Jamontey O. Neal Decatur police shooting
Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.
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Dramatic bodycam and dashcam footage shows a vicious shoot-out between sexual predator Jamontey O. Neal and Decatur, Illinois police officers. Neal shoots two police officers, one repeatedly as he tries to avoid being arrested.

The Soy City cops did the only polite thing they could when confronted by a perp with murderous intent: they shot back at him. A lot.

That includes the most seriously-wounded officer who was down in the street less than ten feet from the offender, suffering hits to the face, an arm and a leg. Despite his injuries, Sergeant Tim Wittmer not only cleared a malfunction, but got his gun back into action and fired until slide lock to stop his killer.

Jamontey O. Neal Decatur police shooting
Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

We are happy to report that Sgt. Wittmer and another officer who was shot in the abdomen both survived their wounds. The two have been released from the hospital since the October 12th incident.

The would-be cop killer, Jamontey Neal didn’t survive his injuries.

The following video shows three bodycam views of the incident plus a dashcam POV. Note that Neal repeatedly claims that he has nothing, but his body language and actions tell a different story.

Obviously the video is NSFW with graphic violence and language.

WAND-TV has a story about the incident . . .

The Decatur Police Department released body cam and dash cam footage from an officer-involved shooting from October 12 that left two officers injured and a suspect dead.  

Two officers were shot and a suspect was killed after a traffic stop turned violent.

The suspect was identified as Jamontey O. Neal, 32, of Decatur, who was pronounced dead at Decatur Memorial Hospital at 12:48 a.m. Wednesday. 

Jamontey O. Neal Decatur police shooting
Jamontey O. Neal, photo credit Illinois State Police

Around 12:30 am, officers made a traffic stop in the 1300 block of E. Walnut Street. During the stop, shots were fired. DPD said an informant had told them he was in possession of a gun. 

They said Neal had two guns in the car with him. One was underneath of him. Decatur police said that is the one he reached for before opening fire on the officers. 

Like Detroit, Decatur is a once-beautiful city supported by manufacturing and industry.  With many of those jobs now gone, the city has gone downhill especially in its old working-class neighborhoods that have turned into slums. Decatur’s police department tries to keep a lid on the violence.

The Guns Save Life gun rights group I help out with holds meetings just south of Decatur each month and we’ve met a number of current and retired Decatur police officers. They represent some outstanding members of the community, doing their best to protect the good people while helping the bad guys into well-deserved incarceration. In fact, we held our meeting there just hours after this incident.

The officers in the video showed great courage under fire, engaging with a bad guy with murderous intent.

We’re glad and relieved that they all survived the incident and wish them the best with their recovery and coping with the aftermath of using deadly force against another human being. Residents of Decatur are very lucky to have such men standing between them and the criminals in their city.


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  1. “especially in its old working-class neighborhoods that have turned into slums”

    the neighborhoods didn’t change. the original occupants were replaced.

  2. “suffering hits to the face, an arm and a leg. Despite his injuries, Sergeant Tim Wittmer not only cleared a malfunction, but got his gun back into action and fired”

    sounds like the vest worked. good job officer wittmer.

    any you guys practice clearing a malfunction while on the ground?

  3. Dumber than a box of rocks. Completely surrounded, everyone is sure he has something, and he expects to draw and overwhelm everyone around him? Gotta hand it to him, he did get some shots off, and he did injure two cops, that borders on superhuman. But seriously, he expected to survive a gunfight with four cops who already have their weapons drawn, at near point blank range? Did I say he was dumber than a box of rocks already?

    He got pretty much what he deserved, and what he should have expected.

    “What do you want to be when you grow up, Jamontey?”

    “Oh, I think I want to be a boat anchor!”

  4. Sneaky perp certainly earned a well deserved bullet shower. However I observed time to plant lead before the perp cleared leather…in a manner of speaking. My armchair quarterback score: 9.9, 9.8, 10. Overall well done.

  5. Officer that got shot muzzled his co-worker from behind. Other than that it could have been a lot worse. Perp reached room temperature because he was dumber than the steering wheel.

      • A bit surprised he didn’t hit the officer he flagged, still firing uncontrolled as he fell to ground. Couldn’t tell from the video, but it appears he may have shot himself in the leg.

        • good observations. yeah gunfights are chaotic. my understanding is that in wwii 1/3 of all infantry casualties were the result of friendly fire.

          kinda have to go by the final outcome. no officers dead or crippled, perp under control – have to leave it at that.

  6. My biggest concern is how many times we watch cops shooting….whatever and their weapon jams! Granted his training was stellar and even after taking rounds and ending on his back, he cleared his weapon and was back in the battle, but this weapon jamming is just plain horse-shit.

    • Last year, while in the midst of a skills test (required to pass a gun proficiency course and advance), my gun jammed and presented a Type 3. Due to my training, I was able to clear it and put lead on the target within the short timeframe we had practiced. And because I had performed the clearance as taught and finished the drill, the time penalty was not assessed.

      Investigation of both my gun and ammo (purchased from the facility’s own ammo bunker) after the test revealed that the ammo was at fault, not my gun or my training. After attempting to shoot the remainder of the 50-rd box, a total of four rounds had defective primers.

      It isn’t always horse-poo. Things can unexpectedly go sideways at the most inopportune moments.

      • Actually, now that I think of it, I’m conflating two separate incidents that happened that day. The Type 3 during the test was an FTE due to weak brass. The dud ammo (from a different box of ammo) caused multiple Type 1s. Two different malfunctions.

    • I see a lot of service pistols jam in these videos when an officer is hit. My guess is most cops carry polymer which are sensitive to limp wristing which is probably likely to occur in someone firing after getting injured or falling over etc. my Glock 19x has only malfunctioned with new shooters with improper grip.

      • my thought as well. “weapons testing” usually assumes proper grip/stance/motion/etc, but real life usage frequently is not proper.

      • Someone mentioned the other day that Glocks are prone to malfunctioning while shooting in awkward positions due to their grip angle. I have no idea if that’s the cause. I’d like to hear some opinions on that.

  7. What was the basis for the stop? How do we know he wasn’t resisting an illegal detention (I.e kidnapping) or excessive force? I see freedom is less important than throating the whole boot around.

    • Well, if you insist on being extremely stupid, you may do so. There is nothing any of us can do about it. But, somewhere in the text it said that someone dropped a dime on his ass, informing the cops that he had an illegal weapon on his person. I’ll allow the possibility that was a made up story, but even so, you’re surrounded by people who have already drawn their weapons. Left, right, behind you, and I think the cop just arriving in front may have had his weapon drawn. 4 to 1 odds, minimum, with more cops on the way. Completely surrounded, almost everyone has a clear shot at you, and presumably the training to hit what they are aiming at. Do you take the chance of winning, or do you surrender, hoping that your illegal detention will be handled by a Soros funded district attorney even before you can call your own lawyer?

      Or, did you go to school with Jamontey?

    • duh muhmawser…The police received a heads up on the now deceased bullet riddled tricky perp being armed and quite obviously very dangerous. In other words…You are grasping at straws.

    • “I see freedom is less important”

      (nod) a fair complaint. the answer lies in what is meant by “freedom”.

      for americans, “freedom” means “freedom under law” – a civilized state with minimum law where the citizens behave and law forcement just cleans up the edges (think mayberry).

      for … certain others … “freedom” means “jus’ doin’ what I gotsa DO!” when there’s another shooting in the ghetto of some rapist/robber/murderer and the protesters march crying out, “he diindu NUFFINS!” – they mean it. they really do.

      so choose. what does “freedom” mean to you?

      • Ze NEEDS the firm guiding hand of a dictator backed up by secret police conducting purges of unpersons.

        • “Ze NEEDS the firm guiding hand of a dictator”

          yes. he does. no joke. and he’s not the only one – many people are that way, and always will be. those of you who love the american concept of freedom need to account for that.

    • Muhmawser, we know for sure, he won’t be resisting or shooting at police any more. Betting the farm this loss didn’t lower the good person count in Decater.

    • because he was a kid diddler with a warrant. 20 seconds of Google would solve your quandary, but I guess screaming BOOTLICKER at the top of your still cracking adolescent lungs is more important than basic prevention against dumbfuqery. This is why lolberts aren’t taken seriously.

    • (grin) yep!

      law enforcement has to match its environment. citizens get cops. hostiles get troops. animals get zookeepers. so ttag is not being inconsistent at all, it simply is recognizing the nature of the target and thus being entirely rational.

      • yes thanks, it’s annoying when the powers that be decide a video taken in public on the street is too “rough” for the general population.

      • Now that I watch the slow motion did the one officer who ended up on the ground shoot himself in the leg on the way down or am I just seeing digital compression issues.

  8. LOLOLOLOLOL! Top quality entertainment, that. The silver lining of the crime wave is videos like this.

    • Yep! He was like “don’t touch me!”


      He was a moron and criminal. If a cop tells you to get out of the car, you get out of the car. The cop doesn’t have much authority to tell you what to do, but getting out of the car is one of them, and if you can’t do it, force may be necessary. And ignoramus performed every action that would effectively put you down the path to a dirt nap.

      I was just about to feel bad for him, until he tried to kill the cops detaining him. Then it was like a French style celebration at the guillotine.

  9. Giant kudos to the police officer who ended up on the ground with three gunshot wounds: I believe he alone stopped the suspect. The other two policemen were busy running away to get behind their police car before returning fire–which appears to be more-or-less ineffective at actually stopping the suspect.

    I have huge criticism for the policeman who opened the passenger side door to unbuckle the seat belt and then ran away once the suspect starting shooting–I am critical because the suspect was facing away and shooting away from that policeman. If anyone had a golden chance to stop that suspect, it was that policeman: it doesn’t get much easier to put a “fight-stopping” shot on an attacker than standing four feet away, gun already drawn and pointed at the attacker, and the attacker is facing away and shooting away from you.

    Aside from that critique, I commend all policemen and policewomen who actively try to stop/arrest thieves, thugs, robbers, rapists, and murderers.

    • “I have huge criticism for the policeman who opened the passenger side door to unbuckle the seat belt and then ran away once the suspect starting shooting”

      when it started the two officers on the driver’s side would have been in his line of fire – and he in theirs. perfectly correct of him to seek an alternative line of fire.

      seeking cover behind the patrol car probably is standard procedure for that department. the officer on the ground had no choice but to return fire from where he was.

      good all the way around.

    • @uncommon sense

      “I have huge criticism for the policeman who opened the passenger side door to unbuckle the seat belt and then ran away once the suspect starting shooting–I am critical because the suspect was facing away and shooting away from that policeman.”

      he could not fire at the bad guy because the other officer was in the line of fire. That was a good decision.

      There were two other officers on the driver side, one went down being shot. But the best choice was to pull back to a point where the other two officers would not have been in his line of fire so he did to an oblique angle behind the tree at first but he didn’t have a view of the bad guy by this time because the bad guy had moved out of the drivers seat. So the officer moved around behind a patrol car so he could see the bad guy. However, by this time the bad guy was already being hit by fire by the other officers.

      he didn’t run away. he was avoiding hitting the other officers and trying to get a view of the bad guy so he could fire.

    • Red,

      I approved your comment but consider it in exquisitely poor taste.

      If it weren’t for law enforcement in Decatur, it would have the crime and vibrancy like East St. Louis or Detroit had twenty years ago, or that many of Chicago’s worst neighborhoods has today.

      Thank heavens for those outstanding men who stand between gang bangers, thugs and hoodlums and the law-abiding just trying to raise their families with some degree of safety and peace of mind.

      • Little ‘red’ there is a leftist-socialist scumbag, best ignored…

      • While I see nothing wrong with this particular incident one might dwell on the fact that a huge number of people in bad areas, criminals or not, don’t much care for the cops because the cops give little reason to be liked. Sure, some of that’s media, but nowhere near all. Cops’ behavior, even when “within bounds” often unwittingly promotes an anti-police culture in recent years because cops don’t live where they work anymore and once a union gets involved accountability for bad behavior is out the window.

        As such, many see them as a gang with a better uniform and some slicker gear. While that’s not a correct interpretation, understanding why it’s so common would help solve it. “Why’s our PR complete and total dogshit?” is a hard starting point for most organizations though.

        Simple “mis-policing”, as one might call it, drives an enormous amount of unnecessary animosity towards the police and erodes the trust of whole neighborhoods which are mostly not criminals.

        From my experience living in bad neighborhoods, to say that the cops were trying to “stand between” the law abiding and “gang bangers, thugs and hoodlums” would be a pretty fair stretch.

        The police were overmatched, poorly informed, not half as street-smart as they thought they were and were generally pretty heavy handed with exactly the people with whom a light touch would have paid big divvies. This resulted in a bit of a temper on their part and their penchant for throwing charges, no matter how ridiculous, at people in the neighborhood just to “get thugs off the streets” backfired far more than it paid off.

        You didn’t want to stand on a public street in front of 20 bangers and go full snitch? Oh, well, then the 5-0 would start accusing you of being a criminal and looking for any way they could to hem you up. Just a friendly chat put you on the “other side’s list”, so this was poor tactics by the police from the jump.

        Which is exactly how I ended up in front of a judge on two F’s that the DA himself dropped “out of hand” because they were, in his words “…total horseshit wastes of my time like half the charges these idiots file” (referring to a specific unit operating in my area). He probably knew why they were filed; as retribution for failure to be a good citizen, aka, not wanting my house shot up again (or worse) when the cops went home to their nice safe area and left me high and dry.

        Crack Commandment #9 (“If you ain’t gettin’ bagged, stay the fuck from police/ If ni***s think you snitchin’, they ain’t tryna listen”) seems like bullshit until you live in a neighborhood straight out run by gangs and dealers. Then it’s a rule you’ll live by or you very well may die by.

        You wanna break the gangs and clean up these areas? It’s not hard. Not at all. Time consuming, yes, but not a difficult intellectual exercise. However, it will require both sides to sacrifice some sacred cows, which is why it will never happen in a meaningful way.

        • “mis-policing”

          some years ago at the black mtv awards an argument started, a fight developed, and someone was shot to death. the police came and started asking questions, but no-one would tell them anything, and they even mocked the police’ inability to solve the issue. one of the award winners explained the situation this way: “this is just something that happens when folks get together.”

          these people consider ANY policing to be “mis-policing”. when thirty or forty of their number are gunned down by each other over a weekend this is not an issue for them – “this is just something that happens when folks get together.” but when one of them pulls a weapon on a cop and is shot down they riot and burn and scream “he diindu NUFFINS!” – and they mean it, they’re quite serious, they’re being completely honest. they see rape/robbery/murder as normal behavior, and they want to be left alone to rape/rob/murder each other as they see fit.

          which is on them. the problem is that they want to rape/rob/murder US as well. the threat they present to everyone else will have to be addressed.

        • Mis-policing is shit like writing lots of tickets for minor vehicle equipment violations instead of going after burglars, robbery boys and bangers. At that point you seem like dickbag revenuers to the locals. Or perhaps they treat everyone in a neighborhood like hardened felons and scream at them for not assisting in investigations. Because giving someone the choice to die righteous or live impure is always a winning hand to play, right? I mean, just ask the Lefties about armed women and rapists, amirite?

          This sort of thing is usually driven by local pols. The cops get a bad reputation and now you’ve got a spiral.

          Again, taking a moment to understand where other people come from (the OP not being representative of them, many countries have far more corrupt cops, I’ve met quite a few on several continents) is an effort worth investing.

          Consider the story of a shocking number of the working poor in Chicago. Interlacing jurisdictions create a situation where a tail-light violation results in multiple tickets someone can’t afford. When some aren’t paid on time the jurisdiction issues a warrant. If the person can’t pay they do some time in that jurisdiction’s jail only to be released into custody of the next jurisdiction and do time there.

          By the time they get out their job has fired them and now they certainly can’t pay, usually resulting in loss of license. Now they either drive illegally or they don’t work because there’s no businesses to hire them in their shithole neighborhood.

          This is actually shockingly common. It results in an attitude of “If they don’t do shit about the gangs but they have all the time in the world to bone me for working, why would I want them around?”.

          Add in a little propaganda and you get “defend the police”. Which is only surprising if you have a lack of functional neurons. Enforcement is always the face of policy. Shitty policy makes enforcement look terrible. Just ask a random TTAGer about the ATF.

          It’s kinda like the pols hate the cops. Probably because they do.

        • “Just ask a random TTAGer about the ATF”

          (nod) on all the gun boards there seems to be an element that just can’t get along with cops or atf or … well, anyone. their ideal home is a cabin so remote that they can step out and look around from horizon to horizon and see no-one.

          personally I prefer civilization – that means rules, compromises, getting along. I wish the loners luck, and I hope they find what they need.

        • @rant:

          The point is that there is actually a pretty large element of society that doesn’t like police much at all and this shouldn’t be surprising.

          Some of them are loners, some are criminals and some are a group who’ve been screwed by bad cops. The existence of bad cops is undeniable. It’s also undeniable that there’s a public image out there that they generally get away with their behavior because of the “thin blue line” and unions.

          Combine that with shitty tactics and you shouldn’t be surprised that many don’t much care for them.

          The kneejerk reaction to “defund the police” is about as intelligent as the kneejerk reaction to “back the blue”. They’re two sides of the same unthinking coin.

          Individual officers and individual situations should be treated individually, with kudos given where deserved and reprimand treated the same way. Otherwise you’re, quite literally, undermining civil society because you’re backing a blanket position that gives cover to abhorrent behavior on one side or the other.

          Once you get put through the ringer just because a cop, or in my case a dickbent detective, decides to flex and you find there’s literally nothing you can realistically do you start to realize that some of the complaints against police are valid. And you realize that there really isn’t much recourse when it happens.

        • “Individual officers and individual situations should be treated individually”

          (shrug) can’t. it’s a team effort by means of group policy to achieve a social goal in the general population – it’s inherently anti-individual.

          “some of the complaints against police are valid”

          sure. but the alternative is worse.

        • If that’s the attitude, then the cops are doomed and society will have a bloodletting that’s nearly unimaginable.

          When the Algerian War of Independence kicked off the first thing that happened was the wholesale liquidation of LE. Families too.

          The reasons being those I’ve talked about above. The only smart move for good cops at this point is to leave and allow the bad cops to be 100% of the force. That way when the real pushback starts we know that the people getting schwacked deserve it and we can simply say “if it’s got a uniform on, light it the fuck up” with zero moral hazard.

          Play blanket games, win blanket prizes. Such is life and when you do this with dangerous games a lot of people end up dead.

      • The United States of America has the most corrupt and violent law enforcement in the developed world. BY FAR. Don’t even know who’s in second place. My comment wasn’t even remotely in “poor taste”–it was 100% spot on. Lick all the boots you want and censor my comments all you want. I really don’t give a shit.

        • red wolf, YOU are one very sick demented individual. No you don’t have to “give a shit”. But you certainly are full of it.

        • “good people killed a shit stain but I’m mad cause I don’t like their jobs!”

          absolutely galaxy brain take. MENSA is lucky to have you

        • “The United States of America has the most corrupt and violent law enforcement in the developed world.”

          police behavior is driven by the behavior of the people they work with. citizens get cops. hostiles get troops. animals get zookeepers.

          I take it you’ve had run-ins with the cops yourself. care to relate?

        • “The United States of America has the most corrupt and violent law enforcement in the developed world.”

          Operationally define “developed world” and “corrupt”. In many ways French and Japanese police are equally or more corrupt, depending on how you want to define the terms.

  10. Wittmer did very well. I hope this shows up on the Active Self Protection website.

    A few things to criticize about the other officers’ handling of the situation:

    Alternating contradictory commands to “get out of the car”, “don’t move”, “put your hands up”, “grab the roof”. As a result, the bad guy had no way to obey not that he had any intention of doing so.

    Officer by right door retreated to cover behind a tree instead of doing a mag dump on the bad guy as soon as he pulled the gun he claimed not to have.

    The officer standing to Wittmer’s right would have been better positioned to his left where he would have had a clear shot at the bad guy between the windshield and the door frame.

    • Cop on the right probably was worried, and rightly so, that if he opened fire he was gonna light his buddies up with misses and bullets that potentially passed through the BG.

      And if he has any sense of self preservation he was worried they might do the same to him.

      Not really his fault, I don’t see a good angle from his side of the car unless he’s going to try to shoot through the back passenger’s side window.

    • “Alternating contradictory commands”

      VERY good point. there should have been one officer in charge immediately, and whatever HE said should have been “insisted” upon.

    • she was following the teaching of malcom x – “don’t give your kids the names of your oppressors.”

      of course, malcom x also said not to use drugs, to get yourself cleaned up morally and physically, to study and learn, to get a job and hold it and work hard.

      they like the name thing, but not the rest of it.

  11. There’s some sort of force in the universe that makes policing one of those jobs that seems cool when you’re a kid but entirely undesirable when you’re a bit older.

    These guys didn’t deserve this and two of them get shot because of bullshit.

    Three cops in my area act like this is how they roll but then get a completely peaceful person, who may well have been the wrong person and just driving a similar car, handcuff her and put her in the back of a car parked on train tracks and then flee when they realize a train’s coming, leaving her to get smashed. Those cops get paid vacation.

    Weird how the people who need to get shot somehow seem to avoid it. I need to make a t-shirt that says “Shoot jackboots, not cops”. But then… that might lead to repeated footwear faux pas.

    • “Weird how the people who need to get shot somehow seem to avoid it.”

      Probably because the really bad ones are smarter than average and use that to skate?

      I dunno. Your comment higher up was quite enlightening…

    • “a completely peaceful person, who may well have been the wrong person and just driving a similar car, handcuff her and put her in the back of a car parked on train tracks and then flee when they realize a train’s coming, leaving her to get smashed.”

      ? sounds like something else was going on in the background there.

      • The cops being unprofessional fuckwads and flagarant law and department policy violators was going on in the background.

        They were mad she didn’t pull over “fast enough”, they say it in the video. But anyone who knows that area knows that if she’d pulled over on the highway they’d have gone nuts that it was unsafe because they do that all the time.

        So they broke laws, traffic regulations and violated her rights. Turns out she was a licensed CCW holder and very likely the wrong person in terms of the complaint. She was 100% complaint according to the cops’ own video of the incident.

        They’re lucky she didn’t die.

  12. Po’ ole Jamontey he be jus gittin him life together. Can’t fix stupid. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Guess Jamontey done won the Jackpot…..one last time.

  13. Glad the officers are OK. Driver should have complied and he’d still be alive. Amazing discipline to clear a malfunction under fire and hit.

    Being critical, continuing to shoot after the perp has stopped moving maybe considered excessive force. No civilian in court could justify that, however many in shootings tend to subconsciously empty magazines and part of this maybe uncontrollable and related to the amygdala. So, there should be some legal recognition of the human mental state of one when attacked with lethal force, and what the subconscious mind and amygdala consider a resolved threat.

    Other than that, it appears there could have been some cross-fire and officers may have shot each other.

    Easy to criticize. I can’t imagine I or anyone else could have done better given the circumstances.

    Prayers for the officers quick recovery and resolution.
    Job well done.

    • There was an article in either American handgunner or handguns magazine 10 or 20 years ago where a Navy SEAL who became a trainer said that if the head and body aren’t separated by more than 4 ft you still consider that person a threat. That officer who was shot and down did the right thing by making sure that dude wasn’t a threat anymore.

  14. Now (possibly) comes the claims of racism and wrongful police shootings of black men, and lawsuits, and months of MSM spinning this, and the shrines to glorify a sexual predator and felon who violated the law by having guns and would-be murderer. In all this possible, Jamontey Neal will be hailed as a saint among the BLM crowd like George Floyd was, a martyr for their cause, and then the donations to BLM will start rolling in again so more of the BLM leaders can buy new homes and get richer from the pockets of the ‘woke’ and black communities they exploit.

    The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM by Candace Owens > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTB55u1rLzg

    • Oh, and not to forget the possible ‘peaceful protestors’ burning and pillaging and plundering and destroying property and harming innocents… and the cameos in video of the family crying that their son was a good person and not a criminal and the politicians blaming his actions on the police that need to be defunded and guns. Oh yeah, and anyone that says different from the saint narrative is a white supremist radical racist, and all gun owners need to have their constitutional rights controlled removed restricted because this ‘saint’ criminal felon did what he did.

      Such is the world we live in

  15. Another criminal has gone to his final reward. Unfortunately, there are many dozens who will take his place.

    Shooting members of the criminal class won’t reduce their numbers. They reproduce too quickly.

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