Remington’s Ilion Plant Will Return to Production March 1st

Good news for Remington firearms. The company has made firearms for over two centuries and will resume production on March 1st. The Roundhill Group has secured a federal firearms license and has plans to...

Bank of America Sells Out Gun Owners…Again…Still

By Larry Keane Bank of America, it turns out, is selling out their customers who bought guns or ammunition to federal authorities as people who should be investigated for ties to the criminal acts witnessed...
Bank of America

After Providing Customer Transaction Info to the FBI, I’m Finished With Bank of America

By Cato Hodiernus I’ve been a customer of Bank of America for over three decades. Over the years, I’ve had various checking, savings, trust, and investment accounts with them, as well as loans, lines of...
remington bushmaster lawsuit sandy hook PLCAA

Remington Asset Bids Revealed: Ruger Gets Marlin, Vista Gets Remington Ammo, Franklin Armory Gets...

The bidding process for the sale of most of the assets of Remington Outdoor, Inc. is now complete. The debtors -- Remington -- have selected the successful bidders for each asset or asset bundle,...

Getting Your Own FFL – The Pros and Cons

  By Brandon L. Maddox Articles on the subject of getting your own Federal Firearms License have been generated a lot of discussion, but there seems to be a lot of confusion out there as to...
Remington shotgun ammunition

Remington Agrees to Sell Ammunition Business, Including Barnes Bullets, for $65 Million

Remington filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time in July. That was after a failed attempt to sell the company to the Navajo Nation and despite the biggest gun-buying boom in...
Dicks Ed Stack

Ed Stack, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Anti-Gun CEO is Stepping Down

Unless you've been living under a rock for years you remember how Dick's Sporting Goods quit carrying ARs - among other things - back in 2018. Well, the CEO behind the chain's anti-gun moves...
Remington factory Ilion, New York

BREAKING: Remington Will Be the Subject of a Federal Investigation

A reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous has passed on information to TTAG regarding a pending federal investigation into Remington Outdoor Company's handling of the sale of company assets to the Roundhill Group...
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Ruger’s Statement on the Acquisition of Marlin Firearms

From Ruger: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced today that its offer to purchase substantially all of the Marlin Firearms assets was accepted by Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. and approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court...
Trigger Firearms and Reloading feature via Facebook

Missouri Gun Shop: No Gun or Ammo Sales for Biden Supporters

A Jefferson City, Missouri gun shop put up a Facebook post on inauguration day announcing that they have no guns or ammo for Grampy Biden's supporters. The post from Trigger Firearms and Reloading certainly...
nikon rifle scope

Nikon is Exiting the Rifle Scope Business

One of our intrepid readers who's in the retail end of the gun business told us of notification he received from one of his distributors. They were letting him know that Nikon will be...
Trijicon RMR Patent

Trijicon Sues HOLOSUN Alleging Infringement on Their RMR Red Dot Patent

Michigan-based Trijicon has sued HOLOSUN for infringement of a patent that's the basis for Trijicon's popular RMR and SRO pistol red dot sights. As Bloomberg Quint reports . . . Trijicon Inc. filed a patent...