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ScreenHunter_05 Jul. 22 18.21“A statewide investigating grand jury has recommended that criminal charges be filed against former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported. “State Attorney General Kathleen Kane … calls the investigation into Reed one of the ‘most disturbing cases of public corruption this office has investigated.’”

“Former mayor of Pa. capital charged with 499 criminal counts,” Fox News documented in its report. “If convicted on all counts and given consecutive maximum sentences, Reed could face up to 2,439 years in prison.”

Whenever I see reports of a mayor in trouble with the law, my first instinct any more is to see if he or she is one of Bloomberg’s Bürgermeisters.

Yep. Per NRA-ILA, Reed was a member of the Mayors Against [Your] Guns gang. That has a curiosity all its own considering “guns were among more than 100 city-owned artifacts that Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office alleges made their way into Reed’s possession, all recovered during spring searches and each resulting in theft by receiving stolen property counts.”

And that seems more than ironic considering Reed’s “leadership” promoting a gun “buyback” when he was mayor.

“We may never be able to completely reduce the flow of weapons to the streets, but removing even just one can mean the difference between someone living or dying,” he claimed in a press release. We strongly encourage residents throughout the city to participate.”

The reason checking for MAIG membership is always an initial impulse is because illegal mayors appear to be a bigger problem for the group than illegal guns. See for yourself some of the crimes this group of misfits has been charged with, and in many cases, convicted. It’s telling that people who can’t – or won’t – control themselves are so obsessed with trying to control those of us who do not share their moral defects.

You can find out if your mayor has volunteered your town by checking out the MAIG page of the Everytown website. If so, you could then contact the city and find out if joining was based on a council resolution or if the mayor just unilaterally signed on, and then see what you can do to change minds, such as pointing out the company they’re keeping, making it an issue they could pay a political price for, or noting how many mayors have gotten fed up and left. If political resistance warrants playing hardball, in many states you could even put them on notice of intent to legally organize open carry protests at city festivals and events unless and until membership is resigned.

If you’ve never involved yourself in local politics, you may want to try it sometime — you can often get results that would not be as achievable on a larger scale, and who knows? You might end up being the scale-tipping force needed to get your city to Give Bloomberg the Boot, which just might make a usable slogan…

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  1. Yep, and the mayors in Reading and Allentown are under federal investigation (FBI executing search warrants at their homes and offices in the last two weeks) – both of them were/are Bloomberg mayors.

  2. I see my adopted home state of North Dakota no longer has any members. The past member was the now deceased mayor of Fargo, whom refused to withdraw from the organization. I hope his successor refuses to join.

  3. This should be enough to make them shut this whole operation down just from the sheer weight and shame of this disgraceful scandalous sham. But we all know the MSM will never cover this the way it should be covered.

    I think we should all donate a few bucks to SAF so they literally ticker-tape NYC with 10 million copies. Maybe that will get the Media’s attention.

    • + 1 for a ticker-tape parade in NYC, but should be more like 80 million copies (of that SAF flyer). I’d pony up the first $50 bucks to see that.

  4. Is this is a shock anyone???? The only reason we don’t see more is because the crooks in DC are so well insulated/protected.

  5. Lord Farquaad, quick, get The Trace to run some fluff cover piece on how this mayor is really a closet gun rights supporter.

  6. I think it’s time we ban democrats. It’s quite obvious that any time a democrat is near any position of power, illicit activity skyrockets and children fall victim to their crimes.

    Please urge congress to ban democrats; remember, it’s for the children.

    Sorry. I’m not as good at satire as other people are.

  7. No mayors in my county, just wayne, oakland and kent, and the city of Lansing. Not a big surprise to me since my county is estimated as having more guns than any county in Texas 🙂

    • Kane is infamous for refusing to prosecute corrupt Democrats. If she has come out with these statements, either 1) Reed has done something to piss off the PA Dems, or 2) the evidence is so overwhelming that she doesn’t think even she can cover for him.

  8. De Blasio isn’t part of this group, does that mean I live in a gun friendly city? I kid I kid, of course he’s part of it.

  9. “removing even just one can mean the difference between someone living or dying”

    Technically this is true. We keep seeing stories of people getting murdered while their permits are slow walked in Jersey. What’s sickening is it may be what he truly meant.

  10. “[G]uns were among more than 100 city-owned artifacts that Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office alleges made their way into Reed’s possession, all recovered during spring searches and each resulting in theft by receiving stolen property counts.” (I THINK what you’re trying to say is that stolen guns were among the artifacts recovered from Reed.)

    So what’s the beef? he obviously was doing HIS part to remove illegal guns from the streets (/sarc).

  11. I just went and googled this entire list for their political party.
    All Democrats, except one lone Republican, Buddy Cianci, of Providence, RI.
    Who coulda guessed?
    One in eighteen – Just a coincidence, I’m sure.
    Always looking out for the “little guy”.

    • I would imagine that the vast majority of the dingleberries who join Bloomberg’s group are Democrats, so that’s not surprising.

  12. The corrupt must have a disarmed people in order to rule. Corruption and disarmament go hand in hand. That is why NY, NJ and Illinois are so corrupt.
    My neighbor works for a big box national retailer. He has ti travel to other stores as they are opening.
    On a trip to store in NY state, he observed how the local employees have to handle public officials.
    The chief of fire inspections came into the store. He looked around and said two things.
    1. “I think I see some violations here”
    followed shortly by
    2. “That patio set would look good at my vacation home in Florida.”
    The patio set was packed up and shipped to Florida.
    The store management understood the implied threat. If they filed a report for the illegal extortion, the new store would have an ‘accidental fire’ due to all the flammable liquids these type of store sell. And the FD would be far too busy cleaning their equipment to bother responding.
    That type of corruption doesn’t exist in state that don’t disarm the law abiding.

    • “That type of corruption doesn’t exist in state that don’t disarm the law abiding.”

      Ah, if only that were true. That sort of shakedown happens everywhere, whether the people are armed or not. It might be a little more prevalent in places that have very strong public unions that help to protect corrupt officials, but if you think there aren’t city inspectors looking for bribes in Arizona or Montana or Florida, you’re kidding yourself.

    • Fishydude, (great handle by the way LOL) Your story is yet another MIND Blow for me…. So not only do we have something like 454 people (congress/senate) controlling the lives of (US/You and I) 330,000,000 USA but more and more I can’t help but wonder, how is it these people can stay in positions/Jobs that they Definitely should be THROWN Out of on the HEADS!????

  13. I’m on the list. That’s no surprise. What is a surprise is that Houston is the only major Texas city on the list. I thought for sure Austin and San Antonio would be present.

    • In SA, we just elected a black female republican mayor on the strength of the evangelical vote. Since he couldn’t even get the Castro boys to sign on, whatever chance Bloomberg had left at taking the alamo evaporated with her opponents dirty campaign.

      • Mayor Taylor may pal around with the northside S.A. upperclass Anglo business crowd, because that’s where the money is, but she’s no Republican, and certainly not a conservative. She does hold some traditional family values, true. She’s also not hysterically partisan and loud like Castro. Still, she’s a big believer in government as all powerful solution provider.

        She’s only in this job because she was the incumbent. She was only the incumbent because she was appointed Mayor, on the promise not to run in her own right, when Castro resigned to run HUD; a promise she broke.

        She’s a New Yorker by upbringing and a city planner by training. Now she has a taste of power and success in breaking a promise and getting away with it. I’d expect her soon to unleash the beast, ramp up the crazy and go full libtard any day now.

        • Isn’t she the staunch supporter of Freedom of Speech and Religion that wanted to review pastors’ preaching for political correctness before they were allowed to speak?

  14. ‘And that seems more than ironic considering Reed’s “leadership” promoting a gun “buyback” when he way mayor.’

    …should be “when he was mayor.”

  15. Reed did do a lot to make Harrisburg more livable for awhile. Former Democrook and governor Edward G. Spendell thought he did a great job. Of course, that’s a lot easier as long as you can keep floating junk bonds indefinitely. Like Bloomberg, his ego got the best of him. He’s left a legacy of debt and more worthless mayors behind him. The city is literally caving in as sinkholes are opening under the streets due to decayed water lines. It is nothing but a S#!+ hole now.

  16. FYI, Sheila Dixon wants to run for Mayor of Baltimore again. Seems a few buildings were left standing…

  17. This is the gun control equivalent of the anti gay pastor being caught having a gay affair.

  18. Bloomberg’s gun-scam group (MAIG) is a bunch of convicted FELON mayors! These convicted criminals are called “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.”

    They buy gun control in different States, and promote gun scams to scare voters.


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