Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson
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By Lee Williams

Santa Rosa County (Florida) Sheriff Bob Johnson describes himself as a cop, not a politician. He certainly has the résumé.

Johnson started at the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in 1993. He has served on the department’s SWAT team for 20 years, worked as a major crimes detective, supervised the narcotics unit, worked as both a DARE and a school resource deputy, supervised the juvenile unit, served as a patrol deputy, corporal, sergeant and watch commander, worked in Internal Affairs, commanded the criminal investigations division, oversaw the department’s vehicle fleet, served as the department’s PIO, and was finally appointed Chief Deputy – where he oversaw all aspects of the department. Johnson was first elected sheriff in 2016 and ran unopposed in 2020 – the first time in the county’s history a sheriff has ever run unopposed for reelection.

None of this mattered to the woke media, when the good Sheriff told the ugly truth about a prolific home invader’s arrest during a press conference last week. Johnson was branded as “reckless,” “wildly irresponsible,” possibly racist and, according to NPR, he turned Santa Rosa County into the “Wild West.”

Events began when 32-year-old Brandon Harris allegedly broke into four homes in Pace, Florida, which is located near Pensacola. Harris is known as a “frequent flyer” to Johnson and his deputies. He has been arrested more than 17 times – an arrest history that dates back to when he was 13. Harris once spent six years in prison…for home invasion, of course. Last week, during his most recent home-invasion spree, there were several active felony warrants for his arrest.

By all accounts, Harris led Santa Rosa County deputies on a wild chase, leaping fences, kicking doors and jumping through windows. In one of the four homes Harris invaded, the owner took a shot at him, but missed. Harris was caught after he jumped out of a window and into the arms, literally, of a waiting deputy.

During a press conference after Harris’ arrest, Sheriff Johnson discussed the homeowner who had fired at Harris, who never came forward.

“I guess they think that they did something wrong, which they did not. If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County. We prefer that you do, actually,” Johnson said. “So, whoever that was, you’re not in trouble. Come see us. We have a gun safety class we put on every other Saturday. And if you take that, you’ll shoot a lot better and hopefully you’ll save the taxpayers money.”

That was all it took.

Woke mob rule

“Florida sheriff urges homeowners to shoot intruders and ‘save taxpayers money,’” the New York Post headline screamed the next day.

“A Florida Sheriff’s advice for homeowners dealing with burglars: Shoot them and ‘save taxpayer’s money,’” wrote a Pennsylvania newspaper.

National Public Radio went even further, calling Johnson’s comments “wildly irresponsible advice that could cause needless loss of life and aggravate racial tensions.”

NPR should have checked the booking photo before they played the race card. Harris is white, as is 87% of Santa Rosa County.

Brandon Harris mugshot mug shot
Brandon Harris’ most recent booking photo. (Photo courtesy Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office)

The good folks living in Florida’s Panhandle aren’t big fans of home invaders. In fact, it’s somewhat miraculous Harris wasn’t shot years ago. I’m sure they saw the truth in Sheriff Johnson’s comments. So, NPR had to gin up a controversy where none existed. They emailed a trio of woke defense attorneys from Miami, Vero Beach and Fort Lauderdale, and spoon-fed them questions about Sheriff Johnson’s truth-telling in the Panhandle.

“It’s wildly irresponsible, because it essentially encourages people to use deadly force without giving it more consideration. There’s often times that somebody is not an imminent threat to you,” one of the defense attorneys told NPR, adding, “Sheriff Johnson just turned Santa Rosa into the Wild West. Maybe one less Sheriff’s salary is a better way to save the taxpayers money.”


To be clear, Sheriff Johnson didn’t tell anyone to shoot home invaders in order to save taxpayer dollars. He told them to shoot home invaders in order to save their lives.

A home invasion is an incredibly violent act, which happens at the speed of life. There’s no time for consideration or introspection, or for the victim to mull over whether their response to the violent assault is clouded by, as NPR claimed, some sort of implicit bias.

NPR, their trio of defense attorneys, and the rest of the woke media will never understand what it takes to defend yourself from an act of extreme violence. All they can do is criticize those involved from the safety of their ivory towers.

Extreme violence can only be overcome by greater violence. It’s not pretty and it’s certainly not easy to talk about. But that’s what Sheriff Johnson was trying to do. He was trying to keep the 193,998 residents of Santa Rosa County alive and safe from predators like Brandon Harris. That’s his job, and he appears to do it well, which will always provoke the ire of the woke media mob, especially when a Southern Sheriff is involved.

Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Antis say that gun owners value their possessions more than lives. The truth is that criminals value possessions of others more than their own lives.

    • When subjected to a home invasion woke useful idiots can call NPR for help. NPR will pucker up and dispatch a team of sensitive criminal coddling misfits armed with feather dusters and apologies.

      • “Debbie W. April 29, 2022 At 14:30
        When subjected to a home invasion woke useful idiots can call NPR for help. NPR will pucker up and dispatch a team of sensitive criminal coddling misfits armed with feather dusters and apologies.”
        “… bag and cart off the perp, clean the blood and gore up for you. Libturd service in action.” There, DW, finished your comment for you. You’re welcome.

    • “The truth is that criminals value possessions of others more than their own or the rightful owners’ lives.”


    • “…gun owners value their possessions more than lives…” Yeah, so, anyway, I started blasting…

  2. I love it when the wokeys put their latent racism on display such as NPR has done here.

    Why would it “aggravate racial tensions”, NPR? What are you trying to say about the parties involved in B&E’s?

  3. Hey “wokies”, you can let em and do whatever they will with YOU, myself, I’d rather not go that route! Just explain your “feelings” about criminal justice and inclusion and all that other crap, I’m sure they won’t rape and kill you! (Not more than once anyway)!!

  4. I would bet that the good sheriff will handily win reelection. If I lived in his county, I would vote for the man.

    • Amen. Protect your life and your love ones. Be prepared. Take gun safety class. Go to range and be proficient with your firearm.that is your Responsibility as a home owner

  5. I’d vote for him if I were one of his constituents!

    Never have understood why the U.S.A. has to have it’s very own quasi-government Pravda broadcast (National Propaganda Radio – NPR).

    NPR was established by an Act of Congress. They receive a small percentage of their funding from Federal, State and local governments. Most funding comes from universities who host the station in their areas and from the never-ending begging on TV. Their charter says that they should strive for neutrality in reporting…they gave that up decades ago.

  6. I started read this wondering when I was going to see something about Twitter and sure enough…there it is. LMFAO

    This is precisely the lunacy that keeps off Twitter/Facebook.

    Maybe Musk can do something with it, I don’t know. But it’s worthless to me in its current form.

  7. The Sherrif is of the same mindset most LEO’s down here on the Gulf Coast are. Let the law-abiding majority do what they must to protect themselves from the criminal actions of the few. Has nothing to do with race, religion, sex, sexual preferences, or age.
    I’ve been through a home invasion. Killed 1 and wounded the other guy. Administered first aid to the wounded man since he was no longer a threat and was disarmed. Even Minnesota decided I had done nothing wrong. State was under control of Governor Goofy at the time. So it was a surprise when the DA declined to file charges.

  8. Well, it’s N FL. Nothing about the story surprises me. Act like an idiot around here at your own peril.

  9. Under California law, there is a presumption that any stranger who breaks into your home intends to do you and/or your family serious bodily injury or death, and that therefore lethal force is authorized. Consequently, unless the intruder is a family member, in every shooting (or other violent assault) inside your home, you are presumed to be acting in self-defense, putting the burden of proof on the prosecutor to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that you were not.

    (That said, I would not recommend performing a coup de grace on a disarmed and wounded attacker. That may not play very well.)

    • If the intruder has ever lived in the home(even if he/she is not a member of the family), you could have a hard time proving your case in Ca.

  10. These same NPR types are very worried when they’re out on the streets in Fun City or when there’s an unexpected knock on the apartment door at 10:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night. They’re also the first to expect a 9-1-1 call to result in instant law enforcement.

  11. I certainly would not want this Jack Booted Thug Sherriff anywhere near where I live. His big mouth really revealed that he should not be in law enforcement at all.

  12. My county sheriff had said that many a times the years in charge of the Sheriff department. I hate the Blue counties we have in the State.

  13. Decent sheriff. Our county’s sheriff has breath that smells exactly like H. Clinton’s ass.

  14. Hasn’t been that long since the NPR was caught making garbage up about Florida. Within the last two weeks they were screaming hysteria about how abolishing Reedy Creek would lead to property tax increases of 20%… despite the Florida Constitution having a 3% per year increase cap. Also made up stuff about how Florida governments would, somehow, be tasked with Disney’s debt from the whole thing.

    • They are just going to put up toll stations on the highway that takes tens of thousands of cars and buses to Disney every week. With Easypass, it’s EASY.

  15. Check out Poke Sheriff, he said the same thing & was call out to reword or walk back his. Words. He repeated it &. scold the reporter.
    Hear in South Carolina, we agree with the sheriffs & will do the same.

  16. Honestly, this is why I love liberal academics. They’re so much fun to fuck with. \

    Also, NPR is hardly a middle of the road organization. Shut it down, fire everyone that works there and sell the equipment at auction.

  17. It does NOT matter what ANY of these people think. It wont matter to them what I think if their home is broken into either. This entire discussion is ridiculous.

    • It will matter to you when these people flee crime ridden New York and San Francisco and move into your County.
      When they elect a Soros funded, leftist, District Attorney, You can expect armed citizens who defend themselves to be prosecuted.
      It won’t matter if you are acquitted, the $300,000 cost of a defense will ruin you financially.

  18. are there worse criminals out there
    than a home invader
    yes there are
    but not many
    bob “my johnson is so big it has its own johnson” johnson
    is spot on here

  19. GREAT IDEA, SHERIFF BOB.. I think home invaders need to be aware of the fact that they could get their “you-know-what’s” blown off if they invade a private residence, especially in the middle of the night. Them folks need an education in “what’s mine, ain’t yours!”

  20. Shooting and killing home invaders is not a “needless loss of life.” Criminals need to lose their lives in the commission of crimes. This is how criminals learn that their criminal enterprise has a risk:reward ratio that favors getting an honest job.

  21. Why does NPR automatically assume a violent criminal is black? Isn’t that kind of … racist?

  22. Would be interesting to hear a Woke person begging for their life after a hoodlum broke in their home and started to threaten them. If a perp broke in here they’d be carried out in a body bag as a guaranteed consequence. No question of that outcome !

  23. NPR is now the voice of career criminals and home invaders. Why must taxpayers continue to pay for NPR?


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