Revolutionary war battle reenactment
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Perhaps the greatest military victory in the history of America, the Battles of Saratoga are known as the “Turning Point,” and without those victories, there almost assuredly wouldn’t be the “Shining City on a Hill” that we cherish today. The beleaguered American forces desperately needed something – anything – to show it could stand and fight the British as it sought freedom and independence. The world was watching and in September and October of 1777, the men and women fighting for their lives in this new experiment got exactly what they needed. American troops cut off British reinforcements and surrounded the red coats at Saratoga, forcing British Gen. John Burgoyne into surrender and giving American General Horatio Gates and his troops – and the entire country – the victory they so desperately needed. France saw the ragtag Americans could win, joined the war to fight against the globe’s greatest military power, and the rest is history.

I’m surrounded by reminders and relics of the Turning Point victory every day. I live just a few miles from Freeman’s Farm, Bemis Heights and the cornfields where the Battles of Saratoga were fought. The proximity gives extra meaning every time July 4th arrives and is a daily reminder that our country is populated – and has always been – with great men and women who will fight for freedom, liberty and God-given rights for all.

And along every step of the way, there has always been – and continues to be – a strong and dedicated firearm industry standing by.

Innovation Wins the War

The stories and history are well-known. Early American militias and gun owners relied on scraping together whatever firearms they could get their hands on. The vast number were imported and foreign made, including from Britian’s own “Brown Bess” muzzle-loading muskets as well as France’s Charleville muskets. But in America, necessity was the mother of innovation and firearms were commonly tweaked and altered to meet the specific needs of American militia.

That includes the rifles that would be utilized by Brigadier General Daniel Morgan at Saratoga. “Dan Morgan’s rifleman” were key to American victory, operating as long distance “snipers” and taking out British military leadership. One of Morgan’s young rifleman, Tim Murphy, is credited with using his accurate rifle to take out British General Simon Fraser at Bemis Heights, which reinvigorated the American troops to keep up their siege on Burgoyne.

Another commonly used firearm of the Revolution was the “Pennsylvania long rifle,” which was an American-designed firearm, based on earlier German firearms. In the new America, the Pennsylvania rifles were used by snipers and infantryman and gave the shooters increased accuracy and distance on the battlefield – up to 300 yards compared to about 100 yards for earlier designed smoothbore muskets.

The burgeoning American firearm industry was taking shape, and it couldn’t happen fast enough or at a better time. Yes, imported firearms were extremely common for Americans to own and use, but the new wave of innovation in the industry was cementing its effectiveness and necessity.

That Spirit Continues

From Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, the earliest federal producer of military firearms beginning in 1777, to Simeon North manufacturing his early rifles and pistols in Connecticut, to Eli Whitey’s Whitney Armory on Long Island Sound, and down throughout the other early colonies, American firearm manufacturers were integral to the success of the young and growing United States. That innovative spirit and connective tissue has continued throughout the generations to today.

The firearm industry today, though its geographic footprint has shifted, employs more hardworking Americans than ever before. More than 380,000 men and women go to work every day to manufacture the highest-quality and reliable firearms that are used by millions of law-abiding Americans each and every day for recreational target shooting, hunting and self-defense. That includes more than 22 million new first-time gun owners in America since 2020. That’s the same as the population of Florida and for those new gun buyers, July 4th might just have a new meaning to them too.

It doesn’t take living near a historic Revolutionary battlefield to be passionate about the Founding Fathers, the greatness of the country that was formed nearly 250 ago or her exceptionalism still today. That spirit is spread throughout the country amongst communities from sea to shining sea. The firearm industry is proudly interwoven within it and will celebrate America on Independence Day, and each and every day as well.


–Matt Manda, Courtesy of NSSF


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Our sincere apologies to Matt Manda and the NSSF, who do great work and provide solid content often used here on TTAG. This story was originally inadvertently credited to the wrong person upon posting, but Matt Manda and the NSSF deserve all the credit. We hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day holiday.)

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  1. Yes Happy Independence Day. This nation may get another “shot heard round the world”! 🙄

  2. I am confident that the spirit of our founding fathers will rise again. Happy Independence Day and be safe!

  3. I just finished up my annual 4th celebration at the range. Yes, I was shooting weapons of war. The beer is on ice and I’ll be prepping for the grill as soon as I can clean up. Happy birthday to the United States of America. 🇺🇸

    • I’m trying Racer. In the last week I bought a German G-43 and a Winchester M-1 carbine. One is for my son’s birthday the other is for Christmas. He collects Mil-Surp.

  4. I thought Beau Biden won our freedom through a long duration hunger strike which cost him his life.

    The remaining founders celebrated this day by eating his body in a cannibal ritual.

    • Wasn’t much left to eat after he starved himself.
      Well actually if he was like his daddy once he took a sht there wasn’t much left anyway.

          • “Denounce the Koran or fuck off”

            I haven’t denounced anything, but I can say I’ve seen no evidence that any of the magical claims in the Quran are any more accurate than anyone else’s ‘sacred texts’.

            Honestly, all the records of the Abrahamic religions seem to depict a savage and war-like tribe of the Bronze Age, a record of their beliefs and taboos that include child murder, sexual trafficking, genocide and slavery.

            I am unaware of any ritualistic cannibalism ceremonies practiced by the Musselmen, but I’m certainly not a scholar of the East.

            • “Honestly, all the records of the Abrahamic religions seem to depict a savage and war-like tribe of the Bronze Age, a record of their beliefs and taboos that include child murder, sexual trafficking, genocide and slavery.”

              You mean exactly like the liberal democrats of today’s world?

              • To a T, .40 cal. It’s virtuous as long as it’s called progressivism, liberalism, Marxism, c-o-m-m-u-n_ism, etc.

        • “Show us where on the doll the priest touched you”

          I wasn’t raised Catholic, I think they are as delusional as any others who adhere to the religion of the talking snake. But it does seem that the priests have indeed inappropriately ‘touched’ probably thousands of innocent children:

          “Clergy Sex Abuse Settlements Nationwide

          As states around the nation update their sexual misconduct laws, more and more clergy sexual abuse victims are suing the Catholic Church. Below are just some of the settlement amounts that other dioceses have agreed to pay survivors:

          New Jersey: In 2022, the Diocese of Camden agreed to pay $87.5 million to approximately 300 sex abuse victims.
          Pennsylvania: In 2018, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia launched a reparations program for victims of sexual abuse. As of 2022, the Archdiocese had paid out more than $78.5 million to 438 survivors.
          New York: In 2016, the Archdiocese of New York established a victim compensation program, which had already paid over $60 million to survivors by 2018.
          Delaware: In 2011, the Diocese of Wilmington agreed to pay over $77 million to settle more than 150 claims of clergy sexual abuse.
          California: In 2007, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles agreed to pay $660 million to 508 people who accused priests of sexual abuse. That same year, the Diocese of San Diego agreed to pay nearly $200 million to 144 priest abuse victims.”

            • “Still haven’t touched the Talmud though“

              Sadly, you are demonstrating your ignorance of the Abrahamic religions.

              The Talmud is different from both the Koran and the Bible.

              The Koran and the Bible are said to be the inspired Word of God, as delivered through His prophets and disciples.

              The Talmud is just a record of laws, tall tales and legends written by men. Perhaps they were ‘godly’ teachers who had studied the scriptures, but they were written by men nonetheless.

              the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legend comprising the Mishnah and the Gemara. There are two versions of the Talmud: the Babylonian Talmud (which dates from the 5th century AD but includes earlier material) and the earlier Palestinian or Jerusalem Talmud“

              • “a third rail you cannot criticize”

                I don’t have a problem with humans developing a code of laws to govern their activities.

                Why would you angrily demand antisemitic comments about the Talmud?

                You do know, Jesus and almost all of his disciples were Jews, right?
                You do realize, the holy Bible, both the old and New Testaments was written almost exclusively by Jewish people who practiced the Jewish religion, right?

                In my opinion, all religions fail for the same reason… No credible evidence to support their God claims.

              • To so your utter hypocrisy in bitching about Christianity while being utterly unwilling to do the same for other groups with far more objectionable content in their holy texts. Also if you are a contractor or other form of servant you know the rules. So again denounce the Talmud or fuck off.

              • “hypocrisy in bitching about Christianity while being utterly unwilling to do the same for other groups“

                You really should consider an actual college level course in comparative religions, you apparently don’t realize the Abrahamic religions include Islam, Hebrews and Christians, they all pretty much share the first five books of what you consider the holy Bible.

                I’ve repeatedly said all of them fail to comport with reality, as all of man’s self created relations fail to demonstrate the ‘divine’.

                The fact that Christianity just adds the element of ritual cannibalism doesn’t make it particularly worse in any way, they all have their reprehensible history as detailed in the Old Testament/Tawrat/Torah.

                Really, your Christianity persecution complex is showing…

              • You think I’m working for the Jews?

                Oh man, you are delusional, hilarious.

                Have you not seen my multiple posts condemning the IDF for their war crimes in Palestine?
                You know, from the research I’ve done I think it’s clear 95% of the Jewish ‘settlements’ are on stolen Palestinian land and should be returned to their rightful Arab owners.

                And make no mistake, Hamas terrorists are also guilty of despicable war crimes, and both they and the IDF commanders should be bought before the bar of justice to answer for the crimes against humanity.

                Sadly, they’re both acting out the ‘godly’ commands of genocide recorded in the Old testament.

                Regardless of whatever Commandments given to kill all the Amalekites or Canaanites or whatever, the murder of noncombatants, especially children, should be punished in the hardest way possible under our justice system.

              • Lol still no denouncing the Talmud with all it’s fun stuff worse than anything in the old or new testament let alone the koran. Whether you work anyone associated with weird stuff or not you are certainly shabbos and a stereotype glow poster. Now kindly fuck off as you failed to do something so basic.

              • It’s really weird how they waited to follow these “commands of genocide” until they were attacked on October 7th. So that’s just some odd coincidence, right? Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t have a clue.

              • “the Jewish ‘settlements’ are on stolen Palestinian land and should be returned to their rightful Arab owners.”

                Now that’s funny! You claim to know the Old Testament. I don’t believe it. You obviously don’t understand the history of this region.

              • “Talmud with all it’s fun stuff worse than anything in the old or new testament“

                Really? Would you be kind enough to point out in the Talmud where the religious leaders order the killing of everyone, including the children… (Except for the virgin girl children, they are instructed to keep for themselves), as in Numbers 31:17-18 KJV.

                In my experience, the Christians require everyone to participate in a ritual where they eat human flesh and drink human blood, and call it ‘holy communion’. Has that been your experience in the Christian church?
                Most churches fear legal consequences so they generally use wine or grape juice and crackers in their ritual cannibalism these days.

                17Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 18But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

                That sounds like the very definition of child trafficking, y’all is putting the ho back in hosanna!

            • And as usual, Miner gives teachers/school staff a pass. They have more of a history in abusing children than the church. At least churchgoers were horrified about the abuse and coverup scandals in the church, begging for reform. On the other hand, people like Miner (AKA Democrats) continue to hide/ignore the secksual abuse/indoctrination/grooming that is not only happening in the school system, but increasing in frequency.

              Correct Chris. I think they should allow priests to marry.

              • “And as usual, Miner gives teachers/school staff a pass“

                I made no statements indicating that any of the groups you mention should be giving a pass regarding unlawful activity.

                That’s just more of your bullshit strawman arguments, The reason I posted facts about the reality of priests abusing children was in response to an earlier comment by another poster:

                “Get Therapy
                July 5, 2024 At 08:23
                Show us where on the doll the priest touched you“

                Clearly, it is our friend Mr. therapy here who is attacking Christian priests.

                I notice you completely ignore Mr. void’s demands for antisemitic insults.

                Are you one of those who claim that Jews have a blood guilt because after all, they are the ones who demanded the Romans kill Jesus?

              • “I made no statements indicating that any of the groups you mention should be giving a pass regarding unlawful activity.”

                I never said you made a statement about giving people a pass. THAT is a strawman argument. I don’t do that. I said you give them a pass because you never bring it up, while constantly bringing up the church scandals. There’s a reason for that. It’s called pushing the narrative. You follow the lead of the mockingbird media like a good drone. Then when I bring it up, you deflect.

                “Are you one of those who claim that Jews have a blood guilt…”

                Was that directed to me? If so, no. That’s absurd. Blood guilt is your cup of tea, not mine. (Reparations.)

                “I notice you completely ignore Mr. void’s demands for antisemitic insults.”

                I think the point he’s making is that you always put down Christianity while giving other religions a pass. Whenever someone calls you out on it, it’s always the same answer: you don’t care for any religion. Yet we never hear you blasting Judaism or Islam out of the blue, not to mention any other number of religions. There’s a reason for that, and you know it. And here it is: Christianity is a threat to Leftism. There’s currently a truce between Islam and Leftism because they share a common enemy: the West (Christendom). “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

                Judaism was mostly off limits prior to Oct 7. That’s somewhat changing now due to the close relationship the Left has cultivated with Muslims, who obviously don’t like Jews.

              • “I said you give them a pass because you never bring it up, while constantly bringing up the church scandals“

                “never hear you blasting Judaism or Islam out of the blue“

                Nope, it wasn’t me that brought up Christian priests and abusing children, that would be Mr. therapy:

                “Get Therapy
                July 5, 2024 At 08:23
                Show us where on the doll the priest touched you“

                But seriously, would you share with me how many hundreds of millions of dollars Jewish churches have paid out in abuse scandal settlements? I was kind enough to post several news stories showing hundreds of millions paid by the Jesus worshiping Catholic Church to settle their abuse guilt, what do you have against the Jews?

              • “Nope, it wasn’t me that brought up Christian priests and abusing children…”

                It doesn’t matter who brought it up. You were carrying on about it like you always do, in much more detail than Mr. therapy.

                “I was kind enough to post several news stories showing hundreds of millions paid by the Jesus worshiping Catholic Church to settle their abuse guilt, what do you have against the Jews?”

                And here you are STILL carrying on about it, not to mention posting another strawman argument.

      • “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”—Lucius Annaeus Seneca

          • When I use a house broom to brush a garden snake away. And they hiss at me. I understand exactly what they are saying to me.

            • “I understand exactly what they are saying to me“

              That’s right, lizard people can understand the reptilian languages.

              Frankly, I’m surprised you’d admit that on a public forum.

              • Well, MajorLiar, we are constantly surprised that you not only admit, but claim to be proud of, your continued adherence to the failed, racist, authoritian policies of “Progressivism” (known to educated people as Leftist/fascism), yet here you are, still ‘stuck on stupid’.

            • My grandpa told me when or if you kill a snake and it dies on is back that’s a sign that it will rain.
              Throughout my observations I have found that to be true.
              I do know why frogs sing before a rain, mating because the water will be there for the eggs. I cannot explain why a snake dies on it’s back other then barometric pressure.

        • “Religion is regarded…by the rulers as useful.”

          Which of course is why the commies are always seeking to DESTROY religion instead of using it. To this day, there are fewer religious people in Eastern Germany compared to Western. Look into 20th century Russian and Chinese history, and report your findings regarding rulers and religion. The only useful religion to them is the one you worship, the religion of the State.

  5. Remember what we’re celebrating. The Founding Fathers would not give up their firearms and refused to pay their taxes.

    We could take a lesson, today.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I wonder if another war for independence will be an insurance revolt: my family pays approximately $15,000 every year for health, auto, home, and liability insurance.

      • And if we really want to get nauseous, add our federal and state income taxes and property taxes to our annual insurance expense and that combined expenditure works out to roughly $35,000 every year. That doesn’t leave us a whole lot for life expenses + saving for retirement + charitable giving.

      • Insurance is our biggest yearly expense. it’s nearly half of our budget. Without it we could not operate at all Yes we are forced to have it because without it we would be cast out of dealing with others since it is mandatory to be insured to even deal with anyone in our business.

        • And you can’t legally drive a car unless its insured.
          You can ride a bicycle or walk or the Amish way.
          I worked at a sawmill that didn’t carry liability insurance, a guy sawed his fingers off. The owner got sued big time.
          Your not forced to carry insurance, however you do suffer the consequences.

  6. Friendly reminders:

    There are evil / vile people in the world who want to use, abuse, exploit, and consume anyone and everyone they can–and some of these evil / vile people rise to positions of power.

    Appeals to reason or decency have ZERO effect on evil / vile people.

    Only violent physical force stops evil / vile people.

    Firearms are one quintessential element of violent physical force.

    Our nation’s Founders knew the above all too well which is why they codified our U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    In light of all of the above, all good and decent people have a duty to arm themselves and be ready to repel the forces of evil / vile people.

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!

  7. From this article:

    Innovation Wins the War

    and this

    “… Pennsylvania rifles were used by snipers and infantryman and gave the shooters increased accuracy and distance on the battlefield – up to 300 yards compared to about 100 yards for earlier designed smoothbore muskets.”

    Innovation does not not win wars. What does? Answer: superior determination and tactics.

    While distance advantages are desirable for obvious reasons, there are many other elements of superior tactics which are of equal or greater importance. Former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld summed up the entire concept that superior determination and tactics win wars, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.”

  8. Won not so much with weapons, but more importantly due to the desire, fortitude and courage of a people to be free from tyranny. Without those qualities all the weapons in the world mean nothing.

      • “And perhaps only a third of the colonists were “patriots”. Sobering statistics.”

        actually, it broke down pretty close to three ‘cohorts’ each about 1/3 of the then current colonists population.

        ~1/3 were the ‘patriots’ who wanted the British gone.

        ~1/3 were ‘loyalists’ to the crown.

        ~1/3 were ‘neutral’ but ~3/4 of those ‘indirectly’ aided the ‘patriots’ sometimes and the other ~1/4 of those played both sides sometimes. Kinda like Switzerland did in WWII.

        • Kinda like~ 1/3 were Republicans,~1/3 were Democrats, and~1/3 were uncomitted. Here nobody helps each other unless there’s something in it for themselves. Kinda like Europe today.

  9. Happy 4th of July! email is loaded with gun stuff discounts + free shipping deals…every purchase large or small helps so shop till you drop.

    • I bought a ten shot Roman Candle a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread.
      My shopping is over.
      It don’t get much better then that.
      JRB in 2024

  10. Happy 4th of July everyone.
    Permitless Carry is now the law in Louisiana and make the day even more special.

    • Most peoplei won’t notice but for the media and the Gun Control crowd they are laying in wait hoping to connect any criminal misuse that happens today with permitless carry…watch the news.

      • Debbie W. You would be amazed at the trash talk coming out of New Orleans the last several weeks. They think the french quarter is the most special place on earth and the lives of those in the quarter are more important than anyone else’s. The predictions by some in LE and politicians is nothing short of B S
        They are even trying to get a police station near the french quarter declared a “school” so they can impose the 1000 ft zone. The A G has said that the station does not meet the definition of “school” as defined in current law, but those in New Orleans do not care and will be facing lawsuits galore if they try to enforce this. The station is used as training periodically for LE and in no way is a properly defined school. The moaning and groaning can be heard as far away as Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

  11. Those across America with the same mindset throw tantrums short of setting themselves on fire but in the end it was them who had to go pound sand…

    • Want a good 4th of July laugh, then watch the video posted by .40 cal Booger.
      “Is that a PDW in your pants”

  12. Got beer in the ground, got a pig on ice. l don’t know who just walked in the door, but it sure as hell ain’t Miss Mississippi…

    Hope everybody enjoys being a frog in a pot. I really did try to tell you.

    Happy Dog Days.

  13. Imma gonna watch Invasion USA with Chuck Norris to get fired up! Then I’m gonna invade a bacon cheesebuger and home made cole slaw. Happy Independance Day all! Merica fuk yea!!

  14. Enjoy the now lega.l But.t se.x and drugs. And you can you have s.ex in public. On the days the government gives you permission.

    So happy Folsom Street Fair days. While you steal up to $950. And you won’t be arrested. Thanks to the Liber.tarians libe.rals and the le.ft.

    Let freedom ring!!!

      • The Leftist Libertarian nominee is rejected in 3 states by other libertarians. video 2 hours 20 minutes long.

        All they have ever cared about is making b.utt se.x legal. And making p.ot, coke, and everything else legal.

        A great video that to me explains why the Libertarians are so F#cked up.

        They have played lip service to the 1st and 2nd amendments.

        • “making b.utt se.x legal“

          Amazing, it seems every single post by you includes that phrase, fascinating… but creepy.

          “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”
          Hamlet’s mom

          • I remember very well when the s.ex.ually liber.ated couldn’t shut up about s.ex. Now they don’t want to talk about it.

            it’s “normal” everyday sex. Correct???

            In fact you and your associates want to teach it to 5 year old school children.

            But you don’t want the children to learn about their 2A rights and responsibilities.

            • Look at it this way Chris, the more legal butt secx the less libertarians, it just takes time.
              Ho mo secx uals help overpopulation.
              I’d be as happy as a two peckered Billy Goat if there were a 6 to 1 ratio of ho mo secx uals and 0 lestbians

  15. Happy Birthday to the USA. I only hope people remember what we fought for and remember those who gave their lives and fortunes to secure our independence.
    As I write this my kids and grand kids are shooting off their fireworks. After the cookout I fired off 3 shots with the 6 pound cannon. We also burned up a couple hundred rounds of ammo at the range today. We celebrated with good food, friends and family enjoying each others company, a bit of friendly competition on the gun range trying to see who could be the most accurate at the longest range with a couple of my antique rifles.
    And the adults are now going to enjoy a few glasses of beer, mead or wine we made here on the farm as well as a few glasses of good bourbon or sour mash whiskey. All American made stuff. No Scotch tonight kids.

  16. “…the men and women fighting for their lives in this new experiment got exactly what they needed.”

    I am tired of this PC phrasing. How many American women actually “fought” in the Revolutionary War? Or any US war, up to maybe Iraq?

    I don’t intend to demean all the valuable military support that women provide, and their other unique and excellent qualities, but come on! I also don’t think women should be drafted (as they now can be) or serve in combat. Their lower capability than men, and their effect on morale and unit cohesion should keep them off the battlefield. And how can anyone support the risk of them being abused if captured, or being maimed in battle?

    Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois lost her legs in a helicopter crash. Why was this necessary? Women are not the same as men* and should not try to prove that they are!

    * not lesser or worse, just different.

    • “How many American women actually “fought”

      Have you lost sight of the fact that women are the ACTUAL ‘producers’ of our armed forces?

      “Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois lost her legs in a helicopter crash. Why was this necessary?”

      It’s a concept that seems foreign to you, patriotism and love of country.

      Her family has a tradition of national service, her father was in the United States Army and USMC. In addition to her military service, she’s just plain smart, she received a Master of Arts in international affairs from George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

      Glad I could ‘splain that to you, have a great holiday weekend!

      • I don’t care that Duckworth lost her legs in a helicopter crash in war time.
        She is as anti civil rights, as any member of the KKK who fought in WW2.

        Only to return and put their foot on the necks of black soldiers who also returned to America. And who also fought in WW2.

        To borrow a liberal phrase. Tammy is the Asian face of white supremacy.

        • Was going to ask about some of that after reading up on her and looking like you beat me to it so let’s just go with hiding behind vet cred doesn’t make for a relevant politician.

          • “so let’s just go with hiding behind vet cred“

            Nobody is hiding behind anything, ‘Wray Epps’ asked why did Tammy Duckworth volunteer to serve her country in a combat zone, flying high risk rotary wing missions and surviving an RPG round to the cockpit.

            Frankly, I was honored to explain her patriotism and love of country to ‘Wray’.

            • Cool story and what does she do now to serve her country……oh right try to reduce constitutional rights for citizens and betray her oath of service. Don’t give a fuck about what she did she got her vet benefits same as anyone else would it’s her dog shit current actions that determine her hiding behind the vet cred and not being any more worthwhile than that waste of skin McCain was.

  17. As Lord Acton pointed out in 1887, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Hence you invite predation when you cede power. My research (I’m a Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science) confirmed that he was correct. Ask yourself – would YOU do something that hurts or endangers YOU??? When people can’t defend themselves, they invite attacks.  

  18. PSA: Blackwater Ammo Recall > Cease all use of Blackwater Heavy Hitter 12 gauge Sabot shotgun ammunition! > RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH: Circumstances can arise that result in the Heavy Hitter ammunition detonating in the magazine tube of a tube-fed shotgun. If this occurs, the shooter and any bystanders could suffer serious personal injury or death, and the shotgun could be damaged and rendered inoperable.

    • Palmetto State Armory, Tactical Sh*t & Others Sued Over Injuries From Exploding (Blackwater Heavy Hitter 12 gauge Sabot shotgun) Ammo.


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