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“[Mike] Lash and his wife, Whitney, and their two children had just come home from vacation on August 16 when there was a knock at their door. According to the account given by the Lashes to ABC News, Lash answered the door and saw two young men who told him they had just moved in down the street and experienced car trouble. The two men said they needed a jack, according to Lash.” Unarmed (home carry people), he opened the door . . .

Mike said he tried to block the door when he saw the gun. He was shot three times in the left leg as the two men – joined by two others – forced themselves inside the couple’s home and began taking items. The couple’s 2-year-old son, Everson, was taking a nap upstairs.

“It just went like a silent movie. They started walking in and I remember them coming in and out multiple times, just bringing stuff from our house,” Mike said.

One of the intruders had also chased Whitney.

“I heard footsteps of someone running and two more shots that were aimed at me and my daughter,” she said, adding that the intruder caught up to her and took her phone.

Police are still searching for Smith’s three alleged accomplices. Police are urging them to turn themselves in.

Mike is recovering from his wounds, and he and Whitney are grateful.

I’m not blaming the victim here. There’s no guarantee that Mr. Lash would have been able to stop the home invasion with a pistol. But two things are true: he shouldn’t have opened the door to strangers (talk to them through the door) and a gun would have given him a chance to defend himself and his family.

Oh, one more thing: states the limit legal gun owners to ten-round magazines (not Georgia) are culpable if an armed self-defender loses his life due to insufficient ammo. IMHO.

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  1. Are you serious? Who doesn’t answer their own front door? Bizarre.

    There is a tendency to blame the victim among both sides of the political spectrum. He should have done this, he should have done that. Please. It’s ugly. It’s wrong.

    • Answer the door by talking through the closed door; don’t open it. Note that RF says not to “open” the door. He did not say not to “answer” the door.

    • I only answer the door for people I know and the mailman, UPS guy or Fedex. 99% of the other people that come to the door I don’t want to talk to anyway. It’s not bizzare, you just don’t end up wasting time on BS.

      • People that I don’t know (other than UPS/FedEx etc.) who come to our door usually fall into two categories.

        People selling stuff – usually kids selling crap for school/band/sports etc. I’ll usually buy some crap from the kids as I want to encourage them for getting off their butts and doing something. Salesmen, I don’t buy from.

        Religious people proselytizing (Watchtower JW folks/Mormon missionaries/occasionally Evangelical Christians). I’m pretty firmly convinced of my own Christian beliefs, so there isn’t much to talk about with them. I guess I could give the Evangelicals a high-five and send them on their way.

        Still, I almost always find myself answering the door. I always have either my 642 or P3AT in my pocket (after dark probably in my hand behind my back). Neither of which would have had enough firepower to deal with these guys. That said, many criminals are cowards and will run when you start shooting back. My Glocks (19 and 22) are just too dang big to pocket carry.

        By the way, my garden is overflowing with cucumbers right now. I occasionally go around my neighborhood knocking on doors to hand out free surplus garden produce (cucumbers/tomatoes/potatoes/onions/zucchini/cantaloupe). It is a great way to introduce myself to the neighbors. People are usually happy to get free stuff (especially when it isn’t only zucchini).

        • A quick headshot to the first thug would likely eliminate the need to fight others. If not, you’re already on your way to your rifle or shotgun.

      • My doors are glass, I can see through them and the person ringing the bell can see through them. Closed door doesn’t help a lot, the gun always on my hip does.

    • Especially be cautious in an area where gangs of “teens” are known to exist. You can’t trust them to behave like normal responsible humans. That’s why you don’t just answer your door; most don’t live in Mayberry.

    • Well…it is ugly. But the truth sometimes is. Unless he’s utterly self unaware, Lash is likely blaming himself enough for all of us. But, you just don’t know, so I’ll pitch in on the side of those who believe caution and a defensive attitude has more value than being in condition white, even in Mayberry. That seems to be the object lesson here.

    • It’s my house: I’ll open/answer the door if I want. If I don’t, go away. The same with my phone: I’ll answer if I want 😉

    • Wrong.

      If you can’t see through your own front door to evaluate the situation, you are setting up your own home in an unsafe situation. Since a thief tried to steal my wife’s SUV out of our driveway, we’ve added motion lights and an ADT alarm. There’s a digital camera with night vision recording capability covering our front door. We’ve already got dogs, Tasers, and enough guns to arm a couple of SEAL teams.

      Why does that matter? ‘Cause bad guys scope out homes. They go for the easy money. There’s nothing wrong with making your home as difficult a target as feasible.

      I’ll answer the door – armed – to a single stranger. If there are several uninvited guys at my door who look like they could bench press a couple of hundred pounds, I don’t just swing my front door open wide without a care in the world.

    • (Raises hand.)

      In my house it is a Cardinal sin to “answer” the front door to a stranger by opening it. If we don’t know who you are, or aren’t expecting you, we aren’t opening the door… P-E-R-I-O-D.

  2. This is just sickening!
    Shot the poor dude for no reason. Poor guy just starting a job. What a mess!
    When they catch these assholes, they ought to put them to work chained up in a workhouse until they have made enough to pay the guys medical bills, plus all he lost by not being able to start his new job. Then work the bastards until they can pay him a couple hundred thousand just for pain and suffering.
    Then put them in prison for 20 more years (if they are still alive) just so they don’t forget what they have done!

  3. I’ve got young kids, so until A few months ago the gun used to go in the safe when I got home from work. Now it stays on my hip until I climb in bed.

  4. I don’t feel I have to answer the door just ’cause someone knocked,
    I might look to see who is leaving, if I am wandering around.
    If I am not expecting somebody it’s not a pressing matter to open the door,
    ESPECIALLY after dark or late at night.

    I also don’t feel obligated to run to grab the telephone if it rings, either.

    So malikknows …..I don’t; count me bizarre I guess!

  5. Sad that folks have and should do a visual and tactical assessment of who is at the front door these days. Regardless of neighborhood.

    Bad guys think outside the box to get to our stuff, we should also in defending ourselves. Especially at home.

    • In particular, it is a very bad idea to open the door to the police. They are there to find a way to try to arrest someone regardless of there being any trouble at the house. They will do this by asking lots of questions designed to make you incriminate yourself (fishing) and/or they will try to escalate matters in order to place one of their catch-all charges on you like interfering or disorderly conduct, they have lots to choose from.

      The police are not your friends. I would rather have thugs at my door than cops, I’m allowed shoot the street criminals, I’m not allowed to shoot criminals when they have badges.

      • Lessons from television
        “LAW and ORDER – Criminal Intent” Hi there, Can we come in to talk to you?….
        meaning- ( I want to pilfer though your house and/ or belongings, looking for anything related to our case, without a warrant)


        Officer during traffic stop;
        officer-You seem to have a taillight out. “Can I search your vehicle and look in your trunk?”

        driver-NO… you may NOT!

        Officer_ But if you have nothing to hide, why not?

        Driver_ Because I said NO!………………

        In the words of Nancy Reagan, JUST SAY NO!

      • You sound like the #blacklivesmatter crew. Why would the police just show up at your door? They only show up at your door if you or someone else called then. I haven’t heard of any cases of the police just deciding to go knock on someone’s door for grins and giggle. No doubt you will come p with some BS example that is either an urban level or missing some important detail. George Zimmerman is very fortunate that he.didn’t follow your advice.

        • Boy, I’ve heard lots of cases. Regardless of what might cause the cops to be at someones door, they ended up finding a reason to arrest or cite a person for something unrelated to the initial call or inquiry. You are truly misguided if you think ( in general) a cop is not
          alert to and sniffing out other violations any way or any place they can.

  6. I ordered (eBay) a peep hole replacement for my front door. It has a miniature camera, and presents a picture on a small screen on the inside of the door. Can’t wait to get it.
    Oh yes, the price, seventeen singles and change, free postage. It may be junk, for that price, I’ll take chance.

      • Joe n
        I made a mistake on the price. It’s more like 22/23 bucks.
        Can’t send link. Bring up eBay and type in “2.4” LCD monitor door peephole” in the search box.
        A number of these will come up. also with a high resolution model lower down the page. However, they may all be the same. Price vary quite a bit on eBay.

  7. “… states the limit legal gun owners to ten-round magazines …”

    Oh I love that concept! I’m putting it on my talking points list for my opportunity to chat with my anti-gun senators in MA. Politicians always look at emotional issues with tunnel vision, and in this case it is always thinking that the “lone wolf” scenario is the only possible challenge. Taking on two or three thugs converts all of those ignorant assumptions into a tragedy waiting to happen.

  8. rule #1: don’t answer the door for strangers. you have windows/peepholes for a reason. you can ask what they want through a closed door.

  9. for those who home carry, where do people carry on their person? At home it is more about comfort than concealability. Given that concealability and preventing printing are not top priorities, what part of the body is best for home carry?

    • pocket is always good. slightly slower on the draw, but much easier to do and much easier to dress around, just get a good pocket holster,

    • If you’re comfortable and have no children, than simply having the firearm next or within arms reach might suffice. There is nothing saying you have to carry it on your person.

    • A nice holster on your strong side hip and a full size handgun is workable. And since you don’t care about concealing or printing, you can us an outside the waste band holster if that suits you better … it might be more comfortable as well.

      Note: full size handguns are “underpowered” from the get-go. Why use a sub-compact or compact handgun — which is even less effective than a full size handgun — in your home? Go with a full size in a nice holster that is the most comfortable to wear.

  10. I home carry, and after reading a number of articles about burglars who say they avoid homes with surveillance cameras, I installed cameras pointing down the driveway and at all my doors. While it is good to have a gun and not need it, it is better to discourage the bad guy in the first place.

    • exactly. alarms, cameras, and signs prevent a lot of trouble in the first place.

      high velocity lead is the last ring in a layered defense perimeter.

  11. If only he had looked out a window before opening the door, he could have saved himself some trouble. See a group of “youths” milling on your doorstep, odd are they aren’t Boy Scouts selling candy…

  12. After I got my CCW permit I started to carry at home, the wife thought I was just being weird. However when I read stories like these, and I realize that during the summer months we do get more door to door home improvement solicitors I begin to think it’s actually a smart idea. How do I know these guys aren’t actually just looking to scout out a home that’s empty or an easy target. Hate to find that out the hard way.

    • Anyone should be able to carry at home , concealed or open, without a CCW, ( except maybe some really strict localities) I understand the permit might have been a catalyst to carry more often including at home..

  13. A more thorough description of the perpetrators is naturally missing. Don’t EVER open the door for one of Obama’s sons. EVER.

    • Wow, never fails, there always has to be one in crowd.
      As if one of George W’s or one of Bill Clinton’s, or Ronnie Reagan’s kids would never do such a thing.
      I grew up in Jersey City in start of the 80’s, and it was very ethnically mixed, and tell you what, the guys that i saw jump my fence and steal my bike(s), on multiple occasions, mugged me while waiting for the bus, and broke into my parents house, and my car, none of them were sons of obama, more like sons of O’malley, or son’s of Giuseppe, but you probably have some stereotypical reason for those “types” of sons as well i would imagine.
      Oh, and no, i’m not a son of Obama, i’m just not ignorant and bigoted and only judge people on their individual actions, like just because i think that you, “Charles Ray” are an ignorant dolt, that does not mean that I will now consider everyone named “Charles” to be the same class of bigot as you.

  14. I do blame the victim. By not using common sense. He OPENED the door! Don’t, get a peephole, if you don’t know them, don’t open the door. I don’t open for the FedEx, UPS or USPS people until I see their truck outside. They better have a tablet I can see through the peephole if they want me to sign, if not I will not open the door.


    • Given the amount of offensively heavy and bulky items I have my UPS guy deliver it’s possible he’ll be the one I need to defend myself from one day.

      If I ever see my ninja like FedEx guy I’ll be forced to assume its an impostor and open fire.

      Thieves with car trouble not an issue, no matter how hard they try, perps dressed as nuns, children crying, elaborate vinyl orphanage stickers. This guy wasn’t born yesterday and will not fall for it no matter how many hours it goes on for.

  15. IF only we had universal background checks then this could be averted…… oh he stole the gun….. but if the guy he stole it from didn’t have a gun, then they wouldn’t have a gun. Look at this baby!

    • No but if they don’t ask and do catch them then find out they would have done so if asked, the cops would feel really dumb.

      It may work if cops claim there are cameras or witnesses/accomplice (as in this case) and its just a matter of time and they have enough common sense to figure out its gonna be less time spent getting romanced in general population if they surrender.

    • I caught that. And thought “When seconds count, the police are just…going to ask the criminals to turn themselves in.”

    • “Police are urging them to turn themselves in.” Seriously? Does that ever work?

      It works on people like Bernie Getz and the same type of people that submit to ‘background checks’………. On the criminals? Not so much.

    • It’s easy to be mad about the police doing nothing but asking the criminals to turn themselves in… How often do we point out that the cops are just people? They’re not magic. They don’t have magical powers. What do you plan to do?

      You were just as present when it happened as the cops were… You have just as much information as they do. What do you expect the man with the badge to do that is more useful than you? What magical powers do you think they have that you don’t have?

      I’m the first to jump all over the cops any chance I get. But lets be sane… You say they’re just people. They don’t have superpowers. They can’t be everywhere. I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy… We take not one second of hesitation to point out how stupid the anti’s are for talking about how “highly trained” and somehow superhuman cops are…

      But when they come up against that human barrier of non-magical traits, we’re right there to forget our own advice and expect the cops to somehow do something magical beyond our own mere mortal faculties… What else can they do? They’ve got d!ck to go on…

  16. I assume one of the suspects was identified as “smith”?
    I also assume this was the case in GA. Local reports said the homeowner was shot in each leg so I didn’t initially make the connection. This article take much of the original story out of context.
    And who are the Lashes? Did you mean the Lash’s? Or did she recount the story by blinking once for yes, twice for no?

  17. If someone I don’t know is at my front door, I go out the back door and walk around to the front to meet them. Most of the time I catch them totally off guard, it puts me at the advantage.

  18. I was home carrying when the Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the door a few years ago. Oddly, they left hurriedly and have never come back.
    (Not that I’m complaining.)

  19. I recommend a “No Soliciting” sign. It wouldn’t have helped in this case but cuts down on the amount people knocking on my door and gives me a license to be more aggressive. Watched a video done by Massad Ayoob about answering your door (or not) recently. Definitely worth the time, it’s on YouTube… Also it’s pretty interesting sometimes to see what people do when they think no one’s home…

  20. I don’t home carry, but I have so many guns laying around the house that there’s always one in arm’s reach. I also live WAY out in the middle of nowhere. Nobody is going to just show up, knock on the door, need help with whatever. Even in the middle of there day, I can’t imagine the person that wouldn’t be afraid to come back to my place without prior invitation. Even when the democrat neighbors call the cops (every time I shoot), they try to act authoritarian, but they’re obviously scared as shit to be there… I guess I have a reputation…

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