New From Magpul: The Padded DAKA Single Pistol Case

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From Magpul . . .

Building upon the versatility of our DAKA line, the DAKA Single Pistol Case was designed as a discrete and rugged protective case for carrying or storing a variety of pistols.

The streamlined design of the DAKA Single Pistol Case makes it ideal for use inside larger hard cases, during vehicle transport, or storage inside gun safes. Its internal, snag-free, protective EVA foam liner adds a layer of security and a barrier against damage.

Constructed of durable DAKA material and featuring a water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zipper, a 550 paracord zipper pull, and a pull-tab that doubles as a carabiner pass-through, the DAKA Single Pistol Case is rugged, water resistant, and the perfect storage solution for your pistol and more.

  • Welded construction and YKK Aquaguard Zipper
  • Strong RF welded construction that creates permanent, impenetrable seals
  • YKK AquaGuard water-repellant zipper
  • Carabiner attachment point
  • 550 paracord and heat shrink tubing for enhanced grip
  • Rugged but easy to open and close zipper


Protective EVA foam liner adds a layer of security and a barrier against damage

Price: $39.95


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  1. A pistol rug that doesn’t look like a pistol rug is good, making one that looks like a bank deposit bag is bad.

    *STEAL ME*.

    Waterproof, I like. That it might encourage someone to leave their gun in their vehicle to get stolen, not so good… 🙁

    As noted by TTAG’s lineman in Chicago a short time ago, the scumbag who mowed down the ‘Dancing Grannies’ with his car was found guilty, life in prison :

    • Found guilty of intentional homicide, yet the MSM portrayed it as taking a wrong turn and accidentally running over people (oops). Why is anyone still listening to that propaganda? It isn’t even subtle anymore.

      • “Accidentally” running over people for half a mile while accelerating. Yeah, whoops, hate it when that happens.

        It’s beyond ridiculous. In these cases, you can instantly tell the people who have seen any actual testimony themselves vs people who have only read accounts. The people who have only read reporting are so absurdly misinformed it would be funny if the stakes weren’t so dire.

  2. I haven’t seen a gunny sack in years. Tators used to come in gunny sacks, so did corn and just about everything else. Now we use plastic and it’s making an island out of Glocks in the ocean. Gunny sacks or burlap were biodegradable. That’s what’s wrong with the world today, not enough burlap.


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