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With summer weather finally here, Chicago celebrated Father’s Day weekend with an impressive orgy of violence and mayhem. The final tally, per 10 killed, and a whopping 62 more maimed by gunfire.

Here’s the low-down by address, neighborhood, victim sex and age.  Bold indicates fatality:

Friday 6/14
2:55p 2200 E 87th, Calumet Heights, M/40
8:25p 1300 S Independence, N. Lawndale, M/13
10:10p 4300 W Monroe, Garfield Park, M/34
10:10p 3400 W Madison, Garfield Park, M/?
10:20p 500 N Laramie, Austin, F/33
10:20p 500 N Laramie, Austin, M/42
10:20p 500 N Laramie, Austin, F/49
11:20p 1000 N Lamon, Austin, F/26
11:20p 200 N Keeler, Garfield Park, M/20
11:50p 5000 S Laflin, New City, M/26
11:50p 5000 S Laflin, New City, F/27

Saturday 6/15
1:30a 300 N Laramie, Austin, M/41
2:00a Walk-in @ Stitch-N-Go, M/35
2:00a 7000 S Wolcott, Englewood, M/24
2:20a 3100 S Green, Bridgeport, F/54
2:30a 3000 N Cicero, Belmont Cragin, M/30

2:30a 3000 N Cicero, Belmont Cragin, F/31
3:10a 7500 S Stony Island, South Shore, M/37
3:45a 3600 W Cortland, Logan Square, M/40
12:05p 7000 S Green, Englewood, M/42
12:05p 7000 S Green, Englewood, M/45
2:30p 1500 S Kenneth, North Lawndale, M/28
6:00p 4600 W Belmont, Portage Park, F/52
6:05p 5600 W Addison, Portage Park, M/21
9:00p 200 N Latrobe, Austin, M/49
9:30p 6100 S King, Washington Park, F/41
9:30p 6100 S King, Washington Park, M/46

Sunday 6/16
12:25a 4500 S Evans, Grand Boulevard, F/26
12:25a 4500 S Evans, Grand Boulevard, M/35
12:25a 4500 S Evans, Grand Boulevard, M/38
1:05a 7000 S Winchester, Englewood, M/32
1:05a 7300 S Ada, Englewood, F/29
1:05a 7300 S Ada, Englewood, M/48
2:00a 4400 W Jackson, Garfield Park, F/22
2:30a 11500 S La Salle, West Pullman, M/?
3:00a Walk-in @ Stitch-N-Go, M/27
3:00a 9600 S Exchange, South Deering, F/14
4:50a 5800 S Whipple, Gage Park, M/17
5:00a 3100 W 25th, Little Village, M/26
5:00a 3100 W 25th, Little Village, M/?

1:30p 3900 W 21st, North Lawndale, F/19
3:15p 11500 S La Salle, West Pullman, M/34
3:15p 11500 S La Salle, West Pullman, M/59
6:55p 4200 W Roosevelt, North Lawndale, M/21
9:45p 200 E 31st, Douglas, F/34
9:55p 1200 W 81st, Auburn Gresham, M/38
10:50p Walk-in @ Stitch-N-Go, M/16
11:05p 4000 W Monroe, Garfield Park, F/35
11:40p 4000 W Monroe, Garfield Park, M/18

Don’t Demonize Monday
12:10a 7600 N Paulina, Rogers Park, M/45
12:30a 5900 S Michigan, Washington Park, M/35
12:35a 200 W 63rd, Englewood, M/57
12:40a 2500 S Spaulding, Little Village, M/20
12:40a 2500 S Spaulding, Little Village, M/22
12:45a 900 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, F/15
12:45a 900 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, F/18
12:45a 900 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, F/19
12:45a 900 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, M/25
12:45a 900 N Pulaski, Humboldt Park, M/35
1:00a 1300 S Sacramento, North Lawndale, F/22
1:40a 6700 S Eberhart, Woodlawn, F/44
1:55a 6000 S Winchester, Englewood, M/20
1:55a 6000 S Winchester, Englewood, F/24
1:55a 6000 S Winchester, Englewood, M/31
1:55a 6000 S Winchester, Englewood, M/32
1:55a 6000 S Winchester, Englewood, F/33
1:55a 6000 S Winchester, Englewood, F/34
2:50a 1100 N Ridgeway, Humboldt Park, F/26
2:55a 7700 S South Chicago, S. Shore, M/39
3:10a 200 W 63rd, Englewood, M/29
4:15a 1800 S Komensky, North Lawndale, M/33
4:55a 7100 S Morgan, Englewood, M/43

Note the multiple “mass shootings” – all of which were gang violence related.

But the Mayor doesn’t want to talk about gang violence.

Instead, he wants more “investments” in the same failed policies and programs that have given his city the moniker Murder City, USA. From WGNTV:

CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson says he’s focused on long-term investments to help solve the city’s ongoing issue with gun violence.

Unlike Mayor Lightfoot, Mayor Brandon Johnson does not do accountability Mondays to analyze weekend violence. In fact, at an event on Monday, Johnson avoided commenting on shootings and murders over the past weekend. Instead, he highlighted investments

The Johnson administration safety plan includes $100 million for violence prevention, massive youth employment and 400 new civilian police positions. But as the mayor implements his strategy, some city leaders have grown restless.

What the media doesn’t report is that “violence prevention” programs include paying gang members and other offenders justice-impacted individuals $200 per day to “interrupt” violence before it happens.  Yes, $52,000 per year for those “working” five-day workweeks, to supposedly mediate gang beefs before they turn violent.

Illinois already pays between $200M and $300 million on so-called “violence prevention” programs.

Clearly they’re working well.

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    • Jeff Cooper mentioned this as it applied to Los Angeles, but it also applies to other cities.

      “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

      • I couldn’t care less if they kill each other. My problem is when the powers that be use this incurable dysfunction to strip the natural rights from the rest of us.

      • It sounds like Cooper didn’t care or think about the innocent bystanders, like young children, that occasionally get shot in these conflicts.

        • That was the 5 to 10 out of the larger number (100 for LA at the time but similar most anywhere else by proportion). I would argue the number has gone up over time with more gang on civilian violence in the last decade and change but the majority would still be gang on gang and of little value beyond propaganda.

          • Collateral damage always happens in war. I do believe there is such a thing as a just war. I would argue that supporting this type of war wouldn’t be just. The alternative would be to lock them up, and keep them away from society. Most will eventually age out of being so violent.

            Then if people really wanted to solve the problem, they would work on changing the culture. This idea of allowing them to kill themselves will never solve the problem. Problems tend to spread. Social contagions are also a thing.

            • Funny enough we did do that and saw a massive drop in violence over decades but it is racist apparently so back to the 80’s-early 90’s

              • The ruling class, and their propagandists, don’t want us to notice actual solutions. That has to mean that these problems with society benefit them.

            • You make a compelling point. Unfortunately, that requires honest policy decisions, social change, and real work. Not likely.

        • Criminals and gang members are not known for their marksmanship and firearms safety. Spray-and-Pray at a distance of less than 10 yards is their standard method.

      • Cooper gets called racist for saying the exact thing all these woke DAs are saying. They just call it “mutual cultural conflict.”

    • Thank you white trash master race johnny boy but you have a lot in common with inner city gang stupidity. Obviously the heads of inner city violent gangs have zero content of character thanks to demoCrap. On the other hand thanks to racist demoCrap your head is filled with the bigotry that has been handed down for centuries from one moron to another. In other words do not come around pretending you are 2A all the way when it’s bigoted scum just like you who long ago concocted Gun Control.

      If you were outside of Chicago on Father’s Day you were safe…NOT.

      • You still haven’t answered my question — why are cities and countries run by the usual suspects dysfunctional shyteholes?? The usual suspects were handed a fully functional first world country in South Africa, and now, 30 years later, the entire country is literally slipping into the Stone Age. Ditto for “Zimbabwe.” Detroit was once called the Paris of the Midwest — now it can’t afford to bulldoze all of the abandoned properties. I could cite examples across time and space.

        • Johnny, you have facts and history on your side. all she can do, all any of the apologists can do is either call you a name or say it is just a small number of black men doing this. well, if it just a minority of black men that are a problem then why is it that Everywhere on the Earth, all throughout time such a small minority utterly destroy a society? Guys like Thomas Sowell are the exception, black men are George Floyd for the most part.

      • Well there does come a point in time when showering with your children or step children does have repercussions.

  1. Ah, but did Chicago log more casualties in a single event than the splash pad attack in Rochester Hills, Michigan over the weekend? Hmmm?????

    • A 42-year-old who apparently lived with his mother. The ignorant/low IQ/propagandists will all point to gunz while ignoring the real problem that continues to fester.

      • George Strait gave a concert. 110k, Texas, apparently no shootings, biggest ever. Second place, NJ, Grateful Dead, 100k+, 1977, apparently no shootings.

        Just luck. Random chance. Or mebbe chandom rance.

    • Nobody wants to talk about the obvious facts in the overwhelming number of these shootings. If you need to ask what the obvious facts are, you aren’t paying attention.

  2. Kevin Samuels liked to say that 51% of black men were unmarried and childless. And a majority of them were middle class.

    Unfortunately, those aren’t the subset of the black community we read about on a daily basis. Instead we read about the gangster thug predators of the world doing their gangster stuff.

    • And that Chiraq crap is spreading EVERYWHERE. Like southern Cook county. Doubtless all of ILLANNOY. Even Boch country🙄

  3. So I ain’t that stupid. If me is getting $200 a day to prevent crime why would I want crime prevented.

  4. I noticed that a few addresses occurred very often. I wonder who lives in those neighborhoods?

        • Sadly even up here we have the same issues on smaller scales but almost perfectly proportional to population differences. Still the idea of buggy drivebys with volley fire will never cease to be funny.

          • Clip. Clop. Clip. Clop.



            Amish drive-by. (Yeah yeah yeah everybody’s heard it. Dont care. Cracks me up every time.)

          • Volley fire? Just how many Amish can ride in a buggy. Wait! I bet they’re using those high capacity horse buggies. Probably pulled by multiple horse power. Somebody needs to have a rally! Or, or, something!

  5. If this is a representative sample of Chicago-style Father’s Day, I begin to see why there are so many absentee fathers there.

  6. Thank you to the hom.osex.uals, ath.eists, femi.nists, and the three L’s. All who said a father is not necessary in the home.

    They all helped to create this situation in Chiraq. As well as in other major inner cities violence levels.

    Now go ahead a put a bullet in the heads of these criminal young adults.

    Col Cooper was correct. Give them guns and let them solve their own problems.

  7. democrats are the reason there are shitholes like Chicago, st Louis, Philadelphia, etc. a total travesty of a civilized society! hellholes people avoid like the plague.

  8. Why would the gang bangers of Chicago take a break from committing felonious shootings on Father’s Day. Like most of President Obama’s bastard sons, they have no idea who their fathers are. They are also compelled to enter into a Darwinian struggle for non exclusive access to women.

  9. Surprising number of women shot… hadn’t seen the tally before. One actual teen and a lot of those aged 18-26 “children” the pearl clutchers quote. Also note times of day… majority after midnight. Curfew for teens, everywhere.

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