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By Lee Williams

Journalists were once champions of free speech. Some even went to jail for the beliefs. Nowadays, they are openly calling for increased government censorship and regurgitating anything else the Biden-Harris administration desires.

The Fourth Estate has muzzled itself and abrogated its once powerful government watchdog role, which even critics said was vital to the functioning of our democracy. Today’s media has become a willing participant in its own demise – an accessory after the fact, so to speak – not because of a Supreme Court loss, another shift in technology or for any other excuse. To be clear, the media abandoned it ethics, its readers, and its legacy for the dirtiest of rationales: politics.

Legacy journalists flocked to join Team Biden solely because orange man bad, and once aboard, there was no going back. Now, they’re committed to parroting Joe and Kamala’s propaganda no matter how harmful or ridiculous it becomes. And friends, it’s become pretty ridiculous and very harmful to our individual liberties, our personal freedoms and to the very survival of our Great Republic itself.

Case in point – the disinformation scam.

Government has always wanted the power to tell people what to believe. Now they have it, in the form of the Disinformation Governance Board, AKA the Ministry of Truth, which was shoehorned into the powerful Department of Homeland Security. It happened almost overnight with neither a public vote nor a disparaging word from the aforementioned media lapdogs. Rather than pushing back or even asking questions, our media marvels actually supported the creation of American Thought Police.

Led by the self-described “Mary Poppins of Disinformation,” Nina Jankowicz, who also calls herself a “disinformation expert,” which common sense offers no reason to disbelieve, the Disinformation Governance Board will do to free speech what Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman did to Atlanta on his march to the sea.

Jankowicz, who has a lovely singing voice and is very likely insane, has already adopted the victim’s mantle because some bad people have said some mean things about her looney tunes appearances on the internet. She is, of course, exactly the type of person you’d expect the Biden-Harris administration to choose to control how we think and speak.

To what end, you ask? There are strategic and tactical reasons.

Big picture – the real shot-callers at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are desperate to stifle growing national dissent. Public debate about Biden’s mental health, his poor decisions and his failed policies is skyrocketing, and the administration fears another public butt-kicking, like we gave David Chipman.

When Uncle Joe nominated Chipman to fill the vacant directorship at the AFT ATF, gun owners coalesced into an unstoppable force. The gun-rights community and likeminded lawmakers used social media and pro-gun websites to spread the word about Chipman’s many misdeeds, as well as his career as an anti-gun activist.

The results were historic. We handed Chipman his hat with his head still in it. He was forced to turn his rat-like tail and scurry off the public stage. In my humble opinion, this is what gave Biden’s handlers the Ministry-of-Truth idea. It was created to stave off another embarrassing social uprising.

The Wall Street Journal recently opined that Jankowicz’s Disinformation Governance Board could soon brand any criticism of the Biden-Harris administration as a threat to national security.

I agree with their assessment, and I don’t buy the DHS secretary’s recent claims that the Board will only be used against disinformation from foreign powers. We already have intelligence services to do that and they’re very good. We don’t need Ms. Bedknobs and Broomsticks trying to counter Iranian grey propaganda with finger-cymbals and an interpretive dance. This is not the realm for amateurs.

It’s clear the Disinformation Governance Board will be used domestically, against us – against anyone who disagrees with the regime or values their constitutional rights. Jankowicz herself has already said as much, calling online mockery of Kamala Harris a threat to national security.

Nina Jankowicz Big Sister
Courtesy New York Post

Besides, what better way to boost Joe’s flagging poll numbers or empower his war on our guns than by criminalizing public pushback, right? Why else would the administration house the Ministry of Truth at DHS – a law enforcement agency, which we know is comprised of thousands of government agents with millions of rounds of our ammunition.

Don’t want another “assault weapon” ban? Keep it to yourself. Not a fan of Biden’s war on gun dealers? Don’t tell anyone, or you’ll risk a quick rendition and a term in a DHS free-speaker gulag.

To be clear, while the new free-speech policewoman will imperil our First Amendment rights, her secret powers and law-enforcement authority are tailor made for infringing upon the Second Amendment, too. That much is obvious. That is by far the worst part of this debacle.

Our strength as gun owners has always been our ability to organize quickly – to get the word out about a pending atrocity headed our way, such as another David Chipman. If we lose our ability to communicate, if it becomes a crime to disagree, we will no longer be a real community. We’ll become nothing more than a bunch of folks with guns who are all waiting for that knock on the door in the middle of the night, from someone who wants to either ask questions about a social media post or take our guns, while the lapdog media and other government watchdogs all turn a blind eye.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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  1. Journalists have never been champions. Of anything. They’ve always been biased and agenda driven. Whoever thinks of them as bulwarks of freedom are deluding themselves.

    • “Freedom of the Press” means “the right [of every free citizen] to communicate in print”, and was in no way intended to create a separate, privileged “Fourth Estate” with a special “right to know”.

  2. So when Trump got elected the media made a big show over how many copies of 1984 were being sold. At the time it didn’t make any sense to me because nothing Trump was proposing or Tweeting implied he was remotely Orwellian-statist. Certainly not like Obama or Bush Jr.

    Now it makes sense. They weren’t glomming onto the book as a cautionary tale. They were studying their next steps.

    To these people Winston is the bad guy and we’re all Emmanuel Goldstein.

  3. “Government has always wanted the power to tell people what to believe.”

    While the G has always had the power to tell people what to believe, they’ve never had the power to prevent other voices from being heard. With the new Ministry of Propaganda, the G hopes to have a monopoly on communication.

    Joseph Goebbels would be envious.

    • The more I learn about the so called left in this country the more convinced I am that they are just old school fascists.

        • And just waiting to put a pistol to the back of our heads the moment we step out of line. Don’t get in line in the first place and fight back right now because your life and that of your kids and grand kids depends on it!

        • “…Inside every Progressive is a Fascist screaming to get out…”

          This should be placed right under the logo or somewhere on the top of the site.

      • Of course Leftists are Fascists! The Left have pretty much tossed what little scraps remained of their belief in individual liberty into the trash heap and embraced the use of governmental power with fevered glee. As we poor benighted proles have constantly rejected what the Left KNOWS is good for us they’ve had no choice but to move completely toward a collectivist/statist/fascist philosophy in order to get done what they know must be done to save us all from ourselves – even if they have to “save” us with a bullet to the head. In the Left’s collective mind it will all be worth it once Utopia is achieved dontcha know and the correct types of people get their due and can finally run things properly…

        I really hope we manage to navigate through what it takes to win over these Fascists scum without the agony of civil war, I really do – no thinking, thoughtful person can want to see the USA go through THAT – but I fear that time is running out on (relatively) peaceful alternatives. God help us.

        • To leftists, Utopia will always be achieved after the next massacre.

          Ironically Utopia translates as “no place”.

      • “The more I learn about the so called left in this country the more convinced I am that they are just old school fascists.”

        Bari Weiss (a 30-ish ex-NYT employee, until they ran her off) has penned an interesting article today on the explosive Supreme Court ‘leak’ that happened last night.

        The entire article is well-worth the read on laying out just what we are up against :

        “The Supreme Court was always the most cloistered governmental institution in America—the one where wisdom and precedent and reverence for our great constitutional tradition outweighed everything else. If there was something sacred that remained, this was it. Yes, there have been leaks from the Court before. But as Politico pointed out, last night’s leak was historic, and not in a good way: “No draft decision in the modern history of the court has been disclosed publicly while a case was still pending.”

        I called up one of the smartest professors I know at one of the top law schools in the country, and he echoed that: “To my knowledge, it’s never happened before in the modern history of the court. It is the most serious possible breach.”

        Serious, severe, shocking, he said. But in the end, not surprising. Why not? Here’s how he put it: “To me, the leak is not surprising because many of the people we’ve been graduating from schools like Yale are the kind of people who would do such a thing.”

        What did he mean by that? “They think that everything is violence. And so everything is permitted.”

        He went on: “I’m sure this person sees themselves as a whistleblower. What they don’t understand is that, by leaking this, they violate the trust that is necessary to maintain the institution.””.

        Meaning, that’s perfectly fine, since the entire system needs to be torn down anyways and replaced with actual fascism that they will call ‘justice’… 🙁

        • It’s interesting to note the issues here are the same as looking at debt and deficit or the schools.

          The solutions are easy. Stupid simple, in fact. Getting people to actually act out the solutions is the hard part. And by “people” I don’t mean government officials.

        • “one where wisdom and precedent and reverence for our great constitutional tradition outweighed everything else.” – Ended YEARS agp

  4. The real power of the American gun owner isn’t the ability to communicate or to quickly organize. It’s the ability to shoot people. Don’t sugar coat it, don’t forget it, and don’t let the enemies of freedom forget it.
    America is a violent, bloodthirsty nation and we always have been.

    • Shooting people is communication, the message it sends is unmistakable.

      The real question is if anyone actually decides that since “words are violence” the remedy is to shoot the people talking.

      We inch towards some version of that nearly daily at this point. The only thing I wonder is, if we stay on the current trajectory, which side snaps first?

  5. The left has been doing the full court press on the right to free speech since Benghazi in 2012.

    • ‘…since…2012…’

      You aren’t really that naive, are you?

  6. At what point do we accept the fact that the Democrat Party is the American Communist Party?

    • The Communists became the Greens and then they joined and took over the Democrat Party to push the “Green New Deal” and stayed for the Fascism they love so much!

  7. As a former journalist (Bachelor’s degree) from a major college, with experience in radio, tv, and print, the lack of newspapers with guts is of great harm to this country. Former military and years of State government work, most local papers available to me have joined the “fish wrap” group of journalists. My training was in the Walter Cronkite era when newspapers didn’t stand for corruption, didn’t print propaganda, and exposed lies with facts, not mere opinion.
    I studied Russia while in ROTC, as well as other systems that followed the government bias.
    We are in deep difficulty as the America I served and cherish are under conflict from all sides.

    • First, the idea that papers in the Cronkite era didn’t do these things is untrue. It’s demonstrable that the media has carried government water since, at bare minimum, 1941.

      Secondly, the problem is deeper than most realize. PayPal is now in open war against independent journos and outlets, shutting down accounts, freezing money for 180 days for “review” and threatening that if the internal (no oversight at all) “investigation” comes out wrong, well all that frozen money goes to PayPal to pay for damages.

      This isn’t just some echochamber idiots in DC, LA and NYC sorta setting the tone. It is far, far more insidious and it is most certainly organized.

      • “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely…”

    • There prog orientation is exactly why big time newspaper business (and CNC/ilk) has collapsed. While local newspapers has been doing well.

  8. Oath of the President “will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” While attacking it and restricting your Rights. Hey YOU voted for this guy to be President, You were warned.

    • Didn’t he have his fingers crossed behind his back? That makes the oath worthless doncha know?

    • 2020 WAS a fraud – out this week

      “2000 Mules” by Dinesh D’Souza – shows how the demtards worked their manipulation of their phony absentee ballot scam.

  9. Sounding more like the press restrictions imposed recently by Putin every day. REad this morning (well, at least as much of it as I could stomach) an opinion piece by a writer at WaPo arguing that allowing right wing speech on Twitter is “dangerous to our democracy.” Not sure how he got there, but other things I’ve seen of late suggest that the Dems think that they are the majority, and that the majority should therefore rule. Another attack on the electoral College will soon arise, as it permits losers of the popular vote (like Trump) to take office, and thus allow the Republicans to gerrymander the election maps to continue their “illegitimate” rule over the public. Seems to me that this is exactly what the Dims are trying to achieve through doxing, banning, shadow banning, shaming, gerrymandering in states they control and so forth and so on. Mob rule fo evah! There is no recognition that the Founders designed our government in the fashion they did in order to avoid mob rule as inimical to the rights of the minority.

    • “Not sure how he got there, but other things I’ve seen of late suggest that the Dems think that they are the majority, and that the majority should therefore rule.”

      They bought into the lie that due to inevitable demographic changes over time (increasingly more and more Spanish-speaking voters replacing aging ‘angry white male’ voters).

      What they seem to be ignoring is where those voters are coming from. Those folks have recent family histories of what hard Leftism brings. Relatives ‘disappearing’, never to be seen again. Crippling poverty, etc.

      They took the dangerous journey to get to America because they want what America has, actual freedoms. The Leftist Scum ™ stupidly thought all they had to do was scream ‘Racist!’ long and loudly enough while pointing at conservatives, and they would automatically vote for them.

      The split is now roughly fifty-fifty, and accelerating towards our political point of view.

      They were counting on the Latino vote to replace the dwindling middle-America white vote. Similar gains are being made in the Black community, not just as rapidly, but it’s moving in our direction.

      The crop they are about to sow is filled with people fed up with being accused of something heinous (‘structural racism’) when they very clearly are no such thing.

      *Please* keep it up Leftist Scum ™, keep constantly crying wolf (‘racist!’) and it won’t be long until people simply ignore it… 🙂

  10. Three cheers for Jankowicz and its about time.

    The biggest enemy of the 1st Amendment has always been the Republicans and their Far Right Fanatics whose most fervent wish is complete annihilation of the 1st Amendment so that only the “party line” will be allowed much as Hitler’s Germany was.

    Trump’s use of Russia to spread outright lies and disinformation about Clinton cost her the election and we ended up with a Moron for President who tried to withdraw from NATO (needed today more than ever), kept us out of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) that cost American Business men millions as well as numerous other screw ups too long to list here. After the Republicans wasted millions in investigations of Clinton not one allegation was proven true and she willingly testified while Trump so far refuses to testify or turn over documents in regards to his attempt to take over the U.S. Government by force and create a dictatorship.

    CERES alumna Nina Jankowicz ’13 was appointed by President Joe Biden the executive director of Department of Homeland Security’s new Disinformation Governance Board. Nina published her first book How to Lose the Information War (Bloomsbury/IBTauris) in 2020. This spring, she released her second book, How to Be A Woman Online, an examination of online abuse and disinformation and tips for fighting back. Her expertise spans the public, private, and academic sectors. She has advised governments, international organizations, and tech companies; testified before the United States Congress, UK Parliament, and European Parliament; and led accessible, actionable research about the effects of disinformation on women, minorities, democratic activists, and freedom of expression around the world (Nina Jankowicz).

    • Excuse me, now that it is solidly established that the Democrats spent four years trying to impeach Trump over the “Russiagate” hoax, and to silence any and all conservative voices, I think your attack on Republicans as enemies of the First Amendment misses its mark. Further, Trump had a very good reason to threaten to withdraw from NATO. The facts were that not only had the other NATO allies lost the will to defend themselves (instead relying solely on the US to do so), they had lost the ability to do so by years of neglect of their armed forces and failure to abide by the NATO agreement as to a specified percentage of GDP to be devoted to defense spending. Germany is almost our of military aircraft, has one operational submarine (out of six, the others are in dry dock), a distinct lack of tanks and artillery (they have had to borrow both to engage in war games) a failure to replace old equipment, and a reduction through attrition of its armed forces. Britain and France have one aircraft carrier between them. Most of the British ships and aircraft are being retired and there have been few replacements. Apparently, England could not even repeat its feat of defending the Falklands today. France does better, but not by much. The purpose of Trump’s threat was to kick our allies in the ass to get them to fulfill their obligations before it was too late.
      Lucky for us, the Russian equipment is overrated and poorly designed, its troops are ill-trained and ill-maintained in the field with poor morale, such that the Russian Bear is a threat primarily due to its nuclear forces.

      • Send in the troops.
        “Who’s troops?”
        Why the troops from America of course, they’re a member of NATO and should die defending my country so I dont have too.

      • Since you guys cannot leave the twatwaffle alone I’m going to do something I did with Vlad, give him a soundtrack.

        At least something useful might as well come out of his prattling and y’alls inability to engage with his idiocy.

      • “Britain and France have one aircraft carrier between them. Most of the British ships and aircraft are being retired and there have been few replacements. Apparently, England could not even repeat its feat of defending the Falklands today.”

        And then, something *miraculous* happened.

        Putin invaded Ukraine, and sat idly by as his troops raped and murdered the civilians.

        And guess who has just announced their defense spending had just been multiplied several times over, with the public’s enthusiastic support? Pretty much all of Europe, especially Scandinavia.

        With any luck, Putin’s cancer surgeon makes an ‘oopsie’ while he’s on the OR table. Since it’s likely one of the really aggressive cancers, he’ll likely be dead in 6 months… 🙂

    • Even Democrats didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton because they did not like Hillary Clinton.

    • dacien —

      “The biggest enemy of the 1st Amendment has always been the Democrats and their Far Left Fanatics whose most fervent wish is complete annihilation of the 1st Amendment so that only the “party line” will be allowed much as Hitler’s Germany was. Therefore, their establishment of a “Ministry of Truth” as described in Orwell’s famous book is not unprecedented, although it is unconstitutional. But what else would you expect from the party of Jim Crow, the Klan, and internment camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII?”

      FIFY. You’re welcome.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. So you are saying that free speech is ONLY for you Leftist-Socialists.

      As usual, you have it reversed. It was Billery who used the Russians to spread propaganda about Donald Trump. See the current investigation on the matter?

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        to Walter the Beverley HIllbilly

        You moron the current investigation is about the participation and support of Republican Congressmen helping Trump to try and overthrow a legally elected government and they are all staring to sing to save their own crooked hides.

        What planet do you live on Walt.

        • dacien —

          “You moron the current investigation is about … ”

          Wrong investigation. Here’s the one that Walter is referencing:

          “The judge in the case of Democratic cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann has agreed to review dozens of records currently withheld because of assertions of attorney-client privilege by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to see if they have been improperly concealed.

          “The agreement is a win for special counsel John Durham in his case against Sussmann, who has been indicted on charges of concealing his clients, the Clinton campaign and tech executive Rodney Joffe, from FBI general counsel James Baker when he pushed eventually debunked claims of a secret backchannel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.”

          “What planet do you live on Walt.”

          Earth. You might want to visit sometime.

        • To Alien

          Your references are a joke. Its more Republican grand standing over absolutely nothing. And as all the other allegations against Clinton proved false this one is an even bigger joke.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead What world do you live in? The Durham investigation is about Hillary, her campaign and how they created Russiagate out of nothing. Fantasy is very strong in you.

          Let me make this very, very clear. You are a LIAR. Comments like your should be investigated by Sleepy Joe’s Ministry of “Truth”.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, The allegations abouts your wonder boy, William Jefferson Clinton was substantiated. He also perjured himself in a civil action deposition. He was also an associate of Epstein. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Geez wally, calling dacian a liar? In bold type yet? I guess you would know if anyone does. Yeah, nobody likes a liar, do they… beverly?

        • Again, Riderless/ShootOff Canuck. It’s you who is a lair along with your bud, dacian the Dunderhead. Birds of a feather flock together. Seems you have a problem with proving what you claim. But then again, most liars do. Just ask dacian, the Dunderhead.

    • darcydodo…Don’t you know the rapist enabler hilliary rotten clintoon colluded with Russia to win the popular vote?

      Instead of being your usual slanderous libelous politically inept history illiterate snot nosed pathetic self just cut the crap and demand the democRat Party be held Monetarily Liable for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. Really pencildick…I hate to rain on your parade but you are what you claim to disdain.

      • Debbie you flunked history classes. The old style conservative Southern Democrats no longer exist and have not for decades. And when they did exist they were very different than the Democrats of the North. Today the people you speak of belong to your party the Conservative Radical Republicans as it is they who are racist, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee and anti-gay and anti-LGBT.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Another Leftist-Socialist gibberish response.

          True, “old style conservative Southern Democrats no longer exist.” FALSE. There are more than a few “old style conservative Southern Democrats.” although they are very very small in number.

          Republicans are NOT radical”. However, you are a radical Leftist and have so admitted that on several occasions. The fact is you have admitted sympathies toward the Communist Party.

          Republicans are not “racist, We believe in true equality for all with no preferences. We are not anti-immigrant”; we are against illegal immigration and illegal aliens, We are not “anti-refugee”; Republicans have no problem assisting true refugees. (N.B.: Economic “refugees” are NOT refugees.)
          Republicans are NOT ‘anti-gay” nor “anti-LGBT”. We don’t give a rat’s behind about their sexual persuasion as long as they don’t foist it on others.
          You are the kind of individual likes to be a “flame thrower”. Consider your flames extinguished.

    • Dacian, I have a serious question for you.

      If Republicans are the greatest threat to free speech, do you want them controlling a Ministry of Truth? Do you want a government agency run by a Republican appointed person that leans on Social Media platforms for the purpose of allowing government sponsored “truth” and banning government mandated “misinformation”?

      The absolute truth is that our government changes hands. Maybe you like the current government and like who they appointed over this agency. Great, good for you. Can you guarantee that you’ll like every government we have? Every head of the agency?

      My personal motto has never been “Oh yeah, govern me harder daddy!!!” I oppose having a government agency deciding what is truth, no matter who runs the government.

      • Wrong Tim

        You do not live in the real world. No civilized country permits any person or organization to promote racism or lies as truth. Not one of the Russian allegations against Clinton were true and millions were wasted of the tax payers money and the Republican knew damn well that they were promoting Russian propaganda about her. That is treason when you let Foreign governments overthrow an election.

        Hate speech cannot be tolerated either on social media . If you had not flunked history classes you would be aware that this is how Hitler got away with persecuting and murdering the Jews, Gypsies, gay people and Socialists something that the current Republicans are also trying to do. History is trying to repeat itself.

        • dacian —

          “It’s not the word that’s important, it’s the right to say any word you want to and to form any sentence you want to, that’s the point and once they start to legally restrict what we can say and what we can’t say then we are on a slippery slope to authoritarianism.”

          “We’re talking about racists,” said Karen.

          “No one should be allowed to be racist,” said Mark.

          “But that’s not down to the Government or the courts,” said Rob desperately, “that should be down to us, we should make it difficult for people to be racist, we should frown upon such language and activity, it should be by peer pressure that we stop people from being abusive and unpleasant, not down to the Government.”

          “Why not?” demanded Karen, “they make the laws so it’s down to them to make the punishments.”

          “It’s not about punishment,” pressed Rob, “it’s about morality and social conscience, it’s about standing up for what’s right versus moral laziness, it’s about courage versus cowardice.”

          ― Arun D. Ellis, Daydream Believers

          And that, dacian, is why you will never understand the concept nor practice of free speech.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, you need to join the rest of America in the real world. You live to yell racist slurs at anyone who disagrees with your view of America and the World.

  11. A Pretty Face on Despotism.

    No insanity if the actions are intentional.

    Little Cee U Next Tuesday is what the Thought Police is disguising itself in.

  12. Disinformation Governance Board.
    Man oh man, if that doesn’t sound scary.
    United States of North Korea?

      • I’d say that the answer you seek can be found in the general function of a governor. The automotive variety, not the political and certainly not our esteemed Gov. Petomane.

      • They make the disinformation, and their dream “Board” won’t allow anyone to question it. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again? I keep forgetting.

      • A bit too obvious to call it the “Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment”.

  13. While I agree with the thrust of the argument I doubt that this is to protect Biden or his handlers. Most Democrats want Biden gone because he’s a millstone around their necks.

    IMHO, this is about what I’d call “reach”. There are things that cannot be censored at this time but which could be if the right “rules” were put in place. Everything from people talking about the Eccles Building to molecular biology pre-print servers and the journals downstream from them. Currently, with centralized media disintegrating, there’s no real way to police this. In many ways you’re going back to Web 1.0.

    Web 1.0 wasn’t curated and was in some regards the “Wild West”. That had pros and cons and required a higher level of user to really navigate. But it also allowed people to find out things that centralized media would never tell them and do it quickly and cheaply compared to the early 1990’s or before.

    When you combine a Web 1.0 style of decentralization (which is something we’re moving towards inexorably thanks to abuses by companies like Alphabet and Twitter) with a population that has figured out that some things are deeply wrong with both the country and the world, that’s quite dangerous for TPTB. It’s how you end up partying like it’s 1789 and everyone’s speaking French.

    What these people understand is that the real-world outcome of what they lied about may not matter as much as the fact that the lies have been discovered. Data can’t be covered up in a decentralized system, someone will put it out and it will be found. A regular Joe with a decent brain and a computer can peruse Cell and Federal Reserve trends in two tabs while having an alternative media source open in a third which is streaming video of that thing they don’t want you to see. They can look up what they don’t understand in any of those three tabs in a forth.

    Most people don’t understand math or science but they can read abstracts. Therefore it’s important that a journal like Nature, which is highly respected, not be publishing the sort of things they have in the past week. Because it undermines narratives that are used to control the population by defining what ~68-95% of the public tends towards believing.

    They believe that such a power will be important in the coming months, and not just because MuH ElEctIon!. So, were you an enquiring mind, you might wonder why they’d believe such a power is so important to have and have right now.

    • “It’s how you end up partying like it’s 1789 and everyone’s speaking French.”

      Recently saw the Ken Burns PBS docu on Benjamin Franklin (it’s quite good, check it out) where they make the case that the newly-formed America was responsible for inspiring the fun-and-games (and sharp blade drops) of the French Revolution. What those on the Left fail to realize is what happened to those so enthusiastic about the lopping-off of heads. The nation was in terror over their un-bridled power, and then they had enough of that bullshit and sent them to meet their own glorious blade on their necks. 🙂

      “…it’s important that a journal like Nature, which is highly respected, not be publishing the sort of things they have in the past week.”

      Uhm, what happened over at ‘Nature’ ? ? ?

      • Our Revolution may have inspired the French, but any similarity in aims (pro-middle-class / equality of opportunity) did not last long at all.

      • “Uhm, what happened over at ‘Nature’ ? ? ?”

        They published an analysis of 911 transport calls for cardiopulmonary events showing that in the <40 cohort "the jab" is associated with a 25% increase in events (That is, cardiopulmonary events [heart attacks, heart inflammation, valve damage and blood clotting issues] so severe as to require emergency medical transport. Which is a fancy way of saying that the jabbed population under 40 is responsible for a 25% increase in events so severe that an ambulance must be called.

        [Apply dem stats for the population. You'll love the result. Left tails for days. Then try normalizing them and see what your overall life expectancy does.]

        They also showed quite clearly that previous CoV-2 infection is not associated with this at all, so there goes the “Well, that’s why you need the jab, because it’s all long-Covid!” argument.

        Now, in and of itself it’s a singular analysis and is backward looking. Further, in the >40 age group the signal-to-noise ratio isn’t good enough to have a useful confidence interval because it overlaps so heavily with other hypotheses like that people may have put off or been denied care allowing a problem to fester to the point that it required an ambulance.


        But if you bother to hang out on molecular, cell and immunology servers and read their journals for published work (which you might if you’re forced to by your position in life) you will rapidly find that there is an enormous amount of biology research that backs this up and also provides elucidations of the mechanism at play behind the issues in many cases. This is true in, but not limited to toxicology, immunology, virology, cellular and molecular biology and genetics.

        The long and the short of all of this is: That most of the “conspiracy theories” about the potential safety risks presented by these things turn out to be true. Which ain’t exactly shocking considering that the concerns were raised by PhD biologists in the first place and were based on sound science in the exact areas of expertise you’d normally ask about (unless you’re over 80 and run NIAID or you’re in the MSM who takes what that elf says as gospel when he demonstrably couldn’t pass an introductory bio course at the college level today).

        Which is a long way of saying that the experts were silenced by The Experts and the result is suboptimal at best. Some of the issues in play may (or may not) have absolutely devastating consequences down the road. Such is the risk of what my mother calls a “Mega Mouse Experiment” where you’re the mouse. My mom might just be a lowly metal carbonyl chemist who also just happened to be on the CDC’s speed dial for 25 years but she’s smart enough to know that you don’t do what was done last year and just pray for the best unless you’re totally insane or you need a moonshot to avoid some even greater disaster which must be demonstrable and nearly a 100% certainty before you go down this road.

        Now, for bonus point, would you like to touch on the virology and evolutionary side of things where it’s now demonstrable that Geert Vanden Bossche has had a model for over a year that’s mostly correct? And how you’d better hope that his model falls apart shortly (which is possible) because the vast majority of the data from numerous regions backs his tOtAlLy CraZy assertions?

        None of which means he’s right, but he is definitely worth paying attention to because his history is one of being mostly correct. Which, again, isn’t shocking because he’s just using the exact rules that everyone used until late 2020. Rules long established and for good reason which were tossed aside because of The Science. Something the public only put up with because 98% of them don’t know shit and are normalcy biased to Hell and back while the college grads all think they know about science because they took Chem 101 in college before getting a degree in business or English, so clearly they know all about modern molecular bio when they couldn’t pass the first quiz in biochem but are too ignorant and arrogant to know or admit this.

        Which brings me to a point that I’m somewhat surprised to make; Miner’s claims about Big Tobacco are true and now they quite obviously apply to Big Pharma which is, quite obviously, in cahoots with Big Government.

        Which essentially means that you can’t trust fuck-all these people say and you can no longer trust your doctor unless they’re independent and under the age of 40 (having had fairly recent molecular bio) and out of debt (so they’ll look out for you and not paying off their student loan debts which is going to be highly correlated with being independent and not working for a major hospital corp).

  14. My favorite liberal irony is when the say that they have to curtail freedoms of the majority to protect the minorities, and then they insist that as a democracy, the will of the majority is sacred.

  15. I forgot what I was going to post because I scrolled through the “recommended for you” ads and lost count somewhere over a thousand iterations of the same exact ad, two hundred copies of another, and I forget how many of a third one.
    Why the frak am I having to page down through over 1,200 ads just to get to the comment section? Is TTAG getting paid for how many copies of an ad it runs? Running a multitude of copies of the same thing is a sure way to get people to ignore the ads completely, so this needs to get fixed!

  16. All the discussion about this is useless since there’s been no announcement yet of just what this Board is supposed to do. Speculations run from what the article here claims clear to the other end of the spectrum where its job will just be to make sure all the agencies are using the same definitions of “disinformation” to only dealing with material put out by foreign governments to being a filter on how the various agencies work in order to protect civil rights. Any time there’s that level of specificity in what some group is supposed to do there’s no point in discussing it because the discussion is really about the fears of the people joining in.

    Of course the mere existence of an agency called “Homeland Security” is suspect in the first place, given the use of that kind of term historically, so any Board constituted under it should be viewed with suspicion, but let’s wait until we’re actually told what its mission is and the parameters pertaining thereunto.

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