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The double barrel derringer design may be 157 years old now but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. In fact Bond Arms just released three new models in their Rough Series. If you’ve looked at Bond Arms derringers before you know they’re built like tanks and have a meticulously polished finishes and actions.

That involves a lot of hand work and fitting, and that work comes with a price tag. If you want the same performance though, and aren’t as worried about a collector’s grade finish, then the Rough Series may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Bond Arms builds the Rough Series of the same materials as their other guns, they just don’t spend as much time on fancy finish. That allows them to produce guns faster, and with less effort, and they pass the savings on to you. Personally, I don’t mind the rougher aesthetic, especially on a pocket gun I’m just going to carry anyway. Especially if it comes with a good cost savings and no performance difference.

Prices on the new models do seem pretty reasonable ranging between $287 and $349 MSRP.

Before I jump in to the new models, here’s what Bond Arms says about the Rough Series:

With the Grizzly and Rough series, we do minimal clean up and deburr to make sure there are no sharp edges and then we bead blast the finish. With this gun, part of the COOL FACTOR is that you can actually see the parting lines in the metal frame and trigger guard. As a final touch we left in some of the swirly tool marks on the barrel just to give it that more ROUGH & TUMBLE Look. Also, since we are not sanding and polishing the frame, you may see tiny casting imperfections and rough areas that would never be acceptable for our current line of products. This may not sound like much, but in comparison we can build 4 to 5 Grizzly’s in the same time as it takes to build ONE Texas Defender. That Is a Huge Amount of Savings on LABOR that allows us to pass those SAVINGS down to the consumer’s level.

Now that you know what the Rough Series is, here are the latest models that Bond is introducing:

.22 Magnum Honey B

The Honey B has been out for a while now in .22LR, .380 ACP, 9mm, and .38 Special but now Bond has added .22 Magnum to the mix.With a 3 inch barrel the Honey B is only 5.5 inches long. Like all of the Bond derringers it’s made from stainless steel and this one has B6 resin grips and is equipped with a trigger guard.

Caliber .22LR, .22Mag, .380, 9mm, .38 Special
Barrel Length 3″
Grip Material B6 Resin
Grip Size Extended
Sights Fixed
Length 5.5″
Weight 17.5oz.
Ammo Capacity 2
Action Single Action
Trigger Pull Weight 7lb.
Trigger Guard Yes

MSRP: $320.00

Rawhide .357 Magnum/.38 Special

Next up is the rawhide chambered in .357 Magnum and .38 Special. It’s even smaller than the Honey B due to it’s 2.5 inch barrels with an overall length of only 4.5 inches. It comes with Rosewood grips but actually comes in cheaper than the Honey B at only $287.00.

Caliber .357Mag/.38Spl
Barrel Length 2.5″
Grip Material Rosewood
Grip Size Standard
Sights Fixed
Length 4.5″
Weight 19 oz.
Ammo Capacity 2
Action Single Action
Trigger Guard No

MSRP: $287.00

The Rowdy XL .45LC/.410

If .357 Magnum is a little light for you then you may want to check out the Rowdy XL chambered in .45 Long Colt and .410. As befits the caliber, this is the biggest of the three new models with 3.5-inch barrels and an overall length of 5.75 inches.

If the barrel was any shorter the .410 rounds would stick out the front. It has comfortable B6 resin grips and a trigger guard, just like the little Honey B.

Caliber .45LC/.410
Barrel Length 3.5″
Grip Material B6 Resin
Grip Size Extended
Sights Fixed
Length 5.75″
Weight 22oz.
Ammo Capacity 2
Action Single Action
Trigger Pull Weight 7lb.
Trigger Guard Yes

MSRP: $349.00


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  1. Ummm…357 is generally more powerful that 45 colt unless it’s loaded hyper hot🙄

        • I’m not sure if you two have history, but every day it is laborious hearing what derogatory comments you routinely make Debbie W. I’m not sure where all the vitriol stems from.

          I’ve been a reader of this site for years and years, and rarely comment. But lately, it’s just too much. Enough is enough already…

          Mods, please start blocking such abhorrent behavior. It detracts from the site and is akin to childish fakebook or another irrelevant social media site.

        • I agree, John. And it’s not just Deb- all the idiot personal attacks for the sake of hatred, uncalled-for demeaning and vitriol do not make any of us who advocate 2A look too bright. Media and pols always seek the lowest common denominator; the most Neanderthal; ignorant; hick-type and then cast us all in that mould. When they, or anyone, for that matter, can use one’s own words against us to prove a point there’s something wrong in our ranks.

          Plus there’s almost zero chance a TTAG poster can repay slander or gutter trash insult with, say, a black eye or loose tooth. I’m betting things would be different if one could confront their accuser. Blanket anonymity often leads to flat out cowardice in the end.

      • There is no practical point to these (except fun novelty) when we have pocket .380s like the LCP that are far smaller, lighter, more effective, and cheaper. Heck, there are even pocket 9mm pistols that are no bigger, heavier,.or more expensive than these. I’d take a Beretta APX A1 carry, ($179 after rebate on PSA right now), or. a Ruger EC9S (or Max-9) over these any day of the week.

        These derringers do look cool though

  2. A couple of my buddies have Bond Derringers. I’ve shot them…don’t care to own one.


    The .22 Mag does appeal…a little bit.

      • All y’all are hatful as fuck with this type shit… do you realize that it’s four or more countries looking to fuck the USA up…US….you people…..Whites mostly… are drunk with this crap anything to justify your hate for people that you will soon be asking for help…. Any citizen other than white…fuck DJT…JD…. Stop and think for a second if fat cats can keep your eyes on BS… they can continue to get richer of our labor….I’ll for one side and that’s the working… please stop the 1945 bullshit and the pick a side crap because and you will soon find out that those 4 countries that’s looking to harm US is watching this site very close and most of y’all are barely making 50 k a year with that hate supporting job you love so much…. Think ..

    • There are so many better .22 Magnums you can get. North American Arms if you want tiny. Ruger (LCR, Wrangler, Single Six), Heritage or even Taurus if you want revolvers that are actually accurate at any range. The LCR in .22 Magnum is actually a “real” concealed carry gun, as much as a .22 magnum pistol can be.

      Don’t buy semiauto .22 magnum pistols unless you just want range toys. Trust me.

      Bond Arms derringers are just silly toys.

      • “The LCR in .22 Magnum is actually a “real” concealed carry gun…”

        Perhaps, but a local dealer sold an old gal friend of mine one of these and I’m trying to get rid of it for her. While she’s a fit and healthy 71 year old, there’s no way she can squeeze off rounds. Has to put both “trigger fingers” on the trigger to shoot. I wish I’d been around when she and her husband bought it. I guess the dealer was just looking for a sale. We’re looking to try one of the Girsan tip ups when we get a chance. Yeah- I know: But Turkey…

        • Yeah, it’s counterintuitive but rimfire DA revolvers have much heaver triggers than centerfire DA revolvers. She probably would have been better off with an LCR in .38 and just carrying light loads if she’s sensitive to recoil.

        • @CIA

          A few years ago I purchased a Walther PPK/S in .22 LR. Darn near maxed out my Lyman mechanical trigger gauge. A consistent #23 for the DA…the SA is a much kinder #7. By far the worst DA I have experienced.

  3. About time, the Bonds seemed about 100 dollars too expensive anyways…

    • I’m not ragging on them but in an era of tiny high capacity carry gunz they seem antiquated. I have a Taurus 709 which has been flawless for 5 years but my wife has claimed it. It weighs about the same unloaded🙄

    • oldsht…Save it butthead. You did not even know what a Glock Trigger Plug was. And you made a total ahole out of yourself trying to berate me for showing people how to make one. You want to see Gun Stupid look in a mirror.

      • I’ve known what those stupid plugs were *decades* ago, you ignorant, arrogant ass.

        Seriously, stick to commenting on things you know something about, like picking up sweaty truck drivers for 20 bucks a romp… 😉

        • oldshtheadgeoff…Liar, liar pants on fire. If you knew about Trigger Plugs for years you would have known how to make them and kept your mouth shut. It goes right along with you slandering POTUS DJT and his voters, after numerous chances to backpedal you continued with your slander…After all of that and then saying you voted for DJT in 16 and 20 was a load of crap.

        • Trump will lose us the next election, thanks to the stupid like YOU… 🙂

      • Geoff, Debbie – please – STOP! Nobody wants to see your pissing contest. The POTG have enough adversaries without you guys ragging on each other incessantly. We’re supposed to be on the same side. Please. Thank you.

  4. If I have $300ish to spend on a pew there are several options I’d snag before these pocket rockets. However, if my “needs” for practical pews are met I’d consider one of these as a novelty or range toy. Maybe. I’ve shot one in .38 special and it was indeed a “special” experience. I have a Cobray/Leinad 45LC/410 I was given and that’s “special” as well.

    • yeah, so i’d like to try one in .38, but no bigger.
      thinkin’ a pretty cool last ditch backup boot or vest pocket (on sunday).
      can’t argue- just carry a second whatever, but i’m thinkin’ that this is gonna go bang no matter what. work close in like a snubby too.
      plus i don’t have one.

    • @LS

      I want video, with full audio, if you ever shoot one in .50 BMG…otherwise it’s an unsubstantiated fib (at twilight or night preferably).

      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this is my manure-consuming snarky grin.

      • Didn’t someone make a single shot, .50 BMG top for a 1911 frame years ago? I seem to remember a video of that circulating back when the internet was new.

  5. I wish Bond Arms well. I really do.

    I don’t understand the appeal of these modern Derringers. They are just as bulky as modern micro semi-autos (and almost as bulky as j-frame revolvers). And you only get two shots. And some of them don’t have trigger guards.

    If I am going with a Derringer, I want it to be a LOT smaller and in a SMALL caliber since it would be so small. And even then, at that point why not go with a North American Arms’ Lilliputian revolver and get 5-shot capacity?

    • Derringers are really more about nostalgia than anything else at this point. If your going to have one then Bond Arms is the one to get in my opinion. One of the key points with Derringers that many people miss though is the heavy trigger. These things might be small but not everyone can fire them. Those that have a hard time racking the slide of a semiauto might not have the strength to pull a 7lb trigger.

  6. A 19-oz. .357 with a 2.5″ barrel with a two fingered grip has got to be pretty rough. Painfully so. The .45 Colt would be easier to shoot with the 3.5″ barrel and a better grip (and think there have been some revolvers made in that size). However, since California bans the judge, I wonder if it will designate this derringer as a short barrelled shotgun and ban its sale because it can chamber a .410 shot shell.

  7. With longer barrels, the .410/.45LC would be more appealing than the new single-shot Rossi.

  8. Got an old high standard Derringer 22 mag. Not very accurate but the 26lb double action trigger might have something to do with that. Very slim and slides right behind my wallet though.

  9. I have a derringer in .38 special that I carry when kayaking because I don’t want to be totally unarmed and don’t want to risk getting any of my better handguns in salt water.
    Only time I carry it.

  10. I have a American derringer .38 spl . It is overbuilt and never failed to fire, plus it’s stainless steel. Great small gun for a pocket. Derringers have their place. it is a save my ass last resort gun. Not good for much more than that.

  11. would love to see them make a copy of the high standard derringer in 22mag ,and in 38spec

  12. I think the idea of their “Texan” 6″ barrels are neat. Still have a small gun but with full size ballistics. Offered in 45/410, 357, and 10mm. Thats like a 5.5 Single Action Army, a 6″ barrel revolver, and a Glock 41. Granted only two shots, but those two shots can do some real damage

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