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Gangs in Mayor (Let’s Go) Brandon Johnson’s Murder City continue to pull out the stops for an extended Independence Day weekend. With all of Sunday to go, Chicago has already tallied 17 murders and another 81 maimed.  Why, combat zones in recent wars have been notably safer for American citizens than the “Wild West” known as Chicago.

CWB Chicago covered the carnage:

With 2 more days remaining, Chicago’s holiday weekend is on pace to be among most violent in years

CHICAGO — With two full days left to go, this Fourth of July weekend is on pace to be one of the most violent in recent memory for Chicago. Since noon on Wednesday, 63 people have been shot in the city, 11 of them fatally. That’s according to data maintained by the independent crime researchers at and CPD media statements.

Shockingly, those 63 victims are more than were shot in the entire 2018 Independence Day weekend, which was five days long, according to HeyJackass. The average Fourth of July weekend since 2014 has seen 81 people shot, 14 fatally, the website reported. 

Yes, there have been several “mass shootings” to help drive those numbers upward. Also from CWB Chicago:

    • Five people were shot when gunmen opened fire on a home in the 7100 block of South Woodlawn on Thursday morning. Two women, ages 45 and 24, and an 8-year-old boy died. Two other boys, ages 5 and 7, were critically injured. 
    • Eight people were injured on the Near West Side early Friday morning when at least two gunmen got into a shootout in the 1300 block of West Hastings, according to police. The victims, ranging in age from 18 to 74, survived.
    • Another shootout left six people injured in the 100 block of South Menard around 1:44 a.m. Friday, police said. Once again, all of the victims survived. They were all between 15 and 25 years old.

This is what happens when you have generations of strict gun control only recently eased. Add to that Team Soros prosecutors who don’t prosecute, radical Democrat political leaders who not only don’t support the police, but actively defund them and soft-on-crime policies like “No Cash Bail” which sees violent offenders regularly released to re-offend without posting a nickel of bail.

Need an example of that?  How about example number 19 from CWB Chicago:

Man fired shots at 2 off-duty cops while on pretrial release for 2 gun cases: prosecutors

CHICAGO — Prosecutors have charged a man with shooting at a car occupied by two off-duty Chicago police officers on the Near West Side last month. Derrien Johnson, 18, was on pretrial release for two felony gun cases in juvenile court at the time of the incident on June 3, officials said.

He is the 19th person accused of shooting, killing, or trying to shoot or kill someone in Chicago this year while on pretrial release.

But don’t you worry. Mayor Johnson has a plan. No, it has nothing to do with holding criminals accountable and cracking down on gang violence. Of course not! It’s more akin to buying votes. From The Center Square:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said he plans to address public safety issues by investing in people.

Speaking at a public forum in the Little Village neighborhood, the mayor blamed Chicago’s violence on disinvestment by previous administrations.

“My vision for safety in Chicago is that every single neighborhood has safe spaces, and that we are fully funding our public accommodations: education, transportation, healthcare, jobs,” Johnson explained.

What does the mayor care about crime? He’s got a 149-person strong protective detail. In fact, since his “friend” delivered the baby the two of them reportedly share, Mayor Johnson doesn’t even live in Chicago any longer. Instead, he’s shacking up in the (much safer) suburbs.

Imagine the irony that Chicago workers are required to live in Chicago. All of them except the mayor. Hypothetically, of course.

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  1. If it wasn’t for our son and his family living in Chicago, we would NEVER go there. We sure do wish he’d find a job somewhere safer.

    • Whoa – I had 67 shot with 8 dead in this weeks ChiPicks pool and I thought that my
      pick would end up on the high side – so much for Optimism!

  2. It is Chicago: Black Democrat rule for decades, proof that dem policies cause decline in quality of life, failing schools, corruption, high taxes and no plan for growth! Cannot prove me wrong. Blacks in political power in America, just like any country in Africa are incapable of self-rule. There is no way to fix this, take action if you want a good life and move away!

      • Obviously, you didn’t do your homework Soy Boy. The state department gave Botswana threat level 2. Exercise increased caution in Botswana due to crime. Country Summary: Crimes of opportunity, primarily the theft of money and personal property, are common in Botswana. Potentially violent crimes, such as home invasions, break-ins, “smash and grabs” from vehicles stopped at intersections and from locked cars in shopping mall parking lots, cell phone thefts, and muggings are routinely reported to police. Botswana’s murder rate is 11/100,000 with almost the exact same population as Chiraq. Showing that they aren’t that much different considering they are both under the control of a Democrat party.

    • We need more affirmative action, more welfare, more Head Start, more freebies … only then will they settle down and stop killing each other.


      Any civilized hominid would be advised to exit this rapidly deteriorating dump. The usual suspects were given a perfectly operational First World country in South Africa, and thirty years later they’re literally re-entering the Stone Age. No amount of prayer or wishful thinking will change the facts of what they are. No amount of money will solve the problem.

  3. Awww c’mon Boch! Dontcha know they gots bread n circuses this weekend😀 A Nascar race & celebration’s aplenty on the Lake to satiate homie,hometta & Juan. Then again we just went grocery shopping in Munster,Indiana and cop’s showed up at some stupid kerfuffle. It’s EVERYWHERE folk’s…

    • The biggest circus Chiraq will face will be the DNC. Lots of opportunities for dealers in rec pharm and escorts.

  4. Present day Chicago is the future of the country. It is not going to get any better, because no one will face the truth about the situation, for fear of being called a racist. The only thing you can do is move away and hope the dysfunction and violence do not follow you.

    I know, I know. It’s a vain hope.

    Good lucking defending yourself against these predators. You will be punished by TPTB.

    • so you believe that 13%, most likely less than that, of the population is going to destroy all of America?

      How exactly does this play out in your mind?

      • Why not? All of these cities started with a bad street. They ignored it and got a bad block. Ignored it still and got a bad neighborhood. Now entire counties are bad.

        It will just spread and spread until it runs out of available space or food because we all want to make excuses for it and subsidize it rather than stop it.

        • 13%. The only demographic in the US that has actually lost numbers instead of gained.

          And they are the big bad that will cause you to hide under your bed and cry?

          • You may notice the 13 is only a problem where they make up 25 or more. When they’re kept to 10 or less things are pretty peaceful. Lowest crime areas in the nation if not the world.

          • Actually, the only demographic that lost percentage was Whites. Blacks gained a small amount. Hispanics are the fastest growing.

            • Not even including the bi/multi racial or mixed/other categories. Next 20 years will be a shock to most everyone.

  5. .”It’s EVERYWHERE folk’s…”

    EVERYWHERE would be a lot safer for sober people if what criminals mostly fight over was legal.

  6. He wants “safe spaces” in neighborhoods? This would be nothing short of rubber rooms with bulletproof glass and doors. What a great idea. If only you can get to the safe space in time

  7. This is President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” that destroyed black families and poor white families starting in 1964. BTW a lot of people associated with Johnson had died (not by having ‘accidents’).

    • Vinny, the running joke at the time was that LBJ said, “We can have their vote for the rest of their lives for $500 a month.”

    • I had a Beagle named LadyBug.
      My son when he was little ask me if Johnson grass is so bad why did they name it after a president.
      At least LBJ saved South Vietnam.

  8. Here’s what we know about the shooting in Florence, KY early Saturday that left four people dead and three wounded. The shooter also died.

    Police have identified the shooter as 21-year-old Chase Garvey, a Florence resident. They believe he turned the gun on himself a short time after the shooting and died at a local hospital.

    • I looked up the story. It seems all involved where white. So nothing to see here. He was arrested for the rape of a 13 year old girl. And the shooter got probation for molesting children.

      Our justice system at its finest.

  9. “fully funding our public accommodations: education, transportation, healthcare, jobs”

    Coming out day 4 dis commie maytard!!!

    “Jobs” are a public accommodation and must be “fully funded”.

    • The left has had ample opportunities to kill NAFTA and bring back all the factory work the Midwest has lost over the decades and they never even pretended to try.

      If anything they’ve only exacerbated the loss o lf well paying blue collar jobs beyond what the corporatist neo cons ever imagined.

      And somehow they’re the union party.

  10. “LBJ said, “We can have their vote for the rest of their lives for $500 a month.””


    That’s about $5000 now. 60k per annum. Hmmmm, how many times do l gotta vote?

  11. As usual the dementiacrats will blame the hardware used instead of the individuals using it.
    Not understanding that it wouldn’t matter if they used a 1640’s vintage blunderbuss or the latest wondergun off the assembly line this morning, it is always the human side of the equation that needs to be dealt with.
    Of course the powers that be won’t hold the actual perpetrators accountable for fear of being called racist, or some other ist or phobe.
    Chicago, as with most other high crime cities, has been under Dementiacrat control for decades. Elections do have consequences. You get what you support and vote for. And if the fools living in those cities insist upon supporting local governments and officials that allow or ignore crime in favor of politics they have to suffer the consequences of that support.
    Perhaps they should try something else. Putting the other party in power for a couple terms couldn’t be any worse than the party they have in power now.

  12. Impossible! Everyone knows that Chicago has THE toughest gun laws in the nation…and criminals always obey gun laws.

    • This is going to be a shit show of epic proportions.
      Hopefully; Obama’s bastard sons will torch the convention center.

  13. Thank you to the atheists. Who disagreed with the christians. Who said a father’s love and discipline is necessary in the home.

    Now we several generations raised without a father in this country.

  14. Well Sunday isn’t over yet but I had guessed 43 dead 160 wounded.
    Theres still time.
    Come on Chicago, let’s break some records.

  15. “This is what happens when you have generations of strict gun control only recently eased.”

    Nonsense. Are you pro-“gun control,” John Boch?
    “In fact, since his “friend” delivered the baby the two of them reportedly share, Mayor Johnson doesn’t even live in Chicago any longer. Instead, he’s shacking up in the (much safer) suburbs.”

    First I’ve heard of this. AFAIK, he’s married and lives on the west side of Chicago with a couple kids.

    Was this “article” written by AI?

    • “Mayor Johnson doesn’t even live in Chicago any longer. Instead, he’s shacking up in the (much safer) suburbs.”

      That’s true, in that he doesn’t live in Chicago proper. He lives in Austin, a separate suburb community area on the west side of Chicago. Most of its residents are liberal democrat, its a democrat party stronghold, its population is ~87% African American.

  16. NOLA has decided to create a gun-free zone by saying their police department (in the French Quarter) is a school.

  17. buy a gun exercise your right to self preservation! rid the cities of the criminals. They don’t like it when the fight is equal!!!


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