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Mayors Against Ilegal Guns bus (courtesy

People who support gun control are less likely to lobby for its enactment than fans of’s yoga pants pictorials are likely to assume the Bhujapidasana. Which is just as well (on all sorts of levels). In contrast, gun rights advocates are mad, motivated and mobile. They want to rally. The gun grabbers at The Mayors Against Illegal Guns knows that The People of the Gun are ready, willing and able to show up at their forthcoming 25-state bus tour (launches today) to exercise their first amendment-protected right to free speech. And so the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns will not release the exact locations of events before the start of the tour,” reports. “Instead, each location will be revealed the week of the stop.” In other words, the tour was created and designed as local media agitprop. Will the press play along? Does The Chive heart sports bras?

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    • Civilian disarmament proponents and anti-civil-libertarians bring out the worst in me. I’ve never wished for a bus to crash over a ravine before today…

  1. Even a couple days notice might be enough to get out sizable groups of counter-demonstrators. I’d dearly love to see the pro 2A turnout outnumber the anti-2A turnout. Of course, unions thugs and “community groups” will be given the locations in advance so they can provide crowds for the cameras.

  2. Hahaha that figures. From the same people who brought you YouTube videos with ‘likes’ and comments disabled, comes the anti-2A bus tour with stops announced with only enough time to get reporters on scene, no doubt also scheduled for weekdays during work hours.

    • I was wondering how far down the comments section I’d get before someone brought it up. I didn’t even finish the article. I don’t quite know what’s going on. But my god am I happy. I feel light. I feel airy. I’m living large. We live in the age of the yoga pants. And I feel privileged.

  3. Most people, especially sheeple of the grabber Democrats, are not stakeholders in this struggle. They aren’t invested on the anti-gun effort. They’re mostly sideline observers.

    We are vigorously invested in the pro gun resistance to the grabbers agenda. Having been demonized and falsely, unjustly accused of being the problem and saddled with scorn like the victim of some school bully, we have had it and are motivated to do what it takes to push back, hard.

    The American way, you know!

    • MAIG doesn’t want to be embarrassed by dismal turn-outs, so they’ll surely have a crowd of a few brought to each photo-op location where the lefty big media parrots can narrowly pan the group of few to make it APPEAR widespread support exists.

      Keeping the itinerary secret will help them avoid the embarrassment of being exposed for the lack of enthusiasm that exists for their anti gun agenda by pro gunners who may turn out en-mass.

      • Be interesting to compare faces at the multiple photo-ops to see how many of them are all the same people following the MAIG bus from one place to the next.

        It’s like everything else these deceitful grabbers do; lies, half-truths, and rhetoric with little or no substance.

        Just ask them, they’ll prove it by attacking without answering your question.

        • The “rent-a-mob” tactic is very real and pioneered by the environmentalists. Saw it all the time in California.

          Get on-camera interviews with the clamoring throngs, answering the question “Is this your job to be here?” Most of them are quite forthright about it when asked directly.

  4. You know what would be pretty awesome? A massive armed civilian escort leading ahead of the bus from state to state (as reciprocity will allow). An unorganized collection of law abiding armed citizens protecting these anti-2A folks and their 1A right even though we don’t agree with their message.


    • I would do it if I had the money to. Thanks to the Obama economy I definately have the time. Heck, I even have nice equipment to take along with me which includes a few DSLR’s that also record video in 1080P.

  5. I’m curious to see where they show up in Montana and Wyoming. Jackson Hole maybe? Casper? I don’t see them showing up in Farson or Rock Springs.

    • Jackson Hole is possible. It is completely infested with Bloomberg’s type – rich Wall Streeters and liberal Hollywood types.

  6. Figures, it is critical we make a showing at every stop and peacefully make our voices heard. This type of political thuggery is pathetic.

    • It’s a side show that all the lefty nightly news media will surely inflate into a huge organized mobile anti-gun protest.

      More Bloomberg-BHO anti-gun psychological warfare.

    • While I’m unimpressed you didn’t mention the yoga pants, that’s a very good idea that we should make happen.

  7. Anybody want to bet they don’t stop in the South Side of Chicago?

    Side note, I would bet Tucson is the first stop on the Arizona part of the tour. Anyone want to start getting a counter protest group going down there?

  8. With all the bullsh1t emanating from Illegal Mayors and Midget Mike, I sure hope they clean the toilet on that bus between stops.

    • Like most arrogant narcissists, they’ll just travel with the valves accidently left open. These folks have already shown they’re hardly above sh1tting on other people.

      • Luckily Bloomberg is Miniature Size, he should only produce rabbit size turd pellets. Actually I’m not sure what you crap out after consuming over people’s rights and freedom.

  9. Keep us updated. If Ohio is in Columbus, Cincinatti, Dayton or surrounding areas I’ll be there for the counter-protest, so it will probably be in Cleveland.

    I wonder if they’re doing this, in part, so cops can harrass counter protests since we won’t have time to get a permit for those areas where permits are required. Super-ridiculous.

  10. I wonder if they aren’t announcing stops so as to prevent us RKABAers from showing up against them en masse… cause they know we could.

  11. OK, here’s an idea.

    1. We need to take up a collection. A few thousand bucks will do for what I have in mind.

    2. We need a guy with a good camera (not a cellphone, but a real DSLR camera and a real video camera).

    3. We need their schedule of stops.

    We call up the local truck stops and retain the services of a few “lot lizards.” We tell them they’ll be paid for their time. Take them over to the event. Get them to pose with Mikey. Take pictures. Bonus pay if the lot lizards are able to get a ride on Mikey’s bus.

  12. They better cut some huge chunks out of that map graphic.

    Word came out today that the bus(es) will completely skip Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

    Judging by the high levels of gun ownership in the PNW states, as well as great open carry laws (they are terrified of OCers counter-demonstrating), they probably didn’t think that it was worth a bother. That whole history of Idaho being a hotbed of white supremacist activity probably doesn’t help much either.

    We’re pretty used to it, any way. Presidential candidates don’t bother stopping here unless it’s to be quickly whisked off of the private jet to attend high-dollar fundraising dinners, then away they go, without ever giving a speech or public appearance.

  13. Here’s my dream…..

    An NRA sponsored tour bus that bird dogs the MAIG bus from city to city.

    Comprised of national shooting sports organizations with a good mix of sex and ethnicity.

    Talks from the local groups about the services they offer.

    Displays from gun manufacturers of their latest firearms under sexy dramatic lighting.

    Free lotteries for give aways of guns and ammo.

    Special lotteries for Cricket type rifles for parents that brought children in tow. Oh that would just
    get the gun-grabbers fuming!!

    Talks from Colin Noir, Hickock45, MAC, and Destiny.

    Special 30-round magazines give-aways.

    Huge balloons in the shape of AR’s and 30-round mags.

    Free hot dogs, apple-pie, and 32oz drinks.

    BB rifle marksmanship booths with ammo giveaways.

    The NRA has got to earn to kick this MAIG group in the nuts.

    • No, just joint county ran. They have the bloomy money, plus undoubtedly city funds, time for some of our upstanding sherrifs in suport of civil liberties organize pro- 2 A events.

      What’s the difference?



      CLEO’s in General.

      Both elected officials operating there respective branches of government while also being involved in supporting a cause on a national level.

      But only one is constitutional;

      Can you guess which is which?

  14. You know they will have to come to Denver or Boulder. I would bet denver as they have an open carry and assault weapons ban in place.

  15. Dont matter called every senator that was key to Machine Schumer Toomeys lose and they still oppose it. polls for gun control flopped. SO if the dingbat from NYC wants to waste millions when even democrats like Schumer say shut up let him. We also thought must stay vigilant.

    • “We also thought must stay vigilant.”

      That means fight back blow for blow as much as possible, and try to gain ground.

      That said, this doesn’t concern me as much as the psychological experiments going on in the schools under the guise of zero tolerance rules.

      • You’re exactly right; grade, middle and high school is where the fight for an anti-gun culture is truly being waged and won by the grabbers.

        That’s a hard one to counter because of the overwhelming supply of progressive, liberal, Democratic teachers and administrators who daily preach liberal thought and perpetuate the anti-gun agenda at every opportunity.

  16. It should be pointed out that the MAIG bus is statistically
    more likely to be involved in an accident that results in injured
    or killed people than someone getting shot with a firearm.

  17. I am sure the Illinois stop will be Chicago.or near Chicago, trust me LOTS of us pro gun people will show up.

  18. I see them getting treated like Westboro Baptist Church’s van – funny how it gets so many flat tires, accidents/drive-offs, and my favorite, trapped in a parking lot with a lot of cars with engine trouble. Just saying . . . . .

    • I think that they would go out of their way to engage law enforcement protection to prevent that. They’ve got the money to do that, unlike Westboro’s shoestring operation.

  19. Well, since the Constitution clearly states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, there’s no such thing as an illegal gun – laws restricting them are an infringement on our unalienable God-given rights and so are unconstitutional.

  20. Montana? Did somebody forget to notify Bloomberg that Sen Baucus isn’t running again in 2014? Hey Mr Bloomberg, please come waste a ton of money to trash Baucus in Montana. You are guaranteed a victory if you run a campaign against him.


  21. Commies are us on wheels!Spreading hate and lies,trying to take away freedom,he is like a spoiled child,not getting their way,he has to have it his way or no way.I don’t think that all of his big money will buy the votes he wants on gun control,at least not the conservative votes,it probably will buy the liberals and progressives though as they are corrupt.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • Also what ya’ll want to bet they bypass Chicago due to the bus might be stolen or shot up by the gangs with all the illegal firepower.Keep your powder dry.

  22. Since the Constitution guarantees that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, the gun-grabbers are essentially traitors.

    Instead of “pro-gun” and “anti-gun” we should say, “Pro-Constitution” and “Anti-American.”

  23. I just went to the MAIG website and nothing on there about this tour. Whatever happened to it? Did it just die a slow, quiet death? I hope so.


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