Extreme Terrain Off-Road Outfitters Are Giving Away $5,000 to Upgrade Your Ride

There are countless ways you can customize and upgrade your off-road rig with the $5,000 giveaway from Extreme Terrain Off-Road Outfitters and Raxiom. If you’ve got a Jeep Wrangler that you love to take off-road, then this $5,000 Giveaway from ExtremeTerrain.com and Raxiom is a must-enter. What better way is there to customize your ride and take it further than […]

Enter to Win a QuietKat Electric Bike

Now’s your chance to win one of the coolest outdoor tools you’ve always needed, and probably never realized it. QuietKat is an advanced Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) company who manufacturers electric fat-tire mountain bikes and all-terrain e-trikes. The QuietKat line of heavy-duty products is built for better access to the “Great Outdoors,” and geared towards […]

Here’s What Alien Gear is Doing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Alien Gear Holsters, a made-in-the-USA holster company, is offering a few thoughtful deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Discounts on ShapeShift Holsters Alien Gear is widely known for their innovative ShapeShift Modular Holster System, which allows you to carry your gun in over a dozen positions and shift easily between those positions. ShapeShift Core Carry […]

What Makes Ultradyne’s C4 Sights the Best Iron Sights for the AR-15 Market?

Amid all the hype about optics, is anyone still refining and perfecting iron sights? The answer is a resounding yes: Ultradyne USA has re-envisioned traditional iron sights and released a product that’s near revolutionary for AR-15 shooters. Their C4 Precision Folding Sights are a dual-aperture system, designed similarly to the highly intuitive concentric sighting setup used by Olympic […]

A Late Season Muzzle Loader Hunt

This is a guest post by Conor O’Brien. It’s day two of a three-day late season muzzleloader hunt and I am gearing up at Performance Outdoors lodge in West Central Illinois. My plan is to dress for a long afternoon hunt in the high 30’s at the truck and slip in on my QuietKat. I […]

A Great Shot Timer at a Great Price

Shot timers are a great tool. They allow you to measure and test the speed of your draw, your transitions, reloads, movements and anything else during your practice, training, or at a match. A shot timer is one of the few practical ways of instantly adding some pressure to your shooting, specifically the pressure to […]

Gear Spotlight: Ultradyne’s APOLLO MAX Muzzle Brake

Ultradyne USA, the guys who made what are possibly the best iron sights on the market, also build what are arguably the best muzzle devices. The combination makes sense, as it allows them to play to their strengths by selling compensator-sight combos. The APOLLO MAX Muzzle Brake (below) is notable: After rigorously testing the brake with a load cell […]

Tacoma Owners Need to Know About This $5,000 Giveaway

Toyota Tacoma owners know what’s up. They’re running one of the most versatile and high-performing off-road trucks on the market. They’re a top choice for outlanders and 4×4 fans, and especially outdoorsmen. Many of us haven’t held back transforming their Toyota into a mobile hunting camp headquarters, or the ultimate fishing rig on wheels. What’s […]