Sacramento gang mass shooting
Photographs of De'vazia Turner are on display as his mother Penelope Scott speaks to the media during an interview at the corner of 10th and K street in Sacramento, Calif., on Monday, April 4, 2022. Turner was shot and killed after a shooting broke out early Sunday morning. Multiple people were killed and injured in the shooting. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group via AP)
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By Adam Beam and Brian Melley, AP

The mass killing that left six people dead and 12 wounded outside bars just blocks from California’s Capitol last weekend was a gunfight involving at least five shooters from rival gangs, Sacramento police said Wednesday.

Police said they identified at least five gunmen but there may have been more. Only two suspects — both brothers wounded by gunfire — have been arrested in connection with the shooting and, so far, only face firearms charges.

“We’re still working through … who the actual shooters are in the case,” Sgt. Zach Eaton said.

Until Wednesday’s announcement, police had been silent on what led to the shooting that erupted early Sunday as bars were letting out. Rapid-fire bursts of over 100 gunshots echoed through the streets as terrified patrons ran for their lives and others were hit by bullets.

Police said at least two gangs were involved. They declined to provide more details or name the gangs involved or the affiliation of any suspects.

Experts said that if gangs were to blame, it would mark an unusually bloody feud.

In 20 years of researching gangs in Los Angeles, Alex Alonso said he can’t remember a gang-related shooting with such a high body count.

Sacramento crime scene mass shooting investigation
Sacramento Police crime scene investigators place evidence markers on 10th street at the scene of a mass shooting in Sacramento, Calif., on Sunday, April 3, 2022. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group via AP)

“It’s extremely rare that a gang shooting happened as the way this one is being characterized,” Alonso said. “It’s extremely rare to have that happen in a public place with so many victims.”

Gregory Chris Brown, a criminal justice professor at California State University, Fullerton, said gangs often target rivals in drive-by shootings with fewer victims, though innocent bystanders are sometimes also struck.

The location of the Sacramento shooting – in a bustling area of watering holes near the entertainment district — was incidental to whatever fueled the fight.

Sacramento crime scene mass shooting investigation
A Sacramento City Police Officer stands near a field of evidence markers after a mass shooting In Sacramento, Calif. April 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

“If rival gang members see each other it doesn’t matter if they’re in the Capitol of the United States of America,” Brown said. “If you see a rival gang member and you’re going to attack them, it doesn’t matter where they are.”

The large number of casualties was the result of high-capacity weapons in a crowded area, he said.

Authorities credited witnesses who contributed nearly 200 videos, photos and other tips with helping the investigation.

Police were trying to determine if a stolen handgun found at the crime scene was used in the massacre. It had been converted to a weapon capable of automatic gunfire.

They are also investigating whether a gun one of the brothers, Smiley Martin, 27, brandished in a video was used in the shooting, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. The official was briefed on the investigation but was not authorized to publicly discuss details and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Martin and his brother were among those wounded in the gunfire that erupted about 2 a.m. Sunday as bars closed and patrons filled the streets.

The Sacramento County coroner identified the three women killed as Johntaya Alexander, 21; Melinda Davis, 57; and Yamile Martinez-Andrade, 21. The three men killed were Sergio Harris, 38; Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 32; and De’vazia Turner, 29.

Ten people were wounded in addition to the Martin brothers. At least two remained hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

smiley martin sacramento crime scene gang shooting
Smiley Allen Martin (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via AP)

Smiley Martin faces charges of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person and possession of a machine gun. He remained hospitalized and it wasn’t clear if he had an attorney who could speak for him.

Dandrae martin sacramento crime scene gang shooting
Dandrae Martin (Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry via AP)

His brother, Dandrae Martin, 26, was arrested as a “related suspect” and appeared briefly Tuesday in Sacramento Superior Court on a charge of being a convict carrying a loaded gun.

He did not enter a plea and his attorney said she would wait to see if prosecutors brought more serious charges before deciding whether to seek his release.

Both men have criminal records. Smiley Martin was released from prison in February after serving about half of a 10-year prison sentence for beating a girlfriend. He was denied parole last year after prosecutors said he “clearly has little regard for human life,” documents show.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg questioned why the brothers were on the streets.

“Those questions need to be answered and they will be answered over the days ahead,” Steinberg said.

A 31-year-old man seen carrying a handgun immediately after the shooting was arrested Tuesday on a weapons charge. Police said they don’t believe his gun was used in the shooting.

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  1. Gang control would do more in the U.S. to stop “gun” violence and crime in general. The gun deaths would drop to almost nothing if gang members were prosecuted as domestic terrorists and zero tolerance mandatory sentencing for using a firearm in a crime.

    • Rand,

      There is a fairly recent (2018?) report from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation or the United States Justice Department describing how violent criminals who are gang members commit something like 80% of all violent crimes in the United States. (And many/most of the “victims” are other violent criminal gang members.) Needless to say, we have a violent criminal gang problem in the United States, not a firearm problem.

      Note: I have read the report myself–I am too busy to find it and post a link right now.

    • Misuse of a firearm enhancements should never be part of a plea bargain. Misuse a firearm and do felony time, make that the primary crime. Keep the gat in its place and get a pass – any use of a firearm which is not defensive or otherwise legal should be prosecuted.

  2. Gang violence fuels the crime levels in America. joe biden’s solution? Disarm and leave helpless in the face of gang violence all the law abiding citizens in America.

    biden and his supporters are depraved.

    • No Jethro you are retarded. Where and how do you think gang bangers get guns????? Hint: They buy up second hand guns with no paperwork that get shipped into California from states with lax gun laws. Its not rocket science. Biden is correct when he promotes Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws. The only people who fear such laws are crooks and nut cases and felons of course. Which of the 3 categories’ are you in Jethro???????

      • What people fear is the government knowing where every gun is, so they can come and collect them with their guns drawn, threatening your family. Now you are totally defenseless, at the mercy of criminals with illegal guns, bats, knives, bulldozers, whatever, and also at the mercy of law enforcement as we turn into a totalitarian police state.

        • The government does not have to know where every gun is. Any gun that would be banned would become totally useless to you because you “could not” use it for self-protection as you would be put in the same cell with the criminal who attacked you. That is why registration is not to be feared because it only tracks down criminals and it is not necessary to use when banning guns. Gun control history has proven it.

        • @dacian
          “Put in the same cell as the one who attacked you.”
          Well I reckon he’d be dead so the only thing I can get out of that dacian is the jailers were nice enough to bring me a decent meal for a change.
          Sounds good to me.

      • No, dacian the stupid, they STEAL guns, or buy them from other gangbangers that STEAL guns. How, EXACTLY, do you plan for force gangbangers (already criminals) to get a “universal background check” to buy a stolen gun from another gangbanger, you complete moron????? There are hundreds of millions of guns in America. Many of them (still quite functional) manufactured before serialization was required. Many (millions? who knows?) have been stolen.

        Please explain to everyone, EXACTLY how you plan to require these gangbangers (most of them already ‘prohibited persons’) to submit a 4473 to sell their gun to the gangbanger down the block. You are an idiot, obviously, but even an idiot can figure out that criminals simply will not comply with your so-called “common sense gun laws”.

        You are too stupid to insult, to stupid to parody, and too stupid to breathe – you are an oxygen thief, and your only purpose in this world appears to be to pollute this forum with false, stupid, Leftist/fascist talking points. Go micturate up the cable, dacian the stupid.

        • to the Lamp that went out in his head

          Quote———–No, dacian the stupid, they STEAL guns,———–quote

          Brilliant deduction Sherlock. Now do you realize why we need safe storage laws and universal background checks???? Answer: No of course you do not because advanced cases of paranoia prevent you from using logical thinking.

        • hey goofball
          ever think that your “universal background checks” HAVE to use and HAVE a list of every gun sold and to whom?
          and that list can be sold or stolen
          then the criminals go to the homes with guns on that list and bust the safe for the 8hrs most people work….unlike you that still live in mommy’s basement for free and eat hot pockets all day
          worse the criminals sit on your home because of that long fat shopping list they stole…wait until you get home and crack your skull and hold a knife to your kids neck while you open that safe or be splashed by your kids blood

          but guys or things like you don’t think they only react like little animals afraid of the dark.

        • Lol Lamp wife beater (and pretend attorney) is real fired up tonight. Pray for his soon to be ex-wife 🙏.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          “Pray for his soon to be ex-wife”

          Take your own advice, you brain-dead 🤡 … 😉

        • OOH, good comeback, dacian the stupid . . . not. Gun safes, just like any other safe, can be opened/burgled. “Gun safes”, even the “KKKalifornia-approved” gun safes, are not particularly “safe”. I should know, I had three handguns stolen from a “KKKalifornia-approved” gun safe a few years back.

          So, how does your lame-ass attempt at a response deal with the issue? Most guns used in criminal activity are acquired by theft or off the street, largely by persons that are ALREADY prohibited persons. So, they’ve broken the law to steal a gun, or broken the law to buy a gun on the street (since the likelihood is that BOTH parties are already “prohibited persons”, and a street fence selling guns likely sells enough guns to be considered “in the business” of selling guns, thus requiring an FFL.

          You magic world of pixie dust and unicorn farts only exists in your pathetic excuse for a mind. CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS. It’s definitional, you stupid t***. Street thugs will not submit to background checks no matter WHAT laws you pass. Safes can be burgled (and frequently are). A handgun in a “gun safe” is completely useless for self or home defense.

          And you remain too stupid to insult. Go rejoin your circle jerk.

      • Herr dacian the nazi liar. Buying a gun as you suggest in CA is a felony. Notice how that threat has done nothing to stop the bangers from getting arms.

        If you are a product of a higher education then the future of America is bleak indeed.

        • Answer the question Jethro, which of the 3 categories I mentioned do you belong to????? Law abiding citizens do not fear safe storage laws and universal background checks.

        • When did you get to define ‘law abiding’ herr dacian the nazi liar? We know that you are in the mentally ill category.

          Storage laws and ubc’s are the tools of tyrant’s, you hitlerite scum.

        • jwm, on the other hand, is a Nazi truth teller. What a beta male coward and buffoon he is. In that way he’s just like Geoff and his pet Lamp 🖕🤡!

        • @dacian,

          “Law abiding citizens do not fear safe storage laws and universal background checks.”

          you are truly an idiot.

          The words are simple, but there is soooo much more behind them. You really need to dig deeper and take a closer look at what all is involved in the wording and concept for a federal system.

          Universal background checks are the prelude to confiscation or confiscation rights for government.

          federal universal background checks on private party firearm transactions are not only an unconstitutional infringement on private ownership property rights they are an infringement on the rights under the 2nd and 4th and 14th amendments and may touch on infringing the 1st amendment. In addition they would also require a national gun registry which is unlawful and unconstitutional, has no effect on criminals, pose a confiscation risk for law-abiding gun owners and open retailers and manufacturers up to unprecedented liability exposure. Additionally, a person would be required to pay a ‘fee’ for such registration and an annual fee there after to maintain the registration, and in addition the cost of insurance making the government the beneficiary if the gun were ever lost or stolen thus depriving the owner of recovering the cost of their loss. And in addition to that, a person would be waiving their rights under the 4th amendment to be subject to unwarranted so-called “inspection” at any time.

          Federal safe storage laws are also likewise akin to the infringements and effects of universal background checks. But additionally; Under the federal a retailer would be required to ensure a person buying a firearm could meet the “safe storage laws” requirements, a person would be subject to “inspection” and subject to confiscation and arrest at any time if a storage is deemed to not meet requirements. The cost burden upon individuals is not some simple gun lock or gun safe under federal safe storage laws, the individual would be required to pay an annual ‘fee’ and the storage would need to meet government standards which is a government issued weapon safe the person would pay for and maintain by their annual fee, not many people have room for a large 1,800 pound safe in their homes or apartments for a single handgun or rifle. And some would not be able to afford all this.

          These are efforts to make exercising the 2nd amendment so burdensome and costly that people simply give up their firearms. These are in effect an indirect ‘confiscation’ end run around the second amendment.

          Law abiding citizens not only need to fear federal “universal background check” and “safe storage laws” – they need to resist them, not obey them, rebel against them – they are a direct infringement hostile assault upon multiple constitutional rights, and are imposing tyranny.

        • Aww, my nameless, brainless, d***less troll is back, with another pathetic attempt at an insult. Oops, swing and a miss, troll . . . strike 1,000. You were “out” (probably in more ways than one) years ago.

          Just go rejoin the circle jerk, dacian the stupid and MinorIQ miss you. The “circle” isn’t the same without you! Or have you been too busy pounding salt in your @$$??????

      • God! You are an idiot! The gun found at the scene was stolen, which is what the majority of guns used in crime are. The going prices for illegal, out of the car trunk handguns is too high for most of these miscreants to afford. It’s easier to steal Jen.

        • quote—————-God! You are an idiot! The gun found at the scene was stolen,———–quote

          Ever hear of Safe Storage Laws Genius boy??? Now who is the idiot???? Have a 5 th grader explain it all too you

        • “safe storage laws”
          and while you are away at work
          someone in the city government sold your universal “here are all the guns” list to a crook or hacked its computer file
          then while you are gone they have 8 whole hours or more to open that safe and a safe that can take 8 whole hours of an expert or even moron like you banging away on it would cost 10k at least

          so no your hitler-est plan does not work!

        • And like I told you, dacian the stupid, safes can be burgled, and “defense” guns in a safe are useless. The only upside to my event was that the “safe” manufacturer DID honor it’s warranty – I got a brand new safe, just like the one that had been burgled, for free. Big whoop. Cost me more to replace the three firearms I’d lost than it would have to buy a new safe. “Safe storage” only means “safe from theft” in the “minds” of deranged lunatics like you.

          Go micturate up the cable, dacian the stupid.

      • Go check out the Mobile County Alabama Sherriff’s website. They tracked the firearms they confiscated/recovered in felony arrests. 9 out of 10 firearms were stolen. Including a couple stolen from a Mobile city police officer who’s house was burglarized while he was at work. Care to explain what law would change that? Secondly, it would stand to reason if those states with the lax gun laws were the problem, their crime stats would be correspondingly higher. Again, deal with the person behind the gun and the hardware is not a problem.

        • laws don’t work for the lawless who could care less about your safe-storage laws or universal background checks…they’re animals and ought to be treated as such…

      • neither of which would prevent straw-purchasing…states are not going to alter their gun laws just to please their neighbors who continue to release violent criminals back into society….

      • Supreme Commissar Dacian will eliminate gun violence by eliminating gun owners who according to studies are the source of the guns used in the violence.

        This arduous task will be undertaken house-by-house, street-by-street, and town-by-town. Children who denounce their parents as gun owners will receive a junior commissar’s cap and a gold star.


      • Time to open your mouth to change feet.

        For your federal universal background check to work you would need the vast overwhelming majority of the guns to be registered. There would still be a pool of tens of millions of unregistered or off-books guns for criminals to purchase without any checks. The cartels might find it a profitable sideline to add a case of guns to their drug shipments.

        Even in NSW it is estimated there are tens of thousands of unregistered guns out there, especially in the rural areas, as registration didn’t start with longarms until the late 1990s.

      • okay, I gotta say this. Hats off to Dacian. He is, without question or even a close second place finisher, the most successful troll I’ve seen. He is able to continuously get everyone all bent outta shape time and time again. Its obvious he doesn’t believe or mean a single solitary word he utters and yet you guys keep falling for it.

        I must admit, I do look forward to reading his stuff. It makes me laugh and when your reading about some of the endless BS we have to put up with from the various governments as well as the miserable state of our leaders, I need that laugh.

        • No, Kyle, I have to disagree. If you’ve followed dacian the stupid’s history on this forum (even back to when he was “Vlad” – before he was dacian), he is every bit as insane and stupid as he sounds. No one could be that consistently wrong and stupid EXCEPT someone who . . . really was that insane and stupid. MinorIQ occasionally makes an effort to be rational, but not our dacian – he’s a total Leftist/fascist moron.

          There was a movement, a while back, to “just ignore dacian, he’ll go away”. Yeah, that didn’t work out. So, AFAIAC, the “right” approach to dacian is to mock him mercilessly – you cannot possibly have a “rational” conversation with an IRRATIONAL person, so just make him the butt of your jokes (God knows, that boy probably plays with his butt all the time).

        • Lamp, I’m back to thinking lil’d either has tertiary syphilis or is a vegan who has a massive cranial enzyme imbalance and needs proper protein urgently.

  3. Well no sh!t!! Thugs with stolen guns……there, just isolated your problem for ya. Now all you gotta do is solve it! Another focus group, more gun laws, blame someone else, the usual solution, I’m sure!

  4. But by all means let’s go after a tool, an inanimate object, incapable of action, without being used by a person. Gang activity couldn’t be what’s responsible. After they’re just poor disadvantaged boys and girls who didn’t have any other options, but to fall into a pattern of solving their problems with violence. Excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth spewing LibTard talking points. Reinstitute gang task forces and crush these people who act like rabid dogs! A bigger harder thing needed is to reverse the forces that since the “War on Poverty” has undermined two parent households, and crushed an active family life through financially rewarding single parentage, and removed the stigma of out of wedlock births!

    • Bill for the win!

      The real root problem is a large bloc of people whose actions/lifestyles do not even rise to the level of animals. (Animals–mammals anyway–at least attempt to raise their offspring.)

      Note that you basically never see this type of behavior from people who grow up in a loving, stable, and responsible home with mom and dad.

      And no, those statements are NOT hidden racist comments. Those statements apply equally to all races.

      • And building upon the above sentiment, it seems to me that revoking most/all of the entitlement programs would go a long way to ending the endless cycle of sub-animal behavior, especially if parents who produce children and fail to care for those children went to prison for child abuse/neglect AS THEY SHOULD.

        Think about it. If there are no entitlement programs and you don’t work, you have no way to buy food. That provides a gigantic incentive to start working immediately. And guess what? Working people don’t have anywhere near as much time on their hands to “hang out” and scheme ways to attack others, not to mention the fact that they would often be too tired to do that after working.

        Similarly, if you are going to depend on charity from your community for your food, you better have a legitimate reason why you cannot work and you better be a well-behaved person. In case it isn’t instantly obvious, a community is not going to provide charity to an able-bodied neighbor who refuses to work or who threatened to beat them or steal their stuff.

        Of course the facts and policies that I outlined above do not enrich politicians nor help politicians increase their power and control. That is why politicians ignore those facts and refuse to support those policies.

        • Yep, that’s a hard sell. I mean why would they want to turn people into responsible, self-sufficient, family-oriented conservatives? Why would anyone need Democrats?

      • “Those statements apply equally to all races.”

        To all life, really. Why Big Fierce Animals Are Rare by Paul Colinvaux, discusses fecundity and reproductive strategies found in nature. There is a direct relationship between attentive parenting and offspring success.

        • I disagree. For starters, who is raising these young black males? I think we’re programmed to ignore the role their mothers play in their upbringing and worldview because we tend to have a hard time seeing a man as a victim and a woman as a perpetrator.

          It’s the same with blaming the men for leaving their children. Some woman probably raised that man. It’s important for children to have a dad, but not having a dad in the home doesn’t excuse the mother for properly raising her children.

    • Label gangs as an insurrection and allow military special forces to use them for training.

      Although posse comitatus could be an issue.

  5. We need to ban ghost gangs. They cannot be traced and anyone can form a ghost gang within a few minutes using a cell phone. Only recognized gangs like the Democratic party should be allowed.

    • No ghost phones, either. They can’t be easily traced to an individual.

      And even “recognized” gangs such and the DemonCrats should only be allowed to assemble in groups of 10 maximum. Anything greater than that number would be a “high capacity” gathering, and too dangerous for the public at large. For the children…

      • Speaking of phones. The Biden Administration is passing out free Obama phones to Illegal Criminal Aliens with unlimited free minutes of service.

        • Spy devices, they’ve been using them for years.
          They caught Grandma and her cookies
          but the dog still ain’t give up the secret recipes for them beans.

    • Wait so do ghost gangs run around with white sheets over their heads? eerrr no wrong group of bad people! LOL

    • Nah, we need to put serial numbers on all their body parts. Serial numbers are a sure thing to stop gang violence.

  6. Quite likely, if the perps were given the Ultimate Penalty, this would not have taken place. Or even if they were kept behind bars where they should have been. Who’s getting paid off to let these MONSTERS out of jail? Whomever allowed the early release, should be held liable for the injuries and deaths in this incident. Maybe if this were to happen, these Morons wouldn’t allow these early releases. If the claim is the prisons / jails are overcrowded; then reinstitute expedient Ultimate Penalty reform.

  7. I think the media should quit using the term “gang” , it’s just so politically incorrect.
    A group of friends,? something other then gang, gang just sounds derogatory.
    Labels do have an effect.

    • The fuzzy super pals are doing drive bys again.

      Probably can’t use shootings either, that’s too violent and we all know that violent speech is no bueno these days.

      Aw shit I just appropriated Mexican culture by saying no bueno. Back to the dog house I go.

  8. Street Gangs of Sacramento:

    Asian gangs:

    Bahalana Gang
    Insane Viet Boys
    Lemon Hill Posse
    Menace Of Destruction Gang
    Oriental Boys
    Paul Side Wah Ching
    Sac Town Bad Boys
    Tiny Little Rascalz (TLR)
    Tiny Rascals Gang (TRG)
    Viet Pride Gangsters

    Blood gangs:

    Beast Mobb
    Beldon Street
    Del Paso Heights
    Detroit Blvd Bloods (DBB)
    Elm Street
    MeadowView Bloods (MVB)
    Lincoln Village Piru (LVP)
    Oak Park Bloods (OPB)
    Strawberry Manors
    True Heights Villans
    Valley High Pirus

    Crip gangs:

    Blacc Boy Crip
    El Camino Crips
    Garden Blocc Crips 21st, 24st, 29st
    Highland Crips
    Nogales Street Gangster Crips (NSGC)
    Pope Street Crips
    Power Inn Crips
    Sac Town Crips (STC)
    Sons Of Samoa Crips
    South Sac Locsta’s
    Tongan Crip Gang
    Valley High Crips
    West Gate Crips

    Nortenos Hispanic gangs:

    Barrio Pachuco Nortenos
    Broderick Boys
    Del Paso Heights
    Franklin Boys
    Hillsdale North Highlands
    Varrio Garden Block
    Varrio Gardenland
    Varrio North Sacra

    Sureno Hispanic gangs:

    Angelino Heights
    Barrio Sur Trece (BST)
    Grand Park Locos
    Howe Park Surenos (HPS)
    Triangle Park Surenos (TPS)
    Varrio Centro Sacra (VCS)
    West Side Thugs (WST)

    Other gangs:

    Elder Creek Mobb
    Monk Mobb

    Sacramento is eaten up with gangs. There is no place you can go in Sacramento where you are not in a place that at least one gang claims is part of “their territory”

    Gang violence is a daily thing in Sacramento, at some level. It can be a crime like a robbery, or a simple assault, or any number of violent things of different levels but its always there. Over 80% of the crime in Sacramento is by gang members. The gangs barely keep the lid on their rampages, one is going to happen eventually. Its common in Sacramento for rival gangs members to be attacked no matter where they are, especially if they are on the other gangs claimed territory but usually its more of beatings or knifing or threats but shootings do happen. And there are gang wars that happen, usually the violence from this is enacted in less public surroundings or when they are fewer people around. Neighborhood level gang violence is a common daily occurrence in Sacramento.

    Years of simmering gang violence escalated to Sacramento’s deadly shooting, officials say >

  9. That’s right it was the NRA fault and everyone who owns a firearm is guilty, guilty, guilty.

    The wishful thinking democRat Party awaits orders from their fuhrer Jim Crow Gun Control joe to round up all gun owners and put them on trains headed for concentration camps where they will be marched off to perform slave labor or placed in gas chambers for extermination…Say Sieg Heil Gun Control democRats.

  10. Maybe one of these days the “gang-bangers” will finally kill each other all off, and we can be done with their kind……I know it’s a delusional pipe dream!

  11. Nooo, i can’t believe this.
    Next thing you’re gonna tell me that they used illegal guns? That the laws didn’t stop them? Heretic!

    • when you use something like a Glock-switch in a crowded environment these things are going to happen…

  12. We need to lock up that old white guy in Maine and take away his guns ASAP before there’s any more carnage between repeat felons living the thug life 2,500 miles away.

  13. “Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg questioned why the brothers were on the streets.”

    It’s called Democrats in charge. Will you ever comprehend that?

  14. I have to say, I’ve read a lot of posts on this site demeaning one particular ‘Dacian’ individual. And, after reading today’s posts from ‘him’, I will agree wholeheartedly; this is one dumba$$.

  15. Probably has nothing to do with the illegal drug trade. Legalize all drugs and the profit will decrease. And then, heavily prosecute violent criminals and a lot of this behavior will be removed from our cities. But, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting. The Dems run most major cities and their policies have caused this failure

    • legalizing all drugs to decrease profit for the gangs?

      Nah, doesn’t work. Plus criminal gangs deal in the black market anyway for their drugs and would still be making a profit ’cause human nature.

      Alcohol is legal, but there is healthy criminal run booming black market in alcohol making millions-billions annually.

      Pot is legal in some states, and the states are eaten up with a healthy criminal run booming black market making millions annually.

      They banned some prescription drugs in the past in the U.S. the companies don’t even make them any more, yet there is a healthy criminal run booming black market for them by making the drugs in covert small labs and selling them for millions annually.

      A lot of prescription and OTC drugs are legal, yet there is a healthy criminal run booming black market for them.

      the list goes on and non….

      Some people would rather get black market goods and not be limited by taxes, and regulatory, and enforcement actions, and permission slips, and prescriptions, and government oversite, and etc… and most times they can get it cheaper on the black market – so there are healthy criminal run booming black markets for just about anything that can also be purchased legally, from drugs to cars to clothing to ammo to guns to tobacco products, to computers, to phones, to just about anything.

    • the cops know who these guys are…and what a menace to an orderly society they are…now we just need to eliminate that revolving door….

    • ” NOTHING TO DO WITH RED OR BLUE”.. did you have a very short career in Texas as a bronc rider ? Did it end suddenly after getting head-stomped too many times?

  16. I rather doubt these gang members suspected to be involved acquired their firearms legally. So, no background checks or other legal niceties were observed. And, even if the disarmament folks got thier fondest desire and could find a way to remove every civilian owned firearm in North America, someone of criminal mindset would be on the phone or internet within minutes looking for a way to smuggle in weapons.
    Those demanding more restrictions, bans or regulations need to show some proof of both how any of the current laws have done anything to prevent a criminal from obtaining a weapon, and demonstrate just how their proposed laws regulations or restrictions will actually stop a criminal from getting a weapon.


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