DEAL ALERT: Buy an Aero Precision No-Stock Carbine Lower, Get a SBA3 Pistol Brace Free

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From Aero Precision . . .

If you’ve suffered from any or all of the following losses:
– Cannibalized shortie
– Trashed pistol brace
– Boating Accident
Then it’s your lucky day.

Buy ANY no-stock carbine lower, get a FREE SBA3 Pistol Brace.

Click HERE 

[ED: There are currently a range of injunctions blocking the ATF’s pistol brace rule. This week nationwide injunction was issued. And if you’re a member of SAF, FPC, GOA, or NAGR you’re double-covered.]

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  1. RE: “And if you’re a member of SAF, FPC, GOA, or NAGR you’re double-covered.”

    Had the above groups been on point and demanded all brace owners receive equal protection then that’s a reason to join. Membership drives to sell protection to the cut and run crowd and leaves others out in the rain didn’t and does not fly with me. Sounds like the Nov. 8, 2023 order supersedes any wishy washy membership protection.

    • I believe they did request it and the judge (being a conservative) limited it. It’s funny how so many judges don’t mind issuing nation wide injunctions until it comes to guns.

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