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There seem to be two big opinions of Krav Maga, the hand-to-hand combat discipline originally developed for Israeli fighting forces. For some people, you can slap an Israeli flag on anything tactical, and it gets +10 HP. After all, it’s the Holy Land and Everyone is Israel is a superhuman commando like Zohan. Plus, all of the women in the IDF are babes with Desert Eagles, right? But, for other people, Krav Maga gets treated like Rex Kwon Do. Bow to your sensei! Needless to say, it’s a lot like guns in that the quality of instruction available varies widely.

But, while the self-defense part of the Internet is arguing about whether Krav Maga is legit or not, there’s a new threat facing all of the instructors, good and bad. With everything going on in Israel right now, some people who side with Hamas and/or the Palestinians are losing their minds. One man even recently set himself on fire outside of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC.

Sadly, anything remotely Jewish or Israeli is now a target for possible violence, and one man decided to create a scene at a Krav Maga business in Florida:

The man has shown up to the business twice, and on at least one of the times started screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” It goes without saying that if you’re in an Israeli or Israel-related business and someone comes in yelling that, they’re not there with peaceful intentions. Are they about to start shooting? Do they have a bomb? Is there a machete about to come out?

Fortunately, the man didn’t blow himself up or hurt anybody and left without harming anyone. But, we have to ask ourselves what we’d do if we ran a business that became a social or political target.

While not exactly businesses, we can draw on the experiences of successful church defense to get some ideas. Like the Krav Maga business, churches have become a magnet for all sorts of people who are angry with Christians. Only a tiny fraction of a percent of people who have issues with conservative Christianity are a danger to anybody, but all it takes to harm innocent people at a church is one loser, so it’s a threat that churches have had to take seriously.

One obvious one is that somebody with decent training should be armed at any business that might become a target. Whether it’s a Christian bookstore, a Krav Maga studio, or even a gay bar, businesses can become targets.

In this case, the instructor was armed, but didn’t draw his pistol. He seemed to be able to assess the situation and figured out that there wasn’t a deadly threat, so he used his other skills to deal with it without using force. Things like non-violent dispute resolution (Verbal Judo) and the ability to keep yourself calm (box breathing) all can keep a problem from going into violence.

It’s also very important to be a good witness. This place had video cameras, and the people were able to attest to the police that the man said, “Allahu Akbar!” Given the lack of permission to be there and the threat involved, he got a trespass warning and may end up being arrested. But, if nobody can be clear-headed enough to give the police good information, law enforcement can’t do their job and put people like this away.

Finally, physical security of the site is key. If you operate a controversial business of any kind, consider adding some physical security measures. Even keeping the door locked when you don’t expect anybody, or adding a second door that automatically locks so you can “buzz” people in can keep people like that a few more feet away from innocent people inside. If someone doesn’t seem safe, don’t buzz them in!

If you own a business, take stock of what industry you’re in and whether someone might hate you for it. You might be surprised at what people will hate each other over these days, but with some strategic foresight, you can get a better idea of what to look for.

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  1. just the hot tips.
    defense training. arguing about it? waste of time, regardless of the discipline. a raging debate i/r to k.maga, not. there are less effective schools in all flavors.
    i remember joe danno’s bucket o’ suds having a door buzzer in the ’70s at belmont and cicero. straight good idea.
    my buddie’s chipp inn just got one this year after having their pockets turned inside out twice.
    this is like pablum, esp. w/ the 3rd (more?) judo breathing and verbal boxing.

    • you might want to work on your structure, mine is deliberate. maybe move the “a” from in front of “verbal” and place it before “few.”
      if shiteposting is not your first language (clearly english is not) you are excused.

  2. “Only a tiny fraction of a percent of people who have issues with conservative Christianity are a danger to anybody…”

    Wrong. Most of them are a danger because they’re fomenting hate which leads their more aggressive brothers and sisters, who share the same “issues”, to start the physical attacks. Every single person unironically uttering the words “Christian nationalist” is begging for physical attacks against Christians.

    “…what we’d do if we ran a business that became a social or political target.”

    If it’s a martial arts business, and you don’t ask them to sign a waiver and step into the ring to settle your differences, then you’re doing it wrong.

    • I’m yet to see the logic of how attacking people following the Jewish faith will affect the actions of the Israeli government. I suppose the point is it is nothing about logic and all about the feelz.

      Much like how attacking Catholics will affect the policies of the Vatican.

      Preparing for the moderation gulag on this one.

      • They’re attacking/protesting anyone with a Jewish connection. The mask is off. The “loving, inclusive, and accepting” Left is a hate group. Then they gaslight us with their cries of genocide, as they literally chant for genocide.

  3. I did Krav Maga twice a week for six months.
    It is legit.
    I liked it as it was a mix of boxing, kick boxing, judo, wrestling, and brawling all in one.
    And it was a heck of a work out.

    • I can definitely see how it in incorporating all of that would be appealing.

      My personal preference is that’s kind of what kept me away from it. I’ve trained jiu jitsu and muy Thai for four years, primarily focusing on grappling and take downs and using muy Thai to supplement. I’d rather be very proficient in one arena instead of being less proficient in several.

      That being said I’m not trying to take away from Krav or say that someone shouldn’t try it or can’t use it effectively, it’s just my personal preference and nothing more

  4. Considering the terrorism threat level in our nation at this time. From both illegal aliens with unknown nationality, political and religious beliefs and backgrounds. As well as the existing criminal elements. This type of behavior must not be overlooked or minimized. It must be taken very seriously for what it is. A threat. Now ask yourself. Am I willing to let it slide? When myself and/or my family is threatened in this way. Just a couple seconds of hesitation may determine if you and them survive. Choose Wisely

  5. From this article:

    “… all it takes to harm innocent people at a church is one loser, so it’s a threat that churches have had to take seriously.

    … somebody with decent training should be armed at any business that might become a target.”

    Unfortunately, my previous and current churches do not take such threats seriously.

    My previous church’s “solution” was to install video cameras (and a recorder) and rely on the three law enforcement members. Never mind the fact that all three law enforcement members were often absent from services.

    My current church recently touched upon the notion of security–including ever so briefly recognizing that armed members could be an element of that security. Unfortunately they almost immediately decided to “move in a different direction” from armed members for security. Of course that “different direction” is relying on locked doors during the middle part of the church service and relying on the low violent crime rate at our church’s location.

    • That’s how it goes, I’ve had the discussion with one of my priests, he knows I and a few others are armed and is totally fine with it, even considers it a relief since he understands that it isnt a safe world anymore, on the flip side he also has to deal with the squeamish types who would have a royal fit about it and all the in between. So for them its a tough place to be.

  6. Good LORD you need to change churches us! No offense but the large NW Indiana Baptist church we attend has beaucoup security including armed cops,guards,armed security team members and people like me who habitually carry. The head pastor likely carries too. Unfortunately they “let” a protest across the street on church property to occur about abuse by people affiliated with the church(years ago). Glad I was armed that day🙄Sell your cloak & buy a sword…

    • former water walker,

      I appreciate your comment and take no offense. I am in a semi-rural area with a very low violent crime rate so everyone figures that bad things will never happen here. That being the case, all of the churches in my region have the same mindset as far as I can gather.

      And my prospects (for finding a church which embraces armed defenders) in the nearby city (population about 100,000 people) are even worse since that city enjoys a pretty low violent crime rate and is ultra-far Left in their politics.

    • My Baptist church in Eastern WA also has armed security, a bunch of cops as members, elders, and deacons, plus a ton of regular members that pack. It is a low crime area, so I usually only carry a little baby gun like an LCP or 642.

    • former water walker,

      You may find this interesting. Normally I can never remember what I dream about. However, a day or two after gently inquiring with my church Pastor, covering a few security particulars, and the Pastor informing me that our church was going in a different direction (from members carrying in church), I had a vivid dream that I remembered in significant detail. In my dream I was in my back yard and encountered four snakes. One was already dead with the head chopped off. Two more were non-venomous and scurried away when I approached them. The fourth snake was a rattlesnake: when I approached it, it coiled, reared and showed me its fangs, then slithered away from my yard.

      I am seriously thinking that was a divinely inspired dream. My best guess at interpreting it: the dead and non-venomous snakes represent my church elders and the venomous snake represents the Pastor. I approached all of the snakes which represents me confronting my church elders and Pastor to accept members carrying in church. And the snakes all slithering away represent my church elders and Pastor reluctantly accepting members carrying in church.

      Any feedback?

      • Yeah feedback: Flee. Find a different church. We are NOT members but active as I don’t agree with all the ultra conservative Baptist “beliefs”(I’m really a full gospel guy- IE miracles,signs & wonder’s).And I’ve belonged to several churches in my nearly 70 years. It’s your life & I assume loved ones. I’m not trading my family security for a weenie theology!

        • former water walker,

          Thank you for the feedback. I was hoping that you might have some feedback on my dream-thing. Cheers!

        • Yeah your dream. JESUS is at the door. We had 11 tornadoes yesterday in ILLANNOY. Never before a confirmed tornado in Cook county in February. Cook Co.:citadel of satan. Commiefornia & the left coast is doomed. The veil has been lifted. Woe to those not ready! Look for lot’s of bad in the coming month’s. Not to mention having a debt exceeding 32 trillion…

  7. “Christian nationalist” is a propaganda term designed to foment hatred against all Christians. By definition, all Christians are “Christian nationalists”, because we actually believe that Jesus Christ really is the Son of God, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

    The wicked cannot bear to hear this truth.
    Those who hate YAHWEH, hate His Anointed Messiah, will also inevitably hate all His faithful servants. Those who unjustly harm the servants of the True King will face the vengeance of the Almighty.

    All people and nations should bow to the Son of Man, and serve Him. Psalm 2, and Psalm 110 make this very clear.

    “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will rest on His shoulders; and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

    “I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a Son of Man, and He came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before Him. And to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him; His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom one that shall not be destroyed. (Daniel 7:13-14)

    All nations, and all individual people should turn to Christ.

    • Yep. It’s a sneaky way for them to trash Christians. They do the same thing with white people and Republicans. In addition to the “Christian nationalist threat”, they’re always talking about “white nationalists” and “MAGA Republicans.” Those just happen to be the groups (Christian/white/Republican) likely to oppose the DNC/Left. How convenient. Notice how they don’t have those identifiers for the groups that tend to support the DNC.

  8. I’m not hiring for instruction, on anything, a guy wandering around wearing flipflops. The poster child for NO situational awareness/preparedness.

    • He’s an instructor in a dojo. He’s used to constantly entering and leaving the mat area. You don’t usually enter the mat area with shoes on. Flip-flops make that easy.

    • wally1,

      Friendly reminder: the quality of a person is a function of their upbringing and values, NOT how much melanin they have in their skin.

      A very good friend of mine is one of that 13.2% and he is a fantastic high-quality person who is very generous and ready to help me with anything at a moment’s notice. And a very wonderful lady in that 13.2% cut my hair the other day.

      There are quality people and scumbags everywhere. Plan accordingly.

      Pro tip: nice areas attract/retain quality people and nasty areas attract/retain nasty people.

        • Ha ha–I have driven through Hammond and Gary, Indiana many times. When I think of Gary, Indiana, I immediately think of how bad the air used to smell back in the day–the heyday of manufacturing.

          Speaking of driving through Gary, Indiana and the adjacent areas on the Illinois side of the border–I am amazed that the interstate highways are perpetually under construction. You would think that they could pave them and then leave them alone for at least 25 years before tearing them up and repaving again. Of course there isn’t anywhere near as much money in that for the politicians and their “friends” who get the contracts to construct the roads so they just keep tearing them up and resurfacing.

      • While I agree for the most, not so much. I have a unique perspective. I grew up in a remote town in Alaska. I had never seen a black person until I was 17 and moved to the lower 48 (states). I had no perspective. I went into the army and then 30 years in L.E. Wake up call. they all revert to racism. I always treated POC with dignity and respect, their respect for me, not so much. I also observed they destroy everything they touch, not just here, but worldwide, no one can prove this wrong. Based on FACT, as well as personal experience, I live without them in my life and life is good. Not a political point, just reality. Your mileage may vary.

  9. “….one way ticket to jail…..”
    If you think ‘jail’ is going to deter this squirrel, I have an allah-hu-akbar I’d like to sell you.

  10. Please fix your headline. This was not a fake attack. The bad guy was testing the response.

    A fake attack is Jussie Smollet etc.


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