President Joe Biden holding an 80% pistol frame during an earlier anti-gun speech. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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Could vehemently anti-gun President Joe Biden’s time in the White House soon be coming to an end? Judging by a wane in support among members of his own party, the president’s four-year war on the Second Amendment just might not be extended to eight, as indicated by a new Rasmussen Poll.

Rasmussen recently asked 1,113 likely voters the question: “Would you approve or disapprove of Democrats finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November?” More than half—54% to be exact—of Democrats responding answered yes.

The high positive response likely reflects not only Democrats’ dissatisfaction with the president’s policies, but also their opinion that Biden is largely unelectable in this fall’s presidential election against former President Donald Trump. Also, the downward-spiraling economy has all Americans, regardless of party, paying much more for everyday items than they were just a few years ago.

Interestingly, fewer Republicans than Democrats—only 43 percent—gave a positive answer to the question concerning removing Biden from the Democratic presidential ticket. That result likely reflects the opinion by most Republicans that Biden’s chances of an election victory this fall are low.

Biden’s war on guns, gun owners, and firearms manufacturers and retailers has been a thorn in the side of the Second Amendment since he took office in January 2021. From the first day Biden has sought to ban so-called “assault weapons,” outlaw the private sale of firearms and repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act (PLCAA), which protects gun makers and sellers from frivolous lawsuits over the criminal misuse of their legally made, lawfully sold products.

While Biden’s only legislative accomplishment has been the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), passed with the help of a few turncoat Republicans in Congress, his has wreaked far more havoc with his administrative changes and arguably unconstitutional rule making by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Through those means, the administration has effectively banned the time-honored U.S. tradition of crafting homemade firearms, banned many exports of firearms, redefined pistols outfitted with stabilizing braces as “short-barreled rifles,” and most recently, redefined who is “engaged in the business” of selling firearms, thereby severely limiting private sales.

He has also established a White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which is led by Vice President Kamala Harris and is working diligently to push the administration’s gun-ban schemes at the state level.

While Biden claims all of these moves are to curb violent crime, the public isn’t buying it. According to an April survey by The Economist and YouGov, a majority of Americans don’t approve of the job the president is doing concerning the nation’s violent crime problem.

In all, 52% of respondents disapproved of the job the president has done on the issue, compared to 32% who voiced their approval. By party, Republicans had the highest disapproval rating at 90%. Some 17% of Democrat disapproved, as did the majority of Independents (52%).

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  1. Whoever is propping this poor bastard up needs to be in jail for elder abuse. He needs to be in a home.

    The fascist left has no soul.

    • He’s still convinced he can win. Let’s not let the enemy stop making a mistake…

    • Is “Barry” the handler? He needs his puppet to act as his proxy for at least another four years.

    • Anyone who replaces him is just as likely to worse on gun control & possibly more effective.

    • Biden is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate doing as he is instructed by the real power behind the curtain. Even if Biden isn’t on the ticket The elimination of the 2A is still the goal of the real leadership of the democrat party.

  2. Pessimist in me saying they only want him off the ticket because it looks like he is likely to lose.

    • Of course that’s it. He’s doing everything they wanted him to do. By saying ‘he’ I’m referring to the senile puppet’s handlers. He doesn’t do anything except sign where they tell him to sign, and struggle to read the teleprompter with a few of his frequently used lies and tough guy act thrown in. They only want to win. The Puppet is an empty vessel.

  3. Listen Jack, it’s not what you want that makes you fat it’s what you get.
    And elerititty, elec, elec.
    You know, the thing man.
    It’s not about , look, I’m getting the votes.
    Bluild Back Beh beh
    I had my ass wiped damn it.
    8 more years, it’s not 8?
    I’m president and your not.

    • Gee, I’m getting to enjoy Joe’s
      “speeches”… in my head there’s an old image of Shakey’s pizza parlors and the animatronic band is WAY out of sync, and a waitress that looks just like cackling kamala is saying “don’t worry kids, they can’t hurt you”

      • Shakey’s Pizza?
        Huh. I used to work a 4 10s job and I’d use one of my days off to fix jukeboxes, pinball machines and video games plus do the occasional collection run for that outfit years ago… Boy, does that bring back some memories.

  4. A person would have to be: blind, stupid and a blubbering idiot not to see the sorry job this administration has done. One trip to a grocery store should expose the sorry state of the economy. A mere observation of their rhetoric should reveal to anyone their disdain for the Constitution and hatred of “we the people”. The conduct of the ATF alone should reveal the tyranny and none existent moral standards of right and wrong as applied to justice. The actions of the ATF clearly illustrates the lack of caring and respect for the American people. It is high time this administration was sent on their way and out of the lives of “we the people”.

      • Not a problem? There used to be a joke about how Russians never smile. Check out all the happy faces walking out of a grocery store now here in America.
        Music Lawrence:
        Out in the streets there was violence
        And lots of work to be done
        Working so hard like a soldier
        Still can’t feed everyone

        • “Check out all the happy faces walking out of a grocery store now here in America.”

          Says the fella who eats from a dumpster… 😉

          • There are people who do that. It’s called gleaning.

            Shops throw out huge quantities of usable food.

            I haven’t gone that far yet but quick-sale clearance is a large part of my shopping. if I freeze it, what’s the difference? Especially when I buy something that would normally cost $12+ for $5-7.

            • “There are people who do that. It’s called gleaning.”

              Gleaning is a holdover from feudal England, middle ages.

              After the harvest was in, the rabble had the legal right to pick over the fields for individual grains…

              • “And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not make clean riddance of the corners of thy field when thou reapest, neither shalt thou gather any gleaning of thy harvest: thou shalt leave them unto the poor, and to the stranger.”
                – – Lev23:22

            • Called Dumpster Diving here in the midwest U.S, its actually beneficial as the homeless dumpster divers keep the rat population down.
              Possums go hungry but PETA only protects certain species.
              ….Dont dry laundry from you window in Saigon…

    • Sorry job?

      “Access to affordable health care is Biden’s crowning achievement. The number of uninsured Americans hit an all-time low of 7.2% in the second quarter of 2023, while the number of people who signed up for an Obamacare plan for 2024 surged to 21.3 million.“

      “The economy added 14.8 million jobs over the first three years of his term, more than any president in US history over the same period. What’s more, unemployment has held below 4% for the longest stretch since the 1960s.“

      “Biden neither deserves full blame for the high inflation nor full credit for the rebound in real wages. Nevertheless, the strong labor market bears the imprint of White House policies such as the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure act, the CHIPs act and the ill-named Inflation Reduction Act. Although some economists say these contributed to faster inflation, they also fueled hiring.”

    • Remember that food and fuel costs aren’t included in the official CPI. Therefore inflation is under control, never mind rising utilities, taxes and mortgage interest. You are doing well

  5. The whispers to trade the old Gun Control democRat for a new Gun Control democRat is a last ditch effort to put a smiley face on a turd sandwich.

    Let’s cut the percent chase…With its long, long History of race based atrocities why hasn’t the democRat Party been abolished like slavery and held monetarily liable for Reparations?

    • Because without the Democrats the Republicans would have no one to blame, or vice versa.
      The president did this the president done that.
      Nope the president is just a figurehead that signs or does not sign Bill’s put before him, really dont matter he’s just someone to throw stones at.
      Keep our Hope’s up that next election will make a difference.
      The Lie.
      Sadly these skyrocketing food prices are not going to go down no matter whose in office.
      Draughts and floods, foreign countries, and wars.
      Russia was a major exporter of fertilizer. No more cheap on that and it takes a lot of petroleum to produce fertilizer.
      The high price of fuel puts the hurt on farmers too. Nixons trickle down effect.
      Then add that the land is now supporting a larger population then 50 years ago. The food just ain’t there.
      Inflation also means the beef Processors have to pay higher wages, which in turn raises the cost of beef. Chicken feed ain’t cheap. Hogs either, a lot of antibiotics are used in the hog industry. $$$.
      It’s more complicated then just whose in office.
      For instance to simplify. McDonald’s, Yay, we are getting $12.50 now, but nobody can afford our hamburgers. Because you cant have one without the other. I pay higher wages I gotta raise the price on the product to break even.
      However with all that, FCK Joe Biden, he’s a real class act POS.

      • Not so fast…When Republicans don’t speak the Truth About the democRat Party the task shifts to We The People.

      • The Green energy policy by the Biden admin caused all the inflation. His policies reduced oil production by making so much red tape for oil companies they started to cut back on U.S. production. Under Biden we started buying oil from Russia at mini-bar prices, this allowed Putin to build up his war chest to the point he could afford to invade Ukraine. Stop being a child, the world runs on fossil fuels, Every major city depends on transportation by trains and trucks to get food and other necessities, when those fuel costs go up it is passed on to the consumer. Green energy will never work. Hydroelectric and nuclear are the only efficient alternatives. They are the most efficient and cleanest. Solar and windmills, Really, what you going to do at night or the wind is not blowing. Geez, it’s not that hard to figure out.

  6. Bidens war on gun ownership is the Democrats war on gun ownership. Replacing him won’t change that. a D is a D from capping Lincoln, to rallying Klansmen to fighting integration to making gun control a party platform point a D is a D is a D.

  7. To quote The Who, this will be the new boss same as the old boss. The war will continue without Joe leading the way as much as he really leads anything.

    In terms of Biden off the ticket? Yeah, odds are very high of that. I’d be willing to put some money in he won’t be alive at the point his term would end if reelected.

    • whaddayamean if ? the printers are running nonstop and their practicing ballot stuffing in the swings alredy.

      • I had an old(think over 80) former Cook county Dim judge proclaim how wonderful things are(at the health club). I guess when you get a gigantic pension you’re doing fine. He also didn’t have a clue we had this “conversation” twice before. I think he’s a relative of slow Joe🙄Oh the election. I see a steal. And a large scale kerfuffle.

    • He is alive?
      And here I was giving credit to what a great job the Egyptians did with their embalming.
      So he is alive.

    • Nah. They’ll keep him in the chair. Even if he shuffles off this mortal coil they can do “Weekend at Bidens”. I wonder if they can hire the Kremlin embalmers who can make Le.nin look better in death than he did in his last decade of life.

  8. Biden is still on the ticket, but he is still off.
    And as Shire-man said, “D is a D is a D.”
    6 of one and 1/2 dozen of another!

    Say it daily, Trump 2024.

    • I’m sure Hillary is also fantasizing about making it back to the White House. I don’t see how they could possibly skip over Kamala, considering her diversity credentials. I think they’re prepared to prop up the Puppet until they can no longer physically do it. The other problem with switching out the figurehead is at least a slight change up in staff. There has never been a more powerful administration, outside of the president, in the history of this country. All of Joe’s people, including Jill, will be fighting to stay in power for as long as possible.

      • Not nearly as scary as the citizenry knowing where their families live. I’ve had this conversation with local LE and to a person their biggest fear if the federal government suddenly unleashed upon legal firearms owners with force. Is knowing if they choose the wrong side their families lives will be the target of retaliation by firearms owners.

        • They’ll just garrison up and form a perimeter like any occupying force. Add to that the reality that most people aren’t willing to engage until the absolute last possible minute when all other options are completely exhausted and while they wait for that last minute moment to come their neighbors are rounded up piecemeal over the weeks, months, even years. Modern civil conflicts burn slowly for decades. See FARCs latest comeback. That conflict is into its 70th year accomplishing nothing but making everyone’s lives miserable for generations.

          • They’ll just garrison up and form a perimeter like any occupying force.

            History shows this to be impossible for LE once family becomes considered a legit target. The circles of defense simply cannot be supplied and manned without expanding them.

            It’s an outward spiral that becomes weak. The French tried this in Algeria. The result was, uh well, a complete fucking disaster.

            Assad has done a slightly better job at it. But his country’s a wasteland.

            FARC’s not an example I’d pick in this case. Without outside assistance to Columbia, their government would have lost that fight long ago.

        • “their families lives will be the target of retaliation by firearms owners“

          Thank you, and that’s the exact reason why the extremist conservatives will fail.

          The so-called ‘party of law and order’ has lost their way and become a sham caricature of themselves.

          All to support a triple adulterer, actual whoremonger who has been found liable for sexual assault, business fraud and now convicted of 34 felonies related to election interference.

          “Lindsey Graham
          “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it“

  9. Why do you conclude this could be a win for the 2A? Dems probably think Biden is too soft on gun control.

  10. Through those means, the administration has effectively banned the time-honored U.S. tradition of crafting homemade firearms,

    It has??

    Those of us still building didn’t get the memo, I guess.

  11. It doesn’t make a bit of difference who’s on the Dem ticket. The Dem party line is still full-tilt on gun control.

  12. If you think Biden is bad, you ain’t seen noting yet. Why if airhead giving head Harris becomes President, she will double down on gun control, and she won’t care how many c…s she has to s… to get it.

  13. “Hope For Gun Owners? Majority Of Dems Want Biden Off The Ticket”

    I think this is a gigantic head fake; red herring.

    Why would the far left want to give up a sock puppet who takes the heat off the puppet masters?

  14. “Hope For Gun Owners? Majority Of Dems Want Biden Off The Ticket”

    In the history of Democrats, when has the new one been better for gun owners than the previous one?

    Biden’s replacement will be worse for us.

  15. The DNC decided a year ago that Biden was their guy. That’s obvious from numerous things that they’ve done, not the least of which was kneecap RFK Jr. early on.

    I would highly doubt they change their mind. The real question is why the higher ups within that party want him so badly, I’d hazard the guess it has to do with him having the power of the pardon so long as he’s in power and TPTB wanting certain investigations to be completed so that pardons can be given out as firewalls. But that’s just a guess.

    • “The real question is why the higher ups within that party want him so badly,…”

      I think they are banking Trump’s conviction will peel off enough votes so their guy wins. Well, they got the conviction, Trump will probably dip in the polls for awhile, but I bet they will return to him before its all over.

      There’s a lot of anger out there with the young on their side, that may hurt them worse than they think on election day by just not showing up at the polls…

      • Hopium is a hell of a drug.

        [NSFW: Language.]

        I can give you pages and pages of that kind of thing.

        IRL, these idiots have no idea what they just did.

        Oh, and the kids hate Biden btw. How many times do I have to remind you that the shit you see presented to you is curated to further a pre-determined narrative?

        What’s the different between Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow?

        Hannity has lower testosterone.

        • And Hannity lies on-air, proven by the fact that his network paid a $787 million settlement because of their intentional falsehoods regarding the 2020 election.

          Falsehoods you folks still cling to.

          See, that’s how you know it’s real, Australian citizen Rupert Murdoch had to shell out close to $1 billion US for their dishonest reporting and intentional propagandizing.

          And they fired Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs, two of their highest earners.

  16. Thinking the 49er thing is his IQ…he swallows propaganda whole. Say, 49ers we’re headed for CA…why not just turn in your weapons and go there Miner? I escaped so there’s room for you in South Central where you’d be food with your ‘tude?

  17. Don’t hold your breath,
    The Far-Left DNC has already decided to ‘Proclaim’ Biden the Nominee BEFORE the convention.
    The schedule is already set up and they are moving forward with it.

    • “The Far-Left DNC has already decided to ‘Proclaim’ Biden the Nominee BEFORE the convention.”

      Why not? Political party conventions are conducted according to Party rules. If the Dimwitocrats want to choose a candidate for office via teleconference, then still pay to host a physical convention after, who cares? Why do news outlets spend so much time “covering” conventions? When was the last time there was a “floor fight” for nomination at a major party convention?


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