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From the AP . . .

Comedian Dave Chappelle was tackled during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl Tuesday night. Security guards chased and overpowered the attacker, and Chappelle was able to continue his performance while the man was taken away in an ambulance.

NBC News reported that the Los Angeles Police Department early Wednesday said the man was carrying a fake gun with a real knife blade inside it. LAPD media relations made no official announcement of an arrest in the hours after the attack, and did not immediately respond to an Associated Press request for details.

Chappelle was performing his standup routine at the amphitheater as part of the “Netflix Is a Joke” festival when the man rushed on stage and tackled him. Jamie Foxx was in the wings of the stage and Chappelle thanked him for responding to the attack. Chris Rock was there as well, and jokingly asked if the attacker was Will Smith.

Chappelle was attacked as he was wrapping up a routine in which he talked about how comedians have to worry more about their personal security in the wake of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony where the Oscar-winning actor slapped Rock on live television in reaction to a joke about his wife.

“The comedian had literally just said he now has more security because of all the uproar from his jokes about the trans community,” tweeted Buzzfeed News reporter Brianna Sacks, who attended the show. She tweeted that “while the attacker was getting beat up,” Chappelle “made a joke about him probably being a trans man.”

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  1. So chris rock let will smith bitch slap him and did nothing. His fellow comedian and friend was being attacked and he did nothing.

    Bitch or beta?

    • Well, sounds like it happened way to fast for anybody sitting down to do too much to stop it, but Rock had the line of the night: “Was that Will Smith?!?!”

    • If Will Smith had wanted to really hurt the idiot he could have done and with considerable ease. Will Smith is no mean Light Heavy even Heavyweight boxer in his own right. He didn’t even knock him down for god’s sake! Why? Because Will Smith KNEW he could have really reallt do him damage if had so chosen to do so.
      At least he did NOT take the usual course of retribution among the American Public and simply SHOOT him.
      Personally I do not hink Will Smith had any need for an apology in principle and should have pointed out that he was merely putting a fool in his place with a ‘harmless ‘slap’ as you would a recalcitant puppy for, as he saw it INSULTING HIS WIFE. It’s about time some of those so-called comedians who target the vulnerable. especially women, got their come-uppance

      • Another mentally weak and physically violent Leftist. Who would think that the group claiming words are violence would support violence over words?!?

        No difference between clowns like this and dacian or miner

  2. I’m glad Dave is okay. And I hope the security staff gave that guy a good stomping, out of sight of the cameras. This is what the LGBTQ,xyz crowd does. They are s0ci@lists Pr0gressive in their political 0rient@tion. They physically attack people all the time. And they were the ones primarily responsible for burning American cities to the ground, while waving their rainbow flags in 2020.

    I remember when they went after Andrew Breitbart. He was very lucky he was not physically attacked. Same for Former President Reagan.

    This guy is very lucky he’s still alive. But I’m also sure he’s very proud of what he did. He’s a great example of a g@y nazi. They have never supported the 1st amendment. But they always have others running to defend their rights. But not the rights of christians or jews to be left alone.


      • If the skin color of the attacker doesn’t match the narrative, then they won’t publish the pictures. And if the sexual orientation doesn’t match the narrative, they won’t discuss that either.

        One of the adults who attacked the 17 year old boy in Kenosha Wisconsin was a convicted pedophile. Who’s victims were all young boys. Something the mainstream press never talked about.

      • I heard the full context of this Tracy Morgan joke. At a Nashville TN comedy club. It was a very mild and it was funny. It’s not what the Press was trying to make it out to be. H0m0sexu@ls can dish it out to other people they don’t like. But they can’t take it when it’s thrown back at them.

        They are s0ci@lists Pr0gressive in their political orientation. Thay are like the Nazis in the 1970s movie “Cabaret”, attacking comedians on stage in the early 1930s Berlin Germany.

        From 2011

  3. Lefty Snowflake – “Your words offend me and are violence. Therefore, I will respond with violence.”

    This is going to get MUCH worse very soon.

    • You mean when men lose their ” constitutional right” to have an abortion procedure done to themselves?

      • At my age if I get knocked up again I’m getting an abortion. Males can get pregnant, right?

        • “Male” is just a “social construct”, right? You can be what you believe you are. The fact that you haven’t gotten pregnant yet, just like the fact that someone with a 57 IQ hasn’t become a nuclear physicist, is due solely to the oppressors and naysayers who have unconvinced you of your equal right to do so.

        • “how’s your flow?”

          “i’m on my cycle.”
          i’ll follow you on my honda.”

  4. “The comedian had literally just said he now has more security because of all the uproar from his jokes about the trans community,” tweeted Buzzfeed News reporter Brianna Sacks, who attended the show.

    Seems that his security didn’t do a particularly good job in this situation.

    • Alien, I’m not so sure. Dave finished his show uninjured and the attacker left in an ambulance. I’m sure after the hospital he was allowed to sleep in the county jail. Sounds like a win for security to me.

      • …and I’m willing to bet his security will be a lot tighter from here on out.

        And pretty much every stand-up comedy performer will be doing the same from here forward.

        • Geoff —

          I’d agree about his security getting tighter — especially after what just happened.

          IMO the attacker should have been intercepted before he got anywhere close to Chappelle. Considering the guy was carrying a weapon, this could have easily turned into a tragedy.

          And I’m all good with an old-fashioned curb-stomping of the perp — as long as it’s done out of the view of sensitive audience members and/or cameras. 😉

      • The attacker must have fallen down some stairs. Several times. Backstage can be dangerous.

        • ‘The attacker must have fallen down some stairs.’

          Or up some stairs.

          These Brandon supporters are strange people.

  5. So, was this another ” gun free zone ” crime ? Can you imagine how berserk they would get with Flip Wilson doing his Geraldine routine ?

  6. Sounds like a “trans” weapon of sorts. A knife fronting as a fake gun. Kinda funny.

    • Leftists and especially the LGBTETC crowd are known to be particularly humorless.

  7. This is on every, not every major new outlet, but every news outlet and here too. Slow news day.

    • So, you are saying somebody attacking someone with a potentially lethal weapon for exercising their right to free speech is not news?

      • Were you asleep the last 2 years (or longer)? It’s only newsworthy if it fits the narrative.

  8. “Let me tell you, you take on the trans community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

    -Chuck Schumer, probably

    • Again do we know he is trans, Dave made a Joke or is the guy Trans?
      I can not find who or what he is anywhere.

      • That sounds like a paraphrase of Chuck Shumer’s threat to the Supreme Court :

        “I want to tell you, Gorsuch; I want to tell you, Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said while the justices were hearing arguments in a critical Louisiana abortion case. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

      • While you are looking for the “g@y thing”. Why don’t you also look and see how this “homeless” guy, was able to come up with the $300 to pay for his ticket???
        In order to get into the Hollywood Bowl in the first place

        Perhaps he was paid to do this by those same people???

    • That arm would’ve been looking much worse if Dave C had hired Kyle R for security.


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