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In this Sept. 4, 2020, file photo Lauren Boebert, the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Colorado's vast 3rd Congressional District, during a freedom cruise staged by her supporters in Pueblo West, Colo. An aide to Boebert, a firearms-toting congresswoman-elect, says she has already asked Capitol Police about carrying her weapon on Capitol grounds once she’s sworn into office. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)
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We’re thinking she’ll be toting a GLOCK 43 or 43X. What do you think?

A firearms-toting congresswoman-elect who owns a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, has already asked Capitol Police about carrying her weapon on Capitol grounds, her office has acknowledged. If she does so, she apparently won’t be alone.

The practice is allowed for lawmakers, with some limitations, under decades-old congressional regulations. The public is barred from carrying weapons in the Capitol, its grounds and office buildings.

Republican Lauren Boebert, 33, was elected this month from a conservative western Colorado district after gaining notice as a brash pro-gun activist who straps a Glock pistol to her hip. In an upset last June, she defeated five-term Rep. Scott Tipton for the GOP nomination, in part by claiming he wasn’t an ardent enough backer of President Donald Trump.

Boebert asked Capitol Police officials about carrying her weapon when she and other House freshmen taking office in January were in town recently for orientation programs, according to two congressional officials. Both people — a Democrat and a Republican — spoke on condition of anonymity to describe her request.

– Alan Fram in Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol

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      • Or concealed.

        Not everyone wants to constantly advertise what they have or that they have it.
        Im not talking about trying to get a secret one up on an attacker but maybe you don’t want a target on your side or to be the target.
        What I carry on or about my person is my private responsibility, not anyone else s
        People who advocate the advertisement of others personal belongings are people who like to control based on always knowing everything about everyone.

        Privacy is a nearly extinct today and soon everyone is going to wake up and realize how crappy a life that is going to make.

        • Privacy is indeed a dying thing. Cameras are already everywhere, but it’s going to get much worse.

          You heard it here first: Eventually everyone will be wearing some form of a body camera, and in certain jurisdictions it will be mandatory.

        • (Sigh…)

          CC has its place, and its advantages, to be sure. So does OC, in certain environments. So tired of people bashing OC. Do what you want, and leave others to do what they want.

  1. With all the insane lowlife democRats running around doing their usual race baiting, slandering and libeling the POTUS and threatening Freedom every Patriot needs as many guns as they can get.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • Really? That boat is already sailed pilgrim.

      Trump would be headed for a 2nd term if he wasn’t such a douche bag. A lot of his policies people agree with, and he tried to do what he promised, unlike most politicians. But he just couldn’t resist the urge stroke his own fragile ego.

      • There might be some truth to that. Trump’s level of hubris is pretty obvious. I just don’t see it nearly so much an issue when compared to the enormous level of hate directed to him from the left. I tend to believe that hate has more to do with his numerous successes that creates such high levels of disruption to the actions, plans, and long term goals and objectives of the Democrat party. I have a hard time believing he understood the spineless degree to which the republican party would rather lose.

        I have long thought the left actively seeks to destroy this nation and the right is more than happy to let them.

        • The results of how they stole the election is there, however, how do you find those fake ballots in numerous states with the very people who helped commit the fraud unwilling to assist, in a very limited time frame, is the question. (Oh and with a thoroughly corrupt and corrosive MSM media).

          In Michigan for example; The final numbers of mail-in ballots and rejected ballots in each of the six heaviest Biden counties?

          Allegheny: 340,719 mailed-in ballots received — 54 rejected.

          Bucks: 153,016 mailed-in ballots received — 0 rejected. <—–NOT A SINGLE BALLOT!!

          Chester: 138,813 mailed-in ballots received — 87 rejected.

          Delaware: 111,321 mailed-in ballots received — 71 rejected.

          Montgomery: 231,415 mailed-in ballots received — 0 rejected. <—NOT A SINGLE BALLOT!!

          Philadelphia : 346,196 mailed-in ballots received — 228 rejected.

          A total of 450 ballots were rejected out of approximately 1.3 million mailed-in ballots in those counties. That is a rejection rate of .0003%. The average rejection rate is anywhere between 1.0% and 6.0%.

          In Wisconsin since 1960 the average voter participation rate was approximately 66%. In this election there is an statistically impossible 92% total turnout. The five offending Biden counties; are Washington at 96.6%, St. Croix at 95.99%, Dane at 90.38%, Waukesha at 94.56% and, Ozaukee at 94.96%. (Minnesota has a similar pattern).

          We need to be looking at each of these counties with a magnifying glass. In totality, in those five counties, Biden beat Obama by 83,291 votes, in a state where Biden beat Trump by just 20,000 votes.

          There are to many moving parts to keep this silent, IF Biden manages to run out the clock, this will continue to surface and tarnish his "Presidency" …basically forever.

          Read more;

      • The election was stolen via several methods including the Dominion voting machines.

        Too much info out there to hide it now. The math does not add up.

        Go back several cycles and the Democrats and major newspapers including the NYT were challenging the same issues, but it’s ok now because Orange man bad is gone.

        Call me a conspiracy nut..whatever you wish. I’ve got my nomex on. Math and Science tell me the election was stolen.

        Why all the hiding if there is nothing to hide? Why did a judge refuse to look at signed and sworn statements under threat of perjury where in every other courtroom in America that’s called evidence?

        President Trump may well be every bad name that he can be called, but he won this election.

        • He might well have garnered the popular vote in reality. Ultimately I agree with you. That just doesn’t in itself mean he will actually get a second term. Trump is a winner. He knows how to get things done. But we are talking about Washington DC here. The levels of pure hatred against him can be overwhelming. What so many people just don’t understand is that the popular vote does not elect the president. Electoral votes do tend to go that way but it is not required. Its always been that way.

        • I’m not talking about the popular vote. There is no popular vote.

          President Trump won the election. However, as you say DC being DC and the rest, he probably will not get a 2nd term.

        • May I suggest , Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell would be very interested in the evidence you have in your possession that proves the election was somehow subverted by the Democrats.

          I do know that the Trump campaign and other fellow travelers filed in excess of 30 lawsuits, all of which have either been dismissed or retracted.

          I for one, would be very intrigued by whatever source or citation or link you could provide that would allow one to examine the evidence for themselves.

        • Pretty sure Trump will get a second term. Although it may start in Jan 2025. And I suspect that he will criticize EVERYTHING Biden or Hairass do or say from now until then. Loudly and often.

        • You 49er get to see it the same time that Tucker Carlson sees it. When the court releases the transcripts.

          Of course, you didn’t respond to the fact of a Judge dismissing a case because signed statements under penalty of perjury were not evidence. Except in every other courtroom in America. A coward in Black Robes.

          This election is full of fraud and stealing.

      • ^ this….

        It was Trump’s election to loose, and he blew it with his overinflated ego, loud mouth and astonishingly bad Twitter control. Had he been able to muster a modicum of couth and presidential decorum he would have won…handily as evidenced by how close he came this time around. He has no one to blame but himself for blowing this, and now we will all pay the price.


        ^ this….

        It was Trump’s election to loose, and he blew it with his overinflated ego, loud mouth and astonishingly bad Twitter control. Had he been able to muster a modicum of couth and presidential decorum he would have won…handily as evidenced by how close he came this time around. He has no one to blame but himself for blowing this, and now we will all pay the price.

  2. Apparently what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander ? Doesn’t allways pan out to be True ?

    • Hey, if it’s good enough for Boxer and Feinstein, why can’t Boebert do it too?

      Seriously, why is this news? Yet another member of Congress carries in Congress?

      • Feinstein does not carry, has not carried in decades, and publicly destroyed her .38 snubbie that she got when she was a SF Supervisor targeted by an anarchist terrorist group way back in the early 70s. There was no provision for CCW in DC when she became a US Senator, and the law against carrying in federal buildings applied to the Congress building. A rumor that there could be an exception for congress critters by having them appointed as US Marshals proved false. From the article, I assume things have changed since DC went shall issue. DiFi does not need to carry. She has secret service at her disposal.

  3. “The practice is allowed for lawmakers … The public is barred from carrying weapons”

    Right. The usual “Laws For Me Not For Thee” routine.

    Worse, a United States Congresswoman hasn’t the good sense or adequate patriotic spirit to carry an American Made Gun.

    Elitist Entitled Swamp Dweller!!!

    • Oh good grief. The focus of the article is the fact that a Congresswoman (and a young one representing the next generation, at that) is daring to be a good example of exercising her rights on our behalf, for the purpose of bringing awareness to the larger national topic of our collective RKBA. And you’re bemoaning the brand she carries?

      I have several Glocks. My hat is off to this young woman.

  4. Boebert: ” because I carry at my day job at the business that I own, that’s why” The rest of congress ” right….. what’s a job ? “

  5. Us peasants/serfs/peons are not at the same level to be able to carry a gun like the magnanimous authorities that allow us the freedoms we have, according to the leftists.

    Would 10,000 people open carrying guns in D.C. be enough to provide security for protesting conservatives from being assaulted by antifa / BLM useful idiots; AND keep from being arrested for open carrying? Would 50,000 be enough?

  6. Apparently all my comments get delayed to “await moderation”.

    Having different rules and laws for Congress versus us mere citizens is Elitist, anti-American, swamp dweller crap.

    A United States Congresswoman picking a foreign owned gun maker for her personal sidearm is anti-American. It’s like wearing a US Flag pin to show your patriotism, except the flag pin was made in China.

    No points to Elitist swamp Dweller Lauren Boebert!!!

    • What happened to the conservative love for free markets?

      I don’t own a Glock, but from all accounts they are the pinnacle of reliability. Embrace the free market friend.

      • Barely, no where near enough to count for spit.

        Glock established that pseudo-American operation to take advantage of favorable trade positions between the USA and other countries. Trade agreements that Austria lacks, for whatever reasons.

        When they built it and to the current day Glock focuses heavily on using as little as they can of American made tools, equipment and materials. The bulk of which, the overwhelming majority of which, are imported.

        Glock does the minimum to get away with stamping a small percentage of guns as MADE IN USA.

        It is a fraud, an illusion, a marketing ploy having far less substance than reality.

        • When did Glock become the enemy(or Austria)? You no doubt typed this on a Chinese phone/laptop/compooter. And it DOES matter if Glock(or Taurus,Sig,H&K et all) build plants & employ Americans. Turkey not so much! I wish this gal was my congresscritter…

      • Ruger and PARA USA meself, mostly, for every day carry.

        Also KelTec, Smith & Wesson, Charter Arms (the old company that is, way back when), Harrington & Richardson (my .22 wheel guns), Remington.

        Been considering a S&W EZ pistol as a gift for someone needing the easier slide. I see there’s a recall on it.

        Got no complaints on people buying Hi-Point if that is what they can afford.

        There’s very little people can do about buying electronics. But on guns at least it is easy as can be to support your own country.

    • “…No points to Elitist swamp Dweller Lauren Boebert!!!..”
      Swamp Dweller?

      She just got there. Hasn’t had time to swamp yet.

      She’s the one who challenge Beta Beto, she co-owned the restaurant where hostesses OCed.

  7. . In my home city, a politician like Lauren Boebert wound up a loser, so he just walked up to its mayor and a powerful member of the board of supervidors and shot them both to death with his concealed handgun…and that was the end of that city as a place for the little guy and the sealing of its fate as a city that is of the corporation, by the corporation, and by the corporation. Forever. Because..
    .. .you know who discovered them with their brains blown out? “Downtown Dianne” Feinstein that’s who.
    And she was next in the line of succession, and that was the beginning of her career as a higher-level politician who continued to be the Big Business, NON-Liberal that she always was….a powerful opponent of guns.
    Once again we see that we must remember that there will always be unintended consequences.

    The backstory: The loser politician was an ex-cop named Dan White. His cop buddies coached him through a sob-story interrogation to help him in court later, then his shyster selected a jury from the right-wing part of town and told them that sob story, and that murderer got away with murder. That night, tens of thousands of The City’s enraged citizens went down to City Hal and, among many other actrs of violence, literally battered down its doors
    And that was the final nail in the coffin on San Francisco. And you can bet your bottom dollar that, thanks to their idol Dan White, the families of those jury members were forced out of their city many years ago because they can’t afford to live there anymore either.
    Take the lesson for what you will. It’s the end of my coffee break, and I won’t be checking in again, so I won’t be reading any responses you may have.

    • You left out the most important part, Feinstein owned two .38 revolvers and routinely carried. In her own words, from around 25 years ago::
      “I know the urge to arm yourself, because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. When I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick, I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out I was going to take them with me. “

      • “…I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out I was going to take them with me….”

        That is the same attitude I developed over the years. And I believe it to be a good one to have.

        Bad guy might get me, but I won’t be going alone. He/She/They will be coming with.

        • Why do you openly discriminate by failing to mention any of the other pronouns such as hirs, himr, theym, theyrs and the others which appropriately represent the infinite genders of humanz ? You are a humazphobe ! Unfortunately, I will personally see to it that your name be removed from the protected list once our glorious leader has been crowned. By the way, her pronouns are she, her and hers.

        • I’m reading Schlichter’s just released book in the series.

          He pulls the reader into the world of woke America just before the split. Couple of years into Creepy Joe’s term. No spoilers from me but I recommend the series as a cautionary tale of where we might be heading.

          I identify as a Portuguese German Sheppard Islam follower with a limp btw.

          Challenge Overcome!

      • She still has one those revolvers. She famously gave up one in a public ceremony. To support gun control. And she supported making SF city hall a gun free zone, before Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone were murdered by Dan White. One year before his murder. Harvey Milk in a TV interview, in response to reporters question, said he had a gun. And he said everyone should have guns.

    • SF disaster…d. white and d fienstien were and are both democRats as were the deceased. Sounds like a Rat Problem to me.

  8. It says she can carry on capital grounds but is the rest of DC off limits? DC recently opened up concealed carry permits for non residents but if she hasn’t jumped through those hoops, it’ll be interesting to see if she is stopped in transit to or from capital grounds.

  9. Rifle, Colorado…surprised the dope-smoking California transplants in CO haven’t changed the town’s name to something less scary sounding and more welcoming…for instance: Ganja, Herb or Skunk, Colorado.

    Back to the discussion: Good for Congresswoman The Honorable Boebert…I hope she remembers her constituents when unConstitutional and patently absurd firearm legislation is up for a vote in the House.

    • Rifle’s on the Western slope . . . it’s still the way Colorado used to be. Rifle definitely ain’t Boulder.

      Did a quick driving trip from Austin to Idaho over the summer (trout fishing on the South Fork of the Snake — kept well away from any major cities, and stayed only with friends who live way back in the boonies). My wife and I adjusted our route so that we could go through Rifle and have lunch at Boebert’s restaurant. Good food, and what’s not to like about a place with cute lil’ waitresses with various roscoes strapped to their hips. Thought about wearing my backcountry bear gun (Dan Wesson .41 mag in a chest rig) to lunch there, but discretion won out, and just settled for my EDC G26.

        • Yup, sweet wheelgun.

          I’d been looking for a Monson-made DW .41 mag Pistol Pack for many years (literally decades!). Finally found one last year with two barrels (.41 mag Pistol Packs are scarce to begin with, and many shipped with just two barrels).

          Would love to find a 4” barrel+shroud for it, but unless DW starts making it again in .41 mag, that’s probably a pipe dream.

      • Style points for the Dan Wesson!!

        Not a fan of the G26.

        Plan on a photo trip to Arches NP this winter…may have to swing a bit East on I-70 to try Ms. Boebert’s restaurant.

        Thanks for the heads-up.

      • That restaurant would probably be a bad place to carry a piece like that, if you want to keep it. From what I hear, several people would probably attempt to buy it from you.

  10. With so many high ranking government officials (all three branches) walking the halls of DC, what would they do if a lunatic walked in shooting the place up like what happens in malls across the country? You might say that’s why they have armed security. It could also be said thats why DC has its own police and why the president (whoever it is) has body guards). But what if its an elected official that suddenly cracks and goes insane during a State of the Union televised address? Now perhaps this is the primary fear of people like her openly carrying. The part that seems to be missed is the she might be the one that saves lives if someone else goes nuts. Too many people live with their heads in the sand thinking that if they ban all guns then this won’t be an issue. All too often, it gets proven again and again that criminals don’t care about any of that. Certainly a foreign government bent on defeating the US wouldn’t pay any attention to any ban.

    • “what would they do if a lunatic walked in shooting the place up”

      They’d do the same thing they did when a lunatic shot up a Congressional baseball practice.

  11. I’d vote for her. Im surprised all emotionally and psychologically stable representatives don’t carry firearms when in DC. From everything I read and see going on there it sure seems like its necessary to be able to defend your life at any given moment. It’s obvious the Senate and House are full of delusional psycopaths.

    • My younger brother sent me pictures from the place back in the summer of ’16…. if I recall correctly, the owner was a blond back then, she wore a 2 tone 1911, and the place had some nice lever Winchesters in wall cases for decor…. he said the food wasn’t too great, though, but was delivered to your table by the cutest pistol packing
      hotties he’d ever met.

  12. There’s actually 2 female senators who are going to carry. Thank Steve Scalise and White House Security who passed this to allow them to carry.

  13. We need more like her in politics! Before jumping on the “Laws for thee for not for me” bandwagon I did some research on her. She’s a fantastic person and mom and she’ll fight for freedom for her constituents. She won’t back down like so many spineless republicans. Yes, she’ll carry a gun but she didn’t make the law that says you can’t & she can. She’ll fight to change that. Take that to the bank folks!

  14. It’s NOT about open or concealed, but about CARRYING…..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a feeling if I saw a photo of this young woman it would be love at first sight!!!!!!!!!

  15. Everyone please stop using the term “Open Carry”. You have a right to Bear Arms. Its in the 2A. You can bear arms openly. Or you can bear arms concealed. “Open carry” is gun grabber language. We get into trouble when we substitute the written language in the 2A for something else.

  16. Let me know when my Rights are recognized in the shithole that is our nations capitol. And everywhere else in this country. Then it will be news.

  17. Interesting how the Libertarians who were elected to the House, have not also made a public request to carry a gun. It would have made a very good “protest” for the 2A. But the potheads can’t see past the joint they are smoking.

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