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Roof EZ president Jason Polly said in an interview that the company’s “Roof and Gobble” promotion is for customers to protect their homes with a roof, bring their families together over a turkey and protect them with an AR-15.

“Everybody should have an AR-15,” Polly said. “Everybody should have the means to protect their homes and their family. It’s not really catered to anybody, any state, any political view, anything like that. It’s all about safety.” …

Lawyers for the company have said the promotion is legal, Polly said. He emphasized Roof EZ is working with a gun store in Cape Coral.

Anyone who buys a roof because of the promotion will have to wait until after it’s completed to pick up the gun, Polly said. Customers with concealed carry permits can pick up an AR-15 worth about $500 immediately, he said. If they don’t have permits, they’ll have to wait three days or the time it takes to pass a background check, in accordance with state law. 

— Antonio Planas in Florida Roofing Company Launches Promotion Offering an Ar-15 and a Turkey

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    • Why let Joe Biden be the only one to gobble away at your money with the ‘bidenomics’ disaster. Don’t be a victim of fowl play, don’t let the stuffing get knocked out of you and be prepared to defend your flock.

    • Same here, the roof is only 3 years old, but it has been fun watching folks on the news LOSE THEIR MINDS over ARs being given away.

      They are really going to have something to cry about if LKB is right, that non-violent felons might get their 2A rights back, thanks to ‘Rahimi’.

      With 10s of millions of potential new customers, the stores are gonna be stripped bare for a few years… 🙂

      • I might have to pick up a couple of NIB Glocks and just hang on to them in case there’s a shortage and prices skyrocket… 😉

        • Good thing my cup already runneth over… If I bought another gun, I’d have to put on an addition to the house… Oh wait, THAT would require roofing… Hmmmmmmm…

  1. Hmmmmm. Spend $15,000 on a roof in order to obtain $525 in return? Is the math compelling?

    On the other hand, the entertainment value of watching the gun grabbers lose their minds might worth it.

    • “Spend $15,000 on a roof in order to obtain $525 in return? Is the math compelling?”

      It might be for a guy (or gal) that wants to sneak an AR in the house without the spouse knowing… )

      • “It might be for a guy (or gal) that wants to sneak an AR in the house without the spouse knowing… )”

        A spouse who doesn’t notice a sudden $15,000 expense?

    • My last roof cost $17,000, that was five years ago for a 30 year roof (replaced all the wood, commercial grade shingles) 25 years I’ll be 100 won’t give a shit about a roof…

      • With modern technology and advancements in medical science they can put your head in a jar and make you last forever. AI will insure you have concerns over your roof for 2000 years.
        I believe theBiden’s head has already been in a jar, a jar full of pickle brine, Joe Brinden in 2535

      • “25 years I’ll be 100 won’t give a shit about a roof…”

        Indeed. However, as George Burns pointed out about his being booked as a comedian, beyond his 100th birthday, he said he was confident because few people ever die beyond their 100th.

  2. In the State of Louisiana Rep. D. McCormick who is a very nice person gives firearms away all the time and was recently reelected with him receiving 66% of the vote. More important news, democRat rashida taliban was finally censured for more or less being a loud mouth terrorist butt kisser…

      • “‘Squad’ members UNRAVEL after Dems vote to censure Rashida Tlaib.”

        Good, the madder they are they may choose to stay home on election day instead of voting…

  3. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR
    “The spouse that won’t notice a $14,000 job ended up costing $15,000…”


  4. After a Hurricane that ArmaLite clone might be needed to help keep democrats (I mean looters) at bay.

  5. I might be inclined to give a company giving away an AR my business all things considered.
    But a $500 AR? That’s like those shitty knives the NRA keeps offering for donations to Wayne’s suit fund.

    • Couldn’t be happier they exist and are common though. That they generally work is amazing compared to the options of 20 odd years ago.

      • Yes, every household should have at least one AR, even if it’s only an economy one. That’s what I started out with several years ago, and once I had it figured out, I built some nicer ones. The M&P2 now sports CMMG’s conversion kit for 22LR. Hung a light on it, filled a mag with CCI segmented quiets, and it makes excellent medicine for the coons that come to the bird feeders at night.

  6. If someone has wait for a promotion to justify a new rifle they need to reevaluate their priorities.

    • Even if someone doesn’t get a new roof, this promotion could to be planting seeds in their mind. People who feel safe, and didn’t grow up around guns, often don’t think about getting a gun because why would they? It’s easy to judge people based on your own experiences, but sometimes you need to walk a mile in their shoes in order to better understand their perspective.

  7. Wife: Look, this is on clearance. Should we buy some?

    Me: Well, it’s a good deal if you were already prepared to buy it at the regular price.

    Wife: Are you saying I can’t buy it? (hefting a skillet that was also on the shelf)

    Me: That’s a great deal! We orta buy some before they’re gone!

    Now, to be fair, I had her watch Sootch00’s review of the Girsan MC 14T, and she wants one. Plus a second one for our daughter. So her impulse buys aren’t all stuff from the Home Goods store. But I’ll still watch for a deal, because I’m my mother’s son, regardless of who my wife is. Don’t tell her I said that.😬

    If you live in that guy’s area, and need a roof, and his price is competitive, why not? Is this a great country, or what?

  8. AWESOME! Now, the question is why doesn’t FEMA handout ARs during emergencies when police and state national guard units are overwhelmed?

  9. I’ll bet dacian the DUNDERHEAD, MINOR49er and Albert L J Hall are just beside themselves with grief! LOL

  10. id rather get a $500 ar15
    than a $1000 ak
    because for just $200
    i can put a 7.62×39 upper on it
    and run rings around that $1000 ak

  11. The real story here is Florida’s insurance laws are currently so Fubared that it is shockingly easy to get your home insurance carrier to replace your roof for…… What isn’t needed is yet another incentive to get your neighbors buy your roof that way too often has little to do with storm damage. For those who suffered hurricane damage from Ian or Fiona, yes, absolutely. But the insurance roof scammers are causing insurance rates to go so high that it is starting to push people out of the state. And there is no end in sight.
    Not so hard to pad that roof replacement bill with an AR when the insurance company (and your neighbor) is picking up the tab.

  12. The woman’s a total idiot and c should b never be allowed to hold OfficeALL part of the same MARKETTING campaign and if you thing she’s not getting a bloody ‘kick-back’probably from bothwe the FIREARMS seller and the ROOFING Company you must be mentally deficient. Even if you accept that there is a case there is a case for SELF DEFENCE, the AR 15 is NOT it The bloody woman is a menace

  13. Albert, here is a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. The “woman” is an officer in a private corporation. You have no say in the matter.
    So what if it is part of a marketing campaign?

    You are not an “authority” on what is a good self defense firearm. For your further edification, an AR-15 is an EXCELLENT self defense firearm as well as an excellent rifle for hunting preditors.

    The fact is Albert, you are the real menace here along with your buds, dacian, the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR49er. And your speeling has gone to hedes again.

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