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As we covered yesterday, Murder City, USA lived up to its well-deserved nickname over the weekend with 24 killed and scores more wounded. On Tuesday, Mayor Lightfoot acknowledged that a crush of 911 calls has overwhelmed both the system and Chicago Police Department. But she also told her city’s residents that, if trouble comes their way, they should call 911 instead of using guns to defend themselves.

Because guns are icky.

Block Club Chicago has the story.

Chicago Police were overwhelmed this weekend as people called 911 by the thousands in response to looting, vandalism and shootings across the city — but city leaders urged residents to remain calm…

“The Police Department was responding to these calls as best they could with a significant amount of additional resources on the South and the West sides,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said during a Monday press conference. “The challenge was it was everywhere. Everywhere.

“So if we had a police department three times the size it would have been difficult to keep up with the calls for service yesterday…”

The city’s 911 dispatchers fielded 65,000 calls for service Sunday — at times getting 1,000-2,000 calls every 30 minutes, Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot urged people to keep calling 911 — and not open fire on people.

“Obviously we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state,” Lightfoot said. “Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

“We’ve seen tragedy happen in this country, and recently, when people felt like they could take matters into their own hands. … Let me remind you of the killing of Mr. [Ahamud] Arbery. Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911. We will respond. But I urge people to show restraint and do not take matters into your own hands.”

Don’t take the defense of yourself and your family into your own hands? How kind of the woman who has taxpayer-funded armed bodyguards surrounding her and her wife 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Meanwhile, many Land of Lincoln families struggle just to put food on the table during the Chinese flu pandemic. Many would struggle to afford a gun, much less be able to afford armed bodyguards.

And now the wickedly violent City of Chicago, currently in a state of widespread anarchy, admits it cannot keep up with the staggering 911 call volume.

According to WTTW, Sunday’s 65,000 911 calls was about 50,000 more calls than normal.

Despite all that, Mayor Lightfoot tells her city’s residents not to use a gun to defend themselves, but to call the overwhelmed 911 system and wait — who knows how long? — for a cop with a gun to show up.

The whole story here reminds me with the classic Guns Save Life Burma Shave-style highway sign panel slogan set:

DIALED 9-1-1

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    • Every single time I see her, I think that she should be registered as a potential cast extra for a Halloween movie. I mean, her policies are scary enough…

        • I thought the same thing- a “dammit doll”. But this woman is CRAZY and has no business being Mayor. She’s likely a crackhead who is way out of her element as Mayor. I’m just happy that Most citizens DON’T listen to this clown. They WILL protect their homes and family with guns if necessary.

        • she is about the dumbest nword in chicago shows the dumbfricks you elected her

        • She lives up to her name, Light Foot. Her motto should be, “Walk softly and carry a Big Feather Duster.” When she was elected, wasn’t she “chunkier”? I do think she’s a druggie, seen enough of them on the streets to know the look. And as for GUNS. The thugs doing the killings use ILLEGAL GUNS, or stolen legally-bought guns. Ya know, Mayor Methhead, gun laws protect the criminal and prevent the law-abiding citizen from obtaining one for his and his family’s protection. Get off the ILLEGAL DRUGS, smell and drink some strong coffee and most importantly – stop being a DEMOCRAT! That will fry your brain even worse than meth!!!

      • Y’know, I pay so little attention to what’s going on in Chicago that I don’t think I’ve ever seen her picture before. So you’re telling me she violated her own order and went to a beauty parlor during the lockdown to get THAT hair-do?! I hope she didn’t pay too much for it, and the “stylist” surely didn’t deserve a tip.

        • You should have seen the before photo… leathery skin stretched over a frail skeleton, black circles around her sunken “meth head” looking eyes, wild “bride of Frankenstein” looking hair with a crazy looking receding hairline, incoherent speech, ignorant statements…. Oh wait, if that’s the after photo then WTF… nothings changed…

        • Styled ? Well I suppose next you will tell me that anyone who can use an old fashioned hand crank egg-beater is a stylist . This woman is mayor of one of the most violent of all gun crime cities , what with drive by shootings armed robberies etc .. Yet she says do not use a gun for protection . Stay still , get robbed or worse yet beat and or murdered . Perhaps if she got tougher on those committing gun related crimes people wouldn’t see the need to be armed for their self defense . This same thought relates to robbery , muggings and violent crime with any type of weapon be it gun , knife , hammer , baseball bat or a Damn brick . People use the so called “Wild West” analogy saying this isn’t it or we do not live in the wild west . Well here is a news flash for all the idiots out there . The Wild West was not all that wild , not like Hollyweird portrays it . People owned guns yet they were not always carried . The cowboy rarely wore his while working on the range or in town . Everybody had one but people were a lot more civil and polite because of it .

        • All this shit is a conspiracy by the Democratic Socialist ass holes to make the United States look like a third world country and put the economy in the toilet so they can blame it on Trump!

        • 75% of black children are born out of wedlock into A single parent household headed by A female on generational welfare. With no father present there is no male role model or authority. Discipline is lacking but not A resentment to authority. Education falls by the wayside and gang membership and street crime fill the void. Until the family unit , the basic form of government is restored, there can be no societal advances. Half efforts have availed us nothing.

      • Now I know where Tim Burton got the inspiration for the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas.

    • And, yet . . . and yet she holds a major elected office in one of America’s largest cities. We get the politicians we deserve.

      • Let’s keep in mind that elections are rigged. This woman could have only won if the apathy in Chicago is such that no one turned out to vote. She is likely a stuffed ballot box recipient and the more she speaks the more she exhibits her ignorance. This is one scarily ignorant human being and what we are seeing from elected female officials indicates there is more of a gender divide than there is a racial divide and that, too, is tragic because we are to have evolved beyond both racism and sexism. What we are seeing now across America has been orchestrated. While racism will always be an issue the chasm created during the Obama administration was beginning to be bridged which is why the criminal elite had to create the chaos we are currently mired in from COVID19 and the George Floyd tragedy. ‘Divide and Conquer’ is the objective of the criminal elite and they will do it by any means necessary. Make no mistake the President talking about boots on the ground is not wrong. We are at war with the fate of America at stake.

        • Cadet bone spurs has fully and completely demonstrated his cowardice and ineptitude this week…a complete and total failure of leadership…this “The Emporer has no clothes” moment cannot be denied… even the red hat cult cant save him now…He is completely and totally unqualified to lead this great nation…


        • You should have seen what was running against her. I am so happy that I do not live in Chicago.

        • If I may say, Obama never bridge anything. He took his community Organizing talents (also known as BLM, the 1 percenters) and Systematically made everything racism. He was and is the great divider. But everything else you said is true.

        • Exactly, Someone is doing Major DAmage to the United States. She has no business ever Leading a City.

          OMG She Cant take of herself. OMG. When is the Next election for Chicago mayor? LOL

          Just Unbelievable.

      • Another worthless product of the Ghetto Plantation.

        “Elections have consequences…”

        Bathhouse Barry

      • Newsflash…it’s Chicago. The Dems run it, the Dems own it, outsiders dont have a chance in hell against “The Machine”. Elections are predetermined for a Democrat win and and is RIGGED TO THE CORE. Rahm Emmanuel got in even though he didnt qualify. He wasnt a resident. Perhaps A former Illinois US Senator, who later became President had something to do with it? Pls dont blame the voters because in the Democrat world the peoples vote doesnt stand a fair chance. And thats the truth.

        • No, it is true that you get what you vote for in this world and that is the DemocRATic way. As a happily not Chicagoian anymore, vote early and often is NOT a falsehood!; it is reality!
          Don’t poor voter BS to me as I am a former high school public school teacher.

        • I feel sorry for the innocent Republicans.and business owners. They should all move out and let BLM kill one another!

    • She has some nerve. She has armed bodyguards. All hell is breaking out and she tells you to call 911. We all know that the cops will be there to protect you just as soon as hell freezes over.

      • Surely the “honest” news media asked Mayor Light-Weight how many of her personal armed CPD bodyguards she has redeployed from protecting her, and her home, to protect the citizens of the murder capital while it is under a riot?

    • But you get a special sticker on your coffin that says you were woke. There will be a new tax on firearms to pay for it.

    • It’s a much easier and more effective way to get votes. No campaigning necessary, everyone in the cemetery votes democrat.

      • You’re bought out by Russia & it’s IRA. It’s their job to create hate, discontent, and disorder in USA. And you’re spreading it! Just read your comments & those of others!

    • And yet the voters persist in voting fools like her into office. Who are the bigger fools, the mayor or the voters?

      • Yeah right ! 😅😂😅…
        Punk “Gimmie your wallet ”
        Victim “Give me a second while I dial 9-1-1”
        Punk …. “Ok , I’ll wait”……. Bang ! Takes wallet and leaves

    • Much like I said about New Yorkers, they voted for her so suffer. She just didn’t mushroomed her way into the mayors office, they voted for her. They keep voting for incompetent politicians and this is what they get. No pity here.

      • In Chiraq there are usually only two choices, either a far left Liberal or a WAY far left Socialist/Commie, last Mayor was the former, Lightweight is the latter, next time maybe a RINO gets in if they are far enough to the left…. And the Governor is pretty much the same thing in Il. Pritzker makes Bogobitch look like Ronald Reagan…..

      • I totally agree. When people start voting in better politicians then and only then will things begin to change for the better…

        • So, if this silly woman get robbed, raped and beaten during a home invasion, is she going to call and wait for a 911 response that may or may not be there within the hour? Wow! What and idiot…

      • In Chicago, or any other major Demorat city, no one knows who voted for who. The political machine does the counting.

        • Well tell us Trumpanzes on a scale of 1 – 10 how well your party is doing on the law and order subject. Still dreaming of defunding the police? Idiots!! You are a disgrace to this nation and DON’T deserve to live here. To hate any president more than you love your country is a disgrace. You demobrats are causing your own demise so just keep rocking it 😉. Your party is almost dead. You people have eaten yourselves alive…enjoy! MAGA! #TRUMP2020 #BEATTHEBULLIES #MYRIGHTSTOO

    • Amen to that. Is she crazy or just stupid. Someone is bashing my head in and I will wait and call 911. Yeah Right!!!

    • Typical knee jerk liberal. When society turns the other cheek too often, the result is a bloody face. By the time the cops arrive you’ll be dead or the criminal will be gone and never found. Sometimes the cops don’t want to do anything.

    • MB is that any way to talk about a Politician? They are stupid but who voted them in? We did.

      • You got a mouse in your pocket, cuz I didn’t vote for one of those Democrat assholes.

      • See thats where everyone gets off track they think they voted her in,it was already decided for us,stuff the box with (illegal) votes is what the democrats say….

    • I am appalled, what person in there right mind will not defend themselves? I am wondering how so many people got into office with a so out of touch mind set. What did this mayor say to the people when she ran for office to serve them that they voted for her? I would like to know? Is she even coming close to her promise or is this another case of voting without knowing? America needs to wake up and ask the real questions what are your moral and civil thoughts on society itself? If they aline with yours by all means vote for them and in this case maybe Chicago got what they asked for?

    • NO, She is Doing Her Best. LOL

      But Please get her out of office. She is DEstroying Chicago.

    • Just think on this. Sunce she gas been mayor, the crime rate jumped 30% and the unjury and killing rate has jumped in the low end of 45%+. She just wanted to be the first woman mayor of Chicago history.

  1. She doesn’t want black people to figure out Black Guns Matter. Got to keep the police relevant otherwise politicians lose control of the people.

  2. Gender and race-swapped beetlejuice doesn’t seem to understand either the letter or the spirit of the second amendment.

  3. If someone tries to hurt you or break into your house or car, you need to defend yourself. Shoot them and stop the problem!

    • Before I retired, and when I was teaching CCW classes, I used to ask every class, “What do you think my job is as an LEO?” I got the standard answers. Not once the right one. I would tell the students, “I am a historian and a janitor. I write down what happened and clean up the mess. You are responsible for your own safety.” You could see it in the faces of some of the students in every class. This was a shocking idea to them.

      • I was on the job for almost 30 years and military police prior to that. Whenever I was at an off duty social function and someone would ask me what I did for a living, I would reply “I am a garbage man”, just driving around picking up trash!! Best part was that it was true, that’s what cops do.Very seldom was I able to really help a decent person, because decent people don’t call the police. It takes a toll on you. I will never forget the mother who killed her children and then herself, just something inherently evil about that. the world goes on.

  4. She needs someone to read to her the reason why we have a Second Amendment. Also why militias were formed.

    • She knows what the 2nd amendment is all about. The problem is that she’s a Democrat. Democrats know that we have to be disarmed before they can get complete control. They will try to use the climate change ruse to control all aspects of our daily life. We can see what they did with this pandemic to control us. We Americans have to a better job of voting in the coming 2020 Election.

  5. “The police can’t possibly keep up with all the calls they’re getting, so you should rely on them to arrive in time to save you…”


  6. Lightfoot? more like Lighthead as in air head. She obviously has no brains if she is telling her subjects, er I mean constituents, that they should call 911 and wait. Have her send her bodyguards out to protect the people.

  7. “So if we had a police department three times the size it would have been difficult to keep up with the calls for service yesterday…”
    “Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.”

    ….Only your overlords know how to take care of you. Guns are dangerous. You’re too stupid to take care of yourself. Try not to bleed out in the meantime.

  8. From Chicago, If there was the former white mayor that would not have been a talking point. She is protected her brothers and sisters from proactive legal gun owners. FN BS thanks god I moved out years ago.

  9. uh, what amendment is it that says “the right of the people to call 911 shall not be infringed?” and where in the constitution does it say the police have a duty to protect you?

  10. Supposedly Groot had 75 officers guarding her house at a point if you believe second city cop.

    Think about that as you wait.

    Also speculation in the rumor mill a major Latin king vs black gang war coming in Chicago soon.

  11. I see IT every day. Call the po-leece…die. Oh and it ran as a reformer. A hack corporate lawyer who never held any office😖

  12. Of course you should always call 911 in an emergency. Nor should you go looking for trouble. Neither of these is the point.

    The point about personal gun ownership is when trouble comes to you. In that case the call to 911 is often an act of desperation, and often too late or called by a witness to whatever crime was done to you. Or it is a call you were able to make only after you managed to provide for your own safety, be it by way of fight or flight.

    Call 911 just as rapidly as you can safely do so.

    Simply saying to call 911 is a simple minded panacea. Sounds good, ignores life’s harsh realities.

  13. Her advice to remain calm is a no-brainer. Remaining calm improves sight picture and trigger control, thereby allowing faster and more accurate followup shots. 🙂

  14. Yeah ok, I’ll do that you f**kin idiot! Take advice from from someone who helped create this travesty? Sure, right after you jump out your office window. How’s that identity politics workin for ya, Chirac?

  15. Of course the cause of your death will be listed as caused by murder hornets infected with the Wuhan Flu.
    Glad I’m in FL these days.

  16. I’m sure if she got in a scrape with a thug her armed security guards will be spraying bullets..

  17. I sure that’s what she will do when attacked. OH Wait… She has taxpayer funded security. Plus I doubt the police would bother to respond in her case.

  18. Perhaps if more good guys exercised their 2A rights the bad guys would realize they can’t afford the price of admission for their next home invasion and the 65,000 calls would begin to drop to more reasonable levels.
    Hey Beetlejuice, studies have shown that the thing bad guys fear most is pissed-off good citizens with guns defending their homes and families. What they don’t fear is cops who may or may not show up for hours or days and a “justice” system that has been rendered completely toothless by fuzzy, feel-good, kumbayah-singing lefties with no moral compass and no stomach for punishing those who create mayhem daily in your city to the point it resembles a war zone.

  19. Ah, not much like Da Boss Richard J. Daley who justified killings during the Martin Luther King riots as, in essence, you loot, we shoot. He was a tough old bird. (I still remember the “crowd control” methods of the CPD during the Democratic Party National convention that year. Tear gas, truncheons, high pressure hoses, mass arrests…all shown on the nightly news.)

    • Hmm. I haven’t seen any recent footage of police using a water cannon for breaking up riots.

      • ….or “vicious dogs” either….a little too reminiscent of what went before….remember them using one of those sound projection devices in my town….seemed to work fairly well…

  20. Honestly, I dont want to be mean, but doesnt she look like one of those nighttime zombies in that Charlton Hestin movie ? I mean really, look at her. Poor woman( ?, person ? ).

  21. Wait, I thought the prevailing Bidenwind, was for shooting unarmed knife-carriers in the legs.

  22. She really needs to go back to being an extra in the zombie flicks! Identity politics, ain’t it grand!?

  23. Lightfoot has an opaque brain.

    These grifters must grow like weeds, because it seems that most American cities have them in abundance.

  24. I lived in Cook County, ILL When the last Black Mayor, Harold Washington was in power. It did not matter to me that he was Queer and Black but it did matter that he was Incompetent and worse, a Democrat! He did not last long as he died prematurely. IF I remember correctly?

    How this abomination Lightfoot was elected Mayor is beyond comprehension but how any Democrat today is elected To Public Office is the true definition of INSANITY!

  25. Thousands of chiraq voters voted for her. But EVEN MORE thousands of voters DIDN’T VOTE at all.
    But they did vote. There just to stupid to understand it. I understand she made it possible to get legal pot now. Good for you guys!!! At least you now have legal marijuana Intoxication. She has earned your vote now!!!

  26. The other zombies rise out of their graves to vote Democrat in every election, and this one clearly got the graveyard vote.

  27. She has in her statement has proven why the Left is referred to as Leftard’s,her statement is among other things Retarded.

  28. She might mean something as simple as “if you are carrying a gun, don’t try to be the police and stop looters”.

    I don’t see any reason to think she means “don’t protect yourself, just die on hold”.

    • No, I don’t think she cares if you die while on hold. She just doesn’t want people buying guns.

      If she actually cared all that much, she would be talking about the dangers of letting criminals out of prisons. She would also be talking about all the loss of human life through abortion. She is more likely to push for both.

  29. At some point, very soon I hope, average people will realize that the only appropriate answer to any politician offering guidance on action is and enthusiastic: “STFU!”

    • Ha! I was just thinking she looks like the mutant offspring of Don King and some kind of swamp-dwelling fish.

  30. . Lots a guys sitting in jail for shootzings somebody, but when you tellem how you used a meat cleaver you become a prison icon

  31. “Let me remind you of the killing of Mr. [Ahamud] Arbery. Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911…”

    Okay, yeah. Don’t go chasing someone down the street and shooting them. We can agree on that.

    But if you ain’t ready to defend yourself right now in Chicago, you’re in trouble.

  32. Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice.

    “Chiraq” is a black lives matter free zone.

    I hope every family that suffers crime due to following her advice and is disenfranchised by the cities law preventing citizens from protecting their families with firearms sues them into poverty.

  33. she should just go back to smoking her bowl of pot and shut her a**hole (mouth, because she talks out of her ass) because her brain is fried. these are the people they elect to run our country. just shows you how screwed we are.

  34. She has got to be the dumbest mother fucker on the planet.. I don’t know if she was born retarded or just hit her fucking hard

  35. I thing the walking dead are here. They are looking for more dead to add to there cause. Don’t use a gun, because we took them all away. Call 911 and wait to get blown away.

  36. If you’re attacked, don’t use a gun, call 911 and wait to be vandalized, looted or murdered. You’re obligated to do it our way. Whether it works for you isn’t relevant.

  37. I have a guy pointing a gun at me and all I have to do is call 911 and wait for help to come…got it…I’m sure if I ask the person with the gun pointed at me to wait for the cops to come before shooting me I’m sure they will, you know, because they are actually very nice people and will be more than happy to oblige me.

  38. That repulsive old bat looks like a freakin’ zombie and I do NOT take orders from zombies!

  39. “And now the wickedly violent City of Chicago, currently in a state of widespread anarchy,”

    No, it is not “anarchy”. It is “chaos”. The two are different. Anarchy means “without a leader”. We would be better off with a lot more anarchy. Chicago has plenty of leaders, but they are supporting chaos.

  40. I did not know chicago elected shmeago as mayor ! That don king wig he is wearing didn’t fool me .

  41. Thank you for calling 911, your call will be answered in the order received.. wait time is currently 4 hours and 37 minutes, however if you do not wish to remain on hold please leave your name and a good call back number and one of our operators will return your call as soon as they become available…..

  42. Sure thing, you anti-American, anti-gun, liberal POS. When second count and you need 911, the cops are only minutes away. You all can kiss my fat white ass. Don’t send the goddamn cops, just send the meat wagon, because I’ll take care of my own problems without any of your fucked up liberal intervention.

  43. Chicago coppers call her Groot. Groot is a cartoon character. If you never heard of it, Google it. It’s worth the laugh.

  44. When you call the Chicago Police Department to a crime scene, you’re just adding more criminals.

    Ask Carolina Obrycka.

    • I remember what you wrote about Chicago a few years ago.

      I’ll give you three reasons, having lived there until I joined the Army:
      1. The city “government” is as corrupt as any you’ll find in the third world. Members of the city council are in bed with the major gangs.
      2. The police department is as corrupt as the “government”, considering itself wholly outside the law. Until relatively recently, there was a home invasion, burglary and kidnapping ring operating INSIDE the most “elite” unit in the department.
      3. The population obviously LIKES these things, since they’ve been voting for them since before my grandmother moved there from Nashville… BEFORE WWI.

      Black Chicagoans elected and reelected Richard M. Daley for something like twenty+ years, DESPITE the fact that he profited politically from an organized torture ring operating INSIDE the Chicago PD. Most of the known victims of said ring were NOT Norwegian…

      Chicago is what it is because the Chicagoans WANT it that way. Sucks to be them.

      • I recall those “on the take” mayors and many lawyers, judges, civil servants. Couldn’t wait to move out of there! Out of my cold, dead hands is my motto.

    • Now that shit’s funny! When the cops get there lo k up literally everyone present and ya got ALL the criminals locked up. Yep. That shit is funny.

  45. Let me remind you of the killing of Mr. [Ahamud] Arbery. Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911.

    There’s something really sick about invoking the Arbery case and telling people to call 911. There was nothing in Arbery’s conduct that warranted calling 911. A black man jogging through your neighborhood is not a police emergency. Do not call 911 to report a jogging in progress, even if they did briefly check out a construction site. Just calm the f*** down and go back to whatever it is you were doing.

    • Let’s not go that far. It is well-established that he, at the least, was going into places he didn’t belong. And I’m not talking about the neighborhood, I’m talking about private property and a house under construction.

      Calling the police when you see a stranger enter private property when you know the owner is not absurd.

  46. Well , when she 1st got elected, I thought she was very wrong for the job, and now this NOT SO HELPFUL HINT, proves it, she needs to be recalled, or fired by the governor , ( but that won.t happen they are both the same, STUPID IDIOTS.)

  47. mayhem34668 ,

    This is about a worthless black POS running Shitcago, you corrupt scum just cannot get away from your rampant case of TDS now can you? Go back to your parent’s basement “safe space” , play with you coloring books and crayons, drink your hot cocoa and scream at the moon. 2020 elections are on the way, and you will be screaming at the moon again when PRESIDENT TRUMP wins reelection.

  48. [“Chicago Mayor: If You’re Attacked, Don’t Use a Gun, Call the 911…And Wait!”]

    Yeah, wait for the police to get there to call for a hearse to carry your body to the morgue!!!

  49. Obama’s social engineering run a-mock! All socialist democrat run cities are burned and looted. Mobs are welcomed. Politicians are kneeling. WTF! They don’t want to hurt the fascists feeling hurt, damned the law abiding citizens, they’re quite as lamb anyway.

  50. Lori Lightfoot is apparent light in the head! Call 911 and wait for the police to draw the chalk lines around your dead carcass! Who are the idiots that voted this fool into the mayor’s office? Oh, yes, the same ones that are reaping the rewards for their votes!

  51. LOCK and LOAD! . . . And PROSECUTE the SURVIVING Perpetrators. Put ENOUGH of them in the GROUND and the REMAINDER will get the message. HECK with this RETARD for a MAYOR (sorry, retards)! One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  52. Just another example of elected democrats having no sense of reality. She and DiBlasio are one in the same. She hates cops as much as DiBlasio does.
    Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus…… ALL Democrat mayors. All slow to respond to rioting, looting, burning, assaulting, stealing.
    The voters get what they deserve.

  53. We the people….
    Check The cities and municipalities who are having the most problems, even financially. Who are their leaders? Party affiliations? Vote them out! They won because of their promise to help. Where is the help? Good Help is teaching us to fish so we will have fish all the time… not depending on them giving fish! Where do you think those fish From them came from? Their pockets? Nope! They came from You and me—-Hard working Americans! Is that fair?
    Remember! In November…Vote ALL of them out!
    And her advice of calling 911 when there is problem… she can say that because she has security guards 24/7. She even admitted the police cannot cope with all the calls… we need to defend ourselves! When they come in our house uninvited, we need to be prepared to defend ourselves. We need to be ready.

    • Naw…Naw…Naw….you don’t understand the Government Plantation. Dumb down the inhabitants and keep them on meth and weed so they are compliant. Let them entertain themselves shooting each other to “justify” keeping guns away from non-inhabitants that don’t want the political machine to control them. The politicians count the votes. Tax the non-inhabitants to pay for the shanty shacks, the sow belly and collard greens, and you get them all for your person Useful Idiots to further your anti-America agendas. Need a riot? Stir the Useful Idiots to burn down their own community. By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)…..part of Antifa.

  54. Is she on the short list for Joe Bidens VP?? Fits the bill. After all , he MUST pick a black female we are told.


  56. It is positively shameful that a WOMAN of COLOR, in THIS environment, would say something this absolutely DAFT. It is impossible for me to believe that she could be this willfully ignorant. Her people are dying at the hands of corrupt cops and she’s gonna get up on that podium and tell her constituents to trust the cops to save their lives.

    • Actually it’s HER people that are killing HER people… An unarmed white person is two times more likely to be killed by cops than a black person and a black person is 1000 times more likely to be killed by another black person than by a cop of either color, but more black people are killed by black cops than by white cops…. However, as of today there are NO statistics indicating the number of Groots or Groot impersonators that have been killed during encounters with cops…

  57. Yep, just wait. When the cops show up, they’ll have the body bags and will shot your dog.

  58. Heil Lightfoot…Heil Pritzker…Arbeit macht frei….the epitome of STUPID in state and municipal government….

  59. This coming from a , well whatever, beetlejuice for want of a better term ! A person with armed security, so when the bad man is kicking your face in or raping your daughter or looting your house roll over call the police and ———— wait ! Not me I’ll blow the effer right out of his shoes and out my door ! I will not stand by and let me and mine get taken advantage of by some skell who hasn’t done an honest thing in there life !

  60. Well, Mrs. Mayor, I haven’t the resources you are privileged to have, so I figure it this way. I could either call 911, and wait for a response team, say five to twenty minutes on average, OR use a self defense weapon with a muzzle velocity somewhere around 2,600 feet per second. I know which way I’m going to go. Oh, By the way, it isn’t really an assault weapon if YOU’RE the party being assaulted… Wise up to reality.

  61. Well, of course she would say that. If she was attacked, she wouldn’t use a gun.
    She would simply call her bodyguard – in the next room . . . . .

    When seconds count, what do you want in your hand –
    a phone or a GUN?

  62. I read the previous comments, and agree whole-heartedly with most. The big flaw in all of our comments, is NOBODY is going to change it…the numbers of politicians in a position to stop this cultural insanity of allowing scum to walk out of jail after tossing a Molotov cocktail into a police car..won’t do so. How is that public service? These people don’t have these animals running around their neighborhoods…why not? LA police quickly stopped marchers from going into the Hollywood Hills and other elite neighborhoods…why? To protect the properties of celebrities that fund bail for the garbage destroying our streets. This means they’re connected to the thugs that riot. This will not end until
    they have overwhelmed our President and place dunce-boy in the White House.

  63. You can go F yourself mayor, Take your little HUMAN GIVEN government job title and shove it up your Fing ass. Your little Human wannabe control doesn’t mean shit. We ALL have GOD GIVEN NATURAL BORN RIGHTS to Protect ourselves from ANY threat. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, or what HUMAN GIVEN government job title you have. If your a threat you will be taken down PERIOD. I don’t rely any HUMAN to come save me. I will protect myself and my Family, friends, hell even strangers if need be. You do not get to tell anybody they can’t defend themselves they have to wait for your lapdog pigs. You can take that human wannabe control B.S. and shove it up your ass.

  64. Is the mayor so ignorant that she can’t understand she just contradicted herself with the next sentence? The qualifications to become mayor of Chicago must be basement level at best. P.S. Her hair looks terrible, time to get out to the salon again.

  65. Pelosi and Schumer wrote in their statement recently, “Across our country, Americans are protesting for an end to the pattern of racial injustice and brutality we saw most recently in the murder of George Floyd.” Here’s what too many Democrats don’t realize. Obama has also issued statement on Monday simply highlighting the shortcomings of the Democratic Party. The areas where there is the most black violence include Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles and other large cities. Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the DNC have focused so heavily on identity politics, and it has spilled out onto the streets. The cities where the violence is occurring is where Democrats have been ruling for decades and the Officers committing these horrific / deadly arrest acts all work for Democratic Governors, Mayors and Democratic appointed Police Chiefs! Conclusion: It’s time for voters of all Colors to wake-up and ask: Why the hell are we voting for Democrats?

    • As always, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. That’s why Dems have worked to dumb down the young through the Department of Indocrination….er, Education……and welfare (keep ’em from knowing how to be self sufficient.)

  66. Mayor litefoot and the useless governor is in way over thier heads well endless it comes to raising taxes over and over again just quit grow some balls take back k our citt/state Illinois use to be a state to be proud of a state that one could live work and make decent money and have a good life now it’s a over taxed poverty stricken place that people cant move away from fast enough if you 2 are going to stay in office then at the least try to fix this problem cause soon Chicago will be as bad as Detroit

  67. Moved away from Chicago with 1 reason being you can get killed there really easily. This call 911 is an absolute death wish. Long live concealed carry!


  69. My two favorite placards: “We don’t call 911” and “Trespassers WILL be shot, survivors will be shot again”… Truly words to live by…..

    • I’ve always preferred “I dial 1911” and “Trespassers will be shot; survivors will be bayonetted” myself.

  70. This is coming from someone that has 24 hr. armed protection. I consider this an unreliable source. If I were a reporter I would ask (IT) to practice what (IT) preaches by getting rid of the 24 hr. armed protection & make the same claim!!

  71. The don’t call them Demoncrats for nothing. When people are seething with anger and harboring evil spirits, it shows through their appearance. Exhibit A: this creature named Lori Lightfoot. What is this creature? It looks like a little demon. They do walk amongst us.

  72. I don’t live in Chicago. As a single woman, if you try and break into my house, what I shoot you with depends upon how much blood I want to clean up.

  73. We must ensure that she phones for the real police so that they can get there at great speed and protect her from all harm. She should forget that 911 crap – we were only kidding when we gave her that number.

    Tell her the true number is:

    ATLANTIS 07497 028492 1785946 7 9374501859 274 53570 18496 0238 5916038 1945920 7017351 4893657 4835 946793 74502 8492 948372 19789372 97385 82791 208017 01029387 8637 562956 387521 07981 0472945 0132547 89372 9870 1784 9275

    Warn her that one of those numbers is wrong – I think it’s that one, over there – NO…the one to the left of the other one, over there…see it? It’s to the right of the other two!

    Oh, and, if she needs an outside line, she can simply press:

    48567 284398 71878 354910 479284 67382 01839 57823 5197 83019 64294 78924357 81978 3127 96490 3928 01850 397216 09077 89326013 2324 58697 8305 48901245

    …………… “BANG!” ………….

    ….Oh, just bloody forget it! Clear that body away and start the election for a new Mayor! 😈 I tried to help her, but she just wouldn’t listen!

  74. But the context was the mass killings on the streets of Chicago and her comment was right after mentioning the case of Ahamud Arbery, who was shot by a DA investigator and his son trying to play “cop”. She was not talking about using a gun to defend your family in your home. She didn’t even say “if you’re attacked, don’t shoot a gun” anywhere on the posted video. That was extrapolated and misrepresented by the authors of this article (probably for a reason since this site reviews and advocates guns).

  75. I’m sorry such a beautiful city with wonderful people are going through this hell. You need the national guard helping this is so sad

  76. This is the fate of ALL anti gun cities! Maybe not quite to the same level “this time” but similar at minimum! Dimocrats hate guns because people under pressures of fear are easier to manipulate! Make dimocrats a forgotten species this November 2020!

  77. Chicago 911…

    “Yes, someone is trying to break in my home. Could you send a police officer over?”

    Sure thing, but it may take some time before they arrive.

    “He’s gonna break in shortly… About how long until the Police arrives???”


  78. What a fucking idiot !!!! Just call the coroner’s office and tell them where to pick up the bodies. If you don’t protect yourself no one will cause 911 would be to late .. she is another waste of sperm …..


  80. Defund the Mayor of Illinois. And let her call 911 when all goes to hell. I bet she would pull out a gun if some idiot threatened her life. This lady needs help. God help us all. 😓

    • You probably meant Mayor of CHICAGO… The Mayor of Illinois Is actually called a Governor even though he is just as bad and had his ass handed to him by the courts recently….

  81. Aim to maime! Crazy lady is what she is. If enough of the trouble makers are taken out then there would less problems then the police wouldn’t be overwhelmed!

  82. Dial 911after I defend my family she’s beyond help you would be dead before 911 answers ❄️🗑🔩✅

    • Yeah they fell a little behind on the body count during the lockdown so they’re really working hard to get caught up….

  83. Chicago needs a new mayor, next time try voting for a Republican, they are conservative and are not Democrats or should I say the party that started the KKK, get educated Chicago bbn before you vote, the Democratic party that you know has changed into something other the Democrats, liberals that hate Christians, Jewish, and American people of all colors, and the American dream, freedom sould I go on ? They are loving it that you are killing each other up in Chicago every State is cheering you all for being the city with the most killings and the most children killings you have out done every state hope your proud of your votes for a Democratic party state!

  84. Sorry to inform you Lightfoot the courts have REPEATEDLY ruled the police are under NO obligation to protect the people. Your security detail might be required to protect you, your house and your spouse. For us there only obligation is to observe and record what happened IF they can find out who done it that’s a bonus for us. As Chicago’s arrest, proscution and conviction rates prove they are not there to protect. The last two chiefs of police said numerous times on tv they know who is driving the crime (approximately 1,400 people). Stop the plea deal and take them off the streets!

  85. She is a former federal prosecutor that hates white people, despises the police, and wants to give every thing away

  86. The late Mayor Richard J Daley, not his Lightfoot son M, is rolling over in his grave. To all the commentators who blame counters, graft, corruption and etc….. your all full of bs. It’s the Occupants of what was once a great city who are responsible for this aberration and the decline of the city. There are no words to describe what has happened to Chicago. It’s not anybody’s fault but the people who live here. It’s the same for all the other head cases throughout the country.

  87. They’ve turned it into a world class competition… Chicago wins Monday with 14 shootings/2 killed while N.Y.C. could only manage 13 shot w/no deaths, also Chicago still holds the record for number of kids murdered, but N.Y.C. is trying to catch that one up.. Great job Tinkerbell, maybe Big Wilhelm can hire some shooting instructors with the billion he took from the cops get his street rats shooting a little better, hold a tighter group, hit something vital on an ADULT for a change…

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