Keon Washington, after police took his favorite butcher's knife. Image courtesy Harrisburg PD.
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Some folks simply lack the intellect of the average potted plant. These extra low-information types, despite all of life’s lessons, remain slow to realize the folly of bringing a knife to a gun fight. This time, Keon Washington, aged old-enough-to-know-better, escaped with his life after kicking in the back door of a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania home.

The homeowner said the 32-year-old hoodlum broke down the door in the late afternoon last Friday. Washington must have thought he would have the home all to himself. Again, he thought wrong.

Instead of walking into an easy score, Washington walked into an armed homeowner who invited him to leave. Washington didn’t want to drop the butcher knife he was carrying. So he got shot instead.

Amazingly, cops found him not far away. The blood trail left a clue or two as to his whereabouts.

As for that butcher knife, he still had it.

From Pennsylvania Patriot-News/PennLive . . .

A man allegedly shot while breaking into a Harrisburg home Friday is now facing criminal charges, police said.

Keon J. Washington, 32, kicked in a back door of a home in the area of Disbrow and Carnation streets around 4:45 p.m. Friday and was confronted by the homeowner, according to city police.

Police said the homeowner — who legally owned a firearm — gave Washington warnings to stop and leave before shooting Washington.

Washington was found in the North 17th and Carnation streets area a short time later, armed with a large butcher knife, police said. He was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Pro-tip: Never underestimate an adversary with a bladed weapon. They can quickly and silently cause more damage than many can with a boom stick.

Chalk up another successful defensive gun use. One of 1.6 million that happen every year in this country.

This story also serves as yet another reason – maybe eleven million and one – why home carry is a prudent practice.

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  1. “Some folks simply lack the intellect of the average potted plant.”

    It’s amazing how the perps most active during this crime wave reinforce stereotypes.

    • ^This.

      I go one further, a long arm is never more than a few steps away. Need only stand to reach 1 of 2 mounted above this desk.

      Heavens forbid if they make me go for the lower one, 20rd of mixed #4 buck & slug with a big brake for contingencies. She’s mg like fast, super flat, compensated for a rh sh00ter, and doesn’t so much sh00t things as erase them from this plane of existence.

      The schotgunm of efF-JayBurden’s nightmares…

      And now I’ve talked myself into a strong compelling urge to stroke that trigger. Off to run the tac range and drop some jaws, she always draws a crowd. I’m out.

      • So, spammer posts are alright, but I get moderated?

        How that makes sense, I’ll never know.

  2. He didn’t want to drop his mama’s favorite butcher knife! He knew she would kick his ass. That’s why he didn’t drop it.

    And then the po-po took it away. And he got shot. But not even getting shot is gonna match the wrath of his mama when he gets home. She’s gonna be so *pissed* at him for “borrowing” her favorite knife.

    • “…his mama’s favorite butcher knife…”

      That was my exact thought, too funny! Can’t make this up.

  3. Lucky to be alive. And I’ll bet this was not his first arrest.
    If Fetterman is elected he’ll be out shortly…guaranteed.

  4. Sad part is he was not shot dead in his tracks meaning one day he will be in someone’s home again.

  5. Daily across the United States there are ~1,300 victims of criminal knife attacks. Over 66% of the knives used are common larger ‘butcher’ knives available in home and restaurant kitchens and many stores and other sources.

    • Saturday Night Special Butcher Knives…cheap, easy to make, poor steel. All knives must be regulated, unless being butter knife type with rounded tip & no edge.

      • “All knives must be regulated, unless being butter knife type with rounded tip & no edge.”

        Can’t agree there. A hammer can make that butter knife become a deadly weapon. Anything with a sharp point, or edge, should be banned.

        Self-defense with an object should be banned. Deadly attacks help keep population growth in check. (just like in nature)

  6. “Some folks simply lack the intellect of the average potted plant.”
    — Sounds like he is describing joe, you know the thing, and all the demotators in office.

  7. D Brooks is getting curb stomped by the jury.

    Victim family members yelling “burn in hell you POS’ at him.🤣

    • Yeah I saw that…had his face buried in his hands. No death penalty in Wisconsin I believe.🙄

      • In addition to the homicide counts, he also faces 61 counts of reckless endangerment. Each homicide count carries a mandatory life sentence. Each reckless endangerment count carries a maximum sentence of 17 1/2 years.

        he will die at an old age in prison unless someone there kills him first.

        • “unless someone there kills him first…”

          Yep! One can’t help but hope that, whereas the state won’t execute him, Gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd will make those arrangements for him.

        • Gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddd will make those arrangements for him.

          Very possible After all He did COMMAND that “whosoever by his hand shall shed innocent blood, by the hand of man SHALL his blood be shed.

          The lack of death penalties for murder convicts flies in the face of God’s clear command. And is an YUUUUUGE part of why life is so little valued these days.

      • YouTube shut down most of the comment sections on the live feeds.
        Comments were getting too spicy.

    • The ‘Exigent Circumstances Transfer Drill’ – transfer bullets in gun to inside bad guys body, rapidly.

  8. The home owner Who Legally Owned A Firearm.
    Thank goodness the State gave him permission to legally own a firearm huh.

  9. A few things I would have done different. One, I would NOT have told him to get out and two, he wouldn’t have been found alive.

    You kick in my door and come in, you’re a dead man, knife or no knife. I ain’t playing games with that game.

      • @ shiggs
        I don’t have to tell the cops jack shit. The f— head came in my house!
        A dead intruder doesn’t need any explanation. You NEVER EVER talk to the cops. “I had fear for my safety, he broke in” THAT’S IT.

        Don’t let your fears overcome what everyone should know, DON’T TALK TO COPS. Cops don’t even talk to the cops. When they shoot someone, they get copies of everything before they ever make a statement and that’s done with a union rep and a lawyer present. Lawyers don’t talk to cops, judges don’t talk to cops. Talking to cops is the fastest way to land yourself in a legally precarious position.

        This is something you should REALLY understand before you talk about my self-righteousness because it’s your legal ignorance that’s likely to get your ass thrown in prison.

      • warnings are NOT required when perp crashed into one’s home. He KNOWS he is going where he must not go. His B n E is all the ticket he needs to receive his asked for lump of lead.

        • “warnings are NOT required when perp crashed into one’s home”

          if a warning can be given, then YES they are required. and they also make you look better during the CIVIL TRIAL that will follow.

          “He KNOWS he is going where he must not go”

          sometimes they don’t, they’re drunk or mentally disturbed or high. you can’t just say “oh hey a target!” and start firing.

          if you can give a warning then you must, it’s common sense, and you’ll be glad you did.

        • @rant

          “if a warning can be given, then YES they are required.”

          It depends on the law where you live I guess. For an intruder ‘home invader’ we don’t need to give warnings here even if they can be given – there is no requirement for warnings here for home invasion scenarios or self defense otherwise.

      • Yep, if the thug is approaching room temperature, it’s your word against his and he ain’t going to have anything to say.

    • “One, I would NOT have told him to get out and two, he wouldn’t have been found alive.”

      you can expect this sentence, demonstrating intent, to be quoted by the prosecutor at your trial.

      • Ever heard of a castle doctrine? If an intruder breaks into your occupied home, really occupied makes no difference legally, but someone breaking into your home doesn’t require you to warn them PERIOD.

        You may want to lose the tinfoil hat, it’s not helping you.

        Jesus, a guy walked outside his house here and someone was driving off with his truck. He put a round through the back window and killed the guy. They charged him because….well the obvious, you can’t defend your property with lethal force. In trial, he BEAT THE CHARGE and was acquitted.

        If anyone thinks I ****NEED TO ISSUE A WARNING**** to someone who has broken into my home, they are mistaken, stupid or both.

        • “Ever heard of a castle doctrine?”

          good luck at your criminal and civil trials.

          “If anyone thinks I ****NEED TO ISSUE A WARNING**** to someone who has broken into my home, they are mistaken, stupid or both.”

          I would advise you to consult your lawyer. now, before any incident, so you know where you stand.

        • There is no federal or nationwide “castle doctrine” that applies uniformly in every jurisdiction. It is a general principle that is fleshed out differently depending on state/local law, if state/local law even allows or addresses it. Do not be so foolish as to presume that anybody anywhere can simply shoot and kill a home invader, and be automatically immune from prosecution.

        • Yeah, there’s nothing my state’s laws that obligates a warning prior to shooting the perp. In fact, the way it’s written, the perp in this situation has already forced entry – grounds for a blasting – and with a knife – also grounds for a blasting. Further, in my state, a justified shoot shields the defender from criminal or civil prosecution – by law. All this you-better-warn-them-you-have-a-gun-and-you’ll-shoot nonsense is nattering that may hold in whatever mother-may-I state you live in, but not in everyone’s state.

      • It looks like you better go back to the school of real life. If I believe I have a life threatening situation I will be shooting to make sure the the threat is disipated while you are playing patty cake with a butcher knife. I may go to jail but you well may be going to hell.

  10. Suspect Wearing Halloween Mask Is Shot And Killed After Threatening People With Gun Nearby >

    He had a stolen gun > 3:04 in the video, the police presentation slide on monitor near podium, states it was stolen. Earlier in the video (1:53) and a few different places they show the gun, its a 9mm Ruger Security-9 with a lot of rust on it. Shot by police.

  11. Not fair; clear case of “disparity of force”. Homeowner should have held the victim at gunpoint, until the homeowner could obtain his own knife, then put the gun down.

    • Defender shot to repel by wounding (which is actually over 80% of DGU when there are shots fired by the defender – defenders though only actually fire 5% of the time), it worked and the bad guy left. Its obvious.

      You don’t get it, you don’t understand the subject matter, you have no frame of reference for DGU, and you are completely ignorant on the subject. Keep out of discussion for subject matter you do not understand and know nothing about.

      • correction:

        “Defender shot to repel by wounding…”

        should have read…

        Defender shot to repel by wounding to stop…

    • You shoot to stop the threat not kill. Under stress your accuracy may suffer. When the threat is no longer there you stop shooting. You Do not have the ability of self defense under law where you claim to be from. You would be arrested for a similar action and the criminal would be the victim.

      Your insight on such matters is the epitome of ignorance.

  12. First friendly suggestion:

    A person who breaks down your door, has a visible object in hand, and fails to immediately head to the nearest exit upon learning that you are home–said invader is extremely dangerous and quite literally capable of anything including rape, grievous bodily harm, and murder.

    Second friendly suggestion:

    Decide right here and now whether you will apply deadly force in righteous self-defense if someone breaks down your door, has an object in hand, and fails to immediately head to the nearest exit upon learning that you are home.

  13. the dems love violence

    and want us to be forced to protect ourselves and have to go to jail

    and/or pay out $$$ to defend ourselves for the “crime” of protecting ourselves/family

  14. @Mike H
    “Further, in my state, a justified shoot shields the defender from criminal or civil prosecution – by law.”

    Interesting.Who in your state determines if a shoot is justified? Here, that determination is generally made at trial (meaning you are being prosecuted). Cops cannot determine if a shooting is justified. The DA has the authority to decide whom to prosecute, but politics are always a consideration; there is no downside* at election time, for prosecuting anyone committing homicide.

    Another “feature” of “justifiable homicide” is that so long as the DA has not officially closed the case after verdict (and prior to verdict), family of a dead perp can file criminal and civil law suits. In such a case, the DA can delay closing their case until the law suits from family reach verdict. Good news is that after “Bruen”, officials are showing signs of recognizing the quagmire created by slow-rolling case closures.

    • You’re arguing past the point. Of course the cops don’t do it. The argument was that I need to warn the perp who broke into in my house with a knife. The law does not obligate me to do that at all and, here, it is written in the defender’s favor. I do appreciate the added info.

      • “You’re arguing past the point.”

        Not “arguing” at all. Things are different in different places. Asking about your sentence noting a “justified shoot” shields one in your state from criminal charges. Comparing that to my jurisdiction, where “justified” is not a shield from criminal prosecution, because it mostly requires a prosecution to determine “justification”. Along with the fact that a DA can slow-roll a case, in order to allow time for families of the “deader than a doornail” perp to bring charges, and federal and civil suits.

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