corner the market on control.

  6. From Mr. Boch’s article:

    “These folks just don’t get it. It’s not THEIR money, it’s your money.”

    Please be advised Mr. Boch that those folk very much get it. They know exactly what they want and what they are doing. That being the case, what they are doing is completely in-line with what they want.

    And remember that dyed-in-the-wool communists most certainly believe that your “your” money is actually “their” money, where “their” refers to The Collective.

    This is the direction that virtually all of society’s “gatekeepers” are heading. The “gatekeepers” will tell you in very fine detail what you can and cannot do. And if you violate their prohibited list, they will cut you off from society. While some people think that may not be a showstopper for them, note that society’s gatekeepers will include banks and credit unions, electric utilities, natural gas utilities, telephone carriers (both land-based and wireless), Internet providers, and probably even grocery stores. Of course any government activities will be on that list–perhaps the most important being toll road access/use/payment systems. Good luck going about your business and life without access to all of the above gatekeepers’ products and services.

    • While I generally gloss over this, people, all people but especially Conservatives would do well to realize that there is no “money” on this planet at this point in time.

      Once you realize this you can start to think your way through what that means and a lot of what goes on these days suddenly makes a lot more sense.

      • Oh, and everything you list won’t just be done to you. It will be done to your family.

        As I’ve said many times: Your fam will turn you in for a crust of bread. If you think otherwise you clearly don’t know much history.

        • Don’t forget lead as a trade good.
          When times get tough, people will give you what you need in return for your Gold, Silver or gems. Smart people will be eager to buy any extra ammunition that you might have as well . Lead then becomes a precious metal. When times get really tough, really smart people as well as really stupid people will eagerly give you whatever the Heck you want in return for you not giving them your ammunition, one bullet at a time. Of course if they are that stupid, you might want to give them some cold steel.

        • There’s nothing wrong with commodities but they still ain’t money.

          My overarching point is that most people don’t know what money actually is. This makes them easy to manipulate.

          If people knew what money actually was the business networks would be forced to spend hours and hours a week on monetary policy, which matters a hell of a lot more than what they do talk about, which is mostly economic and fiscal policy.

          Which is to say, that one simple bit of knowledge goes wide and it changes pretty much every conversation in business, economics and politics overnight.

    • Scrolled down here, and you beat me to it. If anyone recalls, one of the negative results of the 2008 Great Recession was financial institutions nationwide updating their charters to no longer consider your deposits as your own personal property under their fiduciary care, but as purchases of shares in their institutions, making you a shareholder alongside them. This fundamentally changed the customer-business relationship, in which any shortfalls incurred by the business that require a “bail in” to survive means the bank will dip into the entire pool of funds available to them, including your account.

      Keep some money as needed to operate certain portions of your budget and bill-paying. Keep a sizeable portion outside the system in literal physical cash. Think that’s a tin foil hat thing to say? Just this past week alone, I paid two invoices in person and in cash, and received decent discounts to boot.

      • “Keep a sizeable portion outside the system in literal physical cash.”

        …which will become worth…less with inflation.

        That $100 dollar bill you left in the sock drawer five years ago is now worth $75.

        • Risk balancing is a bitch. Maintaining enough wealth to escape a communist takeover is becoming less relevant as inflation wipes out wealth in general and most of the world would quickly eat up any savings especially if the US essentially collapsed. Speciality tools and equipment would probably be my overall pick as if the assholes do steal them good luck benefiting from them as skills/effort would be involved.

        • Hedge your hedges. There are valid use-cases for a cash/PM/crypto basket with the split being determined by your risk preference and financial situation once you get other, more basic, consideration ironed out completely.

          And take a gander at this, while considering my previous arguments about the long game plan to woodchipper the Boomers and the backdrop of the current (worsening) CRE issues.

          It doesn’t take a genius to realize where this goes, especially when you realize that it’s happening in every city and that it has a corollary in the suburbs. Tick, tock.

          (Relevant discussion starts at ~10:00)

            • Pretty city full of people who are pretty dumb.

              Something that’s gotten markedly worse after 2020. The way the city behaved drove out everyone who wasn’t a die-hard true believer in ultra-progressivism.

  7. Rubicon crossed, mindset exposed. Bury them, alive, and then slam dance on that grave like a weasel that shrieks.

    Oh, right, Cons still think they taught AB Inbev a lesson. LOL, nevermind. Carry on.

    Explanation of previous reference about members of the mustela family:

  8. Bakers just don’t get it. It’s my money, not theirs. If I want them to make me a cake with the gay pride flag, then they ought to make it!

    Who do they think they are, the morality police!!!

    • The logical fallacy and equivalence in your argument is truly astounding. I hope you are just trolling, but even then, you suck at it.

      1. It’s not the bank’s money, and never was. The baker isn’t telling the customer how they can use their money. The bank is.

      2. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you can force someone to take that money to do your bidding. IE, the bank cannot force you to deposit your money at their bank.

      • Completely missed the point. Not surprised.

        Republicans and Conservatives told us that businesses have the right to hold and exercise beliefs, and if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

        Hobby Lobby, Chik-fil-A, Masterpiece Cakes, et al. MUST be allowed to practice their Christian beliefs.

        But the second a different business exercises a belief you hypocrites disagree with, suddenly your principles are thrown out the stained glass windows.

        • Since Hobby Lobby, Chik-fil-A, Masterpiece Cakes, et al do not tell you what, in their place of business, you are allowed to spend your money on, your analogy is completely misguided.

          Businesses can have whatever beliefs they want, as can you. You cannot force your beliefs on the businesses, or on others, however. Mastercakes and the web designer, at no point, forced their beliefs on the customer.

          Presumably, you are of the opinion that the business do force their beliefs on the customer by “denying custom services”/”deciding not to agree to a contract”. Your logic suggests that coercion by the customer should be legal, when in fact, the coercion is what is unjust.

          By the bank not disbursing a member’s money for lawful purchases, the bank is forcing their beliefs (guns/ammo/prescription drugs are bad) on the member.

    • You sound like the morality police. (I understand it’s probably a troll.) Why would you want to force someone to do something they don’t believe in? Oh yeah, you do it because that’s the entire point of the exercise. It was never about liberty or rights. It was always about vengeance and power.

    • to gay cakes

      I remember when the insurance companies said they would charge more for medical coverage. Because you where
      In the late 1970s early 1980s.

      Because h0m.0sexu.@ls were the primary ones getting and spreading HIV/AIDS.

      And why not charge more? They charged more for anyone who was a drug addict.

      But suddenly the Libertarians Liberals and the Left didn’t want to hear anything about,

      “that’s a private company.”

      “They can have whatever policy they want, when it comes to private business decisions.”

      The three L’s are full of sh”t. They always have been.

      It all depends on whose ox is being gored.

  9. It isn’t surprising, and it isn’t that big of a deal. Are they the only credit union in town? Make people aware of it. Use different companies that align with your values. Have at it. Capitalism works.

    • Many millions are “aware” of these cretins. It’s all over YouTube n Fakebook since yesterday. I don’t do any other social media except TTAG. The winner for most bizarre “rule” was child support. How bizarre they consider little jimmy & jenna as “criminal activity”🙄😧

    • It’s not a big deal if people actually teach these guys a lesson that others can observe.

      Will they do that in Idaho? Maybe. We’ll see. In this instance the business in question isn’t large enough to survive a serious local backlash. And hopefully they don’t.

      The issue with your argument, sorry to say, is that it works great in theory provided that your political adversaries don’t view you as an outright enemy and also control the behavior of businesses via regulation and other backchannel mechanisms such as ESG investing.

      Once that happens, the argument’s kinda moot unless you can actually start to completely wreck some of these companies and make it clear that you’re actually more dangerous that the other guys are.

      But that also requires understanding when to apply the stick and when to swap back to a carrot.

  10. Literally and absolutely everything is a weapon.

    So I guess you can’t buy anything with your credit union account?

  11. At this point I still do business with a small local bank. As well as a local credit union. So far nothing in their account agreements have any of this type of language.
    Still do the majority of my business in cash and use debit/credit as little as possible.
    Unfortunately so much of daily life is under control of big city/progressive corporate masters instead of local businesses. Do what you can to support small businesses and local companies instead of corporate profit miners.

  12. Heritage Foundation on the matter of gay cakes:

    The Court should cautiously consider how the Respondents’ radical redefinition of discrimination could open up a Pandora’s box. If authorities begin to treat differences of opinion as discrimination, this will stimulate interest in litigation among parties that feel they have suffered “dignitary harm” for a whole host of reasons. In our current political climate, these parties are many … Those who support gun control and those who support gun rights could do likewise. If courts allow differences of opinion to become the basis for litigation, the possibilities are incredibly broad, if not endless.

    … Jack Phillips expresses his beliefs both by the cakes that he designs and the cakes that he chooses not to design. The expressive nature of his cakes is why he refuses bachelor party, divorce, and Halloween cake orders. It is the messages that these cakes express, not the identity of customers or the chance to make profit, that drive Phillips’ decisions.

    Credit Unions do not offer credit to anyone for anything. They to have economic and ethical beliefs that inform their decisions to extend crdit.

    • No one is suggesting that the credit union couldn’t take all of their profits and donate it to a gun control group – per their beliefs. They can choose to invest their holdings in abortion clinics. They can even put up pride flags in their building.

      But they cannot refuse to deny payment for lawful purchases that they disagreed with, eg from a debit card, where the “credit” was already provided by the customer. That is denying a service, in the form of re-payment, after previously accepting the money – otherwise known as theft.

      You could potentially have an argument about whether the credit union could, for instance, decline a loan application to a gun store, as that went against their “beliefs”…

      • Dude, it’s boilerplate on many banks & credit unions that are concerned it may harm their reputation.

        I presume Christian credit unions (yes they exist) have similar T&Cs regarding things they consider harmful to their business.

        Google this, with the quotes:

        “guns or weapons-related (e.g., firearms, bullets)”

        That’s a lot of banks.

  13. What connections does this institution have to Black Rock, State Street, and the other usual suspects?

  14. back to the article context…

    when a person puts their money in a credit union account its still their money. They do not cede control of that to the credit union to decide how or when they can spend their money. Other than ‘illegal’ transactions (which under law makes the credit union facilitating and complicent if they allow it knowingly), a credit union, like a bank, can not refuse to process, or can not control, a members financial transaction via use of the members own money through the credit union member account for purchases of items which are legal to purchase.

  15. If you read the Terms & Conditions (which you should do), and then break them by using the credit union to pay your taxes, that’s on you.

    I don’t like banks telling me what to do, but they have the right to set terms, and I have the right to do business with them, or not.

    Otherwise, good article. It’s good that a little publicity made the credit union change its ways!

    PS They certainly have an ugly sign!

  16. Gun Controllers BEG Foreigners To ADOPT US Kids Because Of “Gun Violence”.. To “SAVE” Them.

  17. I am pretty sure this is going to ruin this Credit Union….personally I will be closing my account with them as soon as possible. Yes, they have the right to make rules for their services, but I also have the right take my business elsewhere and will.

  18. Warning to others, I have (won’t have soon) an account with ICCU.

    When I called in asking about this, they tried to tell me that they were required to add the wording and that they are just ‘late’ doing it and other credit unions already have. I mentioned on the call that the wording was very modern ‘woke’ liberal jargon and that I find it unlikely that others have had such things for some time. I checked after the call and every credit union in Idaho that I looked into their terms and conditions never use the words, gun, ammo, firearm, or ‘hate’ a single time.

    They are lying as an attempt at deflection on this. No admittance that they messed up, just trying damage control.

  19. Here’s the email I got from ICCU today:

    Dear ICCU Members,

    At Idaho Central Credit Union, we strive to be honest and act with integrity, own our actions, correct mistakes, and listen to member feedback. Recently, we updated our eBranch Agreement to ensure we are in full compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the way in which the terms were stated incorrectly identified some transactions as prohibited.

    As has always been the case, ICCU does not regulate member transactions. Members may use eBranch services at their discretion, so long as all transactions are lawful.

    We want to immediately correct two items:
    First, ICCU members can use their account(s), including mobile banking, to purchase legal goods and services, including firearms, ammunition, and cryptocurrency, as long as these purchases adhere to federal and state laws and regulations.

    In addition, while ICCU’s eBranch services can be used to make tax and court-ordered payments, including child support, we do not recommend using them for these activities. Instead, we advise that members leverage government and state payment portals to ensure timely delivery.

    We are truly sorry for any concern this has caused. Your trust in ICCU is of the utmost importance. Please note that our eBranch Agreement has been updated to correct these items and can be accessed through the eBranch portal and online at

    If you have any questions or concerns, please visit your local branch or call our Member Service team at (800) 456-5067.

    Thank you for being a valued ICCU member, and for your patience while we corrected this matter.


    Brenda Worrell
    Chief Executive Officer
    Idaho Central Credit Union

  20. It really is too bad. The people in my branch are so freaking nice. A couple of them remember my first name. I’ll give them a second chance, just like Tractor Supply!

  21. I personally plan to terminate my account with this credit union as soon as possible because I am very certain that this will destroy it. They are free to set policies regarding their services, but I also have the freedom to shop elsewhere.

    • “They are free to set policies regarding their services, but I also have the freedom to shop elsewhere.”

      Do not underestimate the power of government, ever.

      I am not looking forward to it, but expecting the day will come when refusal to do business with someone, for any reason will be a federal felony, and a hate crime if one refuses to conduct business with entities that we call “woke” today.

      For all the precious metal people who believe those assets will protect them from government, or even inflation, in the mid 1930s, gold was prohibited from private use/possession (except for “collectors”). Old dogs know old tricks, and will use them to advantage.


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