Dressing Tactically Means Dressing Comfortably With LA Police Gear Pants and Boots

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Whether you’re at work or on the job, most of us want to look good and be comfortable as we go about our daily rounds. We also need convenient ways to tote our everyday carry gear with us, too. LA Police Gear makes it easy to do it all with their tactical pants and boots that keep you ready, comfortable, and equipped no matter where you’re headed. And they’re easy on the wallet, too.

LA Police Gear’s Atlas Tactical Pants with STS moves with you. This system utilizes stretch panels in the key areas so your movement is free and unrestricted. There is one large stretch panel across the whole crotch and seat of the pant, as well as a stretch panel for the rear yoke of the pant. So whether you wear these while kneeling down at the range, performing a tactical somersault, working on your car, in your yard, or just around your house, you’ll be comfortable and have freedom of movement.

You won’t find pants quite like LA Police Gear’s Urban Ops tactical pants anywhere else. The pocket configuration has been optimized to let you access the gear you need quickly, and the brass locking YKK zipper and metal tac-stud have been put through the wringer to make sure they won’t fail you. Our LA Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants have also been finished with a Teflon treatment for water and stain resistance.

But maybe you don’t want to look like you’re about to deploy. Not a problem. LA Police gear has you covered with their ultra-comfortable Terrain Flex straight fit jeans.

These are truly high-end jean that doesn’t compromise — not on fit, not on quality, not on price. LAPG’s Terrain Flex jeans aren’t just functional. They clean up nice, too. Match them with our combat shirt or tactical field shirt (comes in short sleeve or long sleeve) for a look that works outdoors and indoors. Accessorize like a man with our leather flag wallet or conquest carabiner multitool. And it’s all at a price that fits every man’s salary.

But as comfortable you’ll be in LA Police gear pants, it’s just important to have a good pair of boots on your fee for all-day comfort.

Nothing keeps you going all day long like a good pair of boots. LA Police Gear’s goal with the Terrain mid hiking boot was to provide a high-end boot like you see from top brands, but at a much more reasonable price. The Terrain hiking boots are an amazing every-day shoe, just as practical and stylish in the office, on the range, or on a trail.

The critical elements we strove to incorporate in the Terrain series of hiking boots are comfort, quality, and style. We used high-end materials and set very high quality standards for our factory.

Countless development hours were spent reviewing the design and test-driving LA Police Gear’s Terrain low hiking boots for comfort and durability. The result is worth it as we truly feel the new LAPG Terrain Hiking Boots are some of the best footwear we’ve produced.

They’re vailable in four variations, Dark Charcoal Mid Hiker Boot, Dark Charcoal Low Hiker Boot (this one), Coyote Mid Hiker Boot, and Coyote Low Hiker Boot.

Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going. LA Police gear has the tactical pants and boots to get you there and keep you going all day long. Check out all of our great options at lapolicegear.com.

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