Lockdown SecureWall System Lets You Build Out the Gun Room of Your Dreams

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Have you dreamed of turning that home office or unused guest bedroom into a gun vault, or do you need organized, good looking wall storage for home or work? Perhaps you own a gun shop and it’s time for a better retail display system. SecureWall by Lockdown has you covered!

With over a dozen accessories that mount securely to the SecureWall panels, all of your firearms and gear can be displayed in a neat, organized fashion.

Hangers can be used to display long guns and handguns sideways. Barrel pegs can be used to organize a higher number of handguns grip-out at various angles.

Rifle racks store long guns vertically.

All SecureWall accessories snap and lock into any slot in the panel. They can easily be installed in another location, and unlike pegboards, they’ll never move when mounting or dismounting a firearm.

Universal hooks can be used for packs, bows, range bags, and much more.

SecureWall has baskets.


And more.

SecureWall panels are also compatible with any brand of standard peg hook attachments you can pick up at your home store. That makes them extremely versatile and gives you the freedom to organize whatever you need to organize.

The sky is the limit as you configure the modular SecureWall system to suit your space.

SecureWall gives you the choice of either standard or heavy duty panels, both available in two sizes. Both secure quickly and easily to your walls.

Standard panels are perfect if you mostly store your firearms horizontally without a lot of other heavy items. At up to 100 lbs. per panel, they’re extremely durable and fit the bill for most installations.

SecureWall heavy duty panels are for people who need to fit as many firearms on their walls as possible. They’re also great for storing lots of heavy items such as full ammo cans or plate carriers. Rated at up to 200 lbs. per panel, they are the strongest panels on the market.

With mounting accessories starting at $5.99 and panels starting at $39.99, SecureWall is a solid, good looking, and affordable way to build out an enviable gun room or retail display.

Find the SecureWall system and other Lockdown storage, security, and vault organization products on the Lockdown website here.


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  1. I’d love to have a private Man Cave basement or a Man Cave treehouse all to myself, and deck out the walls like a John Wick candy store. As it is, though, Mrs Haz keeps coming in to my Man Cave den, despite my handwritten “No Gurlz Alowd” sign at the door.

    Gurlz. Sheesh.

    • If you won’t allow ‘Gurlz’ in your man cave, she might not allow ‘Boyz’ in her girl cave (also known as the Casa Haz master bedroom)… 🙁

  2. This would also be great to have in the garage just for general purposes. I’ve been wanting a garage remodel anyway.

  3. nothing should ever be called “lockdown” ever again.
    also, doesn’t mention anything about being waterproof…

        • Absolutely; no argument there.

          It just struck me as an odd thing to bring up. The wall panels etc. aren’t supposed to be the storage container itself; they’re what you put inside the container to help keep the stored stuff organized. It’s kind of like commenting that an ad for a kitchen pot rack, doesn’t say anything about heating soup uniformly.

        • that’s because no one ever lost a kitchen pot rack in a soup heating incident. but if it ~had~ happened wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the rack was soup resistant?
          apologies; i’ve begun to annoy myself.

        • Thank you; I think I better understand your point now. (And perhaps not as far fetched a possibility as you think; clearly you’ve never watched Mrs C. cook. The results are great but the process can be … interesting.)

          I can answer to some extent. The stuff I got from them is generally made of either powder-coated steel or plastic. So, it’s not going to dissolve or weaken significantly if it gets wet. Long-term exposure shouldn’t be a serious issue if the powder-coat is intact; if not, then it will depend on where the coating is breached, etc. But again, not a particularly fast process except maybe in a salt-water environment.

          As to whether it stays together if it gets soaked … I’d say probably, as far as the panel-to-hanger interface, the mounting mechanism seems pretty secure. Whether the panel would stay attached to whatever it’s on, would depend on what it’s mounted to, and how well. Drywall, for instance, I wouldn’t bet on.

  4. I’ve used some of their rifle rest systems to upgrade my safe, and am a very happy customer. Modular, configurable, and just generally well thought out.

  5. I wish I had a room that I could make into a “gun room”. Alas, I do not have a room available in my home.

    Back on topic, this system looks like a very nice system for a gun room.

    • Add a room to ‘Casa Sense’. Concrete pad extension one year, framing another year, etc, etc…

    • “Lockdown SecureWall” Totally secure, locked down. (its just a peg board) Name had me thingking it was some kind of display/security system not just a display

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