MAIG mayors against illegal guns bloomberg meeting
(Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)
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Democratic mayors from the largest cities aren’t going to stand idly by and allow the U.S. Supreme Court to reaffirm Americans’ Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is the gun control kitchen cabinet of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, ever on his quest to deny God-given rights to law-abiding Americans even while he enjoys them. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bruen, Bloomberg summoned his coterie to New York City.

Reporting for Duty

The cattle call included a who’s-who of gun control mayors. Many have defunded their police departments, restricted gun rights and some have already been rebuffed by courts for misguided local policies.

Baltimore Democratic Mayor Brandon Scott joined the meeting, as did St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones, Little Rock, Ark., Mayor Frank Scott and Buffalo, N.Y.,  Mayor Byron Brown. Kansas City’s Mayor Quinton Lucas attended too – he was just named “Gun Sense Lawmaker of the Year” by Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety for his participation in a scheme by mayors to sue gun manufacturers.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas
Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas (Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

Democratic New York City Mayor and MAIG co-chair Eric Adams took the lead and professed the group’s endgame – driving a lawful industry to shutter by taking legal action against manufacturers and retailers who “let guns fall into the wrong hands.” “We must have an ‘all hands on deck’ moment.”

Mount Vernon, N.Y., Democratic Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard added, “This is what we’re seeing, because of the proliferation of illegal guns, crime guns that are in our communities.”

“Crime guns” and “illegal guns” are, in fact, illegal. To the mayors, it doesn’t matter that firearms lawfully-sold at retail, where the buyer must pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification, are only a tiny sliver of the guns used to commit crimes, according to data.

Nearly 90 percent of firearms used by a criminal being sentenced for a gun crime last year in federal court were illegally obtained, says the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) 2021 U.S. Sentencing Commission report. For Bloomberg and the MAIG members, facts be damned.

Lawsuits Galore

St. Louis’s Mayor Jones said it’s the manufacturers’ fault, not the criminals. “If this were any other industry that was as deadly then the government would have already acted to make sure that we got rid of whatever was killing our citizens,” Mayor Jones said.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones
St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones (Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)

Mayor Adams repeated their pledge to go after gun makers by filing lawsuits under local “public nuisance” laws like in New York, New Jersey and California. The laws are an attempt to blame firearm manufacturers and retailers for the criminal actions of a remote third-party, or criminals.

Law-abiding citizens in these cities have something else in mind – namely their Second Amendment rights. Lawful firearm sales have reached record levels over the past couple of years, including over 1 million firearms sold for 34 months in a row. Little Rock’s Mayor Scott said the mayors need to ignore the actions of the federal government and the Supreme Court, terming the will of the people “inaction on guns.” “This is left to local leaders to solve the problem,” he said.

History Lesson

Bloomberg’s MAIG could learn from history. In the 1990s, then-Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo tried to put the industry out of business through “death by a thousand cuts.” He violated antitrust laws and conspired with big city mayors to politicize law enforcement purchasing if firearm manufacturers didn’t go along with antigun “code of conduct” schemes.

NSSF, along with several manufacturers, successfully sued the now former disgraced-governor and his co-conspirators.

It led to enactment of the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) in 2005, signed into law by President George W. Bush. The PLCAA said the firearm industry could not be sued for the unlawful actions of criminals who use a previously lawfully-sold firearm to commit a violent act. It is akin to Ford being sued for the actions of a drunk driver who was driving an F-150.

Legal Professor Victor Schwartz recently wrote, “The PLCAA remains a commonsense law that protects against unsound attempts to radically change a fundamental liability law principle.”

A new report shows Americans are fleeing major cities in droves. The Top 10 are all run by Democratic mayors, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Seattle and others. It’s a lesson Bloomberg’s MAIG hasn’t learned. They should focus on keeping residents safe and protecting their rights, instead of going soft on criminals while wasting efforts on misguided attempts to squelch rights.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. quote—————-Nearly 90 percent of firearms used by a criminal being sentenced for a gun crime last year in federal court were illegally obtained———-quote

    And these firearms are not imported from the planet Zircon by Klingons, rather the illegal guns come from second hand gun sales and stolen guns. That is why Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws are mandatory in a civilized country. Pure demented paranoia by the Far Right prevent such basic common sense laws from being passed. Its not rocket science to anyone that is sane.

    • You are advocating for laws that are in direct violation of human and civil rights. You claim you’re not a fascist then turn around and prove you are with every comment, herr dacian.

      • to Jethro our High School drop out.

        Its below your educational level to be aware of what a fascist is.

        Fascism Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster › dictionary › fascism
        The meaning of FASCISM is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual ..

        That describes you Jethro not, Liberals, not Socialists, not Democrats.

        And thanks for addressing me with the German word for Mr.(Herr) your ignorance is paramount. LMAO

        • Herr Drumph was your word for Trump. I’m just showing you the same respect.

          And once again you uneducated moron. Claiming to not be a fascist while at the same time advocating fascism just shows you don’t have a clue what the term means.

          You are a fascist. It is plain to see from your comments. You are too ignorant to realize the left does not exist anymore. It was bought out by corporate billionaires who you now serve.

        • Hey Dackie Boy You trust Mirriam Webster, a recent edition no less. for truth and accuracy? How about looking into what the term “fascism” meant when it was first put together? That is “government control of provate means of production”.

          Makes your lame claims seem even more lame, doesn’t it?
          Futher, on WHAT basis can a dairy farmer be held liable when some dirtbag buys a quart of mile, poisons it, then distributes it at a picnic killing twenty kids?

    • why do you bother? none of us care what you think or post. Your “rocket science” sentence is a perfect example of projection. You are the only person here who isn’t sane.

    • Halfwit. You don’t even understand WTF you just said. Because criminals obtain weapons illegally, you believe that passing more, stronger, or better laws will solve something. Halfwit. Criminals will continue to steal guns, no matter how many laws there are against stealing guns.

      Oh, you think your magic safe will stop thefts? Halfwit. If you can built it, I can break it. I don’t even need to understand how it works, I can break it. Halfwit. If I understand how it works, I can just break it faster, and with less effort.

      Do you have a safe in your house? Can I come over to demonstrate the many ways of getting into a safe? There are messy, noisy ways to do it, there are quieter, less messy ways to do it, but I WILL get into your safe.


      • quote———————-Can I come over to demonstrate the many ways of getting into a safe———quote

        The standard response from the Far Right is that if a law is not 100% effective then lets us not have one. I suppose we should do away with laws against murder and rape as well according to the far right.

        The real reason the unwashed far right do not want safe storage laws is that they are too lazy and shiftless to use a safe and to cheap and stingy to buy one.

        Most break-ins are smash and grab and are over in seconds. The criminals do not know when you are coming back and most are so stupid they would not know how to use power tools even if they owned them which in most cases they do not.

        Please peddle your senseless rectum gas to the unwashed, as no one who has studied crime and criminals would even bother to read your rants.

        • While I agree that firearm collectors should have a safe or 4, that doesn’t mean that all the guns should be locked inside. We may need a firearm(or 3) if we are attacked or have a home invasion robbery. We may need to protect those firearms from the attackers getting the jump on us and forcing us to open the safe(s)

    • Dacian is just wistfully dreaming of the day that a Chinese soldier puts his foot on his neck before bending him over. Oh he gets so excited thinking of the humiliation when he is beaten and his wife and daughter raped in front of him! What do you think the disarmament is really about? If you put all the gunmakers out of business how do we defend the country?

      • Wife and daughter? Unless he has a sex slave chained in his basement dacian has never know the joy of a wife and family. He’s the very definition of ‘Incel”.

        • Why his Caravan of Death will have a comfort battalion. Although I’d put Dacian down as a part of the NAMBLA section.

      • ” . . . and his wife and daughter raped in front of him!”


        You will wee the Second Coming before ANY woman, ANYWHERE would be willing to subject herself to dacian the demented dips***. dacian couldn’t score with a Times Square hooker, if he had thousand dollar bills falling out of his pockets. dacian is to straight sex what he is to logic – the polar opposite. But he probably does fantasize about being forcibly raped by a CCP goon – and I doubt there are many CCP goons willing to subject themselves to THAT level of abasement.

    • let’s play out your fantasy. please explain exactly how a “universal background check” would make things any better. do you think a criminal can’t find a straw buyer with a clean record to pass the checks? criminals are going to find a way to get guns no matter what barriers you throw up for law-abiding people to jump over. your proposals are bad policy and will not actually work so it’s weird that you are so aggressive in pressing them.

      • didjya read about the heist in Ohio a few years back where two enterprising dooods managed to drive away with 450 brand new Ruger brand guns, from a UPS dock no less? ONLY that one pallet was stolen. 450 guns now free to enter the “stream” of crime guns.

        Now riddle me this: HOW did background checks and FFL dealers prevent that from happening? (hint: they DID NOT)

        • To tionico

          First of all it was not Ohio, it was in Illinois and the criminals were caught and all but a coupled of the guns were recovered.

          Now let us supposed they were never caught, it would be pure stupidity to then say since this one sensational crime happened we should do away with ALL gun laws which is EXACTLY what the Far Right scream SHOULD happen every day.

          Its the same when a red flag law fails the paranoid morons on the far right scream ” It did not work 100% of the time so lets not have any red flag laws. It only proves how demented they all really are/

  2. Dang! Talk about yer plantation residents doing massa’s bidding! I guess as long as they get paid(& have armed bodyguards)…

    • And an entire menagerie of ass-kissers and like-minded control freaks, that also have their own security. Makes you sick doesn’t it?

  3. So are these idiots going to shut down the car industry because of vehicle related deaths? Clearly this is about disarming the law abiding citizen so they cannot defend themselves against harm from the criminally minded but more specifically against the tyrannical government currently in power.

    • Don’t give them ideas. They’ll use the same “public nuisance” laws to counter environmental pollution.

    • “Step and Fetchit”

      Haven’t heard that in a very long time. Or this one, now that my memory’s been jogged triggered:

      “O-tay!” (Ode to Buckwheat)

        • “can you use the word ‘dictate’ in a sentence?”

          From way back when Eddie Murphy was funny… 🙁

        • Or my favorite, the infomercial for “Bu’wheat Sings!” “‘Ookin’ Pa Nub” and other great classics!!

          Back when comedy was actually funny . . . before unfunny fools took over the genre. Norm McDonald is a national treasure, and Patton Oswalt has never been funny in his life.

  4. Criminal Drug Gangs and Organized Crime have been reliable supporters of the democratic Party for decades. They are the “Muscle” in minority communities to make sure folks vote the “Correct Way” and stay inline. Watch the movie, “Gangs of New York” if you want a “Hollywood History Lesson” of this corruption.

    Everyone knows who the big time criminals are and where they live, but its either ignore the real problems or at best “Catch and Release”, like in Chicago and New York.

    Easier to sue corporations than actually do your job of enforcing the law and putting bad guys in prison.

  5. This is a post truth society and the makeup of the courts is still die hard anti gun. Bruen will be explained away easily enough just like Heller, McDonald, and Miller. To the extent Bruen kneecaps antigunners the courts can coordinate tacitly with legislatures and delay and deny rights indefinitely.

    • Yes stateisevil! That is EXACTLY THE DIRECT PROBLEM here with the gun control tyranny and so succinctly well put by you. Where I’ve been rambling too much about it in the past to rattle the crowd cheer enough to help pump effort to work the only solution remaining to stop this insane totalitarian juggernaut before it can no longer be defeated. The replacement of the current congress and Senate Representatives who are complete Marxist enemies of American freedom and lifestyle with Constitutional Libertarian Reps who will repeal, cancel, and remove all ALL restrictive gun control laws and prohibitions once and for all. And replace them with strict enforcement of Criminal Deprivation of Rights violations, under 18-241-242 and other similar state laws.

      By now almost anybody with their brain bolts still properly torqued knows that we have a severely egregious political agenda corruption pandemic with the Federal and State prosecutors who have what i see as unlawful ‘selective proprietary subjective discretion’ to determine who gets indicted and prosecuted, and who does not. With absolutely no superior oversight to dispute their decisions.

      It was fine and dandy to prosecute and convict the two officers who were assisting Daren Chauven with Floyd and crowd control 18-241-242 Deprivation of his rights to have immediate medical attention while in police custody, even though none of these cops were medical emergency professionals?

      So why aren’t all these psycho gun control advocates and their public officials and Law Enforcement being arrested and charged and convicted to spend some meditation time on a Florida Chain gang trying to take a dump in the roadside weeds with alligators and giant pythons looking at them for depriving us of arguably the most important Constitutional right of our American lifestyle? The second Amendment. It has long been established in Scotus Case decisions and precedents up to the latest Bruend case proven that
      all their gun control legislation and ‘executive’ administration mandates’ are Illegal?

      But they keep getting away with by boiling it down to the discretion of a case prosecutor to even look at the issue. So, the prosecutors redirect the complaint, if any because of our virtual complete brainwashed compliance to this scam, by saying “…sorry, but I don’t see any or enough evidence to criminally prosecute, so take it up in a civil court if you want…”

      It’s like the example above from John D about vehicle homicides. It’s been proven time and again that a criminal with a car can do as much or worse death and destruction than can be done with a firearm. Yet, amazingly a criminal who kills someone with a vehicle and does more than a year with a felony for it gets a life sentence of permanent gun possession prohibition…But once they’re out of prison they still can LEGALLY buy, own, and/or drive as many large and high-capacity horsepower super cars and monster heavy caliber trucks they want?!

      If that does prove the entire Marxist stealth disarmament agenda plot replete with confiscation-oriented illegal gun laws, and demand a repeal of the NFA, and the 68 Gun Control Act if and when we take Congress back this November, I don’t know what does?

      • Deprivation of his rights to have immediate medical attention while in police custody, even though none of these cops were medical emergency professionals?

        READ the accounts more closely. Chauvin and his teammate had already diagnosed Floyd as being in the midst of a lethal drug overdose, and had called for medical help multiple times. THey were merely trying to prevent him from thrashing himself to the point of other bodily harm as they waited for the medics to arrive. Seems Floyd had dropped his drug load too soon, and it was too heavy. He lost the race. The training Chauvin and his second had undergone just weeks previous to this incident allowed and equipped them to handle the situation as well as possible, given the YUUUUGE overdose Floyd had voluntarily taken. Those two officers followed their training precisely and accurately.
        Floyd was a suicide case, one that happened to die in police custody as they waited for the medics to arrive. They got their just a few minutes too late, so Floyd got what HE wanted…. death. His own choice. Had those four MPD officers never contacted him. he’d have died at almost exactly the same time, but not with video cameras rolling and four honest cops doing their best to try and save him.

        ALL of the above is on the record. Go and find it yourself.

        • Yup, you’re absolutely right. All your info is accurate. You misunderstood my statement. I was, indeed, defending the cops AGAINST the charge. I just didn’t articulate it well. I’ve been in more of these situations than I can remember. My point was with the actual complaint his actual cause of death. The pulmonary suffocation, notwithstanding any bullshit 90-minute class training on how to identify someone high on drugs is almost as full of shit as a DWI field sobriety test, unless you are a licensed M.D. specializing in such emergencies you really don’t have a clue of what is really wrong with him outside of his immediate behavior and maybe some situational and circumstantial observations an input at the scene. And, of course, your own personal knowledge, training, and field experience.

          I personally did these situations differently. Mainly because my Big City Department wasn’t as fucked as that shithole city. And we had different tactics like calling for a ‘wagon’ as soon as we pulled up to assess the situation as to how ‘dangerous’ the subject MIGHT turn out to be. So, the wagon and its two cops would be waiting there also as back up if we decided to arrest him after determining what happened. See the difference?

          And notice how I phrased that. “if we DECIDED to arrest him” in the first place. With the wagon there if we had to cuff him after a struggle, there’s no holding him face down in the street and sitting on him like on a fucking bus stop bench waiting for a ride. We quickly cuff him, Then pick him up and throw him in the wagon fast. And we’re out of there, before anybody can even shout ‘PO-lice Brutality!

          I think it was just a chicken shit call anyway–what, passing a bad check or counterfeit bill, something like that? Since the RO or supervisor on the scene has the discretionary power with these type of calls to ameliorate the situation if he thinks it’s not that big of a deal to waste any more time and resource on it, if it was one of those really hot bad summer Friday nights where wagon wasn’t available and we knew someone could get hurt struggling with someone this big and also hopped up on shit, I’d tell the store clerk or manager to not worry about it and we’ll take care of it and make a report. Then We’d tell the guy that if he agrees to STFU and calm down and get away from the area for the rest of the day and not try any more bullshit like this, we’ll let him go. From what i saw of the videos, there seemeda to be a window of opportunity to do that before they cuffed him.

          This isn’t Monday morning quarterbacking; this is how we did it.

          And yes, they actually did it pretty much by the book according to their deficient, but authorized training. And that’s what I was trying to get across in my comment.

          Which was the totally flagrant political witch hunt prosecution by a corrupted government. They can use ‘Deprivation of Rights’ indictments on cops doing their job without any real justification, for political reasons, but they will not indict and prosecute the corrupt prosecutors and anti-gun cartels for actual real time tyrannical violations of our 2nd A Rights!

          I think those cops got super railroaded as a Marxist political example, and nobody really stood behind them. And the brainwashed herds of cop hating sheeple fell right into the specious media fomented hysteria trap, as usual.

          I can’t see them Not getting off on a good appeal.

          I hope that after we take back control of this current corrupted government THIS NOVEMBER and after trump exercises his plan to fire all these degeneerate MoFo’s in this 3rd World Brandon Cartel, when he gets re-elected, that he immediately pardons these cops.

          That would be Justice truly served. And it would still be far too much mob mentality punishment for just ‘maybe’ a little flawed situational judgement in handling the situation.

          After all, cops aren’t perfect. And they do come from the same source as civilian citizens, so how can you expect them to always make the perfect decisions?

        • A jury of his peers disagreed. The jury understood that choking someone to death is not standard police practice.

  6. Wow 😂 That picture is just worth a thousand words. Probably a few thousand to the loyal little mongrels in said picture. I can’t wait for Bloomberg to fucking croak and find out he isn’t actually God. I don’t think anyone has told him yet.

    • To fppf: You read my comment too fast. I SAID the department was deficient in training. In fact, most police patrol officer training is, you learn just enough to get yourself in serious trouble. Which is why they have training officers. In some big cities you are on ‘probationary training’ for a year, And after probation you still stay on a two-man car for some time before you go out yourself. Major big cities like LA, Dallas, NY, and Shitcago are Not your rural small town deputy dawg jobs. More Like military combat infantry compared to Cub Scouts.

      And your comment exemplified my other points. Because he actually wasn’t ‘choked to death’. He suffocated from the weight on his back compressing his chest too long along with other contributing complications causing his death,

      The cops had NO intent, premeditated or spontaneously motivated, to ‘choke him to death’. They simply wanted to hold him down until the ambulance arrived. Again, some cops would have done it differently as I described above. But you know the That’s why I suspect they charged him with the additional Deprivation of Rights crime on top of the conviction for murder because it simply was not intentional murder and that could be reversed on appeal. You know, like the old aphorism: “never mistake mindless stupidity for evil intent”
      But the rights violation would probably stand? Thus, guaranteeing that the excessive punishment be served.

      The confusion of distinction between ignorant thought processing, or poor judgement and intentional criminal malice can sometimes be manipulated by a psychologically skilled prosecuting attorney. I knew one who took ‘power of persuasion’ and hypnosis courses. And there’s another ‘trick of the trade’ that I saw attempted at the Kenosha Kid trial that I won’t elaborate on here but it’s a seriously unethical marketing language technique.

      Even jury selection can be ‘manipulated’ from the initial vetting process to pick those predisposed to vindication or conviction. And don’t ever say ‘Jury of his peers’. That’s more likely unattainable than not. And That’s the LEAST desirable qualification when jurors are vetted. They prefer a level of gullibility instead. And don’t forget that the judges themselves can be and often are ‘susceptible’ to psychological influence that results in bias. to wit, as they say, the Kenosha Kid trial also.

      If there was a completely fair and unbiased States Attorney’s office neither case should have been brought to criminal trial to begin with. These were ‘above the law’ manipulations for political purposes fueled and driven by Marxist influence in the dishonest Mainstream Media.

      Just like the elections we are about to endure are going to be…

  7. And such steps are absolute proof of treason. Treason is an ongoing criminal act by Bloomberg, et al, which proves conspiracy to act criminally by one or more person(s). All such perpetrators are eligible for the maximum penalty for such crime(s). At the rate they’ve been at it all it’s clear they’re convinced they’re above the law, and/or fall within the special tier of just that has been created and reserved for the Clintons, Soetoro’s communist and pedophile club, etc.,

  8. Take a good look at the group photo of those grifters so you will be able to make comparisons with their future mug shots. MAIG mayors have a way of being arrested for everything from graft to dope to sex crimes.

    • Mayor Marion Berry denies the allegations, and resents the alligator. The POC are allowed to suck at the public teat, too. ALL politicians are corrupt; those who come into politics with “good intentions” either succumb to the miasma that is politics, or they GTFO. “Honest politician” is an oxymoron to embarrass “jumbo shrimp” or “civil war”. If they were honest, they’d be obvious. While I sometimes agree with policy positions of Ted Cruz or Mitch the Bitch, I would NOT buy a used car from either of them.

  9. Bloomberg summons, arsekissers come running. Every billionnaire needs an army of pshyco-phants.

    • Dang it – I misspelled my intentionally misspelled word. Should be psycho-phants. Oh well . . .

  10. I get a chubby every time I pull the handle on the press! Here MrBloomberg have a nice 230grn.45acpjhp got your name on it honey boy. Here Brandon a nice 175grn lswc .40sw just for you, should help the covid. For you Kamala a .45colt 250grn jhp Ruger only

  11. Amazing to watch black slaves come running when their Master calls for them the 21st century. Has he hands out stacks of money to them. When they work to take away the Civil Rights, of the law abiding black citizens in their cities. Yeah that’s right I said it.

  12. Mayor’s of Shatholes reported for orders. None dare say word regarding the conduct of their core constituents.


    • NTexas,

      “I din know how to do duh types, or rights in da Engrish, and I be ‘toopid as decian the demented, but Eye’s can make duh comments!!!”

      Go pound salt in your anal sphincter, NTexas, and STOP F***ING YELLING AT US.

      Oh, and go expire in an excavation.

  14. While I don’t live in the city of st.louis (live in the county which is technically st.louis, I’m ashamed of the Mayor of St.Louis City which has its own ordinances separate from the county.

  15. Even if they were politically indifferent about guns, it wouldn’t be hard to see them jumping on Bloomberg’s wagon. They’re all mayors of cities in perpetual financial crunches. Bloomberg has a ton of money he can wave at them to get them to go along with anything.

  16. Tooshiter Jones from St. Louis is an embarrassment. She should shut down the production capabilities of those having all those Defective Citizens overwhelming her city.

    BREAKING NEWS: Tooshiter, it’s not the guns committing the violence, it’s your Defective Citizens!!!!

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