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Whether you’re building an AR platform rifle or customizing one you already own, one choice you make will result in the biggest difference in your rifle’s accuracy and performance…the barrel you choose.

Your rifle’s barrel is its heart. Choosing the right one for the way you use your rifle affects everything you’ll do with it. Whether it’s for hunting, competition, home defense or duty use, picking the right barrel will mean years of accuracy and top performance.

Ballistic Advantage has been making a range of quality barrels for shooters and rifle builders since 2008. Using design expertise and the best materials available — 416R and chromoly steel — BA has been providing demanding shooters and even other rifle manufacturers the best barrels in the business with one thing in mind…premium performance. You’ll get the best balance of form, fit and function possible.

Ballistic Advantage makes barrels in a variety of price ranges, lengths and designs to fit the needs of every rifle owner. You can choose lengths from 6 to 24 inches in 9 different chamberings. If you’re building or upgrading and AR platform rifle, Ballistic Advantage has the right barrel for you.

Ballistic Advantage’s well-earned reputation for quality is rooted in their superior designs and the use of only the best materials, processes and coatings. They’ve maintained the same high quality standards since their first day in business, allowing them to offer the largest volume and variety of output and still guarantee critical sub-MOA accuracy.

No matter what Ballistic Advantage barrel you choose — from their affordable Modern Series to the sophistication of their Hanson design profile — every barrel Ballistic Advantage makes comes with their rock solid sub-MOA guarantee. When you buy a BA barrel, accuracy is always a given.

The manufacturing process at BA starts with the highest quality 416R and chromoly steel. Every step in the process from cutting to drilling to reaming and rifling is rigidly controlled.  That attention to detail produces barrels with bore uniformity of .0003” or better.

Ballistic Advantage has translated their years of knowledge and superior visions of form, fit, and function into instruments of true precision. BA products represent true, reliable performance for every shooter. Guaranteed.

Ballistic Advantage offers the biggest selection of quality barrels available anywhere, all with BA quality built in. And soon, they’ll be adding pistol barrels as well. That means whichever Ballistic Advantage barrel you choose for your gun, you know you’ll be getting the best materials along with the optimal combination of form, fit, and function for your money.

Click here to see what Ballistic Advantage barrel is right for your rifle build.

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