Jason Colosky, CEO of WATCHTOWER Firearms
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For those who love top-quality firearms and also love supporting American companies, finding a veteran-owned U.S. company that pours tons of quality and patriotism into each gun produced can be a godsend.

For an excellent example, look no further than WATCHTOWER Firearms, a new Houston, Texas, manufacturer striving to be become the next great American firearms company.

WATCHTOWER, a new American firearms company, draws its name from the brave Americans who fought under the southern cross in the Pacific as a part of Operation WATCHTOWER. Like those legends, WATCHTOWER aims to equip the next generation of warriors to defend our way of life anywhere.

Jason Colosky, founder and CEO of WATCHTOWER Firearms, formerly served as a senior executive at Raytheon where he oversaw Raytheon’s strategic engagements with the Pentagon, State Department and the White House.

“So many of the great American firearms companies have been bought up by European conglomerates,” Colosky said during an exclusive factory tour with The Truth About Guns’ Justin Dougherty. “What Americans just don’t have the choice anymore is to spend their dollars on something here, buy a firearm that those dollars are reinvested back in America. Everything we do here, it was built in America by Americans with American material.”

Watch the complete video from our factory tour below:

The company is already making a number of high-quality firearms, including a 5.56mm AR rifle, short-barreled rifle and pistol, a .308 AR-10 style rifle, a hunting rifle and their Apache double-stack 1911 pistol. Additionally,  line of suppressors is coming soon.

To learn more, visit watchtowerfirearms.com. To watch a number of very cool videos about the company, its history and its products, click here.

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  1. good luck to them
    starting a company
    making stuff
    that everybody else also makes
    at a time
    when the economy is about to tank
    because inflation is now so high
    that millionaires are starting to shop for groceries at wal mart

    • I dont know about that… does anyone else make a 1911 Bar-B-Q double stack that doubles as a cheeae grater, and for only 4 grand?
      Didn’t think so

    • Good luck Watchtower! I immediately think of JW’s banging on my door🙄😀

      • Interesting catch, I had a conversation with a church goer who informed me the JW’s were tooling up.
        I found that hard to fathom.

        • If they aren’t, they should. (Hitler didn’t like them either.)

      • I thought the Watchtower was the Mormons, not the JWs. My bad.

        Maybe they should make Ian their spox:

        • My polite and to the point reply to this article was moderated yesterday and still today has not shown up.

  2. A Trump economy boost will help sales. And along with the barrel selection a USGI style buttstock, float handguard length and a rail height gas block option would help the 5.56 & .308 line, using the High Tang .308 upper was good. To be blunt the rifle offerings have what has become the homogenized look and cater more to the Rambo wannabes:) The seasoned crowd with the money lean towards the M-16ish look or if like my builds it’s ingredients that do not venture too far from Stoner.
    Overall they are very nice firearms, nice ingredients and the mention of receivers fitting properly indicates attention to detail…and they are Made in Texas.

  3. “marketing”/buying advertisement on AM radio/”print” does not = “great” mfg. In fact thinkin folks realize who pays for “marketing”/

    As: mfg of mediocre home backup generator spends MILLIONS on “marketing” does nothing for the buyer – go spend your hard earned $ on equipment not advertising BS.

  4. When somebody drops I support the second amendment every other sentence it’s time to go. If you’re going to do a factory tour give background on and talk to the people who actually make the guns. So, make a gun, name it after someone sort of famous and charge an arm and a leg for it. I own two rifles from POF. Do a tour of their factory.

  5. We to the website. That 1911 is sweet. Bet it cost a pretty penny though. I aint in that market, the old lady would kill. Besides, i owe uncle sam 4 grand this year

  6. Plasma rifle in the 40watt range please.
    Internal combustion cartridges are outdated.
    Save the planet.
    Hoping Watchtower has good fortune however at this point in time what gunm shooters really need is another emu nition factory. One that doesn’t do military contracts, one that makes their own powder and primers, one that starts up their own lead smelting plant.
    Depending on foreign components is a bad thing, with a stroke of a pen theBiden can close down all imported munitions.
    And No, there are not enough used car batteries to supply the lead that’s needed to cast bullets, that comes from the country that can no longer export NORINCO brand.
    How does a country lose independence, by becoming dependent, and We are there.

  7. I shot their AR and the Pew View “2011” Doublestack 1911 and they were some of the smoothest guns I’ve ever shot. The PVD coating they use it amazing.

  8. Blah, Blah, NRA this, NRA that, yada, yada, yada. To whom it may concern…The choice is sit on your wimpy complaining do it for me blowbag behind and make biden and his pals proud and or man up and Move the TRUMP 2024 Football Forward…

  9. How creative, groundbreaking and innovative – what a brilliant idea! Who else has had the foresight to start a company that manufactures AR-15s, AR-10s and $4,000 1911s!



  11. I think I’ve read this book before…….

    So unique just like everyone else!

  12. I took a look at their $4K APACHE 9mm double-stack 1911 and out of curiosity checked out the color options. Ouch. To paraphrase, only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry that graphite and copper pistol.

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