The Chicago Theatre. Courtesy Chicago Theatre (Twitter).
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s lousy leadership continues to pay dividends for the violent criminals element in her city. Even in formerly nice and relatively peaceful parts of the city by the lake, criminals now brazenly ply their trade with little to worry from police. This past weekend, 35 people gained fresh bullet holes and 9 of them died.

How bad is the gang violence? Bad enough that even the downtown Loop is seeing plenty of gang-driven violent crime including shootings and murders. On Sunday evening, two people were shot just outside the famous Chicago Theatre building just before showtime.

One of the victims worked as a stagehand at the theatre and had stepped out the back door for a break. The gunfire led to management cancelling Sunday night’s performance of Moulin Rouge at showtime, citing flying lead around the landmark theater.

Of course, criminals had little to worry about from armed citizens as the Chicago Theatre, like so many venues in downtown Chicago, proudly posts numerous “no guns” signs that prohibit the good people from packing heat.

“No Guns” signs on the doors at the Chicago Theatre. (Image via Chicago Theatre).

ABC 7 reported on the brazen violence in downtown.

Police said two men were in an alley near Wabash Avenue and Benton Place Sunday when someone started shooting just before 5 p.m.

“We just heard one gunshot go off and we weren’t sure it was a shot at first and then a second after that, you heard like four more,” witness Mike said.

“We saw from the window that someone ran out,” witness Sarah Rooney said. “He was holding his hand. There was blood everywhere. There was a girl on the phone.

A 27-year-old victim was hit in the hand, and another man, 55-year-old Anthony Graziano was shot in the ear.

ABC7 spoke with Graziano’s father, who said he is a theater stagehand at the Chicago Theatre and was on a break at the time of the shooting. He said his son is now having trouble hearing.

To date, the bodycount for the Windy City has soared to 191, or more than 23 entire states reported for all of 2020. That’s also more murder victims than seven states reported for 2020 combined.

And given that only about 5% of non-fatal shootings lead to convictions in Lori Lightfoot’s anti-gun Utopia, those same shooters have little reason change their ways.

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  1. It’s so weird watching crazy. The insane catch and release process and let criminals run wild and nothing bad will happen psychosis.
    So now nobody gets to go to the theatre. I guess this is social justice or some crazy thing. Once there’s another 1000 innocents hit by gang bangers will the pendulum swing so far we will have police authorized to perform summary executions?
    How much insanity can the economy tolerate?

  2. The only place where there’s ‘blood in the streets’ are dem ran cities with tough gun control.

    Strange, that.

    • It IS strange. I hear all the time that it’s the fault of evil “red” states on the border where all of the guns come from. I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation of why those evil states on the border don’t have the same levels of gun violence.

      Also, firearm sales that cross state lines is a felony offense. Whether private or FFL, the gun must be transferred to an FFL in state and a background check run there. Since it’s already illegal to traffic guns across state lines, I have yet to hear how making it more illegaller would help

      • There is seldom science or reason in the gun debate. It’s always magical thinking.
        If you mention the profound age, gender and race uneven demographics, you are labeled a Nazi and end of discussion.

  3. Why would any Chicagoan go to a theater when the greatest show on Earth is out on the streets?

  4. If cancer goes untreated it spreads.
    Since the folks running the city seem to think treating their sickness would be -ist and -phobic the whole city will be one giant Englewood soon enough. Maybe IL will save the body by cutting the malignant lump out.

  5. How many of the thirty five shooting victims are criminals (e.g. gangbangers) and how many are peaceful citizens targeted by the criminals or hit by stray bullets?

    • You can’t be asking questions like that. Next, you might ask how many smoke menthol cigarettes.

      If you want to get cancelled, that’s how you do it.

      • I cannot find a definition for gun violence in the dictionary but I can find a definition for violence. Perhaps violence is violence unless of course a person is a sneaky Gun Control zealot hauling around their agenda on the coattails of what is the dictionary defintion of violence.

  6. They’re running out of people and things to blame, they mightve had a chance to stop it a few years ago. “Nothing” will stop it now, at least not until they run outta movin targets!! Identity politics on parade!

    • It’s worse than Boch sez. 4 shots last night in downtown Chiraq. They just interviewed several dweebs goin’ to work. “I feel” safe was the majority view. Only one was “concerned”. And Ms Lightgal is running for mayor again. Giving away gas cards on the public dime. Duh indeed.

      • sounds like some cherry picked responses.
        i took the subway down sunday night to see letterkenny at that very theatre. i stayed out of the alley.

  7. I own some properties in a very affluent neighborhood that happens to have a lot of bars and restaurants close by. One of the bars is a nightclub that I went to in my late teens and it’s been in continuous operation under one name or another for at least 45 years. 6 or 7 years ago the new owner decided to start marketing to a certain demographic and in that time frame 6 people have been murdered at the club or in the immediate vicinity of the club and recently they had a drive-by that involved a player for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s gotten so bad that now about every five or six weeks there is a shootout in the street related to that nightclub. Since I don’t live in the area I could really care less about certain demographics deciding to kill other members of that same demographic but it sure is freaking out the people that live there. When you pay a million and a half dollars for a house you don’t expect there to be a drive by committed by people that flock in to patronize that nightclub from his car away is the middle of Louisiana.

  8. Boy, talk texting sure butchered what I was trying to write at the end of my post. I think we really need to have an edit feature added to the comment section

  9. Just another day in the ‘hood. Where is the outrage and the threat of riots etc. from the BLM and Antifa types? Where is the demand for justice and for the politicians to do something for these poor unfortunate victims of what has white supremist racist homophobic Trump supporting police thugs.

  10. I can’t help it. I want to go to Field Museum. I want to see the Lions. I think I’ll overnight an hour or so away. Be there when the museum opens. Maybe catch an early dinner on the way out of town. Overnight in Indiana. In a small town with a good breakfast diner.

    • The Lions are in Detroit, unless you want to see them play an away game at Soldier Field against the Bears.

        • Mark, I know that the Detroit Lions don’t play in the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. The Lions I referred to are the Lions of Tsvao. Read the book by Col. Patterson. Or, at least watch the movie the Ghost and the Darkness. These lions are in a diorama in the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Don’t have any idea what the Chicago Bears had to do with my comment. Besides, I’m a Green Bay fan anyway.

      • he meant the museum steps.
        gads, you can flop a couple blocks to the good of the northern border.
        there’s a few things to see, as you mentioned.

    • Gadsden,


      I’ve eaten at some mighty-fine, upscale restaurants, around the world. Yet, a solid American diner or an old-fashioned pub are my favorites.

      And I always comb my hair after taking off my hat.


      • Life, I enjoy a bone in bone in rib eye. I think the bone adds flavor. Besides. I always take it home to gnaw later. It’s impolite at the table.

  11. Which city spends more money than any other city for law enforcement? Let’s see you USE your intelligence. Think for yourself and find out for yourself.

  12. What’s the force of law of a “no guns” sign in a private establishment in Chicago?

    • It means no guns for honest people. Thugs and gangbangers can do as they please.
      Sorry I really don’t know their laws on that.

  13. Among them are a man who was discovered shot to death inside a Gold Coast establishment on Sunday morning, a man who was struck in the head and thrown onto the tracks at a CTA Green Line stop on the West side, and a man who was hacked with a knife during an argument on a CTA Blue Line train in Wicker Park.

  14. Singapore solved the drug problem.
    I dream of a day when other governments copy the system and we can live free of wild shooting drug dealers and their terrible lack of shooting skills.

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