Bloomberg Mayor Emeritus Warned On Public Urination

Akron Mayor Emeritus Don Plusquellic was warned by Akron University Police after being caught urinating on a tree, the Akron Beacon Journal reported Thursday. Plusquellic was rude to officers and told them he “’knew we didn’t do anything and figured he would give us something to do on a slow night,’” the report elaborates . . .

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Launches Secret Bus Tour

People who support gun control are less likely to lobby for its enactment than fans of’s yoga pants pictorials are likely to assume the Bhujapidasana. Which is just as well (on all sorts of levels). In contrast, gun rights advocates are mad, motivated and mobile. They want to rally. The gun grabbers at The Mayors […]

Gun Grabbers: Mind the “Terror Gap.” Again. Still.

The gun control lobby hasn’t taken well to their recent defeat in the U.S. Senate. They’re bitching and moaning and polling and promising to revive their dead background check bill. The anti-gun grumbling is, in the main, mainstream media misegos. The public has moved on. Why wouldn’t they? Miniature Schnauzers have a longer attention span […]

Close the Colorado Gun Store Loophole?

As TTAG has pointed out previously, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns is acting like a dunk looking for his car keys under a streetlamp—because the light’s better. Their call to “Close the Gun Show Loophole” is the worst kind of political pandering. The kind that addresses a non-issue to pretend that […]

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Plots Federal Gun Control

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns have released their report A Blueprint for Federal Action on Illegal Guns. The chapter headings sound sensible enough: Improving Gun Background Checks, Policing Problematic Gun Shows (as opposed to non-problematic gun shows), ATF Resources and Structure, More Effective Crime Gun Tracing; More Effective Partnerships Among Government, Law Enforcement, Community Groups, […]