Coordination: The Anti-Gun Left Goes After Permitless Open Carry

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Gun violence rises as easy access to guns rises. Many mayors and city councils in big cities seek to put severe restrictions on guns — banning assault weapons, limiting handguns, banning open carry, requiring testing, licensing and registration. Sadly, in many states, the gun lobby has enlisted Republicans at the state level to pre-empt, or block, efforts to control guns at the local level.

Now Republican leaders seem intent on a race to the bottom, on who can cater most to the gun lobby, who can be the most macho, the most extreme, the most Trumpy. The gun lobby is pushing for laws that allow open carrying of a handgun without a permit. Twenty-five states already have such laws.

In Texas, the laws allow open carry without a permit, no waiting period, no magazine limit, no universal background check. These guns are not for hunters. Over 35% of Texas residents own a gun; only 3.9% have a paid hunting license. In Florida, which has witnessed some of the worst mass murders in recent years, Gov. Ron DeSantis, eager to become Trump’s successor, has promised to deliver the same for the gun lobby. Open carry in football stadiums, in bars, in schools, on university campuses — what could possibly go wrong?

–  Jesse Jackson in Gun Violence Rises as Access to Guns Rises


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      • RE: “Seems that they do not want me to share that truth. I wonder why? — Fred Guttenberg”

        Rest assured fred guttenburg and his ilk will never share The Truth About Gun Control. Not only does their sick agenda ride on the coattails of criminal acts, history has confirmed Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide.

        In other words fred…Trampling on the rights of the innocent is the wrong way to find justice for your daughter.

        • Fred Guttenberg et al wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face. They are not interested in the “truth”!

        • Facts and Truth only get in the way of Anti 2A Elite’s Ideology and Agendas and confuse their Acolytes. Truth is what their Zealots believe.

    • The progressives read the Bill of Rights and see the right to abortion, but not “the right to keep and bear arms”. Maybe the real difference between progressives and normal people is literacy.

      • Based on what looks as if it is coming from SCOTUS, the progs will be FORCED to read the 2nd a written. Reversal of revisionist judical activisim and judges writing law. Hopefully it continues.

        • If Justice Thomas is not given the task of writing the opinion concerning New York you know the fix is in.

    • Jesse Jackson didn’t write that. He can barely put a spoken sentence together.

      He’s not in good shape at all, physically or mentally.

  1. what could possibly go wrong

    Translation: “25 states provide an enormous body of evidence for study, but I’d rather speculate about what ‘could’ happen because actual facts disprove my narrative.”

    • He’s not even talking about what he thinks he’s talking about. More states have permitless open carry than that. He’s talking about concealed carry. Words are hard.

      • “permitless open carry”
        Like WA.
        Also, WA is shall-issue.
        Permitless concealed carry would be unlikely to get through legislature here, though.

  2. Plenty of empirical evidence that at the very lest permitless carry doesn’t make things worse.
    Why won’t this conspiracy-disinfo-racist-Qtard trust the science?

  3. With respect to gun laws, there are three types of people:
    * Those who will not carry, regardless of the law,
    * Those who will carry, regardless of the law, and
    * Those who will carry, if it is legal, but will not, if it is not.

    Changing the law will only affect this last group, and these people are, by definition, law-abiding people who lose no meaningful risk to society, regardless of whether or not they carry.

    • Well said, sir.

      But, then, we all knew this wasn’t about anything other than control, and disarming the one group of people who SHOULDN’T be disarmed, didn’t we.

  4. If you read the article that this is taken from they love to make the point that the states with the highest murder rates are states that are red but they failed to mention that those States also have very large populations of negroes who account for the majority of murders in the United States and violent crime.

    • Like Stalin said, it doesn’t matter what the murder rate is. What matters is who counts the murder rate.

    • Their deception is simpler than that.

      They’ve created the term “gun violence” to include both homicide and suicide involving guns.

      There are far more suicides they homicides, and nearly all suicides involving guns are committed by people who own guns.

      Their claim that that is more “gun violence” in states with lax [sic] gun laws really means that people with guns choose to commit suicide with guns more often than those who don’t.

      • True enuogh Look at Canada’s stats. Handguns are almost impossible for the average Canuck to possess. Their socioexconomic stats are very similar to ours, their overall suicide rate is also near identical to ours. What is different is the percentage of suicides accoplished with the use of a gun. The simple fact that handguns are rare up there simply drives those determined to “end it all” to use something other than a gun.

        But statistics are not comprehensible bu the gun banners, are they? Not much else is, either, come to think of it.

  5. Lol
    If people on both sides would call it what it is then we wouldn’t have all this confusion. Although the left is primarily responsible for the bulk of this nonsense.

    Constitutional carry and Permitless carry are NOT the same thing. They ARE different. Constitutional Carry however is NOT a made up term. It’s just that no one in this country actually has that.

    • There are 40 states which have a “right to keep and bear arms” clause in their respective constitutions.

      • California is not one of them. I haven’t looked it up, but I understand that the California Supreme Court ruled decades ago that the Second Amendment does not apply to the state. Even though McDonald was decided a decade ago, no one seems to want to try to get that ruling overturned. That may change after Bruen comes down in a month or two.

  6. It makes me wonder how many armed security guards Jesse Jackson has? People like him (and the the likes of Michael Bloomberg) always were a bunch of hypocrites.

  7. Constitutional carry is being able to wear a weapon without any restrictions of any type whatsoever. Although firearms will almost always be banned in courtrooms and inside schools, and bars, these areas of prohibitions are typically not considered a breach of the constitutional carry definition.

    I don’t know of any state that has true Constitutional carry. This screwball term of “permitless carry” is something of recent creation and is an attempt to soothe those in states where true constitutional carry will never be passed. Using Texas as an example, the recent passing of permitless carry is nothing short of a damn joke. Texans have been scammed by turd closet-liberal, compromised and paranoid politicians like Suicide Dan Patrick. It’s their own damn fault for allowing lame and corrupt organizations like the Texas Gun Rights, Texas State Rifle Association, and the Austin, Texas office of the GOA to go in and “negotiate these rights for Texans”, whom basically agreed for Texans to take anything they could get as the crumbs from a table as long ad they got “something” that at least resembles constitutional carry.

    As it turns out (and as those in the aforementioned organizations and the coward Lt. Governor Suicide Dan) what Texans wound up with was a joke of a deal that is more restrictive and punishing than the firearms wearing freedoms authorized by the license to carry laws in Texas. Sadly as long as any state allows compromised and incompetent organizations to negotiate keeping, and/or regaining their constitutional rights none of them will ever again realize the true freedoms that once existed before corrupt politicians were allowed to exist in this world. Such scum exists to parade the political feather(s) in their cap of being either for, or against, certain constitutional rights and having taken part in the reduction or loss of, or granting of.

    Politicians LOVE AND LIVE for such organizations to exist; not only does it allow them to negotiate with a controlled group of people instead of the masses thereby succeeding in giving no more than they want to begin with, but it also allows their sorry corrupted power-hungry asses to say to their constituencies; “Look at what I got for you because I am powerful”. In reality none of the rights WE THE PEOPLE have been criminally scammed out of are “theirs” to give or take in the first place.

    Clearly until Americans resolve our constitutional issues by returning all our rights to us as we were originally supposed to have and enjoy we’ll forever suffer and be subjected to this corrupted tyrannical bullshit these clowns perpetrate against us on a daily basis. Sadly it doesn’t appear that anything short of another full-blown civil war will cause that to happen. I don’t advocate for such disaster but nothing else has worked that has been tried and should’ve worked long ago. Too many on both sides fail to understand this. Too many fail to understand our constitutional rights have been granted by a higher authority and thus are to be left alone.

    • Here there is no restriction carrying in bars or schools and no one is citing our murder rate, so it must be pretty low compared to others.

    • Dan Patrick and our Govenor did not want to pass and sign into law a permitless carry law. Many of us called and wrote to our reps and senators that if it wasn’t passed we would replace every damned one of them. We will strengthen our rights next go round. There are too many liberals and rino’s in our state and we will get better representation in Austin. Wanted to replace Abbott in the primary but Trump stuck his damned nose into our election and helped Abbott ( George bush lite ) and got the useless bum back in. Will have to work with what we have.

      • Texas isn’t getting another chance any time soon. The reason is because of the very lame loser’s attitude and demeanor you exhibited right here. Too many of you are too desperate and too accepting of “change via baby steps” and that is all you’re ever going to get. Interestingly the govt. never changes anything necessarily by “baby steps” as it forgets the people are supposed to be in charge and not the corrupted politicians. There’s as many RINO(s) in Texas as there are liberals in all political parties. Best you get used to what you didn’t get but should have as you ain’t getting anything better any time soon.

      • And you need to correct yourself on your opening sentence above. The correction is neither of them wanted true Constitutional Carry but relied on the incompetent and corrupted Austin office of the GOA, the Texas Gun Rights, and the Texas State Rifle Association, to accept the silly-assed joke of “permitless carry” on behalf of all Texans so they didn’t have to suffer what their centrist paranoid selves were most afraid of.

        Texans should vote on it once and for all therefore all but remove any influence from the useless paranoid TURDS that work to deny it.

  8. I abide the law here. If I decide to hunt, I will pay my hunting fees. So he can rest assured I won’t hunt with that.
    Carrying a gun doesn’t make me a hunter just as being a politician doesn’t make me smart.

  9. Wait a minute. Is this Jesse “down with hope- up with dopes”Jackson? Covid must’ve addled his brain even further. Gunz for me & screw ye…helluva job in ILLannoy.

  10. And notice what he leaves out… where within those states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama those murders are happening.

    The big cities: Jackson, New Orleans, Birmingham. Run by … DEMOCRATS?

    • Quit being a coward and admit who Is really committing the crime. Of course then Debbie W and her communist buddies will call you “rayciss” if you do.

  11. Fred Guttenberg’s crusade gives his life purpose in his mind. His way of greiving over his daughters death is this, it has broken him in a tragic way and he will not give up nor see reality.
    Would he bang on as much if his daughter had been killed by a mugger with a brick?

    • Fred Guttenberg has confused vengeance for justice and wants a collective punishment on all gun owners. Even if he gets his wish his anger will still not be sated. He will want more.

  12. “These guns are not for hunters. Over 35% of Texas residents own a gun; only 3.9% have a paid hunting license.”

    Most–maybe all?–states do not require a landowner to purchase a general hunting license for hunting on his own property. Some do require special tags for big game or the like. Some folks buy a license even though they don’t need it. There are additional factors as well. The number of hunting licenses sold is not a one-to-one indicator of the number of hunters.

    In short, quit lying.

    • Questioning the details of his hunter-numbers argument lends it (undeserved) relevance.

      • You are correct. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting. This demonstrates the depth of his futility. He doesn’t have even an irrelevant leg to stand on.

  13. The 2nd amendment probably has the most laws,regs. infringing it than any other. But there is a whole alphabet soup of agencies, departments, bureaus etc. that infringe on every single right in the bill of rights.
    I think we do need a great reset.
    And that doesn’t mean what they think it means.
    If you know what I mean.

  14. The gun lobby is pushing for laws that allow open carrying of a handgun without a permit. Twenty-five states already have such laws.

    dummy needs to learn how to read. Open carry is not prohibited in many states that also do not prohibit othe forms of handgun carry in public. What he thinks he means is the concealed carry of a weapon in public without a Mother May I Card.
    Constitutional “carry” would mean no one needs to ask permission to take advantage of a RIGHT so clearly enumberated in the Constitution. That would mean I can own, use, carry, transport, any “arm” I choose with NO input or restriction by gummit. A few exeptions would be tolerable.. inside courthouses, for example where as REQUIRED in my state, I can show up inform the LE at the door I need to secure a weapon, they escort me to the lockers, I select one, place my piece inside the lockboc, take the key close it, and am on my way into the courthouse. When I return I head for the locker, open it, reholster my weapon, return the key and am on my way. Inside the courtrooms, not even LE are armed.. because some lout ws able to overpower an officer, take his handgun, and shoot some folks inside the courtroom. They carefully inspect and wand everyone, no one inside is armed.

    I’m fine with that. I get to walk from my parked car to the courthouse door armed, and then back again, and LE does keep anyone armed outside the building.

    • I understand that Joy Behar said on The View that “The Supreme Court is about to pass a bill that will allow New Yorkers to openly carry firearms in the streets.” With tha level of misunderstanding, what do you expect from these folks?

  15. In the 1700 & 1800, oldest child carried a rifle to school, to protect children from predators, both two legs & four legs predators. NOT one school shooting, fathers & mothers taught the children to use their brains & be safe.
    Today that is not happening, so we need to have new gun owner training, if for no other reason, to keep them out of prison.
    Cry about your rights all you want, but not demanding training will be used against you in the long run.
    Just ask Maj Toure.

  16. “Sadly, in many states, the gun lobby has enlisted Republicans at the state level to pre-empt, or block, efforts to control guns at the local level.”

    And thankfully, in many states, The People have made the GOP submit to what they, the voters, determine is their course of freedom and liberty. These Republicans weren’t “enlisted”- in most cases they ran against others in primaries and were voted in by a majority of Republican voters in those states. The old, establishment Bush, Dole, McCain globalists are being replaced at a record pace.

    Any questions? Check out the results of yesterday’s Republican primaries…

    The old Republicrat, uniparty BS is fading fast. Today, there is a definite difference between Republican and Democrat candidates, and sitting lawmakers. Not sure where the old elite are going to end up but it’s pretty certain they won’t be back in any position of power any time soon. Let’s keep pouring in on, state by state.

  17. Road rage deaths, criminals getting guns second hand guns without paperwork or stolen guns. People shooting it out all drunked up in bars and the Republicans are promoting it and wanting more of it to appease the far right gun vote. Its pure insanity.

    • Well, dacian the stupid, you would certainly know about insanity, since you practice it so enthusiastically. Please cite me all these MYRIAD statistics about “People shooting it out all drunked up in bars . . . “, “road rage” shootings. A dozen? Or perhaps your mushrooms just kicked in?

  18. If Constitutional Carry means “permitless open carry”, then Washington state has had Constitutional Carry for decades. There is no permit required here to open carry, just put on the holster, make sure you don’t cover the gun, and you’re set. There are places you can go legally with a permit that you can’t without one, and you are required to disarm in a vehicle if you don’t have a permit. Washington is not alone in this. Many states do not require a permit for open carry.

    As we all know, Constitutional Carry is permitless concealed carry, which only Vermont had before the modern Constitutional Carry movement.

    Those are all details, though. The point is, as usual, gun control advocates don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • “The point is, as usual, gun control advocates don’t know what they’re talking about.”

      It’s a bit more nuanced than that. Notice what Jackson says here :

      “In Florida, which has witnessed some of the worst mass murders in recent years, Gov. Ron DeSantis, eager to become Trump’s successor, has promised to deliver the same for the gun lobby. Open carry in football stadiums, in bars, in schools, on university campuses — what could possibly go wrong?”

      Permitless open carry is not the same as permitless concealed carry. That’s a deliberate twisting of language, a classic Leftist Scum ™ trick…

  19. Why is it that these idiots conflate Constitutional CARRY with access to guns? The federal laws on purchasing a firearm from an FFL have not changed, and quite a few states have universal background check laws, i.e., no private sales without a background check. But that is an issue independent of the right to carry a concealed firearm. Further, whether or not owners take steps to secure their firearms to prevent theft has again, nothing to do with concarry. Criminal misuse of firearms, which existed before concarry and will undoubtedly continue long after, has nothing to do with it.

    Who’s lyin’ now?

  20. Poor Fred’s mind is confused and in a tither over Constitutional Carry and open carry. True Constitutional Carry like here in Alaska allows any legal adult to in the open or concealed carry without any type of permit or permissions. We also have a Concealed Carry permit system run through the Dept of Public Safety that gives reciprocity to many states with the exceptions of slave states we all know. Fred’s trying to use smoke and mirrors for argument.

  21. Constitutional carry is the correct term.
    “Permitless open carry” is the term that’s a made-up marketing term by the anti-gun lobby.
    In fact, “permitless” is such a made-up term that it’s not in the dictionary, so it gets flagged by spellcheckers because it’s a non-existent word.

    Is there any other Constitutional right that we attach the prefix “permitless” to?
    Nobody says “permitless voting” or “permitless praying” or “permitless going to church” or “permitless book reading” or “permitless newspaper reading” or “permitless walking down the street” or “permitless freedom to associate” or “permitless having sex.”
    So calling it “permitless open carry” is a made-up marketing term by the anti-gun lobby.

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