From left, Congresswoman Mary Miller, Kelly and Scott Hall and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Image via John Boch used with permission.
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While most gun owners don’t take a great deal of interest in politics, plenty of politicians take an interest in them. So with just a few days’ notice, nearly two hundred people showed up at a gun rights political rally held in Quincy, Illinois on Saturday. There they heard Colorado’s rock star pro-gun activist Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, along with the Land of Lincoln’s own Congresswoman Mary Miller talk about gun rights, politics in Washington and a number of local issues.

For someone who’s a petite 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, Boebert’s got a big voice and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s rankled Nancy Pelosi since before taking office and she’s been a big voice for freedom and gun rights since she arrived.

I served as the M.C. for Saturday’s event. Hours before, when I greeted Congresswoman Boebert, I told her I was honored to meet a real rock star from Congress.  She laughed. “I’m no rock star. I’ve just got a big mouth.”

Following a small luncheon, we travelled to a Holiday Inn conference room where nearly two hundred people awaited the Colorado freshman Congresswoman along with Illinois’ Mary Miller.

I spoke about how politicians in Illinois and elsewhere are passing “criminal justice reform” laws which are putting bad guys back out on the streets instead of in prison. Then these same politicians blame gun owners for the crimes committed by these gang members out on early release from prison or on “affordable bail” pending trial.

Meanwhile, contrast high-crime areas like Chicago where politicians tell residents to call 911 instead of grabbing their guns, with low-crime Florida where sheriffs tell their constituents to it’s OK to shoot home invaders.

Congresswoman Miller, running in a tough primary fight, spoke about her appreciation for guns, gun rights and self-defense. She attacked a five-term Rep. Rodney Davis as weak on guns, promoting the dangerous Violence Against Women Act that he co-sponsored with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). As passed, VAWA would greatly expand the number of gun owners who could be stripped of their right to keep and bear arms without due process. It includes “emotional distress” as part of its definition of domestic abuse, a claim that’s sure to be repeatedly used and abused as a weapon in domestic disputes.

Rep. Davis has lobbied Nancy Pelosi for a national Red Flag law that would put the rights of all gun owners in America in danger. Davis also voted for the National Defense Authorization Act which included a Red Flag law that can strip military members of their gun rights (and their jobs) without due process.

Lauren Boebert. Image by Boch.

Rep. Boebert then spoke. For the better part of forty minutes, she dazzled the audience with the story of how she took out a squishy, five-term Republican incumbent to win her Colorado seat. Since she won that election, she’s been a strong voice for not only her constituents but for freedom-loving Americans.

Lauren Boebert. Image by Boch.

“I’m a RINO hunter,” she bragged to great applause. This includes Republicans who do not support the right of law-abiding Americans to own guns.

She attacked Biden administration officials who would flood the nation with law-breakers and who would divert Veterans Assistance monies to instead pay for health care for illegal immigrants. Boebert called for the impeachment of not only slow-Joe Biden, but also DHS Secretary Mayorkas for his handling of the border crisis and the proposal for the new “Ministry of Truth” within the DHS.

Following Congresswoman Boebert’s remarks, I reminded folks that a representative from the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action was present in the rear of the room for those who would like to speak with him. Rumors that the NRA-ILA has abandoned Illinois are more than a little false.

The Congresswomen took time to pose for photos with attendees.

Image by Boch.

Among those present were a few political candidates including Patricia Bonk who is running for the Illinois State Representative in the 30th House District near Chicago.

Mary Miller, left, with Patricia Bonk, candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 30th House District, Lauren Boebert, and Mr. Patricia Bonk. Image by Boch.

Following the photos, the two Congresswomen asked for the police officers working the event to join them for a photo.

Image by Boch.

It was a classy way to close the event, showing appreciation and thanks for the men and women who kept those in attendance safe.

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    • “contrast high-crime areas like Chicago where politicians tell residents to call 911 instead of grabbing their guns, with low-crime Florida“

      Great, another disinformation propaganda piece that lies about the true crime statistics.

      “2022 Compare Crime Rates:
      Chicago, IL vs Miami, FL

      Chicago, IL Miami, FL
      Violent Crime 49.9 48.8
      Property Crime 46.3 62.7

      Violent crime within one percent, and property crime almost 50% higher in Miami, Florida than Chicago, Illinois.

      If it wasn’t for disinformation, conservatives would have no information at all.

      • miner49er —

        The statement to which you replied:

        “contrast high-crime areas like Chicago where politicians tell residents to call 911 instead of grabbing their guns, with low-crime Florida“

        Comparing one city in each state doesn’t tell the whole story about the rate of violent crime in the entire state. That’s called “cherry-picking” statistics and is a dishonest and disingenuous tactic to employ in a discussion.

        Illinois ranks MUCH higher than Florida in the crime rate per state. Comparing only homicides, Florida ranks 25th with a rate of 5.0 per 100K (average nationwide 5.1), while Illinois ranks number NINE with 7.8.

        Per the original statement, cities such as Chicago have an outsized contribution to their state’s total rate That was the point that you tried to obscure.

        • “Comparing one city in each state doesn’t tell the whole story“

          I did not set the terms of the comparison, the original poster selected Chicago, not the entire state of Illinois:

          “contrast high-crime areas like Chicago… with low-crime Florida“

          To compare a single metropolitan city with an entire state is a dishonest comparison in the first place.

          The original commentor selected Chicago, Illinois and it is entirely reasonable to compare their rate with Miami, Florida which has a 50% higher violent crime rate than Chicago.

      • Yet the murder rate per capita is almost twice as high in Chicago, good info on the overall crime rate but when you look at the specifics 4 per 100,000 for Miami and 7 per 100000 for Chicago which does not support your assertation. Also digging through the assault data it looks like Miami has a rate of 279 per 100,000 and Chicago has 225.5 per 100,000 so I could see the argument that you may be more likely to be assaulted in Miami but I am not seeing an easy breakdown of aggravated assault/attempted murder so I would not go out and say Miami are just less successful in being violent. As to property crime well to be fair how much of value is there in Chicago at this point, we have the same issue in New York where most of the wealth moved south.

      • The low crime area of Florida referenced was Santa Rosa County with:
        Violent crime 16.3
        Property crime 34.3

        It’s about as far away from Miami as you can get and still be in Florida.

      • Thank you for listing the crime stats for the white people of Chiraq. The black residence and nearly all the victims, who are black, beg to differ.

        • Someone doesn’t understand the unique dynamics in comparing Miami to Chicago. Those are very similar cities in minority aspects. Hmmm….maybe that is the real crux of the problem. Two democrat run cities.

  1. As far as I’m concerned, this country needs more people like Boebert.

    I would hate to think TTAG is now just a location for retweets.

    Under Biden, I saw these colors run. There is NOTHING about this president that resembles America or it’s greatness. These people MUST be defeated.

    • Prndll,

      “I saw these colors run…”

      My consolation is that the folk who led the runnin’ were NOT Americans, they were and are criminals and traitors. They are in power through subversion, they are not our legitimate leaders. The real turning and running occurred when the SCOTUS hid under their beds rather that hear the evidence.

      Cowards. Traitors.

      • “SCOTUS hid under their beds rather that hear the evidence.
        Cowards. Traitors“

        Y’all had no evidence, zero, zip, zilch.

        Not just the Supreme Court, but federal appeals court, federal District Courts, state and local courts gave Giuliani, Powell, et al every opportunity to present credible evidence and they failed miserably.

        And Mike ‘Pillow’ is still promising evidence, a year and a half later he’s nothing but a windbag.

        Traitors? Now that Mark Meadows’ communications with his co-conspirators have been revealed, we know who the traitors are attempting to overthrow a legitimate election through their hub and spoke conspiracy.

        And President Trump‘s chief of staff Mark Meadows himself is an election fraudster, registered to vote in three states simultaneously and perpetrating a fraud on the people of North Carolina by claiming a residence where he had never lived in order to run for political office.

        A black American citizen in Tennessee was sentenced to six years in prison for voting while on probation, how many years should Mark Meadows get for perpetrating an election fraud that led to him unlawfully taking a seat in Congress?

        • “A black American citizen in Tennessee was sentenced to six years in prison for voting while on probation”

          I seem to remember a white gay man who visited a Christian voting support group. He snuck into their meeting room and decided to lick all of the coffee cups. He was HIV positive and thought he would give those Christians “a nice present”. He voted in the local election even though he was from out of state. And not register to vote at all. And he was given just probation.

          So there is your proof of white gay HIV privilege.

        • Thanks for the heads up, I had not heard of this 2000 mules movie before your mention.

          But I am familiar with Dinesh Desousa, I’ve been entertained by his antics for years.

          “In 2014, D’Souza pleaded guilty to a felony campaign finance violation after he used straw donors to donate in excess of the personal limit to a friend who was running for a U.S. Senate seat in New York. Trump pardoned D’Souza in 2018, just months after D’Souza publicly mocked survivors of the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

          D’Souza’s numerous books and films have stirred controversy around topics such as race; one 1995 book said people born into slavery were treated “pretty well.”

          And in addition to being a convicted felon, didn’t he lose his job as president of a Christian college because he was shacking up in a hotel room at a conference with a woman who wasn’t his wife?

          It seems to me there was a warning many years ago about watching for those who profess their faith on the street corners, “they are like white painted sepulchers, beautiful to behold but filled with corruption within”.

        • Lets see character assassination check, corruption accusations check, vague accusations of racism check, refutations of anything his works have asserted………………hmmm gotta say Miner your Streisand endorsement never fails.

        • “character assassination check”

          Nope, I just posted the facts that he is a convicted felon for election fraud, and lost his job because his employer found he was committing adultery contrary to their Christian policies.

          “corruption accusations check”

          Nope, just posted the facts of his felony conviction.

          “vague accusations of racism check”

          Nope, I made no statements about racism whatsoever. The text from politifact I posted Quoted from one of his books about slavery.

          “refutations of anything his works have asserted”

          It’s not up to me to refute any assertions he may have made regarding the elections.

          Dinesh Desousa has made the claims, the burden of proof is upon him.

          I will say, there have been ample opportunities for him to provide his information to Rudy Giuliani, Sydney pal, et al. and he has failed to do so.

        • Mealy mouthed counter complete yup worth checking out the movie thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  2. So, now the SCOTUS is suffering from leaks. The leftist, “no-consequences for us” illegal behavior has finally slapped our Justices in their faces. SCOTUS tacitly approved the election steal, signaling they were terrified of leftist violence. Now, SCOTUS has some experience with what happens when you back down from Trurh, when you are derelict in you duties, when you refuse to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Good for Bobert for refusing to back down!!!

      • Geoff……………….,

        Yup. Read the original article: The Takeover of America’s Legal System. Thanks for posting this follow-up essay. It all makes sad sense.

      • How refreshing, I’m so glad that you admire Bari Weiss’ work, I know her and her wife appreciate your acceptance of their homosexual lifestyle and pro-choice position.

        • miner49er —

          Wow, that was a hell of a stretch — even for you.

          Unlike leftists and Democrats (yet I repeat myself), an open-minded person can express admiration for one’s opinion on a particular subject without having to make a judgement of the whole of the person. Who knows — one may even disagree with the writer on other opinions that they’ve expressed.

          Not everyone is as rigidly closed-minded as most leftists.

    • “Sen. Shaheen is the latest member to issue a warning to the justices that they risk “revolution” if they rule against Roe v. Wade. Such veiled threats are meant to influence how justices interpret the Constitution…”
      -Jonathan Turley 11/30/21

      This behavior should be expected. They don’t care about laws. Who would come after them, the Puppet’s DOJ?

    • No one’s getting impeached. There’s a better case to impeach the Puppet than there was to impeach Trump. The Puppet is literally breaking immigration laws on a scale this country has never seen. Do you think they’d try even if they held the majority? Heck, there was a better case to impeach Obama for conducting unauthorized wars. Too many Republicans were just fine with that. The establishment Republicans aren’t interested in doing anything worthwhile if they gain back the majority.

      Good on her for trying though.

  3. First pic the guy is sending mixed messages wearing those Levi’s who are very outspoken anti gun. Pro 2A shirt anti 2A pants.

    • Very cool event! I get tired of all the hate on ILLannoy because of Chiraq. There’s a kajillian gun owner’s here. Let’s kick some butt!!!

    • “A Garfield County Sheriff’s Office arrest report (pdf) has surfaced showing Lauren Boebert’s husband, Jayson, was arrested on January 28, 2004 for exposing his penis to young women at the Rifle Fireside Lanes Bowling Alley.

      One of the victims was a minor who was 16 years old.

      Lauren married Jayson in 2005, one and a half years after the indecent exposure incident.

      According to the arrest affidavit (pdf), at about 7:00 p.m. that evening, the young women were standing at the snack bar discussing their tattoos when Jayson, standing several feet away, overheard the conversation and informed them that he had a tattoo on his genitals. The women turned their backs towards Jayson to ignore him, but Jayson then came up behind them, unzipped his pants, pulled his penis out and displayed the shaft to them with his thumb covering the head. The women complained to the bowling alley owner, who asked Jayson several times to leave the establishment. Jayson refused and became belligerent, leading the owner to call law enforcement. According to the arrest report, the officer detected the smell of alcohol on Jayson, and Jayson admitted he had been drinking.“

      Of course you won’t read this in the mainstream media, the conservatives have suppressed this information.

        • “Was he convicted?“

          He copped a plea to public indecency and lewd exposure, he admitted he intentionally exposed his genitals to minor females:

          “According to the arrest report, Lauren Boebert, then known by her maiden name, Lauren Opal Roberts, was listed as a witness, but told police she didn’t observe the incident. Jayson Boebert later pleaded guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure and was sentenced to four days in jail and two years of probation.

          Also in 2004, Jayson Boebert was charged with domestic violence against Lauren Boebert. They were dating at the time, according to the New York Post. A Garfield County court clerk told The Post that Jayson Boebert, “did unlawfully strike, shove or kick … and subjected her to physical contact,” and served seven days in jail in that case.

          Jayson Boebert has not commented about the arrests. His wife’s campaign told the New York Post in January 2021 that reporting on their criminal past, is “a retread of a failed personal attack by the Democrats from the last campaign.” Lauren Boebert also has a history of arrests and criminal citations.”

          And Lauren Bobert has her very own rap sheet:

 Rapsheet Full.pdf

      • “Of course you won’t read this in the mainstream media, the conservatives have suppressed this information.”

        Your primary news sources.

    • I was informed by someone that I respect on this platform and unfortunately I can’t remember their name, that if you want to help the NRA fight for us give your donations to the NRA-ILA. They are the ones doing the behind the scenes work for 2nd Amendment rights. He said money given to the NRA goes to feed the parasite Wayne.

    • “NRA-ILA”

      This is correct. NRA itself is a huge organization that is still responsible for thousands of safety, LEO, military, competition and other programs that have been at the forefront of their charter since 1871. Without the gains in safety and firearms training/handling areas, guns would’ve been locked away 60 years ago as a danger to all humanity. Due primarily to the NRA programs, firearms accidents don’t even register in the top 10 causes of deaths in the US. Were it not so, there would’ve been ample cause by our illustrious elected officials to ban various firearms, require all that are still “allowed” to be locked up at home, and forget about carrying for personal protection.

      Ah, but the Second Amendment, you say? That, in and of itself, didn’t do much to stem its constant dillution from the mid 1960s until the late 1990s. ILA came about in the mid 1970s out of a need, and it has been affective in starting the shall-issue concealed carry issue as well as insuring that semiautos were not banned outright nationally in the 1990s. Today, ILA is at the forefront of permitless carry (Constitutional carry) and this is one of Jason Ouimet’s top priorities.

      I know plenty around here would rather NRA dump all of its programs and use all funding for the 2A battle. It’s easy for the other groups to operate in that manner- they don’t need much more than an office space and a few lawyers, seeing as to how their organization has no publications, programs or the like.

      Me, I’ll stay with NRA and ILA.

  4. I think Lauren is great and I have always supported our female population in equal rights.
    I could never understand why people would want to waste over 50% of the talent in this Country. During my lifetime I have worked with many very professional men and women and have never had any reservations working with or for either. I am particularly proud of the increase in women learning to handle firearms and have observed many in attendance at the gun ranges I frequent. I have taught my female partner, her daughter, and several female friends how to shoot and handle a firearm safely as well as several male friends. I think every law abiding citizen should be allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves, family, friends and those in need. We should all be prepared to defend our Country from both foreign and domestic enemies and in particular those currently running our Government in Washington DC and Blue states.

    • “I could never understand why people would want to waste over 50% of the talent in this Country. ”

      Defining humans as economic units is how the Left always views people (i.e. humans not part of the elite). Is that your intended message?

      Some humans find that having a parent at home full time provides more desirable benefits than being part of the labor force.

      All of life is a compromise with reality. All of life is about rationing resources. It is a zero sum game.

      • “Some humans find that having a parent at home full time provides more desirable benefits than being part of the labor force.“

        Sadly, because of Republican mismanagement of the economy, both parents are now forced to work in order to achieve the income necessary to raise a family and own a home.

        “The last 100 years has seen a total of 17 separate recessions. Of these 17 recessions, 5 of which took while a Democratic President was in the oval office. 1 Recession began while a Republican was in office (George W. Bush) and was inherited by a Democrat (Barack Obama).
        The Depression of 1920–21: Woodrow Wilson
        The Recession of 1937–38: Franklin D. Roosevelt
        The Recession of 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt (Began in Feb. 1945, Truman took over in April of 1945)
        The Recession of 1949: Harry S. Truman
        The 1980 Recession: Jimmy Carter
        The Great Recession: Barack Obama (inherited from George W. Bush)
        12 of these recessions took place while a Republican held the White House.
        The 1923–24 Recession: Warren G. Harding
        The 1926–27 Recession: Calvin Coolidge
        The Great Depression: Herbert Hoover
        The Recession of 1953: Dwight D. Eisenhower
        The Recession of 1958: Dwight D. Eisenhower
        The Recession of 1960–1961: Dwight D. Eisenhower
        The Recession of 1969–1970: Richard Nixon
        The Recession of 1973–75: Richard Nixon (Began in Nov. 1973, Ford took over in August of 1974)
        The 1981–82 Recession: Ronald Reagan
        Early 1990s recession in the United States: George H.W. Bush
        Early 2000s Recession: George W. Bush
        The Great Recession: George W. Bush (Began Dec. 2007, Obama took office Jan. 2009)

        Did every Republican President over the past 100 years have recession take place during their Tenure? Yes“

        • Miner49er —

          — *Propaganda* is the more or less systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols …

          “Propagandists have a specified goal or set of goals. To achieve these, they deliberately select facts, arguments, and displays of symbols and present them in ways they think will have the most effect. To maximize effect, they may omit or distort pertinent facts or simply lie, and they may try to divert the attention of the reactors (the people they are trying to sway) from everything but their own propaganda.”

          (Source for the following:

          “Ten recessions back gets us to 1953. Since then, we have had 30 years of Democratic presidents and 35 years of Republican presidents; if recessions were randomly distributed, we’d still expect to see more of them coinciding with Republican presidencies simply because there have been more of them. In fact, most presidencies have coincided with one or more recessions.

          On the specifics, the argument is weak. But how much should we make of that coincidence in general? Democrats plead on behalf of Barack Obama that he came into office during a terrible economic crisis, and that he and his policies should not be blamed for the weak growth and disappointing labor-market performance that marked his time in office. That’s not unfair. But the same could be said of, e.g., Gerald Ford, who had to deal with an OPEC-inflicted quadrupling of oil prices in 1973. Does anybody think Gerald Ford’s policies caused that? John Kennedy came into office at the tail end of a recession, which officially ended in February of his first year in office. Does any serious person believe that in the course of less than a month President Kennedy implemented policies that ended the recession? That would be a deeply silly contention. Even more juvenile is assuming that business cycles are inextricably linked to election cycles — without offering a lick of evidence or even a plausible mechanism for that being the case.”

        • Under joe burden the working class are being squeezed by higher fuel costs and food costs.

        • “Sadly, because of Republican mismanagement of the economy…”

          Wow, Minor, I’m wondering in which alternate reality you live?

        • “Democrats plead on behalf of Barack Obama that he came into office during a terrible economic crisis, and that he and his policies should not be blamed for the weak growth and disappointing labor-market“

          Delicious propaganda spin from national review, bravo!

          Of course, they don’t try to absolve George W. Bush and the Republicans for their responsibility for the massive 2007–2008 recession, it would be futile.

          So what we had is a situation where the Republicans put the truck in the ditch, and then stood around complaining the Democrats weren’t getting the truck out of the ditch fast enough.

          And this line from your article is precious:

          “Gerald Ford, who had to deal with an OPEC-inflicted quadrupling of oil prices in 1973. Does anybody think Gerald Ford’s policies caused that?“

          Thanks for pointing out that external forces control the oil markets, and Joe Biden isn’t responsible for the current gas prices anymore than Gerald Ford was responsible way back then

    • I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “female” and “women” so I’m going to just assume you mean people with ovaries.

  5. Lauren has challengers for the primary. I would not put it past the Colorado GOP along with the RNC and the DC RINO’s to run her out of town. JMHO

  6. “While most gun owners don’t take a great deal of interest in politics…”

    The first line of the article, and it could not be more true. Keyboard warriors wil high-five each other with low-hanging fruit comments and cliche on the ‘net yet probably have no idea what Congressional or Senate district in which they live, both state and national. The majority have never met, nor supported good, elected officals or candidates, nor organized to defeat those who are taing away our liberties for profit and power.

    It’s so easy to pile on to comments put forward by someone else, particularly when they are cynical. More time-consuming to educate one’s self on the various issues and candidates from the many available sources so one can actually form an opinion and learn to express one’s self in a cognitive and convincing manner.

    I’ll give credit where it is due- Boch/GSL, like Iowa Firearms Coalition (which is the IA NRA State Affiliate Org) put out the call, organize people and put forward some paths for improving the future rather than bemoaning the past.

  7. A major issue with Lauren Bobert is the fact that she concealed $1 million in payoffs from the oil industry to her husband, so-called ‘consulting fees”.

    “Rep. Lauren Boebert failed to disclose that her husband raked in nearly $1 million from an energy company over 2 years

    Eliza Relman Aug 19, 2021, 4:09 PM”

    “Jayson Boebert worked in the oil and gas industry before opening a restaurant with his wife. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was a well site supervisor for Chesapeake Energy. He also said he attended the College of Southern Nevada and previously worked as a roughneck for Nabors Drilling. Online records also show he operated Boebert Consulting LLC from 2012 to 2019.”

    Now ask yourself, how does a “well site supervisor” earn $500,000 per year in ‘consulting fees’?

    “The freshman Colorado congresswoman failed to disclose her husband’s income, which was $478,000 in 2020 and $460,000 in 2019, during her campaign last year, the Associated Press first reported. This failure is a violation of ethics and campaign finance laws, which require candidates to disclose their spouse’s and children’s income or assets.”

    Recently, Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid a large fine for incorrectly filing financial statements, will we see representative Lauren Bobert also be held accountable for her violations of election financing laws?

    • Strangely enough that salary is not out of line for higher level energy sector workers. We have a few State Geologists here in NY that the state of NY pays around 120-130k and they will often take a few months off and make twice that overseas. Whether your copy/paste repeat post has any actual relevance would be up to prosecutors to decide but if it is in violation I am sure they would hop on them even faster than the Clintons who lets be honest were rather blatant about what they did.

      • “We have a few State Geologists here in NY that the state of NY pays around 120-130k and they will often take a few months off and make twice that overseas.”

        You are not a geologist unless you have a minimum of a four year geology related university degree, and most large corporations require masters.

        Jayson “attended the College of Southern Nevada and previously worked as a roughneck”.

        So an actual accredited geologist can make $130,000, while a roughneck who “attended” a state college receives $478,000 per year?

        • Well yes, state employees for science and medical fields make substantially less than their private sector employees. Also masters and PhD levels for state are hit and miss as only a bachelor’s degree is required to start and testing/experience often means more than education which the union (or energy company) will often pay for if the person is useful or worth retaining. It may be different for the private sector now re education requirements as work has dried up but not at all uncommon for relevant fields (geophysics, petrobiology, various engineering) to start in the lower 6 figure and quickly ramp up to significant fractions of million. Also note the state employees working on Saudi and Venezuela (longer ago) would make twice their state salary largely tax free (international) over about 2 months for contract and or consulting work so his salary is not immediately suspicious…….. unless he is still doing that in which case I know a few people who would want to know who he is working for.

  8. Why do these stinking communist political operatives keep ruining this site with their BS? Is there ANYWHERE a decent citizen can go without getting bombarded by completely irrelevant leftist propaganda?

  9. “Is there ANYWHERE a decent citizen can go without getting bombarded by completely irrelevant leftist propaganda?”

    Just click thru them. “They” have a right to speak, but you don’t have a requirement to listen/read.

  10. lauren boebert is:
    1 smart as a whip
    2 tougher than a coffin nail
    3 hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of july


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