Lauren Boebert (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
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Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Members of Congress enjoy a lot of perks. Among them is the right to carry a firearm even while they’re in the halls of Congress. But a group of Democrats set out to change that once a firebrand gun rights champion have publicly announced her intention to take advantage of that perk.

Lauren Boebert won her Congressional race in Colorado in November. She later made national headlines when she announced that she planned to take her GLOCK to work on a daily basis. That didn’t sit well with the House’s den mother and a handful of radical Democrats.

Why do Democrats want to change this generations-old policy allowing members to carry? “Ultimately, the current regulations create needless risk for Members of Congress, their staff, members of the Capitol Police, and visitors to the Capitol grounds,” they wrote in a letter.

In an effort to push back, 83 House members have signed a letter contesting Pelosi’s plans to end the concealed carry perk for Congresscritters. Planet Free Will News has the story.

More than 80 members of the House of Representatives are taking a stand against a Democrat plan to end lawmakers’ eligibility to carry firearms on the grounds of Capitol Hill under current regulations.

The effort is being lead by Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who says she refuses to give up her ability to carry a firearm while spending time in the crime ridden District of Columbia.

“I refuse to give up my Second Amendment rights,” Boebert said in a statement, adding:

“I’m a 5-foot tall, 100-pound mom with four children and will be walking to work and serving in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. I choose to defend my family and my life with all of the force the Constitution provides. I will not let a bunch of gun-grabbing House Democrats take away my Constitutional right to protect myself.”

The Colorado representative’s call for allowing the continuation to pack heat has been joined by 82 other members including Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, and Dan Crenshaw.

Boebert acknowledged the support of her fellow pro-gun congressmen.

Unfortunately, the majority party in the House makes the rules. So you wouldn’t expect sternly worded letters from minority members, no matter how persuasive, to slow the Democrats from enacting this change to strip the right to keep and bear arms from members.

But Boebert somehow seems to have prevailed. At least for now. As Fox News reports . . .

On Saturday, it appeared Boebert scored a victory, as new rules unveiled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not appear to include a Democrat-proposed ban on firearms in the Capitol.

Go figure.


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    • I agree, but I also take heart that a newly elected conservative is willing to stand a fight. I am glad for her victory and look forward to her fighting for the 2A rights of all citizens.

      • ““I’m a 5-foot tall, 100-pound mom with four children”

        This bimbo should be focusing on being a mother to her children.

        1 Timothy 2:12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

        Sick country.

        • Righhht. Whatever happened to those good old “barefoot and pregnant” days? And those judicial backsliders haven’t stoned an adulterer or a witch in centuries! Shame and Perdition!!

        • Hey Deal sometimes woman have to step up when men fail their duties.

          When in the biblical narrative leadership by males proved inadequate for a new era, another kind of governance was called for, and it was done by women.

        • 1 Timothy 2:12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

          Deborah: A Distinguished Judge and Leader of Israel… In her area the despised King Jabin was harassing the Israelites. Deborah summoned Barak, from the tribe of Naphtali on the northern border, and ordered him to recruit an army of ten thousand men from his own tribe and the neighboring tribe Zebulun. Barak wavered, insisting that Deborah accompany him for the task (Judges 4:8). She not only joined the drive to raise an army but also suggested their strategy… God had spoken in the past through his leaders Moses and Joshua, and now he was speaking through Deborah. In a mini-replay of the crossing of the Red Sea, the horse-drawn chariots of the enemy floundered and Yahweh came to her aid with a violent thunderstorm (Judges 5:4)… As the Canaanites fled, Yael welcomed a fleeing Sisera into her tent, where she proceeded to play the part of the perfect hostess. She poured him a drink and made him comfortable before she drove a tent stake through his heart killing Sisera, the captain of the Canaanite army, thus fulfilling Deborah’s prediction.

          Huldah: The Prophetess Who Changed a Nation… God used Huldah to bear testimony and deliver a message from him to the high priest and to the king (2 Kings 22:14–20).. All the reforms set forth by King Josiah were based on the Word of God as given to this woman. Huldah was apparently so well known as a woman of God and so highly trusted with regard to her understanding of God’s law that for a time her nation’s whole religious consciousness and practice was reignited in faithfulness to God.

          Rahab: A Discerning Deliverer… Rahab was a woman with spiritual insight. She recognized the disparity between Israel’s God and the gods she and her people served. Israel’s God was supreme—he did not share the rule in the heavens and the earth the way their gods reportedly did (Joshua 2:11). Rahab’s initial confession of faith is seen in the use of the name Yahweh.

        • Amazing that a Bloomie-troll can quote scripture, given their history of bigotry and antisemitism.

        • When the U.S. Congress becomes, in fact, the church of Christ, and its assemblies meet to worship God decently and orderly, then Paul’s instruction to Timothy would have some debatable relevance in this matter. Let me know when this happens.

          There are many, many, free correspondence courses available to the public these days, Real Deal. Please…take one.

        • you a woman hater … she has a right … to serve congress and her family … nobody sick and WEAK here but you

        • Get over yourself.. Old Testament law is not in play. Israel practices Old Testament law. I’m sure you’d be happy there ya bimbo..

      • “I agree, but I also take heart that a newly elected conservative is willing to stand a fight.”

        It wasn’t done out of the kindness of Pelosi’s (non-existent) heart.

        I bet the Leftist scum gamed it out behind the scenes and came to the conclusion they would eventually lose in court, and the national ramifications that would come from that.

        They may now be be so frightened of the possibility that any 2A court challenge could make it to the SCOTUS that they may roll over and play dead to keep that from happening. We may see cases like the now-dead Peruta and the still active ‘Young-Hawaii’ case go our way in the circuits for the express intent keeping the loss in the circuits rather than drop it into the Coney-Barret court’s in-basket.

        (It would be really fucking cool if the current court ends up being refereed to as the Coney-Barret court… *snicker* 😉 )

        • Check out this nugget that dropped on the ‘ZH’ :

          “Sen. Gohmert Says Republicans Need To Match Antifa, BLM Violence After Court Quashes Electoral Suit”

          “Senator Louie Gohmert (R-TX) suggested that Republicans should be ‘as violent as Antifa and BLM’ after US District Judge Jeremy Kernodle tossed out his lawsuit which argued that Vice President Mike Pence has the authority to unilaterally overturn the 2020 election results based on widespread claims of fraud in several states, according to Bloomberg.”

          Damn straight. They aren’t playing, and turnabout is fair play…

    • The right to carry should be nationwide as long as you a non-felon or lost that right and are a citizen of the United States

      • Being a felon should NOT permanently strip a person of constitutionally protected rights. There are plenty of ways to become a felon that don’t involve knocking over a stop and rob. As long as a citizen has made restitution served their time/paid fines, they should not lose their rights. Recent SCOTUS appointee Justice Barrett wrote an interesting relevant opinion on this that I would encourage folks to read.

    • Agreed, but I’m reminded on a daily basis that there are a lot of folks that ought not to even own a gun much less be cowboying one around in public. This New Years in my local area saw the worst cases ever in negligent shooting of people due to retarded celebratory gunfire. It included a 4 year old getting the brains evacuated from his skull. It’s behavior like this that constantly is being used against the majority that are careful and responsible.

      • I’m truly sorry that your community has endured those horrors, and I hope you’ve seen the last of them for the foreseeable future.

        Stupid reckless people will tend to behave accordingly, but we as a community need to do our best to step up and proactively educate new gun owners. I’ve been extending an offer of basic firearms safety education to any interested locals of my community over social media; I have conversed directly with 4-5 local strangers who bought guns for 1st time in past year.
        Taught them the basics rules, safe handling and storage, the basic manipulation of their defensive gun, where to read up on state guidelines related to use of lethal force in self defense, and provided links to further training resources. Each lesson only took about 20 minutes in a virtual videocall. Its not a lot but its a hell of a lot better than nothing.

        Most ranges and professional trainers in my area are swamped, new CHP courses are booked 3+ months out; in many areas new owners don’t have ready access to the conventional means of gun safety training (NRA, friendly range staff, CHP courses, etc.).

        Oh, I also showed them ammoseek; none of the 4 had any idea how to find the correct type of ammo in stock. If you cant get (affordable) ammo you won’t become proficient.

      • LoL… typical libtard response .. just because you feel safe in your granny’s

        • And here comes a self anointed “King of Boomers” to prove my point. Guess you are a member of the pussie posse that agrees with pulling guns out on folks who don’t want to huff into .gov mandated panties on their face. All over a virus that has a 99+% chance of NOT killing you. Ok “King” Boomer.

      • Apparently, the old fart made the threat on Facebook. He wasn’t waving a gun around at the supermarket. I wonder if he even owns a gun.

        BlueLightning: OK. Don’t wear a mask. Hang out in a crowded bar with other unmasked people and contract the virus. Bring it home and give it to Grandma and Grandpa. In a week or two, you will have recovered while they will be dead.

      • There will always be dumb asses. Question is are counted among them or is it just your latent karenteristics surfacing.

    • I think they ALL deserve to have their pay taken away when a “shutdown” exists. Tons of other times they deserve it too. They are all overpaid and too comfortable.

    • We don’t have “rights”, we have privileges that can be changed or ended on a moments notice.

    • Great news. She has the right to carry as a citizen of her state, she should not be at risk representing it. She does not lose her rights by being a Congresswoman. No one in the Capitol is endangered by her having a weapon, she is endangered by having to leave it unattended and not being safe going home outside of the Capitol. It is a victory for principle. It is also a victory for the Democrats who were quietly carrying and reached out to Pelosi. Members of Congress live under death threats. Most do not have security 24/7 like Pelosi and the leadership so of course she did not care.

    • But you DO have that Right! You were BORN with it (the Constitution does NOT ‘give’ you that Right)! Government does NOT ‘give’ you that Right, therefore, they CANNOT take it away! Any ‘law’ that goes against the Constitution is NULL & VOID! Again, you were BORN with that Right…….if you CHOOSE NOT to exercise that Right…..that’s on YOU! I have my firearm and NO government on this planet is going to tell me that I need a ‘licence’ for it, or to register it! If you obey ILLEGAL ‘laws’…..that’s on YOU!

    • WOW, are you uninformed members in congress have a lot more rights then any regular citizen. You should really know what your talking about. But I do agree, they shouldn’t any more rights than what we have. Period…

      • Seconded. But GOOD LUCK convincing arrogant, sanctimonious, ‘progressive’ legislators of that.

    • Pelosi didn’t?

      The party that controls the chamber doesn’t make the rules for the session?

  1. Because of sickos like n. pelosi and Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden there has to be a clear line drawn in the sand…Whether you are a dirtbag criminal or a dirtbag gun control zealot you are both from the same cut of cloth. Therefore Do Not Even Try To Step Over The Line.

  2. Sanity prevails. I wonder why? Other members of the sh*t for brains caucus didn’t want to give up THEIR right to carry a gun is my guess.

    • Yes that right there. How many dims carry but will never admit to. My guess is a few ranking dims got in piglouse’s ear and said drop it.

  3. ” I will not let a bunch of gun-grabbing House Democrats take away my Constitutional right to protect myself.” AMEN. End of argument, case closed, moving on to (far) more critical issues now, thank you…

  4. I love Lauren. Every political ad she did, she was armed with something. Mares leg, AR, Glock. Didn’t matter. She’s one of the few decent ones.

    And she’s pretty damn hot.

    • And she’s pretty damn hot.

      Don’t think I’d go that far.. She’s attractive, lacks that smokin’ hot body and drop dead gorgeous facial features… but hey she could throw a leg over the bitch seat on my Harley any time…

      • “…but hey she could throw a leg over the bitch seat on my Harley any time…”

        If I had a Harley, I’d offer her the saddle and I’d ride on the ‘bitch seat’… 🙂

        • If I had a Harley, I’d offer her the saddle and I’d ride on the ‘bitch seat’

          They feel just as good pressed into your back with her arms wrapped tight around you and that big ass V-Twin vibrating between her legs can bring a pleasurable end to a pleasant ride…

      • Mitch McConnell is a turtle looking, ugly ass fool. There’s plenty of ugly ass people. If you’d like, I’ll go through all of congress and rate them for you.

        Does that make you feel better? I judged a mans looks?

        And as others mentioned, it’s based on the comparison of the other 434 members of congress. THIS congresswoman also happens to be from the district next to mine, so she’s a bit of a local hero for me/us. I also mentioned her looks as a by-product, not the main feature.

        Would you like me to not man-splain either?

        Your snowflake is showing.

        • “Mitch McConnell is a turtle looking, ugly ass fool.”

          Bingo. Political power is a potent aphrodisiac. I bet the Leftist scum lost their (what little they had) minds over the nude pics of Melania in Trump’s jet.

          And I have to admit, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d love to throw down with a sitting president’s wife… 🙂

      • ….”do you guys ever NOT think with your dicks when there’s a woman politician?…”

        Yes! When the 2nd Amendment, firearms, and things that go boom are involved.

        Don’t care what a person looks like….don’t screw with The Peoples Rights to shoot things.

        • “Yes! When the 2nd Amendment, firearms, and things that go boom are involved.”


          No mention of succulent smoked meat slow-cooked over a wood fire the way God himself intended?

          Heathen! 😉

  5. Animal Farm.

    All animals are created equal.

    Some animals are more equal than others.

    Some congresscritters don’t want to diminish their own privileges just to spite a critter they don’t like.

    • I absolutely agree with your sentiment but I don’t think that she did this from a place of exercising privilege over others. I am glad for her victory and that a newly elected conservative was willing to stand and fight. I trust that she will bring that fight to restoring the 2A to the citizens too.

      • Not from a place of exercising privilege over others, from a place of having special privileges as part of a group of 435 special people, and not wanting to deny that privilege to 200+ Dems just for the satisfaction of denying it to one Republican.

    • This right here. They absolutely could do it and probably wanted to, but then some career old ass house Dems likely pulled Nancy quietly aside and nixed it. Feinstein even has a CCL after all, and if she does there’s plenty of other hypocrite dems that do.

  6. Democrats are afraid of a Court challenge that could lead to broader decisions. Choosing their 2A battles carefully.

    • Nonsense. There’s no court challenge here. This isn’t a law, it’s an internal rule, entirely within the rulemaking authority of Congress and pertaining only TO congress.

      • Still, they didn’t want negative publicity, and that likely drove it…

      • EDIT –

        Her 2A rights didn’t disappear when she stepped into District of Columbia territory…

      • Nonsense. Boebert can file suit with SCOTUS over such a regulation.

        An infringement is an infringement, regardless of source.

  7. Well good for her…I got Robyn Kelly for congresscritter. She’s a brain dead dim be-otch😏.

  8. Pelosi generally goes everywhere with a trained ape. The only reason Pelosi didn’t complain is that lefties would lose that “privilege” too.

  9. “The Marxist Witch Pelosi Backs Down, Allowing Lauren Boebert to Carry a Gun in the Capitol”

    She didn’t allow chit,the Constitution state Americans God given rights.

    “Why do Democrats want to change this generations-old policy allowing members to carry? ”

    Simple because they are unAmerican Marxist’s, who’s goal is to destroy this nation as a republic.

    • “ok, now what about us peons, serfs, and peasants???”

      In the very near future, a stack of ‘Writs of Certiorari’ will hit the SCOTUS in-basket.

      What the Court does with them will tell the tale.

      Personally, I bet a *lot* of them will be declared moot when the states suddenly change their minds and legalize a lot of things in the slave states, like shall-issue, magazine bans, platform bans, etc. They will make us battle these cases in every last fucking circuit rather than risk a national loss with the current Court…

  10. I would not cheer if she was disallowed but I won’t cheer that she’s allowed, either. This isn’t a victory for anyone but <435 people.

    • This is a symbolic victory. She can carry at home, she can carry in the grocery store…why shouldn’t she carry at work?

      • My pants fall down if it’s not on my belt. I also feel really funny walking around without it. Maybe she has the same problem. I don’t go places that don’t allow it. There are other places to shop….

      • She can carry at home, she can carry in the grocery store

        But she as an ordinary citizen she can’t carry in D.C. they don’t have CC reciprocity with anyone… AND open carry is ILLEGAL… The list of places where you are prohibited carrying is so involved it’s easier to list where you CAN carry… Handgun only, must be registered in DC and on approved list, no more than 20 rounds of approved ammo (or enough ammo to fully load gun twice if less than 10 rounds per load)… A non-resident permit will be issued to persons with valid permit from other states, residents of no permit CC states can get a non-resident permit..

        • “But she as an ordinary citizen she can’t carry in D.C. they don’t have CC reciprocity with anyone…”

          Hold up a sec –

          Permitted concealed carry exists in DC.

          Since she mentioned she’d be walking to work, she qualifies as a DC resident…

          • Permitted concealed carry exists in DC.
            Since she mentioned she’d be walking to work, she qualifies as a DC resident…

            Yes permitted carry DOES exist but she must have a DC permit AND register any and all firearms that she intends to possess and or carry while in DC.. She (as a CC permit holder in another state) can apply for a non-resident CC permit but must meet all the requirements….. and pay attention to where she is carrying…. Just working and WALKING to work in DC does not make her a resident as a member of Congress she must retain her residence in the state she represents…

  11. If the leftists eventually do make a rule to ban carrying firearms, which would violate the Supremecy clause, she should sue the f#;* out of the “as a Congressional representative AND a citizen”. I don’t think old Nancy has the fire in the belly to take on this new Rep

  12. Nan was just re-elected Speaker by a close vote of 216-208. Ten Dems voted against her the last time around, but they were easily brought to heel this time when ten votes against would have been more than symbolic.

  13. Dems are cheap, cynical hypocrites through-and-through. I’ll bet many of them have guns in the Capitol, so there was no way that prohibition was ever going anywhere.

  14. What Nancy Pelosi attempted to do to one Congress Women is what the Democrats want to do to the country. We have seen what can happen in a Democrat controlled city, when only the criminals have the guns.

  15. Take away “home rule” from DC. Let it go back to being managed by the congress. The way it was for nearly 200 years. This way everyone can have guns. No permits needed.

  16. Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser responded to Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) concealed carry video, suggesting Boebert “incites violence” by talking about carrying her Glock in the city.

    Boebert trolled Democrats on January 3, 2021, with a video about her Glock. In the video, Boebert detailed why she carries a gun for self-defense and said she will carry one in D.C. because the city is “one of the “top 10 most dangerous cities in our country,” where the homicide rate and violent crimes “are skyrocketing.”
    WDVM reports that Bowser responded to Boebert’s video by saying, “It angers me actually, that any elected official would incite violence, put our city at risk, put these men and women in law enforcement at risk, our residents at risk, and our beautiful city at risk.”

    D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee said he is going to contact Boebart’s office to be sure she understands the city’s gun laws.

    During a December 23, 2020, interview with Breitbart News, Boebert explained she had already gone through the process necessary to obtain a Washington, D.C., concealed carry permit.

  17. They need to investigate this Bitch Boebert for being one of the “insiders” who assisted the thug rioters at the Capitol where people were murdered. This bitch needs to go back home to her kids.

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