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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Take also the extensive gun control provisions of the Violence Against Women Act. The bill would expand the list of disqualifying offenses that would prohibit convicted offenders from buying or possessing a firearm. Although all felonies and misdemeanor domestic violence offenses are already included, the legislation would add misdemeanor stalking, even though some stalking offenses can arise without any threatening or personal contact whatsoever.

The bill also closes the so-called boyfriend loophole. It would extend to current and former dating partners the existing federal gun ownership and gun possession prohibitions that originally applied only to current and former spouses.

By broadening the range of both prohibited offenses and prohibited offenders that preclude gun ownership, the House seems problematically eager to divest individuals of a constitutional right without deliberate and careful consideration, and perhaps, introduction of a separate bill.

— Sarah Parshall Perry in Don’t Buy Deceptive Marketing of Violence Against Women Act



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  1. Ultimate goal is; anyone who ever looked at a picture of a gun or a naked woman will be on that “list”!!

    • It’s just like Firearms are always under the microscope while the racism and genocide left in the path of Gun Control is completely ignored mainly by gutless congressional Republicans et al. Domestic violence or a domestic peeing contest is generally a two way street. The democRats are allowed to set the stage for men to be the villains as if there are no such things as women prisons.

      For those denied a 4473 purchase for life over situations where there was no bloodshed or broken bones or rearranged faces becomes a choice to live in fear or to steal or purchase a stolen firearm, etc. Gun Control…What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

      It is obvious those who advocate for Gun Control are looking for any and every excuse they can to prevent gun ownership. It used to be all you had to be was Black to be denied a firearm. However today everyone gets a feel of the KKK democRat Party Gun Control Whip. Of course history illiterate fools won’t ever know what hit them.

    • I say in a halfway joking manner….we are dealing with people that get confused by what they see when looking at themselves naked in a mirror.

  2. Loss of gun rights for a MISDEMEANOR? Yeah, as if things weren’t tilted enough against men in the legal system.

    Having a messy divorce/breakup when you’ve got kids or shared finances? First thing most lawyers will do is encourage the woman to get a restraining order for whatever reason they can concoct. This strengthens the woman’s case. It’s already ridiculously easy to get a restraining order, this would make it as easy as “My ex called me 3 times in a row, this is a pattern of misdemeanor stalking and harassment.” Boom, restraining order, loss of gun rights, and your case in court is significantly weaker.

    Contact your reps about this. This is not okay.

    • Exactly what De Facto has stated and more.

      “…even though some stalking offenses can arise without any threatening or personal contact whatsoever….”

      Due to my job I can attest that Family Court is no friend to males and divorce attorneys are tiger sharks in human skin. Red Flag laws make it even worse.

      • Makes me realize how lucky I was my separation and divorce were amicable.

  3. Life time bans are problematic, especially for a misdemeanor crime.

    If they were serious about being fair, bans of 3, 5 or 10 years would be a much more effective deterrent, and could generate cross party support.

    • Note that it’s misdemeanor convictions, not misdemeanor crimes. Since the same people pushing this expansion also acknowledge that the criminal justice system has significant race and class bias, they clearly have no problem with a gun restriction that will disproportionately impact minorities and the poor (demographics they claim to support).

      • +1, Serpent.

        A conviction is not the same as a crime. I have a close relative who was “convicted” of a crime that never actually happened…I know because I was there in the courtroom (for support) and watched it all. He unfortunately allowed himself to become involved one evening with a girl under age 18, and even though there was no sex and the charge should have been a misdemeanor, the DA argued that because she was not a legal adult and touching happened (even though on the outside of clothing), she had no legal ability to consent. So since she had no legal ability to consent (even though social media transcripts showed that she was the one who initiated the conversation and asked to come over to his house), the only “adult” remaining was my relative, so the court had no option but to declare it a violent felony. Even the judge was a bit perturbed at the argument, but conceded that he had little leeway and had to allow it.

        End result? My relative is now a lifetime registered Sexual Offender, convicted of a crime that never happened.

        Imagine Red Flag (ERPO) laws being weaponized and abused…

        • So a court of law found your main man guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, but you ‘know it didn’t happen’. So that’s that. You’ve spun this laughable tale of woe before, Karen. Nobody believes you.

        • Thanks for the comment, Hail. Always a treat to take an opportunity to educate you.

          He wasn’t tried by any jury. He had just turned 18 and therefore not allowed to consult with his parents, and believed a plea deal would keep him from jail. His defender didn’t adequately explain the details of the document, which he didn’t fully read until well after the sentencing.

          I know the it “didn’t happen” because I was there when the girl’s mother admitted it didn’t happen.

    • NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT should be taken from one for a misdemeanor.
      Only felonies. And IMHO, only certain (violent/robbery/used gun in commission of) felonies.
      This bill should be trashed immediately.

  4. As if gals can’t get hurt or killed with bare hands…I had a crazy ex who accused of all kinds if BS that never happened. More virtue signaling…AR Lib you are INSANE!

    • i did too. strange behavior that i was too young to realize what it was symptomatic of. footsteps in the (nonexistant) attic, she smashed all the apartment windows unprovoked; popo came and shot our (intimidating) alsatian fatally.
      she’s dead now, too.

  5. if they literally charged $5, as in FIVE DOLLARS, to file for a restraining order, 90% of them would not be filed in the first place.

    • That would be racist… According to the Left Women of Color can’t afford a “FREE” voter ID in Georgia, so HOW could they ever come up with five bucks to file for the protection of a piece of paper strongly suggesting that another person should stay away from them…

  6. Does Pelosi’s picture in the article title box remind anyone else of Heath Ledger’s character “the Joker” from the Dark Knight movie? ….

        • yes, all that as well as a slice of carl buddig chipped beef i found mostly dried up (if it had been thoroughly dried up it would have been a dead ringer) in my ridin’ leather pocket on the way to puce, ontario.

    • No her pic reminds me of what I see in my toilet after taking a dump. ( she is a POS)

  7. The cop haters are simply dishonest. They totally support law enforcement. But only under the conditions that they will create. The best thing women can do to defend themselves is to get a gun. Learn how to use it. And leave their attacker shot dead on the streets for 3 days.

    The sexually liberated are only interested in driving men and women apart. And getting as many women as possible to look to the government for protection. Instead of marrying a man who will protect them. And teach them and their children about guns.

    Once again the Democrats want to insert themselves into the family. And into the life of an individual.

  8. Okay, so if I piss off my neighbor all “HE” has to do is go to the cops, CLAIM to be a FEMALE soup can or some other dumb shit and I could lose MY 2A protected NATURAL right to self protection because he said I looked over at his house one time too many and he was askeered?

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