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I don’t like being unarmed. I feel more comfortable knowing that I could defend myself with the most effective form of self-defense, anytime, anywhere. So I carry all the time. All day, every day. The only time I don’t have my concealed firearm on my body: when I sleep. Then it’s under my bed in the safe, or next to me in the nightstand, depending on the circumstances. I recommend home carry for anyone who’s decided to carry a gun; violent crime can happen anywhere, anytime. But I know the threat of attack at home is more “real” for some people than others. Personally speaking . . .

Our house is for sale. For the time being, my husband is living in Wyoming. Until our house in California sells, I am living alone with two young children.

I live in the middle of nowhere in California. Plus, there are several personal possessions we’re selling, like a crib and a snow plow, to lighten the load for our big move. People show up randomly to look at the items for sale. I have no idea who these people are. I don’t know if I can trust them. But I do know that I’m armed and situationally aware. And that this combination protects my family and me.

Some people think carrying a gun at home is asking for trouble. A child might grab it and shoot someone. I say a gun on your person is even safer than a gun in a safe (which clever kids can eventually crack). It’s under your direct control. Openly carried, a firearm on your body at home reassures your kids that they are protected, and teaches them to be wary. Not scared. Wary.

Some people say the odds of a home invasion are tiny, and they have a gun handy anyway. I say people buy lottery tickets. The odds of winning are low but the impact it would have would be huge. Now switch that around. The odds of a home invasion are small but it would be the nightmare to end all nightmares. As far as handiness is concerned, there’s nothing handier than a gun to hand. A gun that’s on your body.

Should something happen, I trust my gun and my training. Of course, a gun is no guarantee of safety. But it’s a chance for survival in a situation where even the smallest advantage can be the difference between life and death. For you and your loved ones. Why deny yourself that chance when, with a little effort and experimentation, you can home carry a gun comfortably?


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      • It’s home carry, she doesn’t need a cover shirt.
        My comment on the holster is If the hammer was cocked, the retention strap is defeating the grip safety.

    • Frank,

      I assume you are referring to the carry method in the photo with this article. That being the case, wearing a shirt over the undershirt and carry rig would substantially increase the amount of time it takes you to draw versus carrying on your waste. Drawing from your waste takes about 1 second. With this configuration (and wearing an outer shirt over everything), I imagine it could easily take up to 10 seconds to draw. About all I can say is that It is better than not carrying at all, but not much better.

      Caveat: if your outer garment was a vest or shirt that wasn’t buttoned (e.g. open from your belt buckle to your neck), then you could probably draw within 2 to 4 seconds and that would be a decent carry method … although inferior to carry on your waste.

      • If your outer garment was a vest or unbuttoned shirt you would reveal the rather unsightly white strap just under your bust line. One upside: It does appear to provide some lift and enhancement to that area. But it doesn’t appear very comfortable for “full figured gals” with no daylight between their arm and body.

        • Took me about 2.8 seconds for 3 shots into 6in target at 5 yds, using the Kangaroocarry Holster shown (after some practice) with an outer shirt on over the holster.

          “With this configuration (and wearing an outer shirt over everything), I imagine it could easily take up to 10 seconds to draw.” Well, you’d be wrong…if you want to see what can be done, go to

        • Because she’s a special-snowflake WOMAN, didn’t you know? She deserves our eternal praise and attention because she has certain genitals. Thats why her name is in every article title, 80%+ of the articles feature a picture of her posing for the camera, usually in a pose/clothing/setting designed to attract attention, and every article is about her personally in some way. All that would be forgivable if the content was up to snuff compared to the rest of the site, but its plainly not. Invariably the worst articles I read on a given day are hers. And there was one thread where we started talking about this, and any comments critical of her (even the majority which were done in a constructive way, with no personal attacks, just expressing their opinions on the quality of the author’s writing) were deleted. Just like I assume this one will be.

        • If you have such a low opinion of a certain writer’s contributions, then putting the writer’s name on the title would make it easier to just ignore them.

          It’s not rocket science.

  1. Home carry, always carry! Shower and sleep the only time a gun is not on me. But close buy.

    Actually I sleep with two guns. One in reach of each hand.

      • Oh now. You don’t know the circumstances of the person and why he feels it needed to have two guns handy.

        At one time, I was living in bad part of town in a studio apartment where the main door opens into main room in one corner of which was my bed.

        Kick in the front door and you’re in my bedroom. During that time, I had one gun under the pillow and another gun on the desk near the bed. So no matter which direction I was facing as I turned over during the night, I would have a gun immediately to hand.

  2. Sara

    Stay well armed. You are selling your house out in the middle of nowhere with random people coming to view it out in the middle of nowhere.

    Stay on your toes.

  3. I don’t home carry typically. Only if I’m dressed to leave the house is when I am. I do have a few guns stashed around the house that are out of the safe. Glock 17 with light in the nightstand. LCP in there too if I’m not carrying it, pistol grip pump up high on a cabinet, PS-90 in the shop, AR in the closet by the body armor, 357 in the bathroom between the toilet and shower, 38 in the living room in a fake plant.
    I don’t have kids at home to worry or people over regularly. The folks that do come over regularly know better than to fool around with a gun. Besides I don’t expect them to be plundering around to find them. They are in easy get but concealed and not common places. My place is easy to defend and o more than a few steps away from a gun. I’m not too worried about walking in on someone armed with my gun. The way my place is even if ADT didn’t call me to tell my my alarm was tripped it is immediately obvious to me someone has got inside.

    Now I do carry in the yard mowing grass or even working right outside the fence. Always. Even if going out to feed the cat late at night or get the forgotten mail from the road.

  4. A child might grab it and shoot someone. I say a gun on your person is even safer than a gun in a safe (which clever kids can eventually crack).

    My kid never did anything of the sort.

    I call it parenting.

    I don’t really need to home carry, there’s guns all over the place. Not locked up in “safes.” There’s always at least one in reach no matter where I am… And yes, it’s loaded. I treat all guns like they’re loaded, so why shouldn’t they be?

  5. … The only time I don’t have my concealed firearm on my body: when I sleep. …

    I’ll assume you simply forgot to mention you do shower / bathe occasionally. I mean, concealment wold be a feat.

  6. Most importantly carry if you want, don’t if you don’t want to…..whatever your choice don’t judge others, it’s their life not yours. With that said, I always choose the former regardless of location.

  7. You guys are All apparently Stupid…Geesh!

    You simply place a Sign right at the entrance clearly displaying & stating:

    “No Guns Allowed.”

    Get a clue people…;)

    • Sure, but you’ll have to strap on every time you head for the outdoor grill. Move the signs out to the property line and change them to “Gun Free Zone”. Presto House AND yard protected.

      • “… Move the signs out to the property line ”

        Check your local ordinances. Sometimes you have to place a sign every so many feet. You might have to put up more than one Gun Free Zone sign to make it both legal AND effective.

  8. Why not sell by appointment only, and make clear anyone else is trespassing?

    You could even sell the items at a convention, show, auction, or on consignment, to keep people from coming to your house.

  9. I’m stealing the lottery ticket / Home invasion analogy…damn but that’s good. I wish I had won the lottery but I’ll take the lesson my home invasion taught me. Oh, and ziplock quart bag for the shower gun. I may be nekkid but I ain’t gonna be naked in the shower.

  10. I home carry all the time except when sleeping when my EDC is locked in a quick access safe on my night stand next to the bed. My AR-15 is also in a separate safe about 4 steps from my bed if I think I have time to grab that instead, I will. Every once in a while I’ll think “Why do I home carry every day”. Then I remind myself, “you never know”. Also, I’m going in and out to my front yard, back yard, etc., in the evenings with my kids, so guns that aren’t in my holster on my hip are in a safe. Same reasons most of y’all carry at home. I carry all the time outside of home (with an extra mag), too, but that goes without saying.

  11. I carry all day barely feeling my XDs or Shield in their comp tech Infidel. So why would I take it off when I get home? But I do ask my wife “where’s your Glock” (G42) and she gently slaps her appendix.

  12. seems paranoia has set in deep with ol’ Sara

    Try not to let the ideas of what could happen make you so paranoid that you spout things like “People show up randomly to look at the items for sale. I have no idea who these people are. I don’t know if I can trust them.”
    This makes it sound as though you believe EVERYBODY that isn’t you, is trying to kill you.
    I know, I know, blah blah blah be aware, etc… Trust me, I know.
    Just don’t constantly make it sound like you think everyone is a terrorist, this is where the anti gun people get fuel to start saying the pro gun people are crazy.

    oh, miss Tipton thinks a 89 year old grandmother at a yard sale is working for the KGB and is plotting to kill her and take over the world, fruit loop……

    Yes, I home carry, and its fine, but you don’t need to be on patrol through the night with full riot gear, 10 spare mags, fully decked AR.

    Speaking of,
    Keep this in mind.
    Say someone did want to steal your stuff that’s for sale, example, snow plow.

    Are you implying that you are willing to shoot someone for stealing your plow?
    I’m not, they want it that bad they can have it, for the $1500 or so to replace it, its not even worth me waving my piece, after the paperwork and hassle by the California law, I would rather pay out of pocket and not have them breathing down my neck and comparing the cost of a life to that of a snow plow.

    Relax, you make gun nuts look….. nuts.

    • “Are you implying that you are willing to shoot someone for stealing your plow?”

      It’s not about protecting your property. It’s about protecting your life against someone who would shoot you to take your property.

      Please, get a clue.

      • Oh I’m aware of it. The clue has been gotten.

        These aren’t items someone generally shoots you to get to.
        Unless as I stated, you try to run out and say “hey, don’t steal my stuff!” I can see it.

        We all know the facts, I am in no way downplaying the fact that bad things happen. But people need to stop tooling around thinking that rural CA is just as bad as “insert terrible third world country here”.

        I once heard a wise man state about becoming burned out from prepping.
        The same happens when you perceive threats at every turn, you start to see danger where there is none. Could there be, yes, but its much like assuming that every time you get behind the wheel of your car that you are going to die in a horrific crash, could it happen, yes, but if you think it will every time you will eventually stop driving for fear of what may happen.

        get a clue.

        • Rural California is where the meth is cooked. My parents lived in a rural town, about 45 minutes from a modest ( for California ) city. Their neighbors had their kubota stolen. Other neighbors had their quad stolen. Neighbors down the dirt road a couple miles had their garage broken into and house ransacked. Here. This should help.

    • What, all of a sudden you’re the guy who decides for all of us what is excessive and paranoid? Ever been attacked in your home? Not the gas station or krogers, in. your. home. It doesn’t make you paranoid, it makes you realize that ‘where you feel safest is where you are most vulnerable’. Please allow the courtesy of letting Sarah develop her own self defense mindset and you go develop yours, ok? Don’t we have enough people asking us “Why do you NEED a..?”

      • You’re implying I said you don’t need to home carry.
        Even if you were attacked in your own home, you should not label every person on the planet a threat because of it.
        Grow up.

        • um, no. I am explicitly stating you called her paranoid, then I called you out for electing yourself final arbiter of what is excessive. I didn’t imply, you inferred. if you want to defend your position, stick to what I stated, don’t put words in my mouth and then attack that position. and I am growing up just fine, thanks.


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